Are all Netflix movies colour based now? *The Gray Man*, *Red Notice*, *Purple Hearts*.


LOL, their [top 1 and 3 foreign films are Blood Red Sky and Black Crab](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_most-watched_Netflix_original_programming#Non-English_2). This just in, upcoming Rebel Moon has been retitled to Blue Moon.


Blood Red Sky got a little stupid by the end but I enjoyed most of it. Fun little plane hostage, vampire horror action mashup


Huh when I read this comment my first thought was "wait did they retitle Carter?" Which is another new, foreign Netflix film with a plane hostage, but that one's a *zombie* action mashup. Also it's incredibly stupid throughout, not recommended unless you want completely braindead action and don't mind flat characters and terrible visual effects.


Wait Carter is a zombie film?


Yeah but it doesn't come up very often lol


Interesting I had no idea. Thanks mate.


The Netflix algorithm is showing its true colors


I still haven't watched black crab, damn


Black Crab is great


I shit you not, my next article was about Netflix’s new movie “The Pale Blue Eye”


The Green Knight on Netflix when?


I watched it on Netflix like a month ago


That movie is so damn good. Has one of the best monologues I've ever heard, when the queen talks about the color green.


"COLORS!!!" The Netflix Algorythm, probably.


WHAT … is your favorite colour? Blue. NO! Green! AAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhh [splat]


Yes. You've cracked the code.


Bring on *Blue Balls.* It'll be a snarky take on those 80s college movies, where a bunch of loser dudes keep trying to get with hot girls but - here's the #metoo-savvy twist! - they never do! 80s nostalgia bullshit is still a thing amongst the kids born after 9/11, right?


80s nostalgia is so 2010. It is 90s nostalgia now. Which means that you pitch can remain completely unchanged but everyone is basically the characters from *American Pie*. *Blue Balls: 1999* “Y2K these nuts!”


Coming to a redbox near you


They're always trying to steal me lucky charms.


The rainbow cinematic universe.


Yes, it’s the new three colour trilogy, three colour boredom.


Or as it's better known among film communities: The Three Colours Trilogy


Pretty sure all these movies are just AI generated.


Best I heard it described was like a megachurch-funded Christian romance movie without the religion.


So a Nicholas sparks movie?


The main guy is blatantly misogynist and calls the main actress a "snowflake" and a "lib" multiple times in a fully serious way. And he and his buddies do a cheers to “Life, love, and hunting down some goddamn Arabs baby!!” And this is the dude the movie expects you to root for even though he doesn't change at all throughout the movie lol. Insane


Holy shit. Do you think maybe that was the purpose? Like possibly look for context before you judge: “In Purple Hearts, we meet aspiring musician Cassie (Sofia Carson), who marries US Marine Luke (Nicholas Galitzine) for health benefits. Despite coming from different backgrounds and political beliefs, the young couple eventually realizes that there's more that unites than divides them.” It’s the god damn point of the movie


Just because that was the purpose of the movie doesn't mean people have to respect the fact that one of the leads was blatantly racist/misogynist the entire movie and doesn't even change in a positive way at the end. Typically I don't root for those people especially in a romcom where they're the lead


Haha my god. Right over your head. The point of the movie is that some people may know people who have shades of Luke, and some people may know people with shades of Cassie. But they are more similar then they realize. Isn’t that a good point? If you feel you have to agree with every fictional character in order to enjoy a movie, I have some bad news for you. You better stick to the Disney+ safe space.


This is exactly like you saying “Yeah I know Romeo and Juliet is popular, but hated it because they wanted me to root for a Capulet”


that's a shame because it sucks.


Which is something I can say about most Netflix projects


That’s 90% of Netflix movies


It's a romance so I won't watch it anyway.


Russell: Well, why am I watching it? George: Because it's on TV. Russell: (pausing) Not yet. And now Netflix has proven Costanza correct. People will watch anything you put on tv.


Well George Russell is the kind of guy to watch boring shows on purpose, just for the sake of it


Wdym netflix introduced the "surprise me" feature. Doesn't work for me though, I'm nitpicky, haha




Is that your moms assessment?


Moms can think Disney girls are hot too


Can we talk about how fucked up Purple Hearts is as a movie?: It's a romance between a girl who can't afford insulin and a marine who enlisted/got married to get out of debt. What kind of fucked up American life is that? Who thought that would be a good backdrop for romance? Or is it satire and I'm just lost?


Great commentary on America’s shit health care system


r/OrphanCrushingMachine wrote the plot


I saw purple hearts the other day. Nothing special...there are better movies out there


Boring movie, and had to skip all the singing - which was about a full quarter of the movie.


