Not an actor, but Martin Brest has been in director jail for almost 20 years following *Gigli*. He directed *Going In Style*, *Beverly Hills Cop*, *Midnight Run*, *Scent of a Woman*, *Meet Joe Black*, and then *Gigli* And he's never done anything else since Edit- it would seem that Brest has a self imposed sentence in director jail. Apparently Gigli was heavily mettled with by the production company and he decided to not work in the industry after it's release


i'm also pretty sure he was involved in getting *Rain Man* made too.


Damn this is definitely the most interesting in this thread so far


I’m one of those rare folk that loved meet Joe black


Anthony Hopkins talking about his wife making lamb sandwiches really stuck with me.


Cold lamb sandwiches. The guy bled charm and warmth the whole movie.


I didn’t realize there were people that hated it, I thought it was great.


Why aren't you popular with the Chicago Police department?


Serrano’s got the disks


Elizabeth Berkley (Showgirls)


Any movie with Gina Gershon can’t be all bad. Also works for Michael Caine.


She knew exactly what movie she was in and nailed it.


Showgirls was the best worst movie I’ve seen.


Everything about that movie seem to top notch. Cinematography, sets, music, costumes and some very talented cast and crew. Then the plot, dialogue and acting happened and it’s like a beautiful disgusting car crash that’s hard not to look at.


I love that *everyone* over acts and hams it up, it's not like Elizabeth Berkeley is "the bad actor" in it, every character feels... off. And I love it


They overacted at the director's instruction too!


The movie is definitely a guilty pleasure. Maybe the definition of it.


It’s great if you view it as parodying glitzy erotic thrillers in the same way that Starship Troopers parodies authoritarian military films, and Robocop parodies 80s consumer culture


Yeah, Showgirls has had a big (unironic) following for a long time now. Verhoeven definitely knew what he was doing while directing this, even if it didn't work for some people. As another commenter stated, it really is a reflection on the film industry and even how ironic that other Verhoeven films (Robocop, Starship Troopers) are accepted for their violence, but Showgirls is rejected, partially for its sexual content.


Everyone talks about Geena Davis’ career dying with cutthroat island, but forgets how awesome long kiss goodnight was.


Long Kiss Goodnight is such a great film


Jut watched it again the other night and it is absolutely brilliant. Geena Davis and Samuel L Jackson are such an amazing "buddy couple"


And it's a Christmas movie, so that's fun!


I loved her in Beetlejuice


Wasn’t she already filming Long Kiss Goodnight before Cutthroat was released. Cutthroat definitely killed her A-list status, leading lady film career. Which is a shame, because I really like Davis.


Taylor Kitsch in "John Carter". I actually enjoyed the movie, but it was marketed horribly.


It wasn’t just John Carter though. Battleship came out that same year. He was supposed to be a huge breakout star in 2 blockbusters but they both became monumental flops. He should be the poster child for this post.


Xmen origins too, everyone was super excited to see Gambit on screen, and then the movie was dog shit. Guy just didn't have great luck with the films he was in.


>*Taylor Kitsch* his role in Friday Night Lights was just absolutely perfect for him, he was great in it, almost beautiful it's not surprising that directors wanted to use him after that, but for the most part, very few of his subsequent roles have clicked as well as Tim Riggins he seems to have backed away from movie roles, which is probably the right thing


Brandon Routh was pretty unfairly blamed for the meh box office return of Superman Returns. I'm glad he stuck it out and does a lot of t.v. work now.


Hayden Christensen after Jumper? At least, he hasn’t been in major starring roles after that IIRC. (I know he’s back for the Obi-Wan Kenobi series)


As others have said here, he bought a farm in Canada, but also had his daughter with Jumper co-star Rachel Bilson and wanted to focus on parenting: [Hayden Christensen On Darth Vader, Millennial Star Wars Fans, & Fatherhood](https://www.fatherly.com/entertainment/hayden-christensen-fatherhood-obi-wan-kenobi-darth-vader-anakin-skywalker)


He bought a farm in 2007. Been doing stuff there for years.


Farming? Really, a man of his talents?


It's a peaceful life


Hollywood is not for everyone and I'm not surprised some actors prefer the leave it behind. Especially after dealing with haters for years. EDIT: Turns out I missed the Rogue One reference. Eh well!


