1 Teen Dead, Another Critically Injured in California Theater Shooting During ‘Forever Purge’ Screening

1 Teen Dead, Another Critically Injured in California Theater Shooting During ‘Forever Purge’ Screening


Wild west it is. [Thread ain't getting locked.](https://i.imgur.com/7vlKExC.mp4)


only police should have guns! ...but fuck da police, acab! ...but criminals don't care about laws So only criminals will have guns! That will be sure to create a harmonious society where only the predators have firearms...


1) Ban the possessions and use of guns (all of them) * * outside of being an hunter with a permit and having your hunting weapon (not an AR15) during a hunt, the rest of the time it must be in a closed and secured container (confirmed by lockpickinglawyer). 2) Revoke all permits to carry 3) The government buy back any weapons twice the price, no question asked 4) Maybe allow shooting range (where you can rent a pistol for 30 min and shoot targets and stuff) In a few months you have reduced like 70% of guns in the US and you can start from here to clean up the rest (which will take years of course but still you have reduced the risk to face a weapon by a factor of 10 or so) The excuse "I need gun to protect myself and my home" doesn't make any sense because as soon as you allow anyone to buy a gun you allow any criminal to buy one and increase exponentially the probability of facing a gun during an attack. In countries where guns are prohibited (almost every country outside US) the probability of meeting someone with a gun is extremely low, like ridiculously low. I have never seen a gun in my life nor any of the people i know during all their life, i have been aggressed at least 4 times when i was young and i only face knifes (and always managed to prevent any damage to me or the attackers, by running mostly). The fact that every country in the world agree on this is kind of a good indicator, furthermore while we compare the stats of deaths by firearms etc compared to the US .... Edit : well thanks for the downvotes i guess Edit 2 : To all the people sending me death threats and insults : WTF ?!


What a shit take. Edit: Wow it’s easy to piss you guys off. Also educate people about guns. Edit2: Got Platinum. I like to thank the academy and God. Also buy the Neo: the world ends with you. Edit3: Guy above me got death threats, not cool. I got called a chad.




You can be as sarcastic and tribalistic as you want, the take is shit because it's completely irrational and based on wishful thinking than what would actually happen. y'know, like shit takes are?


The rest of the world = "LOL" America has a serious problem and it's not rocket science to understand what the fix is.


Okay, how so? If it is souch a bad take, plz elaborate , should be easy enough for you to come up with something and back it with some facts and numbers?!


Bad people will still have guns, now good people just wont


The good guy with a gun fantasy is a fucking myth It's not bad guys with illegal firearms shooting up schools, theatres and concerts. It's just normal people with legally obtained arms..


americans are fucking retarded, don't worry about the downvotes. you're totally right, a vast majority of countries agree on this and we're really way beyond this conversation now but people are just that fucking stupid.


Don't know why you're being downvoted, any country where their citizens are free to walk into a fucking cinema and shoot people, yeah somethings not right there Edit: people (Americans on this thread) cannot seem to get their heads around the fact I put "free" on my comment, and have been telling me over, and over that "MuRDEr iS ilLeGAL" in America. Yes I know it is, I know shooting people is a crime, I can't believe I have to even explain this, thus showing how thick Americans are. What I meant was, if people do not have free rein of guns, this shit won't happen, simple 👍


Not all of us….and I live in gun country (Maine). I just don’t get people’s love of guns.


Texas here, I don’t get it either. I was at a farmer’s market last weekend and there is a vendor there that is well known for being part of a “patriot” group in town (they even have a Facebook page full of hate speech…and if you don’t like it then leave…type stuff.) Every single person in that vendor’s trailer had a gun on their hip and none of them seemed like the kind of folks that would make a great choice in the face of real danger. My 6 year old daughter asked why they had guns and I said they feel like they need it for protection. Then she asked “who are they afraid of?” Good question!


Fun part is...it's none of your business, that's probably the safest your daughter has ever been


Well, she didn’t have to worry about being raped since she’s not related to them


“Americans are fucking retarded” -sincerely, some retard from a shithole European country


Oh hey another racist user who hangs out in every major city’s subreddit (including my city of Chicago) to cry about black people. You aren’t fooling anyone, we see through you.


How does your brain work to be okay with calling all Americans fucking retarted but have to become a keyboard warrior when someone insults the citizens of a different country? Your bias is showing.


i upvoted you mate. don't listen to the deranged mouth foamers, they love their guns more than they like jacking off. just keep shouting it and dont ever stop. not cuz they'll listen, but because its true. edit: well, judging from the stuff i'm seeing in my notifications and dm, im now 100% positive some of you definitely should not be in possession of lethal firearms edit: and a suicide hotline... gonna be honest, that one took me a solid second.


Did banning drugs stopped the crackheads from buying meth? Just because you "ban" something, it doesnt mean its gone forever.


Meth is actually addictive. Guns are not. But nice try sweetie


Ignorance and condescension. Aren’t you the treat


I do enjoy waxing the dolphin, however I do love my firearms more. I have military and law enforcement experience with them. Shooting sports is very fun, I know a couple of guys from the UK that moved to the states that come and participate at the range.


Shooting guns is great but there's nothing wrong with leaving your weapon in a lockbox at the range. Or bringing it home in it's locked case.


The excuse is that it is dangerous out there and l need to protect myself bla bla bla typical coward reactions. I ve been in lot of dodgy places/ countries and never it came to my mind that l needed a gun. You can have one at home for burglars fair enough so just avoid going to dangerous places late at night then.


Nah they jacked their dads that led to them being like their little dick gun-compensating fathers lmao. Fuck guns, ban them. Downvote me oh well.


Another idiot who doesnt know guns, “no ar15 allowed” lol is clear sign you dont know wtf you are taking about


What kind of pussy needs a gun to hunt tbh


What kind of pussy needs to hunt full stop lol. As a race we have kind of moved beyond it at this point


Right? Hunting for sport is a bitch move


Do you realize this hurts predominantly poor POC? That's who you're attacking here, not trumpers.


It doesn’t matter if the brown people get hurt in the process lad, as long as we disarm all the peasants.




When we all die, I expect you to look the Sandy Hook children in the eye and explain why your unfettered gun access mattered so much more than their lives did.


There’s a few million corpses strewn across every continent on earth who would look you in the eye and tell you that they would prefer to have had an AR-15 instead of absolute jack shit. From the native Americans to the Jews to the Armenians to the colonial slaves to the Chinese in Nanking to the Vietnamese in My Lai. If you want to play the dead bodies routine, at least remember that one of the first things that happens to a group that is subsequently exterminated is that they’re forced to disarm.


As someone who lives in another nation with sane gun laws and culture, what you wrote is just utter nonsense.


Lmao holy shit, I have a hard time imagining the people who would upvote you. You probably live in a country that has had an active role in some form of genocide. You probably don’t even know about it. Why don’t you Google some of these things. “Oh no, the American is talking about history again! We hate history!” This is why I so vehemently argue with you. Because you say stupid shit that makes no sense. Edit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_of_Indigenous_Australians?wprov=sfti1 Here’s a few hundred years history of your country and your contribution to the big book of genocide. Thanks for stopping by. Why don’t you go talk to some aboriginal folks about how glad they are that your government took care of them.


I live in a country that doesn't allow free access to firearms and hasn't had any form of genocide in its recent history. Our crime rate is and has always been extremely low compared to your beloved USA. I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. EDIT: I thought it was pretty clear but I edited my original post to reinforce I was talking about my country's recent history, *not things that happened 500 years ago and that obviously don't represent my country today in any shape or form.* Apparently some things need to be ELI5'd for the gun crowd to understand.


You gonna go door to door asking for people to turn over there firearms ? Do you have any idea of what that would look like . GL . You will for sure kick off a second civil war the moment you go to do that . Why do you think banning guns will solve the issue of people wanting to kill people ? It won’t . In fact banning guns will only cause more people to die . CDC had a study that showed at minimum guns saved between 60k to 2.5 million people through defensive purposes. That’s them saving their lives or others included . Lives taken on average is 40k lives a year and over half of those are suicides . The other vast majority is criminal on criminal. You don’t get to just say ban something just because you personally don’t like it . You also don’t get to order others around and tell them what they can and can’t have . The problem isn’t the tool , it’s the person using it . This very easily could have been a bomb which is probably easier to purchase and make than a firearm . Then what are you gonna do ? The person still killed people . You can use household cleaning supplies to make a bomb . You gonna ban those next ? What about when the dude decides to just use his car ? You propose solutions to the symptoms but not the problems . Solving problems like this is messy and there is no good solution. You either have a free society or you don’t . With freedom comes the price . The price we pay is that we can not stop all horrible things from happening because we give people the chance to make their own choices instead of making them for them . Some things we just have to accept, and one of those things is that evil people will do evil things . We just have to stop them when they pop up . Either way , you can’t force your views on others Just because it will make you feel safer . You probably never lived on the bad side of town, to know how important it is to be able to defend yourself because if you didn’t and had to call the police , the cops wouldn’t show up till long after something had already happened . Edit : the downvotes come flooding because I said true things . Classic Reddit . Here’s a link to the CDC stuff I was talking about https://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/firearms/fastfact.html “What is defensive gun use? How often does it occur? Although definitions of defensive gun use vary, it is generally defined as the use of a firearm to protect and defend one’s self, family, others, and/or property against crime or victimization. Estimates of defensive gun use vary depending on the questions asked, populations studied, timeframe, and other factors related to the design of studies. The report Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence indicates a range of 60,000 to 2.5 million defensive gun uses each year.”


Here’s the thing. No, they’re not. If the cowards who think they need guns in order to live were going to start a second civil war, they would have already. When the time comes for them to hand over their weapons they don’t need for the safety of the nation, there will be no grand uprising. They’ll either be arrested or grumble and comply. Oh, there will be gatherings and “rebellions” and all sorts of things that small people with their small minds will think in the moment are history-changing moments they’re lucky to be a part of, that they’re the big heroes who will overturn to evil government. But they won’t be, and the moment will pass, and maybe some people will die, but in the end, the progression of civilization will win out, and those loud, weak cowards will be forgotten. Also, your “good guy with a gun” statistics are made up and wrong, and you cannot prove otherwise. Yeah, people will still kill people, but not as many, because not as many cowards will be killing people. Yeah, some people can kill with a knife or a bomb or a car as easily as with a gun. But not cowards, and certainly not as many people. This is the reality, not the word game you think you’re winning. Yeah, solving this problem you’re a part of will be hard. So? I’d rather pay that price than the price of innocent lives so cowards can pretend to be something they’re not.


> . If the cowards who think they need guns in order to live were going to start a second civil war, they would have already. When the time comes for them to hand over their weapons they don’t need for the safety of the nation, there will be no grand uprising. They’ll either be arrested or grumble and comply. It will be massive civil unrest like you haven't seen before. BLM riots x 100. There are millions and millions of people who take this very seriously. They aren't basement dwelling neckbeards who play video games all day. Half the dudes I see at the range prepping every weekend are ex military, not the fat idiot trumpers who get paraded around on TV.


> Why do you think banning guns will solve the issue of people wanting to kill people ? Hey dumb fuck, it will prevent people from killing dozens of people in a few minutes.


Dw dude, it’s just the Americans downvoting, the rest of the world think you’re right and they’re beyond nuts


It's amazing how these people claim banning weapons doesn't work, yet they are the same people who want to ban drugs, abortions, sex education, teaching evolution, critical race theory and immigrants.


You're describing a fictional person who generally doesn't exist. It's easy, in your ignorance to generalize a population that you practically know nothing about, but thats called prejudice.


Lot of of anti gun people here it seems. Personally, I see guns as equalizers. I'm not exactly fighting fit and if for some reason someone jacked came with the intent of doing harm to me, I'd take my chances with a gun than my own fists. I think every invention has a dark side to it, but I'm a strong believer of guns don't kill people. People kill people. I'd always rather have and not need, than to need and not have. There are crazy people out there. To think that you can always be safe without protection is naive




We need nationwide conceal and carry. Criminals don’t care about your gun laws. Why prevent law abiding citizens from defending themselves?


Because it doesnt work. Look it up. Very rarely does a shooting end with a gun owner killing them. What happens when im watching a movie and hear a gunshot and then see you pull a gun and start firing? If im armed im going to assume you are dangerous and shoot you myself. You are legally allowed to carry a gun in most places. You are not trained to handle an active shooter. This is not a rambo movie. Why do we have laws against murder, rape, stealing? Criminals dont care about your murder rape theft laws. Stupid argument.


Then tell me, why do most shootings happen in “gun free zones”?


Must be hell living in that dump


People are scrambling over our borders to live in the US, don't you watch the news. It's a great place to live.


Yeah. Live in a bubble it’s great.


But nobody wants to talk about the gang related shootings that happen every day. Guns aren’t going anywhere and the government isn’t going to protect you. Buy guns.


The biggest gang in the country and the ones most likely to kill you are the police. No number of guns will protect you from them.


If you are a law abiding citizen the likelihood of the police killing you is close to zero. Cry harder


Only on Reddit do you see posts like this with tons of upvotes, but the ones where someone uses a gun for good or to protect others? Nahhhh, thats not important to Reddit mentality.


Welcome to the kindergarten


Oh yeah let's ban guns so we can have [mass vehicular slaughter](https://www.sixthtone.com/news/1007548/5-killed-in-dalian-revenge-against-society-attack) like in China, and mass knife attack epidemics like in the [UK with according to article 45 thousand knife crimes](https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/06/24/uk/knife-crime-uk-solutions-gbr-intl/index.html) & [China again](http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2010-03/26/content_9644723.htm)! [That's totally going solving the problem of people killing other people!](https://youtu.be/Qwge0nwY4qY) [seriously, to pretend banning guns will stop murder and violence is borderline brain dead](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/uk-42749089.amp) [seriously, this is in Nigeria.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/wbna35759877) [people who talk about banning guns remind me of the dumbasses who supported the war on drugs - it was an abject failure and increased crime. ](https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018-03-09/brazil-s-strict-gun-laws-haven-t-stopped-its-killers) [guns and how criminals obtain them](https://www.tierthreetactical.com/27-statistics-that-describe-how-criminals-use-and-obtain-illegal-firearms/) [Majority of illegal guns in Canada used to come from USA.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5126228) [except now they arent majority coming from USA into Canada aka the blackmarket!](https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/guns-domestic-danforth-shooting-toronto-1.4759159) [the dark web is a large propogator of gun smuggling](https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/12/the-sale-of-illegal-weapons-on-the-dark-web-and-the-impact-on-international-security/)


I see your point. Thank you for posting links, people will downvote your but it’s good to be polarizing


Imagine thinking taking guns away would be a plausible scenario in today’s world? Lol


It blows my mind how gun owners insist it isn’t a problem with guns or America’s gun culture but then consistently up completely empty when it comes to exploring any avenues to address the problem if it’s an issue with illegal possession, gun control is the most direct way to address that If it’s a mental health/access issue, gun control is the most direct way to address that Nobody is going to actually realistically confiscate all your firearms so quit crying in the corner about it and come take a seat at the fucking table like an adult


It’s a constitutional right. Cope and seethe.


Ask me if I care. Go on. See, you don’t have an actual response. Just more tired constitutionalist nonsense. You can come discuss the problem with the rest of the grownups when you’re willing to help figure out a realistic approach instead of boo-hooing about founding fathers


The constitution was written in 1787, guns at the time were equivalent to a fucking flintlock. You can't gun down an entire theater worth of people with a flintlock.


The US is such a fucking shit hole.


Now you’ve got to tell us from which heavenly corner of the earth you came


European Union Universal healthcare, no student loans and no guns :)


I’m from there too. Keep telling yourself there are ‘no guns’ but it’s absolutely not true. We may not have as many shootings, but we have (terror) attacks that are just as bad. I’ll gladly get rid of my universal healthcare and pay my own student loans if it means not giving up more than half of what I earn every month to the ruling class. But to each his own, I guess.


Same. I live in Europe and as soon as I can I’m moving to America and getting out of this “utopia”(according to leftists)


It's such a backwards, 3rd world country in some ways


Most likely gang related shooting by someone not in legal possession of a firearm. Yet all the brilliant armchair policy makers are already foaming at the mouth in support of gun confiscation.




233 downvotes because you said a single word. Hivemind 16 year Olds living with their parents, with a large number not even in the US, on reddit surely know more Edit: u/judgethelaw I got banned for this comment lmfao but, He was providing solidarity with the OP of that thread in knowing that besides the overwhelming downvotes he still has support. So quite obviously, yes. Edit: u/avid2474 in many European countries 16 is considered adult. Many do not live with parents at that age and are expected to be functioning members of society with their own thoughts and not to follow blindly. Edit: u/unopenedcan how is it talking shit if it's true? Sorry but as that asswipe always says, facts don't care about your feelings. Lmao


Imagine being so triggered over downvotes. Turn off your phone and take a nap you fragile boomer.


The f wrong with you Americans


We know better than to trust our government, especially our police to protect us and not abuse a disarmed populace. Guess who gun control was originally aimed at? Poor POC. The government didn't want them arming themselves.


The amount of people defending gun possession honestly baffles me. People keep saying that guns are not the things killing people, but people are the ones killing people. They’re not wrong, but they’re definitely not right either. Simple analogy, give a psycho a gun in a room full of people, vs give the same psycho a combat knife in a room full of people. You don’t need to be a genius to imagine the difference in the two scenarios. If you’re trying to argue against this simple analogy, then you probably have some serious problems yourself. I hope everyone remembers what happened just a couple of years ago in Las Vegas. If that same man only had a combat knife and no access to guns, the whole story would’ve had a different ending.


So you only want the criminals to have guns, I get it


End of the day it means fewer criminals have guns especially small time ones actually looking to harm members of the general public.


It’s baffling to you why people advocate for the fundamental right to arm and defend themselves from criminals and authoritarians? Sounds like you’re just pretending to be baffled because you refuse to admit it’s a good point.


Defending your home from criminals? Maybe. But the government? The same government that can take out a 8' thick subterranean steel bunker from 20,000+ feet in the air with one press of a button, with essentially 99% accuracy? Come on. Yes, a militia of 13 guys with AR 15s is really going to show them.


We are bigger than you think and most military personnel support our rights.


Ask any combat veteran who would win in a close range fight. A guy with a knife or a guy with a gun. Once you have that answer you will realize how bad your analogy truly is.


Go California! Some of the strictest gun laws yet.........


Yet still going to happen. If you have the safest roads in the world people will still have accidents. Your comment means nothing.


Hey man, people don't like logic. You can't just come here and expect to change people's minds that way. /s


Ah, mass shootings. I’m glad we’re all getting back to normal after this Covid thing. That pesky lockdown got in the way of people going in and shooting up public places. FIX THIS FUCKING GUN PROBLEM PLEASE. WHY IS THIS COUNTRY SO FUCKED.


No guns. No gun violence. Its really that fucking simple.


Unfortunately those dipshits who don’t want to get vaccinated also love to celebrate guns with reckless abandon. Edit: I love how many people are turning what I said into a race thing. Never even mentioned anything about race in my statement and people want bring it in. I am simply making a connection between the people who love their “freedom” of not getting vaccinated and their “freedom” to take a gun everywhere they go.


No cars. No car accidents. No sex. No STDs. No gravity. No falling down. No water. No drowning. Its [sic] really that fucking simple. ETA: Yeah, I chose some dumb things randomly. The point I didn’t get across is that taking away something isn’t an immediate solution to fix violence.




I don't think they really thought at all..


…it doesn’t mean he’s wrong.


No one needs guns. They do not serve any useful purpose in the hands of private citizens in modern civilization.


Someone with an illegal firearm breaks in to your house intent on pain. Your spouse and kids with you. Wygd? And the whole conversation around gun violence has not been about banning guns, it's been about stricter gun regulation and making it harder for the wrong people to get access to them, such as the mentally unstable. And making it harder to get access to weapons that are intended solely to cause a lot of damage to a number of humans very quickly. Edit: this is indeed an American perspective. Where guns are plentiful currently. And I don't need the threat of a gun, a knife is enough, to want to defend my family with one in my home. I do believe in severely restricting the types of guns sold in this country (only home defense sufficient, shot gun or pistols, or hunting rifles). I support buy back programs. I support taxes paying for mental and physical health services for all. I support psych evals for everyone buying a gun, and strict gun safety certifications. I support a shift from time served as punishment, and instead rehabilitation being the focus, to reduce the impact of a shitty legal system in the lives of the struggling poor and their reliance on gangs. I support mental health officials responding to mental episodes, over potential deadly police response. I don't quite think the policies of other countries apply to the US 100% and it's complex mixing of cultures, and contentious history among it's different cultural and ethnic groups. Reducing the number of guns available to be stolen and distributed illegally is important.


>Someone with an illegal firearm breaks in to your house intent on pain. Your spouse and kids with you. Wygd Move to a place where that happening isn't a real concern. Edit: to clarify for downvotes. I'm not saying there's a perfect place 100% violence free. But there are definitely places where you will never have to go to bed at night thinking about how you might need to wake up and fight someone for your life America: not having to fight for your life at night is a privilege only afforded to the rich. What a country


The 500,000 people a year that use a gun in self-defense would disagree with you.


