Encino Man


This and Blast from the Past were peak Brendan Fraser


And the Mummy! Can’t believe both films came out the same year


No wheezing the juuuice!






This was not a commercially unpopular movie. It was a success in its run at the theater and then pretty much became a cult classic afterwards.


It gave Pauly Shore a movie career!


The 13th Warrior. Adapted from Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead.


That movie is awesome. In tone and character it blows away 99% of adventure movies. I think it got missed because it’s not wacky enough to be a Sword/Sorcery film but it’s not serious enough to be History. The thing I love about it the most is the way it builds the friendship between Fadlan and Herger. Always shocks me when I see it has 33% on rotten tomatoes.


So it stays pretty true to the book, and what is fascinating is that the book was a retelling of Beowulf by Chrichton on a bet that he could make a telling of Beowulf more entertaining. I knew none of this when I saw the movie, I figured out that it was Beowulf, but that was about it. The movie did a great job depicting the Vikings and I always thought it was a great movie.


The book was even more influenced by the travels of Ibn Fadlan, a 10th century Arab ambassador who was sent from Baghdad to the Volga river. His accounts are an awesome read, highly recommended.


Lol I actually unironically love that movie too LO THERE DO I SEE THE LINE OF MY PEOPLE BACK TO THE BEGINNING


Badass movie. I will always defend 13th warrior.


I love that movie so much! Nice blend of action, fantasy and atmospheric horror. Always on the lookout for something similar... But there is nothing quite like it


I listened! Everyone I know loves this film as well. It's baffling why critics hated it so much




Love the athmosphere and feel of adventure in this one. Great movie!


I loved waterworld as a child and I guess that stuck with me something about that movie is cool


I think The Postman is the superior critically panned post apocalyptic action film from the 90s starring Kevin Costner.


Same! Watched it so many times and I still enjoy watching random clips. Didn’t know that the movie bombed until my husband told me last week.


Grease 2


My wife quotes the movie constantly. Not nearly as bad as people say it is.


I like it a lot more than Grease


He came out of the darkness with some goggles on his face ..


Better than the original.


I watched this movie with my roommates and for weeks afterwards any time there was an extenddd silence some one would just sing ‘back to schooooool’ Also from our watching of that movie, anytime anyone says ‘Michelle pheiffer’ I say ‘Michelle Pheiffer!? I barely even know her’ I guess that counts as ironically having enjoyed it.


Rock-N-rolla it wasn't the most well received but I love the movie.


Did it ever get a sequel?


No it didn't unfortunately


David Lynch's Dune.


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. So good!


Batman forever. Obsessed since I was a kid


How is Batman Forever commercially unpopular? It was the top-grossing movie of 1995.


That U2 song is a fucking banger


Maybe not a banger, but Kiss from a Rose was also pretty good.


Kiss From a Rose is fuckin' epic and one of the top songs of the 90s.


Most of the soundtrack is pretty great.


John Carter. Just watched it last night!


I never understood the hate for that movie. I thought it was fascinating and charming.


It was marketed _really_ poorly.


Agreed... I think it is a pretty decent movie but Disney SUCKED with marketing it. I know they thought it would spawn a trilogy or more till it bombed.


**Masters of the Universe** - I know it's a bad adaptation of the source material. I don't care. The cast is good, and the costumes and special effects honestly still hold up today. And come on... Frank Langella is amazing as Skeletor. He is having the time of his life and it shows. **Maximum Overdrive** - This movie is dumb as hell, and I love every stupid second of it. This is what happens when you give Stephen King way too much cocaine and let him write and direct a movie. You get Emilio Estevez blowing up trucks with a rocket launcher, a little league coach getting bludgeoned to death by an evil soda machine, a child gets run over by a steamroller, and it's all set to an AC/DC soundtrack. This movie belongs in the Smithsonian.


The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. ...and I read the comic.


