Chloé Zhao Becomes Only the Second Woman to Win Oscar for Best Director in 93 Years

Chloé Zhao Becomes Only the Second Woman to Win Oscar for Best Director in 93 Years


The best directing award being handed out so early really threw me off. Wonder if they’ll do best picture in the middle of the ceremony.


I guess I wasn’t too far off. Best Picture before best acting categories. How bizarre.


It was nice that Hopkins wasn’t there and then it was just unceremoniously over


I like how Joaquin Phoenix was like "i was supposed to give this speech about inhabiting a character, but I haven't really done that, so..."


Went to the bathroom and saw Best Picture and thought they had done Best Actor and Best Actress in like, 30 seconds


They would have, but the 30 second time slot was already taken by the in memoriam segment apparently


They’re going to end it with Chadwick Boseman winning. (Edit: ¯ \\(ツ)/ ¯)


They could’ve hoped for that but not even the producers know who’s gonna win. It’s legitimately a surprise for everyone outside of a select few people at PricewaterhouseCoopers


So best picture isn’t at the end. You kind of called that.


Ua why’d they do that


Because they want people to watch the whole thing not just the end


but if that's the case then people will just stop watching after best-picture.


That’s the joke.


You suck McBain!


That’s why best picture will most likely stay at the end with larger categories sprinkled throughout


Well this aged poorly, I was very surprised they did not have it last, what are they thinking?


they were thinking Chadwick would win Best Actor


I feel like anyone watching the Oscars would watch the whole thing anyway


They know the ratings are fucked anyway so why not just do whatever...I guess that’s why the speeches are so long


Nailed it, mate.


You just know that Marvel Studios and Disney are salivating at the titlecard they can use now. >From the Academy Award Winning Director >CHLOÉ ZHAO >'**Marvel Studios' Eternals**'


Now they can finally start marketing it


i cant wait to wake up tomorrow to a trailer for eternals with that title card


Kevin Feige whipping the intern in his basement as we speak


Have an address?


I have some short prepared remarks, but I wouldn't call it a whole "address"


Yes, he is wearing a dress most likely


Is the basement in [this building?](https://external-preview.redd.it/IKEl0Ayjf-_p6Q4DqcnRgWCmxVgNIu1aAAb9ProWX8Q.jpg?auto=webp&s=7a1b47c678359da5672009fce506f0826388dd2c)


Why is this significant? Surely I’ve never seen this before in my life...


I knew what the picture was gonna be as I read this comment


I’m picturing the pawn shop from Pulp Fiction


Looks like the spider has caught himself a couple of flies


Bring out the gimp!


A person of culture, I see.


I wish but sadly they gonna be pushing Shang-chi for awhile before we get to eternals, Shang-chi looks cool but man I’m way more interested in eternals because of zhao/cast. They definitely gonna market the shit out of best director win tho, major plus for marvel.


I just want to see kit harington and richard madden onscreen together again lol. Their game of thrones characters were never together after the first like 2 episodes of the entire show. Also funny that Kits love interest is named sersei


“Next time I see you, you’ll be all in black.” Robb to Jon, GoT S1 E2 Now Kit Harrington is playing Black Knight


GoT predicting the future.


Nah, Feige just has that kind of reach. Putting easter eggs in other universes. He's the real kingmaker. /s




We're getting Emilia Clarke in Secret Invasion too, dunno if she'll ever encounter their characters though.


It’s marvel, there’s a 50/50 chance that her character is important enough to stick around till the next big avengers style movie.


I think the funniest and most likely possible scenario to come out of this is if Eternals is just another by-the-numbers MCU film made in that MCU house style. They hired the directors of Half-Nelson and Mississippi Grind for Captain Marvel and it miraculously ended up looking like it was made by Peyton Reed and a screenwriting algorithm.


they were just experimenting with ultron, which is the name that marvel gave to their crowdsourced movie making ai


I heard halfway through act 2 a supporting character eases tension with a funny pop culture reference


They let Gunn and taika do their thing with gotg 1-2 n ragnarok so I have some faith they will let zhao put her own unique stamp on the movie. That would suck if it was just a by the numbers MCU film. Taika and Gunn as well as zhao have both talked about having good amount of creative freedom tho so I’m not too worried about that happening but it’s still possible.


Yeah, people get pretty cynical about Marvel/Disney, but they're not hiring bums, and aside from the Edgar Wright debacle, most directors seem to be pretty happy with the Marvel Machine. You know Taika Waititi and Ryan Coogler could both do whatever they wanted in Hollywood, instead of coming back for Marvel sequels.


Not to be crass about it, but regardless of how they feel about the work, those probably come with the kinda paychecks that finance a couple years of working on passion projects.


That's really not crass. I recall Kate Mulgrew, who you may remember from such shows as, Orange Is the New Black, Star Trek Voyager, and Mrs. Columbo, stating that she gets jobs doing TV shows specifically to finance the plays she'd really prefer to be doing. People got to eat.