I agree. The only real defense I’ve heard for them is “but if the military comes, I can be ready!” Bro, if the US military comes, it’ll be with tanks and rocket launchers and jets and nukes. It’s no contest: civilians will have already lost. So aside from that argument, there’s no real defensible position to own guns (and the argument above isn’t even a valid one). Also, many of my friends are hobbyists and enjoy practice and target shooting with them, are safe and smart with them, and they are ALL for enhanced gun laws and safety. I’ve had this discussion a lot. The only people who are blatantly “pro gun, no exception” are those that don’t know what the fuck they’re doing or what the stats and realities of gun ownership are. I’ve seen it often. We need to enact stronger laws, close gun show purchase loopholes, have better tracing, probably stronger licensing and required classes, and better background checks to protect the gun owners who abide by the laws and moral conduct of said ownership. And like I said, my gun owner and enthusiast friends AGREE with that because it does help keep guns out of the hands of idiots and bad guys.




This is such an easily disprovable argument that I’m surprised you took the time to even post it. Guns are extremely useful as a tool and a weapon.


They make people’s penises bigger


It's like you are trying to use the slippery slope argument, but you have no idea how it works. That's adorable.


Take them from the police first.


How tf are they supposed to defend themselves unarmed? No guns allowed in Chicago yet there’s a shooting everyday Edit: I’m an American, my username is entirely irrelevant. It’s from a fucking show. And no one has answered the question on how police will defend themselves in Chicago where (it doesn’t matter WHERE the guns are coming from, there’s still GUNS) cops get shot in the line of duty because there IS a gun problem in Chicago. But yes everyone, if we disarm the police, all other guns will magically disappear too. Trained police officers aren’t the problem. Mental health, easy access to guns, the black market, systemic racism, poverty, and poor background checking is a starting point to look at.


There ***are*** guns allowed in Chicago, you mouth-breathing idiot. We're also nowhere near the top in terms of violent crime and homicide rates, per capita. Sources: [https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/the-most-dangerous-cities-in-america/](https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/the-most-dangerous-cities-in-america/) [https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/gun-deaths-per-capita-by-state](https://worldpopulationreview.com/state-rankings/gun-deaths-per-capita-by-state) [https://www.thetrace.org/2018/04/highest-murder-rates-us-cities-list/](https://www.thetrace.org/2018/04/highest-murder-rates-us-cities-list/) Also, I've lived here my whole life. I have weapons. A lot of my friends have weapons. **WE ALL WANT BETTER AND STRICTER GUN LAWS THAT MAKE SENSE.** I know what this place is like and ***exactly*** how dangerous it is. It's way more safe than what media makes it out to be. And simultaneously way more dangerous, and wait for it, ***in certain areas.*** Talk about Canada and their geese that shit all over the place. I bet you actually know more about that than gun violence and what to do about it, you clown.


You’re entire post is a bunch of “yeah, no shit’s”. Every fucking city is more dangerous in certain areas. And why the fuck are you so angry, are you capable of having a civil conversation or do you always go straight to calling people idiots and clowns instead of trying to help educate them like a decent person. Chicago had 3 mass shootings in a span of 6 hours the other day. 17 people were fucking killed. But your dumb was wants to sit here and defend it like “oh it’s not that bad, we aren’t even the worst per capita”. So that’s how you justify people being murdered? Your first source is violent crimes by city, that could be a whole different number of things Your second source is per state. Yeah no shit that the rest of Illinois brought the data for Chicago way the fuck down. And the third source is from 2018. None of those stand for what’s happening today. Go eat shit and stop being so fucking mean to people.


Gun violence in Chicago is a real thing. I live in Logan and just a year ago this girl got hit by a stray bullet outside waiting in line at 7-11 because of COVID restrictions. Just a month ago a guy got struck in the neck on the Green line who was a student at University of Chicago. He died from his injuries. Also, those crimes? are REPORTED crimes. Trust me, there are a lot of crimes that go un reported in this city. I personally have been burglarized and have had multiple roomates who have been mugged. So this idea that Chicago is safe is just horseshit. Visit r/Chiraqology and see for yourself.