And he seems to be a shy introverted kinda man, it makes sense that Hollywood was a bit too much for him


He started farming, for it is a peaceful life


I remember really enjoying jumper. Awesome teleportarion premise with hayden christensen and Samuel L Jackson? Sign me the fuck up.


Geena Davis’ story is actually really cool. She didn’t want to act anymore anyway. She was very passionate about archery and even went on to train for the Olympics iirc. She did a lot for women’s teams too in the sport in general, very much in the spirit of Of League of Their Own. Geena rocks.




Cameron Diaz is the same, she's happy doing other things now.


Same for Rick Moranis. HUGE 80s comedy star. His wife passed away, he decided to give up acting to raise the kids.


Superman Returns killed Brandon Routh's career before it even began


Actually, he did that to himself. In the podcast with Michael Rosenbaum he talks about how he became too full of himself after Superman to take roles offered to him and hollywood just shunned him until he figured out he wasn’t that big of a deal as he thought he was and started working his way back up.


And then he was arrested by the vegan police.


Didn't arrest him, just depowered him. Then he died shortly afterward.


He was begone.....'d


“You just head butted my boyfriend so hard he burst”


"Gelato isn't vegan?"


It’s milk and eggs, bitch.


Chicken isn't vegan?


His take on Reeve's Clark Kent was magical. He had the chops. That dude deserved a better script and a better proportioned suit.


His performance is great on CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event. His suit is really good too.


He has had an ok tv carrear since with legends and chuck


Legends was great fun, he even got to be Superman again.


Soul Man was not good for C Thomas Howell's career. He did some epic films prior to that... afterwards, not so much.


Stay gold PonyBoy


He should have stayed gold. Changing color was a big mistake.


Troy McClure after The Contrabulous Fabtraption of Professor Horatio Huffnagel. Troy was riding a wave of success after starring in the play ‘Stop The Planet Of The Apes I Want To Get Off’ and turned down the part of McBain’s Sidekick in the new McBain film according to his agent MacArthur Parker….


Those fish rumors didn't help I bet


He was great in self help documentaries such as “Get Confidence, Stupid!” and “Lead Paint, Delicious but Deadly”


Also, his memorable turns in *Buck Henderson: Union Buster* and *Get Confident, Stupid*


I guess they finally made a monkey out of him


Cuba Gooding Jr. I think it was Snow Dogs


Honestly, everything he did after Jerry Maguire ranged from decent to downright horrible.


With a heavy slant to the downright horrible. For every Rat Race there's like half a dozen Chill Factors and Daddy Day Camps


Rat Race is legitimately one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.


The whole Jon Lovitz Hitler sequence might be the hardest I'd ever laughed at anything the first time I saw it.


Same, though. One of my favorite scenes in any movie. I was 15 when I first watched it and I actually learned who Klaus Barbie was at school around that time, so knowing who he was made it even better.


That and the flight tower scene always kill me. "STOP THE CAR!"


Wasn't it *Boat Trip* that sank (heh heh) his career?


That's what I was going to say. I'm pretty sure it was a mix of boat cruise and radio


I forgot about *Radio*.


We all have. Or try to at least. On a positive note, he did have that month recently he was relevant again. He did well in the true crime OJ series.


Yeah, I watched *The People Versus O. J. Simpson*. He was pretty good.


Five Now Dog Five!


What has Breckin Meyer done after the Garfield movies? This is a serious question. He was so good in Rat Race and Clueless too, so I can’t believe one failed franchise killed his career… Also, Matt Dillon basically fell off the face of the planet after You, Me & Dupree. I feel like he just hasn’t done anything notable since then.


He's on like every episode of robot chicken.


That's cool because he and Seth Green were in the same boyband in Josie and the Pussycats. I wonder if they met and became friends there.


They’ve been friends since they were teenagers, actually! I love that they’re still bros after all these years.


They were also both in Can't Hardly Wait, which was released in 98.


Can't Hardly Wait was the perfect highschool movie for it's time. Much like American Graffiti was for it's time.


The house that Jack Built I would consider notable


Lisa Bonet - rumor has it that Cosby didn't like her being naked in Angel Heart (with Robert DeNiro). His high moral standards were offended, I guess. She wasn't able to get much work after that movie.. then 5 years or so passed and then Cosby wrote her back into the Cosby show. Then High Fidelty.. and then, not much.