I love that you're listing her two most famous roles and then finish with Mrs. Fucking Colombo.


Yes, but if Marvel was that difficult to work with, they could surely get other big paycheck jobs. Marvel films are not the only high earning popcorn flicks in Hollywood.


I’ve been hyping it up in other comments, but she’s talked in interviews about making heavy use of location shooting instead of the usual green screen soundstage, and has cited The Revenant as a major visual inspiration for the film. She also talks a lot about how much creative freedom Marvel’s allowed. You never really know how much is PR marketing fluff but it seems really genuine in Zhao’s case. As an aside, fucking right about how bland Captain Marvel/Ant Man are. How do you take Paul Rudd and Brie Larson and give them almost nothing remotely memorable to do?


I’m so excited for Eternals and Gemma chan having a real part! if you’ve seen Nomadland, I’m sure Eternals will look absolutely majestic


They just barely began marketing *Shang-Chi*, and still have *Black Widow* coming out before that. I'm guessing we don't see anything about *Eternals* until the fall, or after *BW* at the earliest.


After what Ive seen from Zhao, I hope that Eternals is the Logan of the MCU


What a comic book movie masterpiece Logan was


Agreed. A lot of good movies in the genre nowadays, but Logan was a dramatic, brutal standout.


I’m not even into the X-men movies or comics, like at all, but Logan was just glorious. Didn’t need to know much going in, and it was still devastating in how it said goodbye to those characters.


I think Stewart and Jackman played their familiarity and exhaustion really well. It’s a bona fide movie that happens to be rooted in comic book lore.


She’s talked about making heavy use of location shooting and golden hour lighting, and has cited The Revenant as a major visual inspiration for the film. I’m fucking hyped.


Cant wait to see Harry Styles in that golden hour Chloe Zhao directing


>I'm guessing we don't see anything about Eternals until the fall, or after BW at the earliest. Eternals comes out in November under the current schedule, we will almost certainly have at least a teaser trailer before Black Widow. Edit: this person's post r/AgedLikeMilk . We got some Eternals footage today, seven days later and months before Black Widow: https://www.reddit.com/r/marvelstudios/comments/n3vest/marvel_studios_celebrates_the_movies/


Externals is the movie that Kumail got ripped for *years* ago, right?


Gonna drop that shit tomorrow AM, they were just waiting.


Disney will also be salivating for Nomadland to land on Disney+ (at least outside the US) and Hulu as their big streaming title.


Nomadland has been on Disney+ here in Canada for a while now.


It's been on Hulu for a month or two now. And it's a lot better the second time


Award Winning director doing a superhero movie? What could go wrong? *looks at Hulk*


to be pedantic, ang lee was not an oscar winning director when he directed the hulk, he won an oscar a few years after it came out


And I actually didn’t think Hulk was that bad at the time


Just uncanny valley And being “ahead of its time” with multiple non-aligned antagonists (not something I’m fan of).


> multiple non-aligned antagonists (not something I’m fan of). tl;dr?


There's Ross, Talbot, and Banner's father all after the Hulk for different motivations.


Her win was pretty much certain. Some people were expecting a surprise from Fincher but it didn't happen.


Fincher needs his Oscar but getting it for Mank would've been a letdown.


The Social Network was his time to shine but the Academy fell for the Oscar bait with The King’s Speech


I'm not one to judge a creator's work after a great one because it can be a crapshoot, so I'm not even going to make a Cats joke (even though I really want to) But I will say this definitely highlights a weakness of the academy where any more modern age movie seem to be set aside for a tragic historical. Especially since its competitors were the Social Network, Toy Story 3, and Black Swan. I have seen *all* those movies at least once a year or every two years. I have never rewatched King's Speech even though I love Firth). I mean I like Imitation Game and read it before I saw it, but it was wildly historically inaccurate, relied on some hackneyed autistic tropes played expertly by Cumberbatch, and doesn't have the same intense struggle as something like Whiplash, also nominated that year.


For Imitation Game, do you mean inaccurate?


Corrected, thanks. Don't want to give this movie yet *even more* undeserved credit


Remember when Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan? No one gives a shit about SiL anymore but SPR is still considered a classic and holds up remarkably well.


How much water could the theory that votes for movies like Saving Private Ryan got split for The Thin Red Line and Life is Beautiful too, making each of them vie for the spot of best movie covering ww2 that year?


Any one of those would have been better than Shakespeare in Love.


I honestly don't know how it beat Elizabeth to be honest....


Cate deserved the Oscar that year over Gwyneth, but I take solace that Cate's acting success has far surpassed hers over the decades.


And Cate isn't the butt of every joke like Gwyneth is with Goop.


