The only word for this movie is sweet. It's a lovely tiny French pastry of a film that you only want half of. Not a single second of it is based in reality and there's something kind of nice about that. Even the sad bits were so sweet there's nothing to do but 'aww' along with it.


I bawled the entire third act 😭


I've just got back from seeing it in the cinema (only just been released here in the UK) and I came on reddit looking for other people who had a good cry. I left the cinema with that funny feeling you get in your tummy after crying alot! Cried because it was sad and then cried for the happy ending. Had to sit and collect myself during the credits.


Did anything bad happen?


No, there is a hiccup here and there that makes you feel a bit bad but it’s a feel good film.


The Paddingtonification of Uncut Gems. Really enjoyed! They owe Desplat and Giacchino money, though. The song at the end is so close to the theme from Up it's wild.


I would say the Paddingtonificarion of Phantom Thread, no? And both feature Lesley Manville!


I kept thinking that! It played in the opening and throughout the movie too. Fortunately I love the Up theme so I didn’t mind.


Came here specifically to point out that the movie’s main theme is nearly identical to Up’s. Bothered me the whole time.


This was so cute it just made me smile the whole time. Highly recommend.


I agree! It was just terrific. I have one question though - the emo-looking girl watching the Dior preview with her mother just… looked so incongruous for the setting and time period. Did anyone else find that odd? Even when you look at images of late ‘50s French beatnik.


She reminded me a bit of Theda Bara and other much earlier fashion icons, it's true. Maybe she's meant to be a rebellious 'vintage' teen, though I'm not sure that's a timely concept. I'm pretty sure the phrase 'you go, girl!' isn't timely either.


Is it kind of on the level of Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day?


More like Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.


Yes I would say extremely similar


A dream does not belong to just one person.


Just about the sweetest, most wholesome movie I’ve ever seen. Only nit to pick is that there is absolutely no way the dress that was fitted exactly for Mrs. Harris (haute couture) would also fit the, ahem, _extraordinarily well-endowed_ bimbo character with no alterations


Just delightful! It reminded me of *Paddington*, but with fewer bears.


What a beautiful movie. It just hit every story beat flawlessly. My #2 for the year behind RRR. I want a Dior dress now and I’m a dude!!!


I know right?? The fashion show was beautiful but I wish >!Mrs Harris got to try that lovely lavender/pink gown too!


> I want a Dior dress now and I’m a dude!!! You know they make suits now right? I mean it's not MY dream so I ain't gonna waste 500 quid on one. But I am gonna be eyeing it. haha


What is RRR? I might wanna check it out. I'm so behind on movies this year. I just watched Mrs. Harris today and felt it was such a lovely film. Edit: ohh nevermind. I literally just googled "RRR movie" and that IS it's name. I thought I was missing something. Def will still add to my movie list


It’s fantastic. Netflix has the Hindu dub but if you’re a pirate try to find it in the original Telugu.


Fantastic!!! Thank you 💗😊


I liked it


Question for anyone who’s seen it: I missed a few minutes. I came back in just at the end of Mrs. Harris talking to the Frenchman who had gotten her into the fashion show and sat with her and gave her his rose. I missed what they were talking about, but she seemed disappointed. Can anyone tell me what that conversation was about? Did he make a pass at her or insult her somehow? Thanks.


He was talking about how he finally remembered who she reminded him of, and it was the cleaning lady at his old boarding school. They called her ‘Miss. Mops’ I think. Then he followed that up by saying he wished his late wife could’ve met Mrs. Harris. So it seemed to imply he thought of her more as this motherly comfort rather than as a romantic interest.


Actually, I felt that this part was one of the most poignant. The story doesn't need to pander to the audience doling out happiness in every turn. However I just wondered how the character Marquis de Chassagne was even plausible. Would someone be so deaf that he would not see his actions as some form of courtship? If anything, you even hate more the reoccurring theme that the divide between classes shall not be bridged. In the end, our protagonist Mrs. Harris was forced to stay in her lane; the elites got their due without even a pause, while the proletariat continued to serve.


Ah, okay. Makes sense. Thank you!


Basically a 2 hour commercial for Dior. Recommended only for the most die-hard Dior enthusiastics. Everyone else I suggest pass. Too saccharine.


How does this version compare to the one with Omar Sharif?


how does it compare to the tv version with Angela Lansbury


Just an utter delight


I just saw the movie last night and I think I missed a connection that is bothering me. How did the picture of the dress that got burnt connect to the arrest of the Paris trash king?


The Paris trash king was married to the rude lady who bought the red dress Mrs. Harris wanted. He got arrested, so his wife couldn’t buy the dress anymore. Dior then had nothing to do with it, and they saw Mrs. Harris’s dress got burned, so they decided to give it to her.


Right. I got that part. Why was he arrested? I thought it had something to do with the published pictures of the burnt dress.


They found out he was doing something illegal with his workers, like withholding wages or something. Unrelated to the dress.


Thank you for the clarification!




This was surprisingly good! I really enjoyed it.


This is definitely going to be a new comfort movie for me! Lovely and delightful


I just finished the movie and loved every itsy bitsy part of the movie. So heartwarming. Will forever cherish the movie


Mrs. Harris is the socialist revolutionary we need.


Saw it today and loved it!


I know this movie not supposed to be true to era it set in. But I spotted some extras wearing more modern suit and dresses lol


This film is such a delight. Wholesome and satisfying.


These movies names with the rhyme scheme are getting pretty old


It's based on a book from 1958. Written by the same guy as The Poseidon Adventure.


Fun fact!


Single cell organism level contribution 👍


The book is Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris