Rob Zombie Officially Confirms His Next Movie is ‘The Munsters’

Rob Zombie Officially Confirms His Next Movie is ‘The Munsters’


Finally gets his Dragula


Told my mother this news, her first response was "Are they gonna be nice?"


The Munsters will be inbred hillbillies who scream at each other nonstop and Sheri Moon Zombie will play an untouchable Mary Sue who kills them all There, now you don't need to watch it


I find it hilarious that you think he wouldn't cast her a Lily Munster.


rob zombie doing the tim burton of casting his partner as a goth smokeshow in his movies


Are you calling the Red Queen a smokeshow or the warning shot that the love was gone?


Perhaps the partner referred to was named Depp


I will never not believe that Tim Burton, Carter and Depp have not had a three-way.


With Danny Elfman setting the mood


Somehow I imagine Elfman on a tiny piano in the corner, orchestrating the act and stealing a few glances now and then.


>Elfman on a tiny piano "No Danny, we said penis. You are such a good *penis*!"


Lol this was great


as they say in sex ed classes, "im not gonna yuck your yum"


That’s goth smokeshow Helena Bonham Carter, Commander of the British Empire to you, peasant.


Also known as Marla Singer.


I heard she hadn't been fucked like that since grade school.


She wants to have your abortion


In fairness, HBC is hot as hell.


In fairness, so is Sherri Moon


I love SMZ but god fucking DAMN is she a terrible actress. Jesus Jeremy Christ.


Her delivery is always so stilted. It's like a reality show on Discovery Network. She'd a terrible actress.


Kills me every time. She’s flippen awful


Brain kept thinking who is Sarah Michelle Zellar


Had a morbid crush on her in House of 1000 Corpses.


Same. Also only gets worse with subsequent films


I, too, have jerked off to her


I’m a straight lady, but damn if she doesn’t have a fine ass.


He confirmed her as Lilly.


Aaaaaaaand I'm out.


She's such a terrible actress, he's handicapping every movie he makes.


I don't disagree.


My one hope is that Rob Zombie is well known to be a massive Munsters fan. Who knows, perhaps this time he will refrain his EVERYTHING MUST BE MURDEROUS HILLBILLIES tendencies for the sake of the characters he allegedly loves.


Wonder how predominately Dragula will be featured.


The car will blast it.


Hey, at least we will finally get the long awaited 200th remix of Dragula


But that’s how he expresses his love.


My love language: Food Rob Zombie's love language: Murderous Hillbillies


> Yeah we like to get fucked up and do fucked up shit, you know what I mean? - Baby


Yeah I like to get fucked up too!


Yeah, I bet you do.


Okay, Goober.




Actually it's G. Ober. The new guy put an extra "o" there. Fuckin asshole


*Great story, Goober.*


My initial response was "Which character is rob going to have Sheri ruin?" Edit: It's lily. She's the sacrificial character


"Aren't we fuckin funny?"


"You best come up with why you hate clowns when I come back, or I'm gonna kill your Mumma and you whole fuckin' fambly..."


Now getcher fuckin ass out the fuckin car YAYAYAYAYAYA!!


I dont see a mention of an uncomfortable rape scene in there. There will 100% be an uncomfortable rape scene.


Is there such a thing as a comfortable rape scene?


Hitler in Little Nicky.


It looked pretty uncomfortable


Haha, that was essentially my first thought. "Will they be awful people?" I understand the pessimism in here, however I think Mr. Zombie is smart enough to know he'll shoot himself in the foot with mainstream audiences if he changes the fundamental nature of the show he supposedly loves. He'll get his normal fans in seats of course, but the studio will want a much bigger pie than that with a fairly recognizable license. I'm hopeful we'll get some weird and fun spin, like The Addams Family meets What We Do In The Shadows with a sprinkling of Dark Shadows. I mean... I won't bet on it but I'm hopeful.


Let's not forget that Rob Zombie was a PA on Pee Wee's Playhouse back in the day. It's not like he doesn't know how to do this kind of camp.


TIL, thanks for sharing that.


You should check out the list of notable names who were on that show. There were quite a few.


Morpheus had good reasons to want out of the Matrix.


It was fantastic children's television. Maybe not quite as zany or well loved as the Muppet Show, but that's the closest analog I can think of.


