Malaysia resident here. General Election is approaching and the current ruling coalition is dealing with a lot of corruption and mismanagement scandals. So beginning a moral crusade after light LGBT content is a great distractor.


This is politics 101, every time shit really hits a fan they do something controversial but harmless in the grand scheme of things to make people talking


Is Malaysian culture especially against LGBT?


Modernly, the country is really conservative, anti-LGBT sentiment is shared between all races and religions. Only a minority of the younger generation are supportive or indifferent towards LGBT folk.


Must be awful for the LGBT folks.


If you are a non-Muslim LGBT you are mostly left alone, specially in bigger cities. But being a gay Muslim in Malaysia really sucks. They will send you to camps for forced conversion therapy until you are "cured".




Indian and black people face a lot of discrimination there


Discrimination policy is literally written into our constitution. There are scholarships, housing, tax deduction, University, funds, and various subsidies for Malays.


Indians (even Malaysian indians), Africans, middle Eastern people get discriminated often.


yes the Indian or anyone that has slightly darker skin are discriminated widely by Chinese Malaysian. they stereotyped these people as dirty and gangster/criminal


I am not LGBT, so I have never seen it, but I don't find it hard to believe.


It is a Muslims majority country (65%) but historically, the Islam that used to be practiced in Malaysia was happy, cheerful, laid back, tolerant, inclusive and forward looking. so LGBT were mostly tolerated. There were even cases of Imans blessing transgerder marriages back in the 70s. That has been mostly eclipsed by a more militant, totalitarian and Wahhabist version of Islam, pushed and sponsored by the Saudis. It became more [akin to this](https://youtu.be/vTUg-uydlcY). Even[ the royals have become very vocal and open on their criticism of the radicalization of Islam in Malaysia](https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2016/03/24/stop-aping-arabs-johor-sultan-tells-malays/1086251). ​ EDIT: [47 YEARS AGO, THE JOHOR MUFTI ALLOWED A MALAY TRANS-WOMAN TO MARRY THE LOVE OF HER LIFE](https://cilisos.my/46-years-ago-the-johor-mufti-allowed-a-malay-trans-woman-to-marry-the-love-of-her-life/)


>was happy, cheerful, laid back, tolerant, inclusive and forward looking. so LGBT were mostly tolerated. >has been mostly eclipsed by a more militant, totalitarian and Wahhabist version of Islam, pushed and sponsored by the Saudis. This is actually a quite concerning phenomenon that's affecting Muslim communities everywhere. I'm not talking about terrorism/ISIS shit, but going back to the dark ages in terms of lifestyle thing. Someone from the community itself has to do something or it's going to be quite disastrous in the future.


Pakistan had bars, clubs, discos and liquor stores until Zia ul Haq showed up with his wahhabist shit in 1977. Mofo even stopped the plans to make the first casino in Pak and the 'terrorist' reputation Pakistan holds can all be traced back that asshat.


Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, initially imagined a more secular nation where all faiths would be tolerated. Unfortunately, he died only a year after Pakistan's creation. It could have been a very different country had he been allowed to implement his vision.


Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan was mixed. He never mentioned the word “secularism” and he did the famous toleration speech one time a few days before the partition. Most of the time he told people Pakistan would be ruled by Sharia. When asked about what Pakistan will look like before the partition, he said every law of Pakistan was laid out 1300 years ago in the Quran. Jinnah wasn’t a secular visionary. He was a shrewd politician who used Islam in his grudge with Gandhi and the Congress.


Jinnah was a politician, not a saviour. He played the muslim game when it suited him. And the 'tolerance' game when it suited him. What he wanted was another country separate from India and used politics and capitalizing on Muslim discrimination to do it. But for that country itself, he wanted to be like India. Just not India.


In Malaysia's case, it's part of a gradual creeping of fundamentalism that's afflicting both Christianity and Islam in Asia in general. Before, it was really syncretic faiths that were generally more tolerant towards other faiths (since it's pretty much all foreign faiths anyway - in Southeast Asia, local animism basically just got folded into larger religions). That all changed when Saudi Wahhabism and American fundamentalists megachurches started pouring missionaries here.


