Crisis? Not likey. Getting flack for badly milking an IP? Yes.


Its not even close to what Cars 2 was in the context of the previous pixar performances. If anything, its just another reminder that no studio is 100% guaranteed to make a hit every time.


Maybe this will give the studio a chance to go back and pick some original ideas for a new franchise?


Maybe it convinces them to not start any new sequels? We're in the middle of a good period for original Pixar movies. Light-year is the only sequel in the past five movies for Pixar. Compare this to 2016-2019 when 4 out of 5 movies were sequels (Finding Dory, Cars 3, Incredibles 2, and Toy Story 4 with Coco being the only original IP)


Coco was definitely the best of those imo


And is the 2nd lowest grossing of them all


Hamstrung, I think, by allegations about Lasseter coming out at the same time. And yeah, my wife and I liked Coco the most out of them, too.


The studio on the other hand didn't had a lot of succes with new IPs like Luca,Turning Red or Onward. To be said this movies are indeed good,just not incredible


I think it's unfair to say that those films weren't successful considering that only Onward got a theatrical release in the US, and even that only got like a week or two before theaters closed down.


And while it wasn't a great success, it was still a good movie


To be fair, all of those new IP's were seriously hamstrung by COVID.


Luca and Turning Red was good


We also can’t count these the same since they’re pandemic era movies that came out iirc exclusive to streaming. That’s a recipe for failure if ever I’ve seen one


Turning Red's obvious downfall was that it was a Canadian based movie.


Nah it’s bigger problem was it didn’t talk about 9/11 enough


But what about luca, turning red, onward, soul? All these in the last few years.


*The Good Dinosaur has entered the chat*


I actually read an interesting article on The Ringer about the history behind The Good Dinosaur and how it saw huge changes over the years before its release. I would have liked to see how the original version would have played out.




The Good Dinosaur was a perfectly fine movie - one which both my 4 year old and me both enjoyed on repeat (a magic touchpoint for family movies) - but it was both badly marketed and possibly even unmarketable from the off. There wasn't any hype ahead of this movie, it just got flopped out like a damp squib. It appears that nobody is aware of its existence, except those who chanced upon it who were pleasantly surprised. It's not a barn-burner, but it's absolutely fine.


What’s amazing so far with all the comments on The Good Dinosaur is how a decent amount of the film is just a ripoff or worse version of Land Before Time. If we even ignore those beats, it’s a poorly paced, unfunny, bland, predictable film. If I wasn’t stuck on an Airplane with not much else to do, I wouldn’t have finished it.


What?! The Good Dinosaur was amazing!


Super weird seeing blob cartoon dinos on photo realistic environment. Strange movie


Beyond that the story is terrible and so disjointed throughout


Seeing these comments is wild, lmao. I think it's very comfortably the second worst Pixar movie, only behind Cars 2.


Just watched it recently for the first time during a month long Pixar marathon. It's extremely straight forward, predictable, and unoriginal. It looks good. It's cute at times. At best it's a fine / average movie for me. I don't know what others would see that would bump it to being 'amazing'. For me it's the worst Pixar movie so far, but I've yet to watch the Cars series...


I think it's probably made with very young children in mind, unlike their other films. Like compare it to like TV shows that a child in school would consider themselves too old to watch.


Maybe compared to other Pixar movies - But Pixar on a bad day beats a lot of others on their best day. It's definitely bottom rung for a Pixar movie - Pixar's high bar makes it still a good watch.


That was a great movie though.


Yep. Bad commercial property, good family movie. My kid didn’t want an Arlo action figure and that’s why it’s a ‘flop’. I mean, I didn’t want an action figure of _Bambi_’s mom but I sure as hell remember that movie.


I can only imagine what u/ObviousPlant could do with a mock up of that scene as a kids toy set.


Ooooo, Bambi's mom was a hit to my young self... Burnt into my brain it did...


Some parts are bizarre to me, and I'll say my daughter watched this movie 1000 times so she loved it. But the triceratops was a real "wtf are we doing here?" moment, tripping on berries in a kids movie was a choice, and the cowboy Trex stuff. Overall it's trying to establish a world where dinosaurs have learned to farm, raise cattle, and build homes but the world never feels like that? You only see two examples of dinosaurs doing smart things. It just felt half baked. Gorgeous visuals when it comes to the water and landscapes though


It was very paint by numbers in my opinion


It goes over crazily well with my pre school son. I think it was just a younger target than what Pixar usually gets made for. Though he also really loves Luca.