She left the Cosby Show in 1987 because they gave her a spin-off. A Different World was pretty popular at the time.


Cosby then kicked her off ADW because Lisa got pregnant with Zoe and he didn’t want to show Denise as an unwed mother, even though Debbie Allen thought writing Lisa’s pregnancy into the show would be a good idea, so she took the time off and came back to the Cosby show with a husband and stepdaughter.


“His high moral standards”. And now we realise how much hypocrisy there is in Hollywood.


Someone whose career SHOULDN’T have been killed is Deborah Ann Woll. For some reason she has had trouble finding work post-Daredevil, even though DD was generally well-recieved and no one had any complaints about her performance.


I'm rewatching True Blood, she's pretty great in it


Her and Lafayette were easily the best parts of that show. Which was campy fun in a lot of good ways.


Sadly, he passed away not long ago


Not like Matt and Foggy are doing to hot either. It feels like they were pretty much blacklisted for some reason. Anyone knows what happened to the three of them? Did their "salary" increase to much and no one was willing to pay? Deborah did two trash DTV movies, Charlie did one cameo and is doing one TV show that seems to be decent, but nowhere near the success one would expect. And Elden Hendon did absolutely nothing after Daredevil, thats 4 years out of work.


It seems pretty rare that people go from a successful show to headline another show in a short period unless they are already an established actor. Seems to go... * 1st big show. * Couple of years searching. * Next big show. * shorter time off. * Another show. * As many shows as they want.


unless your last name is Boreanaz, then you just don't take a break and play leading man for 25 years over 4 different shows without a break.


>without a break. He did have an entire year between Angel and Bones. An entire year!


I'd say Cox is is doing pretty good..he's getting started in the MCU now..got his own series coming up along with MCU movie appearances. He's also doing a spy show with Olga Kurylenko. He's gonna get much much work now


I'd say Cox is doing just fine. A well received show that has been renewed and a stint on Broadway and the Westend is a respectable amount of work for four years.


I was about to mention his work with Tom Hiddleston and Zawe Ashton in Betrayal on stage. Sometimes it looks like people haven’t been working, but they have been doing theatre.


That's just TV for ya


She's got her own DnD show going on as far as I know. Not exactly Hollywood, but maybe she's happier there.


Dana Carvey killed his already limited movie career with The Master of Disguise. He’s nowhere to be seen since then. Even Mike Myers had better post awful movie (Love Guru) career.


I think he fizzled out due to over exposure. He did tons of movies in the 90s and they were all kind of the same. I saw him in an interview once about that topic and he said, basically, he was trying to do as much as possible while he was hot.


I listen to the rewatchables podcast and they recently did Austin Powers. They dove into Carvey getting passed over for a role (Dr. Evil) in the movie, and it’s an interesting “what if”


Dr Evil is actually based on Dana Carvey's impression of Lorne Michaels. Mike Myers took it from Dana and they really didn't like each other for a long time because of it.


They didn’t like each other anyway


It goes back to the studio forcing Mike Meyers to make Dana Carvey’s part bigger than originally written in Wayne’s World. Carvey was more famous at the time so they insisted. Word is Meyers held a long grudge over it.


He got sick. Almost died IIRC. He would've gotten more movie offers but couldn't take them


> though neither of them have been the Hollywood Darlins they were before this movie. Affleck was nominated and has won Academy Awards since for Best picture. He won numoerous other awards or was nominated as an actor, director, producer and writer. I think his name is fine within the industry.


G.I. Jane destroyed Demi Moore and Will Smith’s careers


Lmao will smith deleted 20 years of audience goodwill with one slap


Cameron Crowe- ‘Aloha’(2016)


She has been involved in many stinkers. But, The 5th Wave has done more damage to Chloe Grace Moretz than any other stinkers she's been in. To some extent that movie also kills the Dystopian Teen genre too in the mainstream scene. She's still working since but compared to her earlier filmography, her projects since hasnt been really as good


When I saw her in 500 Days of Summer, I told my friend that Chloe was going to be a huge star. Then a year later when Kick-Ass came out I knew she was going to be everywhere very soon. Then, nothing really. Lol. I still think she is an intense talent, she just needs to pick better projects. I hope she bounces back soon.


Anybody hear a peep from Dane Cook since Good Luck Chuck?