>Someone from the community itself has to do something or it's going to be quite disastrous in the future. There *are* things being done. I live in a Muslim country and there has been a big pushback against religious extremism and being forced into religion for many years now. The big outlier is Iran and Saudi Arabia, the latter reluctantly granted women the ability to drive... Just 4 years ago. Mind you there's still a massive difference between religious extremism and the west's culture and ideals. We still disagree with many things, but the push be that we disagree peacefully and don't butt into other people's business. (And also exercise basic human rights)


*it’s hip to be wahhabi*


Audible has good on book in this topic called “Thinking about Religion and Violence”. College/Lecture type book, but it discusses the cycles we notice regarding sexuality, morality, punishment, slavery, etc. going far back to present day. It’s not solely on Islam/Muslims, it lines similar problems noticed in Hinduism, Christianity, native Americans, witch trials, etc.


It is also a concerning phenomenon affecting Christian communities in America too. The extreme Christian right is pushing hard to conquer and control.


It's basically all religions. People are mostly less religious than we used to be, so religions in contrast have tried to galvanize their base by becoming more extreme. Being a good neighbor is no longer good enough to be a good person, you must be a firebrand spout the word of god or you will perish. They can't keep people in their faith with charity and good deeds so they instead use fear and threats.


Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve been seeing a direct parallel between all religious conservatives- Muslim, Christian and others. It always seems to come down to: our views are the only correct views so if you don’t agree with us you’re evil.


Yeah seen it in some of the Muslim subs on reddit, there biggest enemy is the "progressive" or "moderate" Muslim at the moment. Constantly promoting kinda sigma male bullshit, massive amounts of homophobia and sexism. See that change a lot in the last 5 years or so. /r/izlam was a meme sub that has basically become T_D for muslims


It's always the Saudis!


Saudi Arabia is pumping fortunes into spreading its disgustingly vile version of Islam worldwide. You can see it taking hold in many previously less intolerant countries


You take their money, you do their dirty business. Remember when Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah authorized payment to Najib Razak to the tune of almost $700 million? That's just the leaked info. Imagine the other payments that aren't known. Then remember that [Saudi Arabia's ruling house is propped up in part by the Wahhabi clergy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wahhabism#Alliance_with_the_House_of_Saud), without which the ruling house may not even exist and certainly won't enjoy the power they wield now.


>the Islam that used to be practiced in Malaysia was happy, cheerful, laid back, tolerant, inclusive and forward looking SEA Islam has really diverged from the version of Islam in the ME. Unfortunately, there seems to be a strong movement towards homogenizing Islam to align with the Mecca(...? sorry, not really well read on Islam).


That transwoman is actually intersex tho. Not those people that identify as the different sex. Like she's genuinely a woman born with two sexual organs.


Lowest hanging fruit because the coalition government needs to accomplish something otherwise the voting population will start remembering the missing $2 billion and the rest of the covid era fuck ups


The "west" has only quite recently and incompletely moved past anti-LGBT bigotry (and it seems to be experiencing a rebound particularly in the US). I always find it weird when people are shocked that the rest of the world hasn't quite gotten the thing that we only just recently got ourselves.


I grew up in the 80s. It was not uncommon for people my age to talk about “fag bashing.” So, yeah, good point.


I'd imagine a lot of it comes from younger people in the west who have by and large grown up in a society much more accepting of everything LGBTQ. I know I sometimes forget that most of the world didn't grow up in the same pro-LGBTQ environment I did. I live in Canada, which has had legal gay marriage since I was 11. And even before then, I grew up in a very accepting family. I'm bi, I grew up with gay friends, went to high school and had gay friends, went to a university and met a lot of gay people, I work with several openly gay people. Gay people being around, and accepted by most, has been so much the norm my entire life, that it's easy to forget that MOST places aren't like this. I have to imagine a lot of the surprise comes from younger people in a similar situation to me.


You see a bit of it with some reactions online to Stranger Things Season 4 - Will's coming out scene was a very implied thing, and a lot of people were wanting it to be a bigger, more explicit moment - forgetting that it was set in the 80's


Scapegoat the minority to distract people as you pick their pocket. A tale as old as time.


> General Election is approaching and the current ruling coalition is dealing with a lot of corruption and mismanagement scandals. Does anyone know if there is a country that is not dealing with this shit? This applies to my country 100%


Funny, that. The UK is heading into economic meltdown and the two potential candidates for stepping up to be prime minister decided the most important thing to address first was that thet weren't fond of trans people.


It works well in the US. So focused on hurting others that they are willing to overthrow democracy.


I see that ramping up the culture war as a distraction from real politics is not just an American thing.


LGBT rights are always a "distraction" to religious assholes. The only reason that there is LGBT discrimination is because of religion. Their government is a theocracy that controls everything, including "Buzz Lightyear" movies. That's too controversial to their religion, meaning: Their religion is so weak, they're worried about a Disney movie toppling it and causing chaos in their country.