The T Rex running like a cowboy riding a horse is the greatest piece of animation of all time


just a reminder that Cars made a fuckton of money and is one of the most profitable of all the Pixar IPs The movies were never the most popular but the merchandising is on the level of star wars and harry potter, as far as sales are concerned.


Disney is clearly pushing Pixar to make these cash grabs. I wouldn’t put it all on them.


Cars 2 was so weird. Guns, death, post 9-11 airport security….


Why are people looking at this like it was sequel? This was basically an independent romp off to the side, something very different than what they've done before and that was reflected in the reception of it. I think a lot of people got it in their mind that this movie was something it was not trying to be.


Families really haven't started going back to theaters in enough numbers for the kinds of box offices they want. It's not a sequel obviously but it's a spin-off and I think the general public is a little bit tired of those, for good reason. If they wanted to do a space epic just make a new character and be the Pixar that inspired us when we were kids. Watching in your family room on Disney Plus is a genuinely better experience than dropping $100 on tickets and popcorn (in my opinion). If the reviews aren't overwhelmingly positive there is no way I'm going to haul my kids to a theatre for any movie at this point.


We are going to watch Lightyear just waiting till it’s on Disney plus for free. Wondering if that’s what a bunch of people are also doing.


>Watching in your family room on Disney Plus is a genuinely better experience than dropping $100 on tickets and popcorn That's a lot of parent's feelings on the matter at this point. Hell, I don't have kids and I'd rather still wait for most movies to be out on a streaming service.


As a parent with a 4 year old, I don't usually know what mood my toddler is in until about 20 minutes into the movie. I'd rather find out in my living room that the kiddo wants to run in circles for an hour and not sit and watch a movie. The marketing also did nothing to appeal to kids or families. As a parent, I'm still questioning if this movie is geared towards us at all.


meanwhile sonic 2 earned 400m$ this spring


Both Sonics were a fun time at the movies though. Lightyear just felt different. I’ll watch it but I’ll wait till it’s on D+


Lightyear is a good time. Not gonna hate about waiting till it's on Disney + . As that's my preference too. I saw it twice in the theater once with my wife and youngest, then again with my oldest. We all liked it, with only one part that just didn't make sense. But it's worth your time to check it out on D+.


Top Gun just cracked a billion. People are definitely back at theatres in big numbers for non-Marvel films.


People sure, families maybe not. As the comment mentioned Lightyear is a family film that soon will be available for streaming. I don‘t think you can compare that to Top Gun because of that.


I think Minions will either prove or refute your point.


Yes, those are the two options.


Also top gun is an experience in the theatre I don’t feel you would be loosing out watching light year on a small screen


Parents aren't going to be bringing their 4 and 8 year olds to Top Gun though. People are going back to the theaters, me and my wife go all the time. We don't have any kids. All of our friends who have kids? The last move they went to was probably in 2019 or maybe even earlier. You can entertain kids with a big screen TV in your living room with pretty much any movie that's been released nowadays. Parents are only gonna spend the $100~ for movie tickets if it's something extraordinary.


This is exactly right. Cost me 40 dollars to see light year with my 6 year old.


>If they wanted to do a space epic just make a new character and be the Pixar that inspired us when we were kids. This here is the thing. If they wanted to make something new, then make it new... leave the old and established to their thing. I'm not saying no to spin-offs, just saying that I'd rather see new characters and new stories


The point everyone is ignoring is that Pixar isn't an "independent" studio anymore. They are owned by Disney, it isn't a partnership anymore. If the big mouse says i want Toy Story 10, Pixar will have to do it.


Aren't independent anymore? They've spent more time making films under Disney than as an independent studio.


Next you'll be telling us the Star Wars Holiday Special isn't canon either.


It introduced Kashyyyk, Life Day, and Boba Fett. Seems pretty canon to me!


That cheesy title card clearly states this was part of the toy story universe, which really hurt the movie because it didn’t look or feel plausibly part of Andy’s universe. Even worse the story really undercut a lot of what the buzz craze was about in the original movies.


> because it didn’t look or feel plausibly part of Andy’s universe It said it was a film Andy had watched, it's not supposed to feel a part of his actual universe.