Yes it really is. However, Americans can’t grasp this simple logic


*looks at all the mass stabbings, acid attacks, and beatings that happen in Europe* yep. That no guns thing really cuts down on the violence! Edit: all the salty replies are wonderful. Time to go full gunnit. Every gun law is an infringement. Stepper no stepping. That vast majority of gun laws in the US are rooted in racist policies specifically meant to limit minorities from arming themselves. For examples, see the national firearms act of 1934 and it's $200 tax stamps (equivalent to roughly $4000 today) specifically meant to keep "low income communities" from owning certain firearms, or the long list of anti-open carry laws enecated after black communities started legally open carrying firearms during protests in the 80s and 90s The right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Armed minorities are harder to oppress. The only reason to require registration of an item is to make it easier for it to be taken away. An ar15 isn't an assault rifle. In fact it was designed for and sold exclusively to the civilian market as a sporting rifle for more than a decade before the US government even began to think about adopting a similar platform. Abolish the nfa! The second amendment is specifically meant to protect the first. The atf is good for nothing but shooting dogs, giving machine guns to cartels, and burning down buildings full of children.






No one said it is only white guys. But it is a vast majority white guys. The same types of guys who defend guns and think everyone should own 7 guns by their 18th birthday.


But they still have cars and car violence is a thing…




“No drugs, no overdoses. It’s really that fucking simple.” Lmfao you’re fucking ridiculous




You can make drugs in your bathtub and it’s cheap and easy to do. Drugs also have medical uses so they have legal and very potent counter parts that can be easily stolen. You can’t build a gun in your garage and you would have a really hard time stealing a gun from anyplace so your argument is fucking stupid and you made it in bad faith you human trash heap.






You live on a homogenous island lol


America doesn’t have a gun problem, humanity has a violence problem


No we definitely have a gun problem as in morons keep buying them and using them to break laws. Lol




They didn't always do this. Guns have always been here. Figure it out.


More evidence that we need gun control *yesterday*. Jesus Christ, I hope the wounded kid pulls thorough.


The fact that people are downvoting you is ridiculous. If there were no guns, there would be no gun violence. END OF STORY. LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED IN AUSTRALIA. Fucking morons.




How long have people been killing one another? Since kane killed abel no? When did we get guns again? Stop blaming the tool and not rhe operators..




Just a thought…. Maybe we wouldn’t need guns for self defense is there weren’t so many people with guns


Someone tried breaking into my house last week and my dog chased them off. I’ll keep my guns thank you very much.


Your dog did its job, you idiot.




What does a murder have to do with trump? Y’all reaching out here


Cue the second amendment folks jumping in here to argue for their guns. What the theater needed was a good guy with a gun /s


Disarmament is an elitist objective. Gun control disproportionately benefits the wealthy. It's easy to miss the downsides of disarmament when you are not in a traditionally oppressed population. Should black families be able to defend themselves? Should the native americans have been allowed to defend themselves? The state (and those complicit) oppress whomever they see fit, and decide who is allowed to defend themselves and to what extent. That's what the 2nd Amendment is for, not hunting or hobbists....




We need gun control, and we needed it fucking years ago.


Good news! Gun control laws have existed in the US for decades.




Nope Chicago tried it and look where they are now Edit - Downvote brigades from bootlicker anti-choicers won’t make facts go away. Everyone knows gun control doesn’t work.




That's because they are getting them from surrounding states where they are bought legally (originally) and sold on the black market.




Look how well Cali's anti-gun laws work!


If it wasn’t for ass hats like the people you most likely vote for advocating AGAINST GUN SAFETY, then yeah, those laws would be more affective, asshat


Maybe we need a 'gun buy back' or 'tax credits for guns' program. Probably a lot easier than passing a law.


I don't know why you're getting downvoted on this. It's maybe not the best solution since it'd be compulsory so any maniacs with guns likely wouldn't participate but it's still a better idea than allowing mass shootings to continue


The subreddit is being brigaded.


But how? California is the shining star in what gun control should be! Edit: It's been fun guys/gals. I'm off to bed and will not be replying anymore.


How did the most gun restrictive state in the United States have a shooting?!?


No idea. It's like making things illegal doesn't actually prevent anything. Just creates a higher prison population.


When water pours into a cup and doesn't stop, it overflows. The same goes for guns.


But California has one of the strictest set of gun laws throughout the entire country! How can this happen if there’s laws that prevent thi- Oh wait. It’s cause criminals don’t care about the law and gun control is useless Edit: I never thought that my first award would be on a comment with 600+ downvotes


‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens


Probably a gun free zone. Those don't work, they just create areas where crazy people know their victims won't be armed. Aaaannnnd let the down votes, Maga, deplorable comments begin.


You need to sort out your gun laws America


We can't. If someone wants something bad enough they will get their hands on it. We dont have a gun problem, we have a mental health crisis going on.