Imagine referring to Thor and Lightyear as LGBT films


Brokeback Mountain walked so Lightyear could fly.


Brokeback Mountain walked so Lightyear could fall with style


Haha, yours is better.


Team effort :)


Your comment walked so theirs could run :)


I wish i could quit you to infinity and beyond!


He's a toy, he can't fly.


A child play thing


Don't tell him that.


*so he could fall, with style.


I saw Thor a few weeks ago and can't for the life of me remember any LGBT stuff in it.


Korg mentions at the end he has a new lover named Dwayne (like Dwayne The Rock Johnson because they’re rocks)


Didn't Korg also say he had two dads? I had interpreted that to mean his species was all male. Not really gay in that case. Maybe I'm misremembering something Edit: the thread has been locked, so nobody else can reply. I think the consensus is that his parents were divorced, so when he refers to his two dads he's talking about his dad and his stepdad. Might be wrong though, no way to know for sure. Not sure we should care, he's awesome no matter what his parents were (unless they were igneous, then he's dead to me)


He did, except in a previous movie he talks about his mom and stepdad soooo… Also Valkyrie talking a little about her ex and kissing one of Zeus’ ladies on the hand. It’s not an LGBT movie… it’s a hetero movie with the lightest LGBT dusting.


And we’re just gonna sprinkle a smidge of gay to the movie to please the lgbtq but not upset the conservatives


Doesn’t seem like that worked lol


I mean Valkyrie being bi has been a thing since her introduction, I can't be the only one who noticed how she handled that turret


IIRC the only thing is basically a throwaway gag about how Korg's entire race are dudes and they make new babies by holding hands over a lava pit until a baby rock person floats up.


I think Valkyrie is implied to be a lesbian. Maybe there's a line about how she used to love someone? Idk.


IIRC they refer to one of the Valkyries from her flashback in Ragnarok as her girlfriend


She also kisses the queens hand.


The horror!


Think of the children!!


The actress is lesbian too ;-)


She IS a lesbian. And was implying that she could steal Jane from Thor. I think they planned a lot more with that side plot but didn’t go for it


Valkyrie winked at one of Zeus's ladies that's all I could remember


I remember when Star Trek: Beyond came out there were people boycotting it over a scene depicting "homsexuality and lewd behavior". The scene in question is a 10 second scene where Sulu meets his husband and daughter at a space station. They share a brief kiss and walk off with their daughter. Some people get their panties so twisted over nothing it's a wonder they make it through the day without a complete emotional meltdown.


Sulu and his husband don't even kiss! They just put their arms around each other's lower backs.


Ah, that's right! The scene was so minor I didn't even remember all the details. I do recall thinking it was neat they included George Takei's homosexuality in the character and gave us a view (possibly) of Demora Sulu.


Yeah, except George wasn't crazy about it. He felt like he played Sulu as straight, so he thought it came off as pandering towards his real life sexuality. Awkward all around, I guess!


Might be true, but his Sulu can be straight while the new Trek Universe's Sulu is gay. In Marvel, they made Colossus gay in the Ultimate Universe, didn't change anything about the main Marvel universe's Colossus.


Imagine watching Star Trek and still being a bigot...


Oh, they exist. I knew someone who said the only good Star Trek was the original one "before it got all athiesty". People complained about Discovery saying it was too "woke". I wonder if those people had been watching the same show I was.


L ightyear G oes with his B uddy T hor


Wait until they hear about The Birdcage


Everyone needs to hear about The Birdcage


I keep seeing these comments that these people are "upset over nothing" because of the small nod to gay stuff in these movies. The fact is these people \*want to eliminate gay people\*. They aren't mad that the depictions are explicit, they are mad about any acknowledgement that gay people exist. They're not being wacky or over-sensitive, they are being genocidal.


I haven’t seen either. What was so bad?


Nothing. Literally nothing. A character in Lightyear has two moms that are shown for about 4 seconds and are mentioned like twice, and L&T has a bisexual character (Valkyrie) and a character who is… I guess gay? His species has odd procreation, and might only have a single sex, but varying gender identity? It’s inconsistent, but he’s at least attracted to more masculine people. That’s it. Literally the fact that gay people *exist* in fiction is enough to trigger these people. The combined screen time of “gayness” across *both* of these movies is probably less than 60 seconds. There is no satisfying them until the mention of non-heterosexuality is functionally banned in media. And if they tell you otherwise, refer them to this bullshit.