Yeah lightyear supposedly is from 1995. But it’s a polished CGI rather than cartoon or live action. How was Andy watching this ultra high tech movie with a super post-modern premise in his 1995 world? Maybe we can forgive that discrepancy but also, this in no way “feels” like a 1995 space action movie. Think about how GotG, Stranger Things, or Captain Marvel really try to get the feel of their decade into the artwork. This movie could have brought great fun with 90s throw back styles and references and optimism but it did none of that.


>Yeah lightyear supposedly is from 1995. But it’s a polished CGI rather than cartoon or live action. How was Andy watching this ultra high tech movie with a super post-modern premise in his 1995 world? I think the implication is that it IS a live action buzz lightyear movie but your right the bigger issue is it feels too contemporary to be a movie came out in the 90s let alone something that inspired andy to give up on cowboys.


I'm pretty sure thats what the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command cartoon was


I haven’t seen the film but there is a huge disconnect between the “Lightyear” ads and the setting/tone of the Toy Story world.


Captain Marvel wasn't aesthetically 90s, it was just another glossy MCU flick with 90s set design. And sci fi in the 90s wasn't particularly optimistic. They gave us The Matrix, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park, Event Horizon, Dark City, Starship Troopers, and Men in Black. The 90s were fairly grimdark and cynical.


I overall agree, but... How are MiB grimdark and cynical?!


Well, the source material I guess. Maybe the movie is grimSNARK? Its irreverent ripping on alien tropes and casual brutality reminded me of another Sonnenfeld film, The Addams Family.


Yeah, I think this was probably one of the things that bothered me. Also, it seemed to have a hard time pegging it's audience. The funny thing is, it would have felt like a perfectly good Sci Fi movie if it'd been about someone other than the character Buzz Lightyear.


Right? It’s not exactly news that they’ll churn out a lazy sequel for some bucks every now and then. Cars 2+3 and the incredibles proved that


I was so excited for the incredibles 2 :(


Same. I wouldn't call it a lazy sequel at all. The artistry was all there and it had been a while since the original. It was let down by some bad decisions.


This is exactly it - I absolutely *love* the first Incredibles. So the sequel comes out, I see it in the theater, and it’s the very definition of “fine.” I came to the realization that the first one is so fucking good it’s gonna be impossible to top it with any sequels. Even a re-watch of I2 couldn’t keep my attention; I just wanted to watch the first movie again.


You can top amazing movies with amazing sequels, don't let them lower your standards. Terminator, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, off the top of my head.


Toy Story 2 and 3


The Dark Knight


Reading this and I could literally remember nothing about Incredibles 2. Couldn’t remember if I watched it. Assumed so because I watch all Pixar movies but really couldn’t remember. Just had to go read the whole Wikipedia recap to remember anything. Yeah, I remember watching it now. Still barely remember. No desire to watch it again. Compare that to something like UP, that I would watch 100 times.


It should have had an actual time jump equal to the amount of years difference between films.


Yea one of them being setting the film literally directly after the first. Their should have been a time skip to account for the actors aging and how superhero films are viewed today.


And it would have probably been better if they hadn't cut a year of development time to give Toy Story 4 another year.


I thought it was one of the rare sequels that are as good as the original. I don't understand the hate.


It ended up being exactly the same movie as the first one with an identical plot.


Yeah I love I2. Reading that people didn’t enjoy it is surprising to me. Obviously, everyone is entitled to their opinion.


I'd say it surpasses the original, even. The Incredibles was a lot of charismatic fun, but the message it tries to deliver comes off as simultaneously lacking in nuance and needlessly confusing with somewhat elitist overtones. What does "when everyone is special no one is" mean and why is it supposed to be a bad thing? The sequel, like the first one and every other Brad Bird movie, is centered around extraordinary people who struggle to develop their full potential but are stopped by outside obstacles... And I was so impressed by how deeply that movie explored that theme. In the Incredibles 1, Bob wants to go back to being his heroic self and the rest of the world forces a with a "mediocre" boring life upon him. The movie acknowledges he's being a single-minded self-centered asshole for forgetting about his children in his pursuit of reviving his past glory, but this takes a second seat. In the Incredibles 2, this is central to his character arc. Bob has an entire subplot where he has the potential to be a good father and enjoy time with his children, the outside force holding him back is his own ego and the perception that staying at home while his wife has professional success is emasculating to him and robbing him of the spotlight and status as breadwinner he's entitled to. This introspective character study loaded with gender dynamics and reflection of self-worth is not only done without being preachy or using a language children can't understand, but it's also very funny and in fact an increasingly frustrated middle-aged man helping his son do homework became one of the hottest memes of the moment.