It’s a musical?! Oh wow so bad


Not really a musical but the protagonist is in a band so you get a few establishing montages with her songs.


How?!? The trailer looks absolutely horrible.


Lots of people have bad taste. And too many people with good taste watch crap like this anyway then wonder why more like it gets made.


Kind of feels like the dwindling choice of third party movies is pushing everyone to the new Netflix movies. Almost every film on "Top 10" is a Netflix film and it's not because they're the best movies. They already have the benefit of being new and presented as you open the app, often first in any selection applicable. Seen 224 films this year and I can count on one hand the number of non-Netflix films I've wanted to watch this year and it was actually on Netflix.


Purple Hearts was an absolute shit movie. Yet again the entire catalog of Netflix is shit, for every 1 gem there’s 5 terrible movie.


So like cinema in general then?


I think people who say Netflix is all shit are quietly telling on themselves because the only thing Netflix hasn’t cracked is big budget tentpoles. So ya, Gray Man and Red Notice suck shit. But otherwise they’ve got a wide variety of stuff, from b-movie genre flicks to awards season fare. They regularly have the most Oscar noms of any studio. It’s all certainly less algorithmically made than Disney stuff. I haven’t seen Purple Hearts and have no interest. But I do have an interest in a mid-budget action flick starring Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter from the studio behind the John Wick movies!


Nah dude! Just anything stamped with Netflix original content. Purple Hearts, Grey Man - all terrible. Red notice was somewhat decent. Edit; idk why people are getting salty over this comment. If you enjoyed any of these movies, good for you! I would love to hear your opinions on these movies


>Grey Man - all terrible. Red notice was somewhat decent. What the fuck.


Red notice was actually enjoyable! It had the classic Ryan Reynolds comedic charm, and the story was decent (if you look past the flaws). Great costumes and set design Grey Man was an incoherent mess of a story. Felt like a dollar store Bourne Movie


I thought it was so much worse than Grey Man. Boring, the actors gave the same performances we've seen them do over and over and it looked like the entire thing was shot on green screen.


Care to share why you enjoyed Grey Man?


It was entertaining. There was some alright action pieces, the writing and direction weren't great but still above Red Notice.


I will definitely give it a rewatch. I just found certain characters overbearing and that really turned me off from enjoying it.


I get that, I don't think I cared about any of the characters to be honest.


Seems odd that someone would like Red Notice and really dislike The Gray Man. They're both action movies that don't take themselves too seriously, both doused with humor and banter between the good and bad guys. Except The Gray Man had somewhat cooler action. I dunno, as someone who grew up watching low budget schlock like Carnousaur, Pumpkinhead, Masters of the Universe, and a slew of Sci Fi channel original movies, I'll never be able to wrap my head around standard big budget productions being called "terrible."


More like 1 gem there’s 9 shit


How bad is Gray man


Well its better than love and thunder im telling you that And i looove what we do in shadows and ragnarok But they rate that trash higher which has the same issues because because


Love and Thunder might be the worst movie of the year. I'd rather watch paint dry than sit through that again


The Gray Man wasn’t bad, just not spectacular. It kinda borders into “generic.” It’s just kinda disappointing when you expect more from the Russo Bros specially after something like The Winter Soldier.


This stat doesn’t matter anymore with Netflix. Both movies were immediately forgettable


Why doesn't the stat matter anymore?




Asking a question is being bitter and starting arguments?


I liked the Gray Man. It didn’t change my life, but I thought Evans was pretty good in it for sure. Also a tad biased for Gosling though.


One wonders if Netflix misunderstands its audience. These seem like very different movies.


Netflix's dominate demographic is young women. This is right up their alley.


The audience is young women who fantasize the military wife or girlfriend lifestyle


I haven't seen the movie so maybe the specific text leans more heavily into that than the premise suggests but I'm looking at the premise and thinking the appeal of the storyline is the central trope, which is a variant of "fake dating". The "singer" and "soldier" are just familiar character archetypes which can generate situations to extract enjoyment from the trope. You could alternatively have made the film about "career woman" and "slacker boyfriend", or "book publisher" and "barista" or whatever. But if you've seen the movie, I yield to your superior understanding of what it's doing.


That's my point. Or, more exactly, my point is Netflix doesn't realise this.


Netflix does realize it though, that's why they have Purple Hearts. Their whole content strategy is to make things that will hit different demographics so that everyone has something to watch.