I'd consider Korg's species as asexual if anything since they don't reproduce by having sex.


“Combined screen time of gayness” hahaha I can see that being a commonly used metric in the future.


CSTG rating of 60 seconds


Same country that doesn’t allow negative portrayal of politicians or the police in films/tv despite there being a fuck load of cases of corrupt politicians and police officers. There’s an Indian film (Kadaram Kondan) that was entirely shot in Malaysia but was banned from showing there because it had corrupt police characters.


You've truly fallen into corruption when the *abstract concept* of corrupt authority terrifies you.


This was pretty much the rule in Hollywood too from 1934 to 1968: one provision of the [Hays Code](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hays_Code) required that, while an individual cop could be a villain, the police *as a whole* could not be portrayed as corrupt.


The police there are so corrupt it's absurd, along with pretty much every other profession there. It's a commonly accepted thing there that if you get pulled over you give the cop your license along with a 50rm note. With driving licenses they will auto fail you unless you bribe them. It's a lovely country for the most part but very rough around the edges.


Corruption and systematic racism. They’re like Nasi Lemak and teh tarik. You can find it everywhere over there. The craziest thing is the constitution-backed racial & religious quotas that benefit the majority and discriminate the minority in public universities, real estate and government jobs. The fact that only a certain amount of Chinese, Indian or any other minority student is allowed in a public University is insane.


Is this also the place where they edited the ending of Fight Club so it stops before the buildings explode and it just puts up a message saying "Soon after the cops arrived and everyone was arrested"


[That was China.](https://variety.com/2022/film/asia/fight-club-china-ending-censored-1235162643)


That's China


Wait who is gay in Thor?


The rock alien kind of. And Valkyrie pretty much confirmed she is into woman.


Totally unrelated but I saw a post yesterday talking about how much more frequently on Reddit people are not using "women" for the plural of "woman" and while I scoffed, now I'm actually starting to notice it.


I've noticed it a lot too, fucking annoying


Korg isn’t gay persay. His species only has one gender.


He mentioned his mother in Ragnarok, so either that was retconned or Kronan mating is a strictly male thing.


Kronans could just be a hermaphroditic race, but my personal headcannon is as long as 2 or more Kronans hang out in a pit of lava, a child is "created". Hence more than 2 parents can be a thing.


He said his mom had a boyfriend (who he hates), so he has a stepfather, and his actual father who presumably got together with someone else. So 4 parents.


Assuming his mom’s boyfriend was Kronan. There’s precedent for interspecies romantic relationships in GotG.


I mean its a rock alien specie. Its not far fetch to imagine that he called one of is parent MOTHER . Could be a non gendee species where one of the parent is call mother and the other one father


Just an FYI, I think what you're looking for is isogametic (or polygametic), not hermaphroditic. Hermaphroditic still have dual sex reproduction, but each individual either transforms between male/female or has two sets of sex organs. Isogamete just takes two, polygamete takes three or more. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/isogamete


Just a side note. I absolutely lost my shit at the Dwayne joke but literally no one else in the cinema laughed


Yeah I didn't get it until later when my fiancee and I were discussing it. I was like "wait, his name is Dwayne and he's a rock!"


I chuckled internally


I got the impression that he may have been adopted, and he was just talking about his biological parents, how he would have been born (the latter point you made).


In real world hermaphrodite species, mating can still have one partner serve the mother role and the other serve the father role. These roles can swap depending on which organism lays the eggs and which one fertilizes, but for each offspring, their "mother" will be the one who laid the eggs and the "father" will be the one who fertilized the eggs. Even if the father is the mother to another offspring the mother is a father to another offspring


> persay /r/BoneAppleTea


And how else were they supposed to make a Dwayne the Rock Johnson joke?


RE Everyone: The Korg thing is super gay and not only is it not "not gay because the race only has one gender" - a thing they literally just made up in this movie, but the rock dude Korg has a rock baby with has a ridiculous mustache that's clearly supposed to emphasize the gayness of the whole thing. It's not only definitely gay, it's very clearly as gay as Waititi could make it with generic rock people in a PG-13 movie


‘As gay as Waititi could make it’ is a great phrase and the standard I’ll hold all future movies to.


I’ve not read the comics, but I heard Kronans being one gender is from the comics, and the joke in Ragnarok was actually against canon




Valkyrie is bi




You think that's bad she calls herself KING. Somebody has to be upset about that


Thor called her "King" first and it was his title to pass on. Besides, I'd think the ruler of the country/people would be able to call themselves whatever they want.