Where I think The Incredibles 2 falls short is the second half seems to be a separate movie, with the parents getting brainwashed and the kids having to fight their way to free them, and the focus shifts to Helen defeating the evil lady. The first Incredibles has a better villain with a better motivation, and while I think the second film has a better message than the first (Brad Bird seemed really bothered by all the Ayn Rand comparisons), the execution is a lot better in the first one. And I will defend the message of the first one, confronting conformity is genuinely a good message. Teaching kids that you don't have to suppress what makes you special, you just need to find the right context to use it, and in fact you like Syndrome and also like Bob with the need to feel special is a pretty nuanced take on the situation.


Also the four films that preceded Lightyear were; Turning Red, Luca, Soul, Onward. That's what a crisis looks like?!


Sure, but Lightyear was only pretty good. It's a crisis!


I liked Onward, but none of those quite live up to Pixar's golden age run.


>but none of those quite live up to Pixar's golden age run. Turning Red, Luca, and Soul are all amazing films. Haven't seen Onward so I can't comment. If this is a crisis then fuck me, my life is in shambles.


Cars 3 was ok, cars 2 sucks ass though.


Cars 3 was overall OK, and a cinematic masterpiece worthy of best picture compared to cars 2


Ya cars 3 was way way better than that junk of cars 2 . It felt like the proper sequel


This feels like Disney's call more than Pixar's. As far as the clickbait "crisis" nonsense, this is more of an indicator that parents nowadays would rather wait until another Disney movie is streaming on D+ than drag their kids out to the theater to see it.


Don't even get why lightyear is shown in cinemas while Chip n Dale wasn't. The ladder was surprisingly entertaining and way better than I originally expected.


Every so often I think of them repeatedly zooming in on Ugly Sonic's teeth and get a fit of giggles.


Chip and dale was awesome. I dont understand why it wasnt in theaters either.


Google the controversy Pixar animators stirred up when Encanto got a theatrical release and Turning Red did not. The ones making these movies have explicitly stated they wanted them released in theaters. Disney listened and put Lightyear out Father's Day weekend. Chip and Dale creators could care less. Look to Andy Samburgs last movie before that (Palm Springs) also getting a direct to streaming debut when it also deserved theatrical run.


Coming out next year, “There’s a snake in my boot - the Woody story”


Featuring a subplot about catching whoever poisoned the waterhole.


I'm tired of these Andy-loving snakes in my Monday to Friday boot!


More like "Woody's Roundup! The Disney+ Series!"


Yeah, it’s weird to take said IP in a completely different direction. People like Pixar for their endless stream of new concepts and fun new shorts. Especially in this age of reboots. I mean they made everyone sad and cry about a man with a piano and a cat. More of that pls


As everyone is shitting on this movie, for a kids movie I really enjoyed it.


Yeah, but compared to their earlier stuff which ranged between fairly good and really good, the past couple of movies were kind of... I dunno. Bland? The last 10 movies before Lightyear were Turning Red, Luca, Soul, Onward, Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Coco, Cars 3, Finding Dory and the Good Dinosaur. *Even ignoring* that 4 of those were sequels, that's not representative of the quality Pixar has been known for in the 2000s. This is a list made up of largely forgettable content barely worth mentioning in a decade.


Pixar puts out mediocre movie after a string of critically and commercially successful hits: Headlines: PIXAR IS F\*CKING DEAD!!1!


Facebook Posts: Disney shows same sex kiss and GETS WRECKED at the box office! *something something something family values*


I’m kinda sad cuz I liked the movie. I thought it was doing well


You would need to have made more than one poor film in a row for this to even be a question


If the headline is a question, the answer is always "no."


If The Headline Is a Question, Is The Answer Always No?


Of course n...wait...oh...fiddlesticks.


It's such a common thing that there is a name for it - Betteridge's Law.


Well I don't know who that guy is but I'm going to rename it Mr. Jake's Law.