When do they ever get it right? We just watched the Academy give more Oscars to a movie about Citizen Kane than they gave to the actual Citizen Kane.


Wasn't that something Weinstein politicked into happening?


Weinstein pretty much invented the current concept of Oscar bait


He certainly invented “Oscar campaigns”. First ever film to really have an Oscar campaign was Shakespeare in Love, which upset Saving Private Ryan. It was the first time they really pushed stuff on a media tour and apparently there was tons of mudslinging going on. Oscar bait is referred to a film that clear has intentions of trying to compete in the awards circuit.


Weinstein is the reason the "Oscar Campaign" exists.


No shade to her abilities but *every* best director has been pure political, Chloe Zhao included. Barring some of the more esoteric oscars (and even those have become "political" in recent years since it lets films be advertised as oscar winners) every oscar is more a function of the funding a company throws at buying the oscar than any legitimate merit from the work of art itself.


I disagree. Parasite was pretty much word of mouth last year. I feel like it was barely campaigned or marketed


It was heavily marketed actually, they spent 20 million. You're just not an Oscar voter so you didn't notice.


Not every one though, Bong Joon Ho was leagues ahead of everyone with Parasite


To be fair, The King's Speech is pretty damn good. Oscar bait, sure, but not entirely undeserved.


I watched king speech, when I was even hardly into those kind of movies. At that time I rather watch action movies than movies that are heavy in drama. But yet I found king speech to be amazing. And after I started getting into movies proper, I watched it again, probably twice now. And it even got better. The acting was astounding from everyone involved especially firth and rush. They were a lot of moments in the movie that I seriously enjoyed especially the final speech at the end. Social network was also good and very well directed. The editing style Is one of the best I've seen. But I don't know why, I didn't really warm up to it generally. And that's coming from someone in his 20s that grew up with the rise of social networks. I didn't really like the mc even tho he gave a good performance. Also, while the script was sharp and made the movie more entertaining, I didn't find it to be realistic.


Has he ever won an Oscar before? I know he’s done some pivotal stuff. If not, for what do you think he deserved one the most?


He hasn't, but certainly the closest he's come was with The Social Network.


Seems like Fight Club should’ve gotten something, but that feels more “cult classicy.” Was he nominated for Benjamin Button? It seems like at least the cinematographer should’ve been nominated on that one. I’m not even sure I know the effective difference between the two...


At the time I remember people complaining that Fight Club was too nihilistic.


Fight Club was not very well received when it was first released. It got booed at Cannes at it's premier and people were walking out. Brad and Norton were at the back of the theatre getting high and at then end of it Brad turned to him and said "Fuck it, still the best movie I ever made."


It was definitely a movie that resonated with the younger generation, which is why it's well regarded now. It's also one of the few examples where even the author of the book thought that the movie turned out better.


Nice story in your second paragraph, is there a source for that?


Cinematographer does a lot with the lighting. A lot of the time it’s a collaboration with the director to choose camera lenses and shots and framing and whatnot, but it’s more so that the director communicates it and the cinematographer achieves it


Every category can be summed up like this: The director communicates and the department achieves it.


Cinematography is basically how the movie looks. Lighting, camera framework and so on. The director will say, "I want a spectacular sunset with the characters in the foreground in silhouette" and the cinematographer has to accomplish that.


He hasn't won. But he should have won Best Director for *The Social Network* Edited for clarity


That was a good movie. He and Sorkin really made something that should have been mundane into something extremely compelling and, eh, “important feeling.”


Fake News, Tom Hooper of Cats fame won that year for The King's Speech.




His good friend Steven S won one.


I love Fincher and was predicting him months ago. But Zhao has literally swept almost every single award this season, for her to loose would have ben statistically dumb to predict. I'm also not even sure Fincher was in second place, because there were rumors it was Vinterberg or Fennell.


She is the second woman (Katheryn Bigelow 2009) and third Asian (Ang Lee 2005 & 2012, Bong Joon Ho 2020) to win


Asians are on a 2 win streak!


Sadly they didn’t keep the “international film for best picture” streak they had with Roma and Parasite


Is this a “pretend Green Book doesn’t exist” joke bc if so I approve


Katheryn Bigelow actually won for Point Break (1991) but it took them a loooong time to actually give it to her.


They’ll get her when she comes back. ...she’s not coming back. 🏄🏻‍♀️




Back off, Warchild


God, I love that movie. Should have won every award there is.




If Eternals keeps that trend it would be top 5 in the whole MCU! Black Panther is at 96, Endgame and Iron Man at 94 and Thor Ragnarok at 93!


Ragnarok, wow! What an unexpected home-run that was!


Taika Waititi, my friend. The guy makes quality shit.


Seriously in awe of the guy, just seems like a genuinely hilarious dude, and am loving his other films


Everything he's made that I've seen has been something I liked. He's hit 5 out of 5 times with me. I haven't seen Eagle vs Shark yet though.