I saw this on repeat while on vacation as a kid in 2004/2005 and enjoyed it more than I should have. Sky Captain was always on right after and is also a pretty good time


Man, that movie had so much potential, I like it but don’t think it’s a good movie at all lmao it could’ve been so good had they written it better


When that came out things weren't like they are today. Now you can take a quick look at the billboards and will surely find 2 or more action/adventure movies with big effects and characters. Back in those days, we were just grateful we got an adaptation of these "obscure comics and gritty graphic novels". I can see all of its flaws but until this day I can resist but to watch if it randomly appears on cable or a streaming service. There were also a couple of book characters and novels I wasn't yet familiar with like Captain Nemo and Dorian Gray which later on I got to read because I had heard of them thanks to this movie.


I still think Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur movie is a fantastic film. It has a visual style and atmosphere that’s somewhere between creepy fantasy and Ritchie’s usual crime stylings. I also feel like Jude Law’s firing on all cylinders in this movie. There’s also some really creepy creature design that I’m a fan off and that only really got matched/surpassed by The Green Knight. All around, not a 10, but definitely not a 4.7/10.


Bulletproof Monk.


Year One


The first half of year one is golden, and Adam's house is completely bonkers.


I will not defend Year One when people make fun of it but I genuinely liked most of it lol but that might be because there are a lot of small bits in it I enjoyed like Paul Rudd and David Cross as Cain and Abel, Olivia Wilde as the hot princess, honestly Jack Black doing his Jack Black schtick at all times is probably the biggest flaw


Mystery men. Love it so much and it was just the right kinda humor for me in highschool.


Surf Ninjas Kwanzu dude!


Just watched this again last week. Makes a nice double feature with 3 Ninjas. Actually starting to like Surf Ninjas more as I get older haha.


You can include TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze in there too, make it a triple feature


YES good call


I watched that movie sooooo many times as a teen. I agreed to watch my brother's friend's (evil) cat partly because they had HBO and it was showing Surf Ninjas.


Ernie Reyes Jr was a star, I wish he had more leading roles.


Titan A.E.


Straight up banger


agree with a couple. on the list already, one I'll add is Jumper


OMG, yessss. That came out at the exact right time for me! Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson were 🔥


Yes, thank you! Finally some love for Jumper.


I know nothing about the source material so I LOVED this silly movie.


Wet Hot American Summer. Critics and audiences (and myself) just didn't get it at the time. It's one of the funniest movies ever made.


First Day of Camp really takes it to another level


I love the movie and the 2 series


H Jon Benjamin as the can with Chris Meloni, Janeane Garofalo looking for the phone, was nice to see people get into “weird” comedy in the mid 2010’s and this movie get appreciated by people who didn’t like it the first time


I’m not a big Will Ferrell fan but I really liked Land of the Lost.


Predator 2 Deep Rising


I love Deep Rising, such a nice simple monster movie


I just watched predator 2 for the first time in a very long time like yesterday and god damn I forgot just how awesome that flick is


Steve Martin’s Pink Panther


Are you saying that there is someone out there who doesn't like it?


/raises hand Not my fault. I was half-raised by Peter Sellers.


Predator 2 and Robocop 2. Both are great sequels and I loved them as a kid and still do.


Robocop 2 is a movie I won’t defend but has parts that are awesome to me because I also watched it as a kid lmao like when Robocop shows up to confront Kane, when he stands up and goes to electrocute himself to get rid of all that OCP programming, reading Peter Weller say he was letdown because it was supposed to be more about humanity bummed me out but apparently it was going to be better before the changes


Under the Silver Lake. Got heaped with scorn at festivals, got delayed, pulled from release schedule at the last minute, rerouted to a limited foreign market, quietly dumped in a handful of theaters, lost a pile of cash, 58% at Rotten Tomatoes. I think it's kind of a masterpiece.


I'd agree. Beware of the dog killer.


The movie is fun at times but it is also a complete mess. It's easy to see that with a bit better writing and editing this would have been acclaimed movie


Godzilla (1998) I thought it was badass, to be honest. Hell, this is super unpopular, but I do like Roland Emmerich's work. He makes entertaining popcorn flicks. And I enjoy them, I really do.


I can still enjoy his old stuff and I do enjoy it a lot, but everything he’s done after 2012 is legit crap lol. And I am a huge fan of Day After Tomorrow.