Yeah like did people forget (i think they did lmao) about the Good Dinosaur? It was an okay film but it wasnt anything as amazing as previous installments and is considered the most forgettable one. Also, Turning Red premiered a few months ago and it was well received so, no, Pixar isnt going down hill just because of one bad movie.


And this isn’t even a poor movie. It’s quite good. It’s just not PIXAR good. When you set the bar sooo high for yourself, sometimes you end up happily cruising under it.


Crisis is a buzz word that the media likes to throw around to generate articles. Lets look at their body of work and evaluate. They are still making critically adored films that are connecting to their target audience, some more so than others. You could argue about their BO numbers but that's been tainted by the pandemic and dumping on Disney+ recently.


Pretty sure the buzz word in this article was "Lightyear."


No, I think its totally acceptable for a studio even with the same calibre as Pixar to occasionally release something that's a bit meh. It happens. The argument about Soul, luca, turning red not releasing theatrical is a bit confusing as they came out on the middle of a global pandemic where most cinemas weren't open or people were too afraid to go. Theres little point in giving those films a delayed theatrical release because people have already streamed or bought them. I'm sure if cinemas were functioning normally they would have gotten a theatrical release, it's not indicative that Pixar only wants to release their franchise movies in the cinema and experimental IP streaming. Have to wait until the next one, if they stream only then that point is proven.


Yes to most of your comment, but Turning Red was released at a fine time for cinemas and was only part of a strategy to put exclusive content on Disney plus. I think it was incredibly insulting to Pixar to not give this title a proper release. It’s also not a good look on Disney to release the only mediocre title about a white man in cinemas when their more diverse and original Pixar titles were “thrown out” into streaming. But as you say, announcing Pixar is in trouble for 1 meh film is a bit ridiculous


Soul, Turning Red and Luca are great. Soul especially. Tbh, Lightyear felt like it was the obligated price Pixar has to pay to Disney. Its like the Cars sequels. We know their heart isn't set on them but they crank them out and Disney let's them do something original and weird next time.


I'd imagine there are people at Pixar who are just as frustrated that those original IP's don't have nearly the same draw as some of the sequels they put out. Frustrated with audiences and frustrated with Disney for not marketing them as strongly. Gotta pay the bills though.


I don't like Turning Red like most do, but at least I can give credit that there's a lot more going on in Turning Red than Lightyear, Lightyear was so boring and barebone in term of story and idea.


I don't even get what they were going for with Lightyear. It's just so fundamentally at odds with itself. It's supposed to be a throwback to 90's blockbusters but nothing in the film embraces that. In my head, Buzz Lightyear would be a big adventure with Buzz travelling to different planets and saving the day. Having him stranded on one planet confronting his own work/life balance wasn't top of my expectations.


This exactly. Everything about this movie undercuts the character of Toy Story buzz who clearly was based on a swashbuckling space hero fighting against an evil emperor as part of a very real starfleet type organization. The lightyear character is a wistful failure who has to confront his personal demons in a planet where space command is a running gag. There’s also a bunch of other characters that were never mentioned in Toy Story, who literally should have been in the cardboard ship.


Yeah, Lightyear is just so damn advanced in term of the "VFX" and design if the movie was supposed to be "Live action" and come out in the 90s, assuming Toy Story also takes place around 90s. Also, both Buzz and Zurg don't look exactly like their toy counterparts in the Toy Story movies, and none of the side characters got their toys so the movie already have conflicting continuity with the actual Toy Story universe. On the other hand, The Star Command show 100% fit in the Toy Story universe and made a lot more sense that it was what got Andy into wanting a Buzz action figure, because around 80s and 90s cartoons were made to sell toys like TMNT, He-Man and Transformers G1. Also, Star Command show checked all that tick boxes of what you said, a big adventure of Buzz and his team travelling to different planets saving the day, and it's actually good and much better than this Lightyear movie.


I'd imagine if a Sequel is greenlit, it'll start drawing on Star Command


The first 30 minutes of Lightyear was incredible I thought. Then the rest of the movie died. Like someone thought of a great idea but didn't know how to turn it into a full movie properly


Also Turning Red is amazing looking, with really distinctive artistic decisions - almost comic book-ish. Lightyear looks good but not distinctive in any way


>almost comic book-ish. Good news for you because thats pretty much intentional. The art and story direction of the movie was heavily inspired by 90s anime; Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Fruits Basket and Inuyasha, when Domee Shi was growing up.