Let's put it this way... the budget for Purple Hearts was, what, $30 million tops and quite likely substantially less than that, while The Gray Man cost $200m. Netflix's strategy can be to have something for everyone, but splurging high budgets on generic action films when those films don't necessarily do any better for them than a low-mid budget fake dating romance movies suggests either: 1. the relative value of two subsets in its overall audiences is very different, and Netflix doesn't know this, or 2. Netflix has a single audience which will watch both but prefers the latter and Netflix doesn't know this It's previously been observed that a lot of Netflix's biggest hits are made for what you might call a "female" audience. This is not a one off result.


Those generic action movies have done relatively better though. Red Notice was really big for them and that entire movie was just sold by the people in it and nothing else. You trying to frame this as something you know but Netflix doesn't is just so weird to me. >It's previously been observed that a lot of Netflix's biggest hits are made for what you might call a "female" audience. This is not a one off result. At the end of last year the 10 biggest Netflix movies were: 1. Red Notice 2. Bird Box 3. Extraction 4. The Irishman 5. The Kissing Booth 2 6. 6 Underground 7. Spencer Confidential 8. Enola Holmes 9. Army of the Dead 10. The Unforgiven With that list I'd say only one for sure is a movie specifically targeted at women and at least 4 or 5 are movies targeted at men. I think it's clear why Netflix invests in both even if one is cheaper than the other.


>I think it's clear why Netflix invests in both even if one is cheaper than the other Let's say you have two investment streams and $5. You know that if you spend $2 and $3, you'll get $4 back both times. What I am saying is that Netflix is spending its $5 badly. Now, maybe if you spent the whole $5 in the first stream you wouldn't get $10 back, but as long as you got more than $8 back, you're better off than you are trying to pursue both streams. You've got to decide for yourself what's going on here. Is Netflix making two types of movies for one audience and that audience responds better to the cheap type? or Is Netflix making two types of movies for two different audiences but one of those audiences generates has a better return on investment? And regardless of your answer *there*, you have to decide whether spending the whole $5 is likely to do better than continuing to pursue both streams. Netflix is just a company. They don't have the right answer and there's honestly no reason at all to believe they understand what value their customers get from them (that's called Marketing Myopia). You've got to decide for yourself what you think is happening. But The Gray Man's being outperformed by Purple Hearts really does suggest Netflix doesn't know what's going on. Either they think they'll maximise returns by targeting a "male" audience (obviously wrong) or they think they need to spend big bucks to get audience attention (also obviously wrong). Both of those are misunderstandings.


And what I'm saying is that you looking just at The Gray Man versus Purple Hearts to make that opinion doesn't make sense when you have a wealth of other movies you can look at as well. How many Purple Hearts has Netflix made that hasn't caught on? Purple Hearts beating The Gray Man isn't some grand revelation for Netflix.


You're thinking about this completely backwards. The problem isn't that Purple Hearts "caught on". The problem is that it exceeded what The Gray Man did *for a fraction of the cost*.


I didn't say that Purple Hearts catching on is a problem. I'm saying that it having a bigger audience than The Gray Man doesn't show that Netflix is poorly investing in these big star lead action movies. You can look at their biggest movies and see that those are consistently performing well.


Yeah, I agree, based on the effort, ideally The Gray Man should hold the position, but at the same time, it competed with action movies on movie theater.


Literally nothing Netflix releases registers beyond like 4 days at this point lol


I loved the gray man


Purple Hearts is to romance movies the same as The Gray Man is to action: predictable, but solid entertainment if you don't expect art house. It gets preachy at times, because it is so focused on the American social reality but that also makes it stand out against the typical Hallmark movie. The third act downer is much better thought out and might even surprise a few people. The songs are actually catchy (one of them is stuck in my head right now) and their performances make the part of an upcoming singer believable. There are probably worse movies on Netflix to rant about than those two.


Agreed. It’s trash but entertaining and the leads are hot but average acting. But nobody watches romance movies for good acting.


Eventually netflix has to go out of business with all the terrible shit they make, right? After resident evil, i wouldve just called it quits.


Its so bad though


Lot of hate for Purple Hearts but I enjoyed it. Yes, it’s a bit corny but it’s a chick flick what did you expect? It wasn’t trying to win awards or be taken that seriously. It’s a heartwarming story set against a back drop of real American problems, and the two actors had great on screen chemistry. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Wait people still have Netflix subscriptions?


220 million


It's been in the second half of the top 10 list I see on my TV all week haven't seen it near no. 1 yet


That day-gone devil dawg better get a gawd damn cover that fits!


Boy Netflix tries really hard to make everyone blow smoke up their assets about how great their original content is. Mediocre at best and not enough to justify the price hikes and the bullshit ads and unchanging for sharing accounts.


Why does the shit rise to the top on Netflix in general?


Omg who cares


Is it actually any good though?


Lol where the Russo brothers stans now? Most views during covid for extraction... Means exactly dick all.