If this movie doesn't suck, I would love to see Rubens in it.


For a second I was like “oh nice “ but in the same breath I said “oh fuck”


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go camp and not over due the gore. I would love an R rated OR PG rated Munsters from him.


This has been inevitable since **Dragula**.


The car he is "driving" in Dragula is modeled after the Munster Koach and not the Dragula


Congratulations, you've passed the Real Goth Test; your official certificate is in the mail.


for some reason, I read this in Kurt Russel’s voice


"Have you paid your dues, Jack?"


As a hot rodder/horror guy *thank you*


Dig through the ditches and burn through the witches and slam in the back of my Munsters car!


So ... Twisted metal after credit scene?!?!


I would be ok with Zombie making a Twisted Metal movie


Twisted Metal is being developed as a weekly TV series. [https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/twisted-metal-tv-series-deadpool-writers-1234911825/](https://variety.com/2021/tv/news/twisted-metal-tv-series-deadpool-writers-1234911825/)


If these means we’re getting a new game then I am all for it.


I would be okay with anything that would get us a new Twisted Metal game.


Go through the whole Munsters. At the end the family is brutally murdered by the townsfolk... Eddie crawls out of the rubble of the mansion, bloody and disfigured. Left for dead ... He crawls into the Munsters car and pulls the spare key down from the sun visor... Dracula starts.... "Twisted metal...2024"


> and pulls the spare key down from the sun visor is there any other way to start a movie car?


Hotwire it without experience?


"Where did you learn to hotwire a car?" "I wasn't always a '*whatever job they have now*'"


Werewolf child for a monster family?


Calling it now, the trailer for the movie will have that song or a cover playing.


Tagline will be “more human than human”


That's already a quote from Blade Runner, which is what that song is about.


More Munster than Munster.


This is a weird mix. The original IP is pretty light hearted. But most, if not all of Rob's stuff is anything but light. Is this gonna be some hard R reboot of The Munsters, or is it gonna be a family film directed by Rob Zombie? Either one of these is at the very least an interesting idea.


"Get in the fucking van you bitch" - Herman Munster, 2022


Over/under on how long before Grandpa tries to plow and or say creepy shit to Marilyn?


If only Sid Haig were still alive.


Sid as grandpa, Sheri as Lily, and Bill Mosely as Eddie except he’s like 60 and nobody explains why.


Can you write the script please


Lmao. Im now even more sold on an R rated Munsters.


I honestly hope it's the latter. I'd be curious to see him step outside his typical lane and make this an earnest attempt at a family-friendly (or even PG-13) comedy that captures the spirit of the original show ala the '90s Addams Family movies. I have no idea if he could pull it off, but it would be interesting to see what that might look like coming from him nonetheless.


Same. The fact that it's starring his wife and one of the other Rob Zombie Movie regulars makes me think it won't be, though. I'm totally willing to be pleasantly surprised, but expectations are low.


Agreed, but he might have cast them for no other reason than that he just already has a good working relationship with both of them and likes to stay loyal to his actors. The fact that he's been such an avid fan of the show for years makes me think he might actually try to recapture the spirit of the source material


> The fact that he's been such an avid fan of the show for years makes me think he might actually try to recapture the spirit of the source material On the other hand, he was also an avid fan of John Carpenter’s original *Halloween* and look how that turned out.


To be honest I didn’t think his first Halloween was too bad. Rob’s Halloween 2 however...I couldn’t even finish it, just plain bad.


That is a serious concern. If it has the tone of The Burbs I could go with it but not full dark and gritty. The Munsters had a lot of heart and humor and without that it’s just not The Munsters.


That's what I was thinking, The Burbs is already the best possible version of this movie.


Rob Zombie is a gigantic fan of the Munsters. He and Howard Stern nerd out over the show whenever he is on. I mean they quizzed him with some of the most specific trivia and he knew the answer to every question. I only mention this to say that I am sure whatever Zombie does, it will be in the spirit of the original. It will probably have darker undertones like Addams Family, but I don’t think he’s going to make it a hard R gore fest.


Dragula is one of Zombie’s top tracks and named after Herman Munster’s dragster.