>Ranma 1/2 Great now the opening [Is stuck in my head ](https://youtu.be/XyoXkbwr6Oo) and I'm nostalgic


Now that Urusei Yatsura is getting a new anime adaptation, I'm hoping we will get a new Ranma 1/2 anime one day.


Soul isn’t a kids movie. That’s it’s issue. It’s about an adult existential crisis


I thought Soul was kind of boring, the other two I liked. The artwork in Turning Red was amazing. Luca was kind of formulaic, as much as much as you can be about a mermaid kid coming of age buddy film.


Soul really was fantastic


I found all three of those movies to be interesting concepts that kind of meandered and fell apart in the third act. I thought Soul should have ended with him realising his true path was to be a teacher. Instead it just sort of... ends. There's no resolution. Also it should have been called Jazz. Turning Red also had a weird ending, this confused tonal shift... so much bizarre exposition and folklore... a giant panda thing?? Luca was very odd, it felt like a game of madlibs (what if a... sea monster... in... the 1960s... is obsessed with... a Vespa... and has to... compete in a triathlon). Then it sort of ends with a bunch of people having been secret sea monsters all along and it turns out nobody really hates the sea monsters and Luca can go to school? None of these stories felt fully developed; they all require extensive exposition and lack structure. I don't think any of them work the way that 90s Pixar worked.


I think that would have been a bad ending for soul. The whole lesson was that there *isn’t* a purpose for anyone, or a true path. The whole point of life is just living. He learns to appreciate where he’s at in life, and stop clawing for meaning/happiness. This is accentuated with a few quotes. “That’s not a purpose. That’s just living”, which Joe realizes is false. He shows 22 the leaf/seed, because it represents us. It’s only purpose is to be dragged along by gravity and natural events to its final resting place. “I heard this story about a fish, he swims up to an older fish and says: ‘I’m trying to find this thing they call the ocean.’ ‘The ocean?’ the older fish says, ‘that’s what you’re in right now.’ ‘This’, says the young fish, ‘this is water. What I want is the ocean!’”. This teaches us that what we look for is often already around us. When you put so much energy into an idolized version of existence, you miss out what’s already around you. Joe thought all his problems would be solved by getting the gig of his dreams, but it didn’t. Because he’s clawing for happiness and satiation. There’s always a “next thing”, that you’re *sure* will bring you happiness. But it never does. You have to take a step back, and enjoy where you are


As the father of a toddler, I've seen Luca more times than I care to count but I still have no problem sitting down to watch it again. I think you're purposely missing the point of the story, though. To me, it's more about teaching kids that it's okay to be different, and while you'll probably encounter some people who are afraid of "different," in the end you'll find there are more good people than bad, even if they're the people you'd least expect, and you might find that there are more "different" people than you think. I think it has a perfectly fine structure and story for a kid's movie. Also, Soul is called Soul because the entire movie is about a soul's journey. Not necessarily the kind of music one character loves.


I liked Lightyear. I thought it was a nice, non toy story canon film.


Damn guess I’m the only one that loved this movie lol


You and I both! Whenever I hear bad reviews I just wonder how the critic would change the movie, if they have constructive feedback, or if they simply don’t like it. Watched it with my 11 year old and we loved it. Satisfied our sci fi itch👍


I loved it too. I thought it was fun and liked the message.


Saw it yesterday, had a good enough time, kid loved it. Is it a masterpiece that revolutionized the art for decades to come. Absolutely not. Is this some light hearted entertainment with a veneer of morale about teamwork, a team of oddballs and a cute cat, slightly heavy handed at times but totally watchable? Absolutely.


I thought it was a great story with awesome character/set designs. My little one got scared so had to bail early and now I’m dying to see the ending.


Oh no is your kid a nerd?


The animation was gorgeous that’s for sure. And I loved the story but it seemed very complicated for a kids movie. And the complex plot clashes with the simplistic dialogue. Otherall it was a decent movie


Took my two youngest to see it and I usually fall asleep at the theaters but I watched the whole movie lol it was at least an 8 in my opinion.


I think an 8 is what I’d give it too. I was obsessed with Buzz when I was 5 and this movie made me feel like a kid again


I loved it too. Was my son’s first movie experience (he’s 4). It’ll hold a special place in my heart since it was a first for my boy.