Yeah moonfall I thought would be “so bad it’s good,” but it’s actually just complete dogshit lol


Man I was all over the Taco Bell Godzilla merch hahah.


Fuck yes, me too. That big chunky Godzilla cup holder was so cool


I just realised that I agree. I think his movies are bad, but I enjoy watching them, so maybe they aren't that bad? That Moon movie was terrible, but I want a sequel. I've never seen Godzilla, though.


Moonfall was bad. And I liked it. His films really are like that. It's quite impressive.


That is seriously one of the most beautiful movie monsters to me


There was a convenience store in my town that still had a mural of that movie on it...until a few years ago when they renovated.


It's more of a remake of The beast from 20,000 fathoms. Great movie regardless!


My parents went to see a broadway show (NY city) and ran into Matthew Broderick on the street during the time he was there filming this movie...that's all I remember about this movie lol


Super Mario Bros


House of 1000 Corpses. I think Rob took influence from Texas Chain saw Massacre and made something special.


Thor: The Dark World. I really liked that one.


Has a bunch of really great scenes. Malekith was a dissapointment, but I still think the movie is more about Thor & Loki than Thor & the big bad.


I liked the tone much more. Still my favourite Thor movie, despite its faults. Was so excited after that one for Ragnarok... Would have preferred if it had kept this more serious, dark direction




This movie has a frequency you need to vibe to or you just hate the shit out of it. I loved it, my wife left the room. Sometimes I listen to In The Year 2525 on a loop for an hour. That song is this movie. Stacked cast too


Push (2009)


Grandma's boy


That movie was on continuous repeat for a weekend once at my work. By the end I was convinced it was better than Happy Gilmore. Now I can’t remember a single thing about it.


Empire Records Drop Dead Fred The Brady Bunch Movie


Hackers is my favorite movie. I love everything about it.




The Crow: City of Angels. It adapted a ton of content from the original comic that didn't make it into the first movie which I thought was pretty cool


Masters of the Universe, big part of my childhood


Freddy Got Fingered. Tom Green was riding on the post 90s gross out sex comedy wave and decided to make the most intense crazy gross movie he possibly could. It scared off so many people and killed his brief career in Hollywood but damn the movie is enjoyable to watch.


I’ve mentioned this before on this and other subs, but on my Letterboxd I’ve seen almost 1750 films and only two I have not given a numerical rating to because I frankly do not know what to give it They are Freddy Got Fingered and The Tree of Life


> but damn the movie is enjoyable to watch Hard disagree. Saw this one in the theaters and it is still the worst movie theater experience I have ever had. I've only seen one movie I hate worse and I saw that on some late night cable channel and have completely forgotten its name. But this movie still haunts me with how much I hated every minute of the movie. I'm glad that there are people who get some joy from this movie, but I am not one of them and I don't think I ever will be.


I saw that in theaters and my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I seem to remember he jerked an elephant off on his dad. Did I remember that correctly?


Yes that's right


Ok good. I’m glad my mind didn’t make that up for some reason


Its been a long time since I saw it but I think the plot was that he got in trouble for something and to shift attention off him he lied about being molested or something like that.


It’s considered a straight up cult classic these days


That movie (and Tom Green's MTV show) basically invented the surrealist humor that would go on to define the next 20 years. You don't get Tim and Eric or the Lonely Island or I Think You Should Leave without that movie.


Sucker Punch


It was like watching a fan made, live action, youtube, anime that you'd expect to come out over the course of a year.


I remember really hating this one. Maybe I’ll give it a rewatch


Terminator Salvation. It was cool to see a Terminator movie that wasn't a rehash of the exact same plot and I like Sam Worthington.


The Haunted World of El Superbeasto


Treasure Island (1990) with Charlton Heston and Christian Bale.


Land of the Lost


*Return to Oz (1985)*, my oldest still has nightmares about Mombi and the Wheelers. It came in for some criticism and didn't do well at box office, but I have always liked this movie.


Clash of the Titans series.