This is such an underrated point. It’s likely the reason why this movie is getting made. Howard is probably producing it at some level. Rob produced (and sang) Howard’s daily intro song too. They’re pretty tight.


EDIT: The movie is being made by Universal's home entertainment division, so it's likely either for Cable or Peacock. Despite this, it could still be family friendly. Rob Zombie has wanted to make a Groucho Marx biopic for a while, so he seems to want to branch out tonally.


I’m kind of excited about this. It HAS TO BE a different direction and style than Rob Zombie usually employs right? Like, we’re not getting a brutal, terrible, and rough story here are we? Funny that the original Munsters was only two seasons. Nick at Nite really had me duped as a child. The munsters was ALWAYS on!


> Funny that the original Munsters was only two seasons. Nick at Nite really had me duped as a child. The munsters was ALWAYS on! 30+ episodes for each season, though, for a [total of 70](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_The_Munsters_episodes). That's a decent amount of episodes


Ahh, that makes MUCH more sense! Thank you.


Tv show seasons were much longer back in the day. Sometimes you’ll see a show that only has 1 season, but it’s 40 episodes


Fucking Gun Smoke. Almost 40 episodes a season for the first 10 seasons.


The TV show had 635 episodes over 20 years, but it ran for almost a decade on radio, too, with 480 episodes produced.




Doctor Who until the 7th season was regularly hitting 40+ episode seasons. A lot of the cast commented on how brutal it was to film. They’d be at it near non-stop for years. The jump to color brought it down to 20ish episodes (and it also got way better).


First season of Inspector Gadget had 65 episodes. September-December 1983


What's weirder is that there was a remake series in the 80s that went on for 3 seasons that I never even knew about.


Even weirder is that there was an attempt to reboot it in 2012 called "Mockingbird Lane" with Jerry O'Connell and Portia de Rossi!


That looks odd. I guess they were ahead of the curve when it came to sexy reboots of classics (Sabrina, Riverdale) although a sexy reboot of The Munsters sounds like a SNL sketch pitch.


I watched it, but completely forgot about it until I saw your comment.


Yeah, it’s crazy to think there was a time where American television had (on average) 39 episodes per season. By the 1980s/1990s the norm was 22-24 episodes. These days even that’s rare, usually about 18 to 20 episodes a season, though ongoing shows that have been on for a decade or more still do 22 episodes. Though that is network TV standard, cable and streaming are down to 8 to 10 episodes a season when it used to be 13 episodes.


And COVID made things even odder. NCIS, for instance, which usually does 22 only had 18 this year.


Yeah, several shows the last two seasons were truncated by 4 or 5 episodes. Usually 22-episode seasons are between 16 and 20.


Old-school television is a wild thing. Fucking 30+ episodes a season is so much. I'm going through TNG and it's just incredible how many hours of that show there are.


Disney used to produce 50-60 episode seasons of animated shows like Ducktales and Gargoyles. I much prefer it to modern tv where shows rarely know if they are getting an additional season while writing the current one.


Those shows were daily, though, they would order enough to last about two months and then re-run them for the rest of the year, and then if they were popular, they'd produce more (but usually not 50 more, because they could continue to re-run the original 50).


Animation is weird in its own way. For instance, Spongebob is technically only on season 12, despite being on air for over 20 years.


That's *partly* true, each of those shows had *one* season that length, and two or three much shorter seasons. Disney is well known for its "65-episode rule" and "4-season rule". The original DuckTales and Gargoyles are exceptions to the former, the reboot an example of the later.


Look at old school westerns, Gunsmoke ran for like 30 years and was a radio show before television. All 40 minute episodes, b&w and color. Bonanza goes forever too.


The second season of Adam West's Batman series was 60 episodes. Absolutely insane.


I mean it's not impossible. Here's a list of people who deviated from their style to make a family-friendly movie and it wound up being one of their best: * Eli Roth * David Lynch * Robert Rodriquez


Let's not forget Babe: Pig in the City directed by George Miller!


You get 2 kinds of movies with Miller, talking animals or post apocalypse Australia


Now to combine them!


Babe: Fury Road not gonna lie, i'd watch it.


> David Lynch What David Lynch movie are you talking about?