We need to sort out the 80 million people who elect congressmen who absolutely refuse to do anything involving any form of gun control.


Nobody agrees with gun control outside of the echochambers of reddit Edit - Regular intelligent Americans outside of these echochambered walls know you can’t take guns from criminals and won’t be handing theirs in either. I believe the phrase is “fuck around and find out” ;)


This is patently false




What gun laws would have stopped this? There’s over 23k gun laws in existence right now, and Cali is one of the most restrictive states. Chances are whatever gun was used was illegal, and the one who did the shooting probably didn’t even possess it legally.




Ahh the old “let’s do nothing” approach. That had to work once.


Or we should wait until we get all the facts first and then decide on what is the best policy going foward that will prevent something like this from happening again.


>Or we should wait until we get all the facts first The court of public opinion crucified Darren Wilson. A cop who was literally doing his job, doing it correctly as proven by autopsy reports and eyewitness testimony, and still can't get a job now even as a security officer because of the riots that came shortly after his career-ending event.




Seriously, are we being brigaded by NRA goons tonight, or is Reddit just normally full of these idiots? Edit: Go ahead and downvote me, morons. I want to put an end to mass shootings, like every other developed country has done. All you have are the empty NRA talking points that got us here.


Australia had a mass shooting once, we banned guns. Guess what, no more mass shooting.


Are conservatives sending thoughts and prayers yet? Or were not enough people slaughtered?


I guess like malls and schools. We’re just not going to go back to these things for fear of being shot. The list is growing. Might as well just stay home. e...from about half of the comments I’ve received only proves how normalized a shooting is in America.


Its actually very sad that I'm never surprised when I see these headlines. Americans will still say that they don't have a gun problem and make the excuse of "but we're a large country of 350million people."


of course it was in the usa edit why so many downvotes ?


downvoted probably because of those who revel in the gun culture also, not sure how this is really relevant to the subreddit and is gonna cause a lot of political bs


Truth hurts that’s why..


Us Americans are mad sensitive, especially the fuckers from the south, question their masculinity or gun knowledge and they’ll throw a massive tantrum that can be heard all the way in LA


Gun nuts are super sensitive


It’s their whole identity. White ultra-nationalists dude. If anyone needs guns, it’s to protect against them.


Insert Punisher clothing, Anti-Black-Lives-Blue-Line-Non-American-Flag sticker, and Don't tread on me flag all at once Edit: if you're downvoting this maybe try to understand why people don't think these flags belong next to each other. Including the other traitorous non-American confederate flag


We do love our guns. Almost as much as we love shooting people.


Why is my enjoyment of guns linked to someone else’s use of it for harm? This is a problem with people not with guns.


People's twisted fascination with guns is a problem with people, not the guns. It's like this magical thing where, if you have one, literally anything is possible. *Just in case*.




Right, id forgotten America had to suffer this daily. EDIT: ALot of people seem to be confused. Im not talking violence, that happens everyday. Im talking your daily shootings. The rest of the world does not deal with that shit.


I'm so fucking tired of seeing that someone is shot and killed senselessly in America


We have 360 million people. Jackasses and lunatics are going to do shitty things from time to time


As tragic as this is, I would rather the police be disarmed before I am


Damnit, I was already afraid of gun nuts in theaters after the Colorado shooting. This country is full of nuts


America would rather see this every single day than lose a single gun


Probably not a legal gun owner in the first place.


But I bet you his gun came from a legal owner.


Holy shillfest!!! The lefty Reddit army replies are hot on this one!


Here we go with the gun control bullshit again. Why don’t we find a better solution instead of just pissing all over one another online. All of you are jackasses


America doesn’t have a gun problem. It has a Mental Health problem.


Bingo, prize winner. As a gun owner (7 to be exact) I’m not a gun nut by a far margin but I do like to go to the range and play as a sport so call me a enthusiast if you will. Guns don’t commit crimes people do, I can see the point of gun bans because well if you don’t have em you can’t cause them, but people with mental anguish will find some other way to do harm so that isn’t the solution to the problem. I like how people point out small towns with lax gun laws say there is like no crime, people in those types live different lives like take one day at a time mentality. Not the same as some guy who has to make $2500 rent in a dense stressful city and he can’t get a job soon enough and his GF cheated on him with his beste kind that causes a lot of loose screws for people who can’t handle it.


Why do you need 7 guns