Dead Calm. Only 3 actors, and the ending is spectacular


Atlantis wasn very well received back then. I personally think it's a really good movie with much more nuanced and "Grey" characters than Disney usually does.


I say this even owning up to the character being my absolute favorite comic book character ever, I liked the Keanu Constantine movie a lot. That wasn’t actually John Constantine up on that screen and Keanu was horribly miscast and the “holy shotgun” was stupid, but between the Hell FX, the actual material covered, Tilda and Peter Stromare’s performances, I dig the movie a lot.


Romy and Michelle’s high school reunion has become a comfort movie


Valerian was a lot of fun. Not a good movie, I know, and flopped, but fun. Beautiful opening sequence.


What I love about Besson Is that even when he makes bad movies they have a lot of heart. Valerian Is a strange, huge and mediocre movie, but that opening sequence Is amazing and sets It apart from huge mediocre movies made by Hollywood studios for profit and nothing else. The whole market sequence Is good too


There was quite a bunch of potential in the world but I don't think I've ever seen two leads with less chemistry.


It's half wonderful and half garbage.


I keep saying it, Cara Delevingne there did a good job. Dane DeHaan is the one dragging the movie down and she catches strays because of her bad performances in other movies.


I like DeHaan! The story was kinda all over the place, and the movie was a little schmultzy overall, but it was very Besson-y. It was an old-fashioned sci-fi flick.


Hudson Hawk


The 1967 Casino Royale Yes, it's a straight up bad film. Even though there are a few decent jokes they're oddly off in how they're delivered. But it's got a kind of hypnotic quality.


Going back to the OP, I also loved Jersey Girl. It helped that my girlfriend(now wife) and I lived in that area of New Jersey and knew the locations. We have friends who went to school with Kevin and Jason as well as we frequented the Leonardo Quickstop from Clerks. I'm half a fan of Kevins work. Its either really good or its trash. And Jersey Girl was really good.


Yesss, more Jersey Girl love! 🙌🏻 How do you feel about Chasing Amy?


Chasing Amy had some bright spots in the talent but overall I wasn't a big fan


The Dead Don't Die ...love how the characters react like zombies are no big deal


I honestly loved this movie, was really confused when I went online and saw that the majority of people hate it lol


"This isn't gonna end well"


Ad Astra is amazing and I have never met someone who agrees with me. One of the top 3 movies of 2019


One of the top films of the decade. I was absolutely riveted from start to finish but then read that some people found it boring, wtf?? It was appreciated by the critics tho.


Hello, nice to meet you, I agree with you.


I just came back to Reddit after not posting for 7 months. I was shocked when I found people didn't like that movie. Only maybe Parasite that year was a better movie. Yet I looked and everyone seemed to hate it? Critics gave it a solid score(80%) but even that is heavily underselling it in my opinion.


I do love me some Ad Astra. What a great movie. Interstellar gets all the love, but minute for minute I’m much more impressed by Ad Astra. Maybe it takes the right person to connect with it, but for me, in my mid 30s and struggling with issues with my late father, I’m pretty much the target audience for this story. There’s so many great sci fi moments, like space elevator disasters, moon rover chase gun fights, shocking evil monkey horror scenes, this movies got it all!


Congo. I know it by heart. I love the b movie jungle adventure feel and I love the characters. Can't go wrong with Ernie Hudson, Laura Linney, Tim Curry and Joey pants for a great cast. People compared it too much to Jurassic park and didn't give it enough of a chance.


I think Congo achieved the exact level of cheesiness that it was aiming for. The movie makers were smart enough to know that the material was too silly to play straight and, therefore, deftly constructed a fun jungle adventure movie.


Absolutely love Congo and rewatch it about once a year.


Armageddon. I know all the reasons it's bad. The preposterous plot, the subpar acting, the over-the-top action, the excessive use of the line "It's gonna blow", etc. I get it. It's a cartoon, but it's a cartoon I'll always have a soft spot for, being 13 when I saw it for the first time. Also, from that same summer, I don't know if it counts because it's a cult classic now, but Can't Hardly Wait. I feel like if you weren't a teenager in the mid-late 90s, you wouldn't get much from it, but if you are the right age, it's an amazing time capsule. Watch it and you're in 1998 again.