The Straight Story i assume.


probably the straight story, which is a rather conventional movie thats family friendly but also extremely good and under appreciated compared to lynchs more lynchian works lol


Straight Story is a David Lynch Disney movie


When the ratings board called to tell David Lynch that he got a G-rating, he said "Say that one more time, because I don't think I'll ever hear it again after this."


I can hear that in Gordon coles voice


Which is just David Lynch's voice but louder.


I am totally blanking on what “family friendly” project Lynch did, what the hell was it?


(also u/hacky_potter) so David Lynch did this one movie called The Straight Story. It would probably be a bit cheating to call it a "kids movie" because anyone under thirteen (and probably a lot of people older than that) would probably be bored to tears by it. However, it's really good, and it is technically a G-rated Disney movie, it's even on Disney+. It is literally just about a guy driving to visit his brother, but he doesn't have a car so he drives a lawnmower.


> It is literally just about a guy driving to visit his brother, but he doesn't have a car so he drives a lawnmower. I would argue that sounds very David Lynch


I hope he goes campy as fuck with this. Leave the gore alone and give us the house, the car, and Grandpa being the only savage.


And keep it set in the 60s!


And Gilligan's Island was only on for three seasons!


You just blew my mind. Maybe because some episodes are in color and others in b&w but in my mind I thought that show spanned a decade


Also because they were 30+ episode seasons, so in syndication it felt like it ran a lot longer.


I’m sure we’re getting backstory on how Eddie was made a werewolf after being bullied and then used his werewolf powers to brutally slaughter them.


Actually I read in a reputable source that may or may not have been The Hard Times that he's a werewolf because Herman's dick came from a wolfman.


I think he was conceived via doggy style, so they could both watch X Files.


Herman Munster is gonna be snappin' necks and EXTRA creepy.


More Herman than Herman.


Holy fuck that’s good


Gee, I wonder if Sheri Moon Zombie is Lily.


From the article "Murphy’s Multiverse recently broke the news that Sheri Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips will be playing Lily and Herman Munster" Oh boy.


I always wanted to see a Munsters with Brad Garrett as Herman. I'll admit I'm a little disappointed.


Extra fun because his TV dad Frank on Raymond played Frankenstein


In Young Frankenstein!!


>Jeff Daniel Phillips Originally read that as Jeff Daniels, and was really, really excited for about two seconds.


Yeah, Jeff Daniels as Herman, yes. Can we extrapolate from Dumb and Dumber's Harry?


I just wanted Ted Cruz as grandpa Munster.


I've never seen Grandpa Munster and The Zodiac Killer in the same room... Coincidence? I think not.


Gonna be honest, I thought it was until you just pointed it out. So, thanks for dashing any hopes I still had.


At least she isnt Marylin.


She's a little long in the tooth to be Marilyn.


Elvira is cast in the movie. She'd be a fun and great Lily. Might have to tone down the sexpot vibe a bit.


Except Sheri will be in the Lily role. I’d love to Elvira take it on. She knows camp and does it so well.


Oh god. Is Herman going to be the abusive drunk, or Grandpa? Edit: a word


You mean to say Grandpa wasn't in the originally canon?


The only thing I know for sure about Grandpa Munster is that he's in Rob Wolchek's [Hall of Shame](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENg16s5EllE).


I’m actually quite curious about this, after seeing Eli Roth pull off a family friendly film, I bet RZ could do it. I’d love it if they went with a self-aware/spoof angle like The Brady Bunch movie. Jon Hamm for Herman or bust


The Brady Bunch movie is one of the greatest spoofs of the 90s, I would love to see Zombie do something like that for the Munsters so much. Everyone's predicting it's going to be uncomfortably dark and brutal, but Zombie is kind of a goofy guy who loves camp.


> after seeing Eli Roth pull off a family friendly film, TIL Eli Roth directed The House with a Clock in Its Walls.


It could be as great as Adam's Family Values done as a self aware spoof... Or Johnny Depp Dark Shadows if done wrong.


Dark Shadows was self aware but not self aware enough to like not be terrible.


this is either going to be really really awesome or really really bad


Say what you will but Rob Zombie loves Sherri Moon Zombie (and her ass.)