Valkyrie and Korg. But it's laughable, Valkyrie flirtily handkisses one lady in a scene and Korg tells a story about his race procreating homosexually.




His name is Dwayne, the Rock.


Holds Johnson


I'm preferable to Dwayne The Rock Loves Johnson myself.


*eyebrow raise*


They're called Kronans.


My bad, totally forgot


All good, gave me an opportunity to nerd. :)


She also talks about losing someone she loved (another Valkyrie), so it's a bit more spelled out than that one scene. Still not anything to get upset about, but they're a bit more direct.


We did see [the character she mentioned in the previous film](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IYx2aGv4Cc), as a point of interest.


God that scene remains one of the most beautiful in the entire MCU.


It's really cool how they did it, filming in slow motion while firing a track full of lights around each subject. I love how people are still finding ways to do new stuff (Imb4 someone says it's not new because Alexander Fasching did it in 1943's underground classic "Flowers in the Dream Cloud" or whatever)


I mean...is it really homosexuality if your species only has one gender (so no gender basically)? Wouldn't it just be "sexuality"?


Korg mentions his mother in Ragnarok


Well I assume that to him, 'mom' and 'dad' would mean the exact same thing.


Also probably translating his terms into something Thor would understand as a concept.


Yes and Valkyrie was already gay in the last movie but stupid homophobic people have to be stupidly homophobic I guess.


The audience.


Ha! got ‘em


Probably every single dude after seeing *that* scene in theaters


Every time a new Thor movie comes out I seriously ask myself "Would it really be a big deal if I went on a tren cycle?"


Probably not, but do your research. Just remember, you will have to continue usage to maintain a lot of gains


Hemsworth does not look nearly as big now (on his instagram) as he did in the movie. He's still very fit; but he def lost some mass. Off cycle and probably not eating 5,000+ calories a day




Korg, by virtue of coming from a race that's all male. He even pairs up with another rock dude and has a kid at the end of the movie.


And yet he says he has a Mum in Ragnarok. I didn't hear any explanation of this in L&T so I'm guessing there will probably be some hasty retconning offscreen to fix it.


I don't think they'll retcon anything, but you're right about the mom line in Ragnarok. It can be hand waived pretty easily by saying Korg comes from a different culture than we do, "mum" might not be a gendered term for him.


He also says "my mum's boyfriend'. This would really be stretching it if we're to believe that 'boyfriend' somehow isn't a gendered term.


Lol, “LGBT films”. What a headline. There’s going to be a lot of banning going on if they consider those LGBT films.


Right? Didnt realize that literally just acknowledging gay relationships could turn an entire film gay


So would gay people's existing in this world make this whole world gay?


Only if we acknowledge it. \#DontSayGay /s


Yes. Even mentioning that gay people exist is "woke" to a lot of people in the USA, and bannable in some countries. People are fucked when it comes to that shit. You can have a huge movie about a ton of relationships, soft core porn shit, but have two dudes holding hands in the background of one short scene and it's suddenly a woke, pandering, LGBT flick.




That is pretty consistent with some conservative rhetoric though: if you acknowledge homosexuality then you and your loved ones may be turned gay. Just look at Florida lmfao.


I remember when Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out there were a bunch of conservative commentators complaining about it being woke... I'm not exactly sure what is so woke about it. I think they were just mad because it starred a woman and a black guy.


Yup. Hundreds of years of telling mainly stories about white straight guys, or SOMETIMES rich white women apparently wasn't enough. Now that we want to tell stories with Black or Hispanic or Asian or Indigenous characters, and GOD FORBID LGBTQIA+ characters, it's the end of days. It's all some sort of "woke" conspiracy to erase white people. And you know, it's not like they could go back over HUNDREDS of years of stories and find white, straight, and even conservative characters to identify with. Everything new has to be ONLY white straight guys, too.


We're in a post-gamergate world. Any minority representation at all is political pandering and will lead to the downfall of western civilization, or something.


Gay person: exists Conservative: First of all, how dare you?


I just don’t understand why Hollywood has to make everything so political these days! /s


Ya I saw Thor and I was thinking “was that and LGBT movie? I don’t recall anything LGBT about it or even mentioned.”


It's Valkyrie is shown to be bi, and Korg (the alien made of rocks) procreates by "holding hands" with another rock alien over lava, and it is implied that the other rock alien is also male. yeah it's beyond a stretch to call it an LGBT movie


Natalie Portman's biceps?