Nah, I just assume it's the studio equivalent of an actor doing one film for the paycheque and the next for love. This is the price Disney demand so Pixar get to make what they want.


No, it was OK


I liked it 🤷‍♂️ A little by-the-numbers but they built in some solid sci-fi tropes. The obligatory cute sidekick was unique, and there was some nice representation. Edit: it had some good laughs, too. The characters were fun and I'll watch anything that includes Taika Waititi It won't win any awards but it wasn't *bad.*




I agree! My wife and I enjoyed it and there was even some real emotion in the first half. I give it an off-the-cuff 7/10. I think people are just used to Pixar pumping out mostly 10/10s.


I did like some of the Nasapunk designs they had going on


Disney only had 67b in revenue last year and only made like 2b in net income. The movie lightyear didn’t do well at the box office. Looks like Disney is going to have to shutter the doors of Pixar. Probably will have to sell off marvel and Star Wars just to pay the rent.


They should start a GoFundMe


Pixar definitely aren’t as good as they were from like 2000-2009 or whatever, but I don’t think one bad film constitutes being in “crisis”. Turning Red is literally only a few months old and it was really good, Luca was really nice, and Soul was really good as well I thought. Lightyear was just directed by someone without much creativity or a talent for storytelling.


> r, but I don’t think one bad film constitutes being in “crisis”. Also, like, we had the sime situation before when Pixar shat out Cars 2 on their impeccable track record at that time, and then they continued to make some of their best movies ever afterwards.


I think Pixar's biggest issue is Disney's control over what they're doing and how their projects get released. If their good project weren't being used to keep people subscribed to Disney+ I don't think we'd be seeing any of this "Pixar fall from grace" stories we're seeing.


Yeah. Pixar is still producing good films (whether or not they’re as good as their earlier stuff is subjective), but their marketing and release is an issue. I feel like Lightyear was released in theatres to help sell toys while some of their other recent releases got shunted off to D+ bc they didn’t expect much interest from a merchandising standpoint.


So I don't think it's because Disney didn't think they'd generate merchandise interest. I think Disney knows that people see Pixar as a better source of storytelling, and the biggest issue Disney+ has is people drop it. People pay for a month to watch Loki, The Mandalorian, etc... So Disney is holding things to be exclusive to the platform in hopes of retaining those people. I think it's fucking over Pixar.


Pixar is probably having the same problem as the MCU. More projects every year which means more resources and quality teams probably being spread too thin.


The story telling was the best part of the film


Basically any studio once it's taken over isn't as good? I enjoyed the three films you mentioned (Soul's soundtrack was amazing frankly) but I've got no real wish to watch Lightyear. So the Toy Story Buzz is based on this films character? So why doesn't the Toy Story universe reflect the fact that they've got interstellar travel? Anyway, I'm also guessing half the problem is that people like me will watch it on Disney+. Either I can spend a fortune going to the cinema or I can watch it at home. More than once. And the kids can take themselves to the toilet five times an hour.


>So the Toy Story Buzz is based on this films character? So why doesn't the Toy Story universe reflect the fact that they've got interstellar travel? Not exactly. The Toy Story universe does not have interstellar travel. But the toy is based off the character in Lightyear, which aired in the Toy Story universe.


The film is also an in universe film for the Toy Story characters. It’s supposed to be a live action mid 80s film that Andy watched in 1995. However, the film makes absolutely zero attempt to feel like it’s a movie from any decade before 2010, let alone the 80s, so it’s completely pointless and a lazy attempt at milking the Toy Story brand for a few more dollars.


That was my biggest gripe with it. I don't hate it as a movie, but it completely failed to utilize what was, essentially, a pretty good premise. There needed to be an in universe scene at the beginning of Andy playing with his toys in front of an old tube TV and VCR as the movie starts and the camera goes in to the screen instead of a one line disclaimer. Then, as it was animated anyway, it wouldn't have been difficult to emulate and to play with the style and film making tropes of mid 80's/early 90's sci-fi adventure flicks. They even had a "twist" that would have been perfect for some Star Wars style dramatics. Instead we got a decent modern sci-fi adventure flick that could have been about anyone and still been just a decent movie, completely failing the entire premise of the movie.


Would have been awesome if they had made a Flash Gordonesque movie, something Andy found awsome and totally wanted a toy of the protagonist.


