I just watched it and it was definitely fun! Great action scenes and good pace, also funny. Snoop dogg with the mini gun was hilarious


She wanted 10k for school and dentistry/ortho work? I mean the dentistry and ortho I get without insurance (still insane) but $5k for a fucking school? No fucking way…. Nooooo fucking way! I wouldnt care if I was rich! Fuuuuck no.


“WELCOME TO CALIFORNIA” in Arnold’s voice


Yeah that was unrealistic. It should have been 10K or more... just for the school.


5K isn't a lot for tuition.


Yo the ass on the ex wife 🤌


Folks like to shit on Netflix movies but I’m definitely looking forward to getting to this one. 87North Productions rarely miss and are fantastic with action. This has a budget to rival the third John Wick movie and Bullet Train so I’m interested to see what they do with it!


Yeah, when it comes to action scenes, you can trust 87North Productions for the most parts.


Jamie Foxx character in this film definitely shopped at Dan Flashes


I started the movie wondering why the fuck you would not open all the blinds as you moved throughout the house at the start. They are fighting in darkness while its California summertime outside. Just finished the first fight scene, multiple shot gun blasts, gun shots, workers outside trimming the grass. Hahah leave all sense at the door for this one.


He didnt open the blinds so he could collect the fangs


My favorite plothole is when they are standing in a now totally unmonitored pawn shop (filled with valuables and most likely lots of cash) Jamie Foxx still tells Dave Franco how he needs to find more Vamp teeth to cash in.


Well Foxx’s character mentioned they needed to leave the pawn shop quickly and not leave DNA because there could still be vamps in the area, so staying there to clean out the shop was probably dangerous in his eyes


Not only that. But instead of going to the guys bedroom for new clothes, he took from granny's wardrobe. But I could be wrong. It could have just been a vamp who was nesting there.


This movie was just bad, it has moments of humor and cool fights but the writing is just poor. The entire last 3rd of the movie is the worst part. Snoop does as amazing job of delivering very bad dialog and some of the best parts of the movie are his scenes. If you like dumb action movies and cheesy vampire flicks it's worth watching but in no way is this John Wick or even Dusk til Dawn.


> If you like dumb action movies and cheesy vampire flicks Welp, I'm sold.


I agree mate! i am not a snobie film critic and can turn my brain off and enjoy the film. It has raw talent for performers but i think the directing and story was dog shit.


Is a Snoop dog eat dog shit type of world we live in


i agree, at first i was somewhat into it but it kinda fell apart more than i thought in the 3rd act. its sad because they have maybe one little good premise and fill the rest of the movie with generic boring stuff. in the end the only thing that stays with you are the actions scenes and seeing the actors you wanna see. i kinda hope for a Bright sequel but after all that with Will Smith that looks like its not gonna happen.


Bright was a good premise..but Will Smith's days are over on med-big budget films.


It may have been just ok, til Franco turned up. Now its shit. Still an hour to go


Definitely gonna check this out soon. Scott Adkins is in it and the action in the trailer looked pretty decent.




Its the Dark Souls of action movies


Holy shit, you’re absolutely right.


they're gonna start calling these kinds of movies "Wicklike"






“No man you don’t understand, the action is just like on a completely different level. There’s never been action like this certainly not in any movies made outside America before 2010.”


> This headline screams of fanbase cult snobbery from people who aren’t comfortable being fans of genre filmmaking. Normally I would agree with you (modern AV Club also sucks) but this movie is literally being produced by the company that did the action for John Wick, 87Eleven. It's also the first movie they've ever produced themselves. And has one of the writers from John Wick 3. It makes perfect sense to bring it up in this context, stop being such a grouch because you were too lazy to do your homework. Edit: His reply was to let me know he blocked me lmfao.


It's practically The Bourne series on drugs...that you have sex while on


The best beer and pizza movie I’ve seen since… well Grey Man I guess. Really well made, really fun.


49 min in and its pretty terrible .. there must be something wrong with the early scores.. 8+ .. this is more 4.5 / 10.. you're better off watching the good guys on Netflix. Edit: the nice guys... Apologies


People must have been paid to downvote this very valid opinion. This movie has very few palpable moments. If these demons are only killed by decapitation, why does no one focus on that?


Thanks...just deleted it from downloading now.


Lmao, you made that choice based on the opinion of a single random reddit user??


We'll somehow they got HIV again soooo... not one for solid choices?


Snoop look pretty alike a certain sheriff from Milwaukee County on that picture lol


This was something alright. Comparing it to John Wick is a disservice to John Wick.


No ot does not. Not even close.


Outside of the Nazarian bros segment the movies sucked. Snoop can't act at all and Foxx most likely nedeed a quick paycheck.


Fun slick Friday night popcorn fare!!!! Jamie Fox nailed it, great action & fighting sequences. Great soundtrack! I hope they do a sequel so we get more vampire lore exploration & more snoop!!


I pretty sure this movie big inspire by blade, bc the fight scene just like blade


Anyone notice jamie foxx drives a pool cleaning truck in this movie and in that project power movie also?