I've always found it so strange that religious fundamentalists will be obsessed with a blind and you miss it scene featuring a gay couple, but aren't calling for movies featuring other sinful activities to be banned. Hell, isn't drinking prohibited in Malaysia? Why isn't any film featuring drinking prohibited? Or lying, stealing etc. It's just political theatre, using LGBT folk as a scape goat


> However, the minister also revealed that beyond movie theaters and broadcast TV, his powers are limited and do not cover streaming services such as TikTok or Netflix which are based outside the country. **That appears to leave Disney free to air the movies on the Malaysian version of Disney+ Hotstar, and it has been reported that “Lightyear” is already on the platform with an 18+ recommendation.** Well, at least people can watch it legally.


Spoiler alert: Buzz sucks Thor's cock


Impossible, the helmet would get in the way


LGBT movies, you know. Movies that have 5 seconds of gay characters existing in the background.


Wait till they discover Moonlight and Portrait of a Lady on Fire


Damn it’s because Korg likes his men rock hard


Is lightyear an LGBTQ film? Is Thor? Seriously…the movies aren’t about being LGBTQ+ at all. They don’t deal with any actual LGBTQ+ issues or themes. They just treat the one or two LGBTQ+ characters as people. Not calling attention to their sexuality at all. This would be like banning a movie because an actor in it is playing an Irish character


What else do they need to ban? Seinfeld reruns? That must be a gay show, because when George got that massage from the male masseuse, “it moved”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


They’d ban it for the lines about gay people where they say “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!” And the poofy pirate shirt.


Malaysia: [Child Marriage in Malaysia](https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.scmp.com/week-asia/lifestyle-culture/article/3166021/such-bad-experience-child-marriages-malaysia-continue) [Malaysian Man Accused of Rape Avoids Jail After Marrying His Teenage Victim](https://time.com/4438342/malaysia-rape-marry-victim/) But LGBT is the one poisoning the country? Get the fuck out of here. Ridiculous piece of crap corrupted government using religion to control their state.


smh Derrick Zoolander prevented an international incident and Malaysia goes ahead and does this


Speaking of Zoolander, I watched the SEAsian edit of it on HBO years ago. Them censoring every single mention of the Prime Minister of Malaysia gets funnier and funnier the longer you watch. Also another channel had censored versions of You Don't Mess with the Zohan (they edited out the violent fantasy sequence) and Dodgeball (edited out the >!bisexual ending!<)


You mean Micronesia?


I used to live out that way in KL. Malaysia's censors have always been pretty prudish, even outside of LGBT stuff, but a shame they're coming down on something like this. There are enough real issues with corruption out there. If you want a laugh, go try watch the Malaysia edit of 'True Lies' - \*the\* scene with Jamie Lee Curtis is absolutely hilariously confusing due to the editing cutting it down to like, 5 seconds, most of it Arnold's eyes.


In what world are Thor and Lightyear LGBT films?


To call these LGBT films is laughable. I think Thor only contained verbal, easy-to-edit-out references to people being gay and, like, (spoiler alert, I guess?) one shot of two gay rock-people dads (who I think belong to a unisexual species of all dudes) chilling on a lava river. And then Light-year had a two-second shot of two geriatric lesbians giving each other a peck on the lips. It's nothing.


They got offended by gay rock men? Really? They are fucking cartoons


ohhhhhh you'd be surprised how seriously and triggered people can get over cartoons. ever hear of the steven universe fandom?


yeah but those are gay rock women.


I could deal with Portrait of a Lady on Fire but Lightyear just took it TOO FAR.


Portrait was such an incredible movie




People be chill, government be on crack


yeah they're pretty chills.... until you talk about being gay atheist...


Oh no not the huge Malaysian market.


Regardless of the quality of the films, the 'gay' scenes in either are as tame as you could possibly get.


People forget that a lot of countries still aren’t accepting of LGBT people/themes.


Holup there was gay in thor?


Oh no, a gay person lives in the world this film takes place in, whatever shall we do. *clutches pearls*


Haven’t seen the latest Thor yet but calling Lightyear an LGBT film is laughable


I watched Lightyear. A didn’t see anything. Wasn’t there supposed to be a kiss? Was it a peck on the cheek? Did I blink and miss it? Was it edited out on D+?


no. it just was so trivial, you didn't register it. here's the [clip](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T80fRtoZJsw)


Buzz's co-pilot/friend gets old and theres a scene of her and her partner kissing innthe doorway. Its like 1s.


Are they even LGBT films tho


Was it Thors naked ass or Korg finding a partner?