I see him on Tik Tok live all the time. He's had some odd plastic surgery done.


He's looking like he wants to do a rom-com Frankenstein's monster movie.


His brother stole all his money. This left Dane broke and in a depression spiral for years. Dude has had it rough.


Molly Ringwald - Betsey's Wedding.


Molly Ringwald also made some catastrophic career decisions. IIRC she turned down Ghost AND Pretty Woman.


How much of that is hindsight being 20/20? It's hard to read a script and know "This is going to be a classic". Mark Hamill admits how goofy and weird he thought the script for Star Wars was, which just as a reminder Disney bought Star Wars for $4 Billion dollars.


Jamie Kennedy did a "sequel" to Jim Carrey's *Mask*. He hasn't been seen nor heard from since.


His career was always a joke so I don't think that did anything. He looks to have gotten pretty steady work though for the last 20 years it's just been all shit.


Yeah but he was with Jennifer Love Hewitt for a while so... worth


So he's the OG Pete Davidson?


He still acts but lost his pull as a leading man when Ryan O'Neal did the movie "Tough Guys Don't Dance" and it was panned both critically and commercially (343K in 1987). You may not have heard of this movie, but you know the meme: https://youtu.be/Y9KyBdPeKHg




I think the stories about him beating up his daughter are what got Ryan O'Neal shit canned from leading man roles.




That one was weird. Ryan was put in such a pedestal as America’s sweet heart that any role that was too controversial was viewed as sacrilege (In The Cut). Ultimately that kind of put her career at a standstill.


Also her ridiculous and obvious lip work.


I remember this too. That definitely didn't help things, and finally she went back to looking like her old self. I think she maybe also got typecast in the quirky romantic comedy role.


I remember this. She and Dennis Quaid had just broken up, and at the time it looked like she was because of her relationship with Russel Crowe. People assumed she was having an affair with Crowe, and it wasn't until like a decade later that her and both Quaid admitted that it was HIM who was having drug or infidelity problems that led to their divorce. I think I remember seeing the film in theaters, and it was competently made I guess, but not really anything special. Kind of cliched in some ways.


I feel like Eddie Murphy struggled after Norbit, and it was such a shame because he was amazing in Dreamgirls just before it.


Michael Perre. ​ Eddie & the Cruisers was on HBO weekly seemingly through the 80's. ​ But nothing else.


Michael Pare was awesome in Streets Of Fire (1984), with Willem Dafoe.


Idk what killed Sam Worthingtons career, but he was in everything for 2 years then disappeared.


Busy working on avatar movies. He does other ones every now and then.


I am bewildered by how long those movies take to make.


They got Jai Courtney as budget Worthington.


I always saw him as Wish Tom Hardy, but yes it works for Worthington too !


Nah, that's Logan Marshall-Green


Logan Marshall-Green was awesome in *Upgrade* tho


He was just in that Under the Banner of Heaven adaptation on FX. The new avatar movies will be out eventually there too


Fantastic Four gave a big hit to Kate Mara's career... it also held Miles Teller back by a few years I think. Amazingly, Michael B. Jordan left unscathed.


> it also held Miles Teller back by a few years I think. That makes Rooster's story a bit meta.


She’ll be fine. Her billionaire family can just buy her career resurgence.


> Amazingly, Michael B. Jordan left unscathed. He had The Wire, Friday Night Lights, and Fruitvale Station as back up. So people were more lenient because his talent was always there, and while I haven't seen Fantastic Four, wasn't he considered the best thing about the movie? Also that same year, he had Creed.


Have to say Topher Grace fell off the planet for a bit after Spiderman 3


I’ve heard him on podcasts, and it sounds like he saved his money from That 70s Show and doesn’t live a flashy celebrity lifestyle. It seems like he picks things here and there that seem interesting, and he’s not concerned with trying to become big like Ashton Kutcher. I think in Spiderman 3, they wanted someone who looked similar to Tobey Maguire, rather than casting a big tough-looking guy.


He had a pretty big role as David Duke in BlacKkKlansman.


He was amazing in that movie


He was fantastic in that


Not a movie expert, but I'm thinking Jake Lloyd who played Anakin Skywalker in the phantom menace.


He was bullied out of acting completely. Hope he's doing okay...