Rob Zombie has life figured out. He made wierd music and put his hot wife in his music videos. Then when he got to do a movie he kept going and his fans always watch them and he gets to put his hot wife in them. Then he gets to write more music about his movies, that his fans will buy, and he still gets to put his hotwife in those videos. His built in fandom is not bothered by the cheese, and he gets them for music, movies, and memorabilia/merch. His live show is like a party too, although generally it hasn't been updated in 7 years.


I'd say even longer than that. The first time I saw him live was in 2006 and I've seen him live I think 6 times total and his show, while energetic and awesome as fuck, hasn't really changed since that first time, enough that I know when he's gonna grunt and skip some lyrics to catch his breath. It's always in the exact same spots. I'm one of those fans you mentioned, so it doesn't bother me, but it's funny when you can pinpoint the exact moment he's gonna stop to catch his breath.


For real though. They're probably low-key one of the longest-lasting couples in the entertainment industry. I think they started dating back in the early '90s


When him an Sean Yseult (bass for White Zombie) split, he started dating Sheri not long after. So they've been together probably around 25-30 years.


Shes going to be in panties half the movie


And I'll probably fast-forward the other half


Me too


For those saying he’ll turn it into a gory horror movie: FWIW: Howard Stern and Rob Zombie are very good friends. Howard is a *huge* fan of The Munsters and has talked on his show about how he and Rob bond over their shared love of the series. I would expect Rob to be respectful of the source material simply based on his love of the original show.


Rob Zombie also said he was a huge fan of the original Halloween.


Well, the first one was definitely an interesting take on the original. Still with the spirit, albeit more late 2000's brutality. I'm not sticking up for the sequel though.


Might be controversial, but the sequel holds up a little better on a rewatch. Granted, it could be because I had rock bottom expectations, but still. Iirc he didn’t want to do the movie and more or less made it out of contractual obligations.


i mean that’s a horror movie already. he just took it a little too far.


The weirdest thing is how much my tastes overlap with Rob Zombie's and how little I like his takes on those things.


Any chance he makes a sweet, poignant movie about a family that may be a little “out there,” but they’re just trying to make it like the rest of us in this crazy world? Maybe some fish out of water bits, some pathos, and some solid, while not pandering, family stuff? Orrrr…. Will they all be inbred, racist, drug addicted monsters bathing in the blood of their neighbors while blasting 70’s southern rock? Fingers crossed for the former.


I LOVE The Munsters and I know people are put off by Zombie making it but I have a good feeling that he will respect it being the huge fan he is


I hope so. Respect for Zombie's normal brand, but I do not need or want a gritty reboot of the Munsters. That's just not what that show was. I don't mind if they explore some of the more serious topics, like the "normal one" essentially being the outcast in her family, but the joy of that show was that they were loveable weirdos. A bit different, but honestly kind and a loving family.


Bryan Fuller also did a TV pilot for a slightly darker version of The Munsters that wasn't picked up. I'm not sure going darker was what the property needed. And I suspect Rob Zombie will take it MUCH darker.


I remember thinking that pilot was awesome, but they also probably blew their budget on those 5 seconds of CGI dragon


I adored that pilot. I was really hoping The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was going to have a similar style, but it seems to be more straight horror than horror comedy.


The first 2 seasons of CAOS were straight horror then s3 & 4 became a joke with lip sync scenes every episode


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina also lost it a bit when they showed how powerful she was seemingly just in order to introduce the notion of who her father was only to literally never dive back into her being so powerful again. Just had to mention that to somebody who seems to have also seen it.


I would love to see Eddie Izzard back as Grandpa, though. Just the right amount of lovely and just a dash of sleazy, which is what I loved about original-flavor Grandpa.


I had to scroll down pretty far before I found a mention of this. If anybody is looking for it, it was titled "[Mockingbird Lane](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2130271/?ref_=fn_al_tt_2)". Well worth watching and tragic that it didn't get picked up.


I was hoping that should would get picked up. I loved Eddie Izzard and grandpa, and i've like a lot of Bryan Fuller shows.


"Werewolf Women of the SS" or bust! ​ With Nicolas Cage as Fu Manchu!


I’ve always wanted to see Ty Burrell (the dad from Modern Family) as Herman Munster.


From Executive Producer Howard Stern. Babba Booey (probably)