They also seem to forget Buzz Lightyear Star Command, which was a supposed in universe tie in cartoon Andy would watch.


In Toy Story, Buzz is a toy based off of a movie/TV show character. Not a real person.


Did people hate this? I saw it on Tuesday and liked it just fine.


I agree but just fine was never the Pixar standard, I mean it was absolute fire for 2 decades with one hit surpassing the next in ways no one saw coming. Impossible standard to maintain I know but they set that bar. But crisis? No that's dumb.


Not a bad way to spend a couple hours.


I thought this was a great movie with beautiful visuals 🤷‍♂️


I thought it was OK. Not exactly one of Pixar's best but enjoyable enough. I'm curious as to how many people complaining about the film have actually seen it?


Not every film has to be a masterpiece?


I think it proves that people are tired of IP getting milked into the ground. Give us something original.


Um, nobody going to mention the same sex kiss scene that caused all the commotion amongst the conservative tribe? 🤔


I think it's more to do with an oversaturation of Disney/Pixar movies so they just don't feel like as much of an event anymore. They've had about 5 releases between them in the last 12ish months.


Who was asking for a light year movie?


I mean, it was OK. Sox's really made the movie, IMO.




I think movies are in crisis


Haven't seen Lightyear yet, but these overreactions are crazy. Soul was amazing, Luca was great, Turning Red was very good, and Onward was perfectly enjoyable. People need to take off the rosy glasses and take a step back. If you're a 20-or-30 something year old, no Pixar movie is ever gonna hit and stick for you like the early 2000s films did. Need to accept that, move on, and enjoy these new movies for what they are as an adult.


Lightyear was Top Gun for kids. It has great visuals, decent acting, and some cool high tech action. Story was overall passable but not earthshattering or as unique as some prior Pixar movies. It is easily watchable, my kids loved it because they are little boys who think space ranger would be a good career choice, and they don’t over analyze everything because they are kids. Also, anyone questioning the quality of recent Disney/Pixar movies can go be a pedantic POS somewhere else. Any parent will tell you of the nightmarish drivel that used to be put out as kid fare and I would rather watch Pixar’s mediocre products to infinity and beyond instead of returning to that hellscape.


Pixar wasn’t co-founded by Steve Jobs. He bought it from George Lucas and then funded it for years.


This is the Solo to the primary Star Wars/Toy Story series.


The article is lazy "journalism." Big ol' downvote.


Ewwww the independent.


Honestly the movie was good and I suspect it will be a firm fav on Disney plus when it hits


“Crisis”? They had Soul, Luca, and Turning Red were great, one bad movie doesn’t change shit. We don’t have to be so dramatic all the time.


Maybe it's me, but all 3 movies you list were just meh. The last Pixar movie I really enjoyed was Coco.


No? Pixar has been on a solid streak for the last few years and I’m confident that we still have many more fantastic movies to look forward to from Pixar


I quite enjoyed the movie.


Buzz Lightyear just isn’t that interesting a character. If they did a Woody backstory, I bet it gets better box office numbers.


Pixar has had a pretty solid running streak so far. I mean, the only movie I really detested was The Good Dinosaur. It was just 45 minutes of that thing running around and screaming at everything. LOL! Also, I would take the article with a grain of salt. Pixar's core movie demographic isn't for people over 20.


Lightyear wasn't a *bad* movie, but it's definitely their worst by far. It was mediocre across the board. I absolutely did not care for the plot and remember being quite bored for the majority of the movie. The only memorable bits of the movie involve the cat.


What we have here is a failure to communicate. A gritty, down-to-earth adaptation of Buzz Lightyear, framed as a contemporary story with modern sensibilities, yet billed as an in-universe movie adaptation of Buzz Lightyear's toyline....that's also nothing like the toyline and does massive liberties with the character's in-universe lore. That's a jumbled word salad of a synopsis, to put it *lightly*. It'd be like making a gritty Spaghetti Western adaptation of 'There's A Snake In My Boot'.


I did the math and their last 7 movies prior to Lightyear average a 94% on RT. There is no crisis. Lightyear is the exception and it still seems like most people enjoyed the film.


Their last three films were Soul, Luca and Turning Red which rang from pretty good to great. Crisis is bizarre terminology here and I can't exactly blame them for wanting to milk their most successful IP.