Do you think Armageddon was commercially unpopular lmao it was like one of the biggest movies that year and one of the biggest summer blockbusters in the last 20 years??? $550 million dollars is not close to commercially unpopular


A lot of people are ignoring the commercially unsuccessful part of the prompt here


Conan the Destroyer. Technically not as good as the first but still a fun adventure.


Absolutely love the OST for it


Jersey Girl also makes me a little teary. Haven’t watched it in years. The ending of Blow does too.


I will admit it is not a good movie, but Howard the Duck came out at just the right time for me and I still love it to this day, flaws and all. My family still mocks me for liking this movie, but I don't care. I got even with them and showed it to both my kids when they were young enough that they, too, came to love it. Only my wife, in our immediate family, thinks we are crazy.




corky romano


I just watched The Gray Man. If that was made in the 90’s it would be one of the biggest movie of the decade. We are just use to the more “realistic” action film now. It was laughably outlandish. But I enjoyed it. I just had to keep telling myself I did.


The editing in that movie made me nauseous


Cyborg with Jean Claude Van Damme


Awesome movie - peak Canon films!


The Dirt


The Cormac McCarthy written, Ridley Scott directed [The Counselor](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sitiAk4WLQ8). I haven't seen it since it came out so maybe my opinion has changed but I really enjoyed the movie despite its poor [reception](https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/the_counselor_2013).


Baytown Outlaws. No risk of anyone getting an Oscar but I thoroughly enjoyed it


Grandmas Boy


Bio-dome from 1996. I just love it. I think most people will actually hate it. Most of my friends did back in the day. But man… I find it funny as hell! And still do this day!


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and I don't care how much of a minority I am on that.


The Family Man always ends up being the movie I enjoy watching the most during Christmas season. Something about it’s high concept being played out in a low stakes, family-friendly comedy with the perfect amount of cheese leaves me feeling great. Nic Cage and Tea Leoni are so damn likable and have great chemistry.


Wonder Boys flopped from a commercial point of view but I love it


Chappie. It's good dammit


The Terminal, I just think it would be cool to live in an airport for a little while 😂


Almost Heroes with Chris Farley and Matthew Perry


MacGruber. I find it so freaking hilarious. The entire movie is pure gold.


The Hudsucker Proxy. You know… For kids!


Mathew Brodericks Godzilla


Up in the air


Not sure how it did commercially but it seems mostly disliked by Reddit… Tenet is an awesome movie.


Wild Things. I remember watching this in middle school feeling so rebellious. The nudity and the threesome 😮👀, but I’ve watched it many times over the years and the plot is so fun! So many twists and Bill Murray is the best!


Movie 43


I laughed so hard at the Chris Pratt/Anna Farris segment I had to pause. The rest of the movie was very funny too. I'm not sure why the critics hated it, but they seemed to be upset at how stacked the cast was. It's really unbelievable they got all those actors in this movie.


I still laugh about how crazy Dennis quaid’s character is. Him forcefully blowing the security guard to enter was the funniest shit I’ve ever heard.




It’s so fucking stupid, but I’ve seen it so many times


The Replacements. That movie has some pretty universally bad ratings, but I love it


Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium


Two copies.


As a 12 year Blockbuster veteran, this was often in the overhead. You couldn't play anything risky, (except at the end, then I just didn't care, as we shut them all down lol). Magorium and the first How to Train Your Dragon and Cloudy w Meatballs bring back fond memories of a job I loved.


I don't know if you could genuinely consider it commercially unpopular, although I'm sure it was expected to do a lot better, but I really love Pixels.


Tenet Batman vs Superman Army of the Dead


Empire. It’s a John Leguizamo gangster film. I love it but most people don’t.


Red Sonja after smoking a joint is a blast




Sucker Punch. Those fantasy sequences are just too awesome.




Lmao did you just claim con air was commercially unsuccessful, my brother in Christ it made +220 million dollars are you on crack