He’s not, from everything I’ve read


Damn. That's the only time I've seen Wikipedia label someone as "former actor".


David Caruso - Jade


Eh. He has second life in CSI Miami. I know not the most glamorous role but kept him working for a while.


A pretty iconic role. The show is dumb but it lead to a tonne of parodies. There's worse careers to have.




You need to check out *Vision Quest*.


I heard he was cool but kind of a dick in that movie


Barry after he left Eastenders


Taylor Kitsch: John Carter


Which is sad cause he’s was so good as Tim Riggins in Friday night lights




John Travolta in Battlefield Earth The whole Scientology, closet homosexual, bald as a cueball trinity didn't help much either though


It crushed Barry Pepper’s career too. That guy is a great actor and was definitely a rising star having starred in Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan, and Enemy of the State.


He had an incredibly good turn in True Grit. It was a short part screen wise, but he was an interesting mix of a semi-honorable, even jovial gang boss, when you'd been set up to expect nothing but a mad dog thief.


Barry Pepper always felt like he fell into the Garrett Hedlund-area of 'almost a leading man, but not quite'.


Barry Pepper took the L. Everyone else got through the other side, but it was never the same for Barry Pepper.


I remember a review saying something along the lines of, “If it took Pulp Fiction to resurrect his career from Look Who’s Talking Now, it’ll take Citizen Kane to revive it from Battlefield Earth.”


>John Travolta I didn't believe this, so I checked wikipedia. He has starred in \*33\* films since then. How could you possibly forget the masterpiece that was 'From Paris with Love!?' Right about the same time, Pelham 123 was pretty classic Travolta too. Nah, he's done just fine.


Hahaha, From Paris with Love was such a fucking oddball movie, I enjoyed it for the entertainment that it served


He got a lot of positive buzz for playing Robert Shapiro in the OJ mini-series (and was nominated for an emmy), but wasn't able to follow up for that in the last few years.


Tugg Speedman in Simple Jack. He never recovered mentally.


Yeah I don't hear about Tuggernuts anymore. Shame.


He won the Oscar after though.


Everyone seems to be forgetting that he won so many awards for Tropic Blunder. Yeah, Simple Jack was bad but he turned it around.


This sub only watches Scorcher films...


Yeah, and any movie he makes that's not a Scorcher sequel just gets forgotten. I swear if I see another "Why haven't they made a Scorcher VII" post I'm going to lose it.


I don't know man, sure VI sucked, but Scorcher II and IV were awesome!


Martin campbell with green lantern. Directed goldeneye and casino Royale but then his stock absolutely plummeted with this.


I feel like Aaron Eckhart really fell off after that Frankenstein movie


Cuba Gooding Jr: Snow Dogs. Even after Chill Factor he still got a role in Men of Honour and Pearl Harbour, but after Snow Dogs? Very, very few decent parts outside of the direct-to-DVD realm. Seems to have spiralled a bit off-screen too.


Which is weird because as family films go, snow dogs wasn't bad.


The saving private Ryan sniper guy after he was the lead in battlefield earth


Hey! Put some respect on Barry Pepper’s name


Barry Pepper- killed his roll in True Grit.


That’s bold talk for a one-eyed fatman


Jim Caviezel, The Passion of the Christ movie sure fucked his career up. He didn't have a bad performance, still don't understand why. Edit: Jesus Christ, enough with the replies already. :)) I get it, he's a nutjob.


I really like the movie Frequency


But isn't G.I. Jane getting a sequel? Just without Demi... Anyway Mike Myers in Love Guru.


Man, the PR train leading into *Love Guru* was insane. There were quotes talking about how Mike Myers takes his craft just as seriously as Daniel Day-Lewis does for *There Will Be Blood* and how he's a genius and yadda yadda yadda. Dude killed his momentum with that massive misfire.




Michael Biehn. But not because of any particular role he played. But because he turned down a number of great roles offered to him that he later regretted turning down. Shame, dude deserved an Oscar nomination for his role in The Abyss.


Argo, The Town, Gone Girl, and at least his performance as Batman were all acclaimed. Affleck has had a pretty good career the last decade.


I liked him in The Last Duel too, which just came out. That role of douchebag count fit him like a glove.


The Way Back mightve been meh, but Ben Affleck was phenomenal in it. Most realistic onscreen depiction of alcoholism I've ever seen.