Next one is gonna be even so much better, because Taika is also writing it!




Hmm, I've only ever seen Thor 1 + 2. I guess I'll have to check out 3.


It's a fun one!


It’s the best one!


Taika Waititi did a marvelous job on the movie! It’s much better than the first two movies IMO.


A lot of people regard it as a top 5 marvel movie.


I just love how they recognized that Thor’s direction wasn’t working and their hail mary just won so hard


I'm excited because I like Taika's sense of humor and timing. I'm a fan of all his movies, especially when he shows up as a vampire, Hitler, or an animated rock man.




I’m just sitting here wondering how Infinity War is sitting at 85%


Infinity War was better than Endgame.


I don't even know how many times I've watched Infinity War, but I know that I've only watched Endgame twice.


How does Endgame have a higher score than Infinity War? I thought the general census was IW was better




Infinity War is a better movie, and Endgame is a better spectacle. Infinity War was definitely the better of the two, and the one I'm more inclined to re-watch. if for nothing more then Cap's glorious fugitive beard.


I think if you just want to sit down and watch an action-packed spectacle, you don't beat Infinity War. However after rewatching through the MCU, Endgame is just so so good.


And the best MCU film to date, The Winter Soldier.


Keep in mind Rotten Tomatoes doesn't rate movies, it collates whether people gave the movie a good or bad rating. Few people gave BP an outright bad review, which I think is right because it was a solid and important movie in many ways. I agree it's not in and of itself a truly fantastic film, but that's not what RT measures.


There's no point trying to explain how Rotten Tomatoes works anymore. It's your/you're and "I could care less", complete lost cause.


She only has 3 films and so far they are all personal indie projects. She's undoubtedly talented, but not every director is good in all situations. Let's see what happens when she's given a lot of money to play with or when a studio is pressuring her to comply to a standard. Like James Gunn, I think he actually does better when he's given a massive budget and allowed to explore explore every insane idea, instead of having to settle for half baked ideas because of budget. Or how Josh Whedon is great at directing exactly what the studio wants but lacks vision in his smaller projects.


This means Nomadland is getting Best Picture, right? That's what usually happens 90% of the time (*that got broken about a decade back*)




Are you not familiar with the very best conspiracy theory for why Affleck didn’t get nominated for Best Director? The old, old rumor is that way back when, Sumner Redstone tried to broker an introduction between Jennifer Garner and Tom Cruise when he was looking for a new wife, but Cruise gifted Garner a tiger (yes, a tiger) and scared her off, and she ended up more seriously with Ben Affleck. The rumor is that Redstone held a grudge against Garner and Affleck up and through the best director nominations that year and used some connections to ensure Affleck wasn’t nominated. It is a fantastically ridiculous theory (how come it didn’t work to shaft Argo for best picture? Why would Redstone care that much? Did Cruise really send Garner a tiger?). I think there were at least half a dozen for why Affleck didn’t get nominated, fun times.


> how come it didn’t work to shaft Argo for best picture? It is kind of a special sort of "Fuck you" to win best picture but not be nominated for best director.


Counterpoint, he produced, directed and main starred in that. It's rare that a Best Picture Oscar feels like it belongs so much to a single person, but that's inarguably the case with Argo.




James Franco as Tom Cruise


Tom cruise as Casey Affleck. Probably not a huge role, but you could probably have him pop in somewhere.


You remember when those were the conspiracy theories we had to contend with?


yeah he didn't get anything for argo, but Affleck was the bomb in phantoms.


Word, bitch. Phantoms like a motherfucker.


Clown shoes! (i just wanted to participate)


Argo fuck yourself


Usually. Gravity and Life of Pi and la la land means over 10% of directors didn't win best pictuee


Saving Private Ryan


Brokeback Mountain too.


What about Roma?


Yes, you're totally right! I should have remembered, I only watched it for the first time last weekend so I'm hot off the back of reading up on it!


Still can't believe that lost to the bland "racism is bad" clip show movie.


Don’t remind me.


Best Director being so tightly connected to Best Picture is not as prevalent as it once was. La La Land, Gravity, The Revenant, Life of Pi, and Roma all won Best Director but did not win Best Picture and those are 5 of the last 8 Best Director winners. So while Nomadland's chances of getting Best Picture would historically be pretty high with the Best Director win, recent Oscars have not been tying those awards together like they have been since the Oscars began.


Fingers crossed Steven Yeun gets Best Actor. Guy deserves it, and has been deserving of more recognition for about a decade now.


I really liked Yeun’s performance but Anthony Hopkins is just so great in The Father.


This aged well.


Haha he really deserved it. I’m happy he won!


Screenplay is usually a stronger indicator.


And just won best picture too


Wait. The Oscars were happening?


I shared the winners' list on a whatsapp group and that was everyone's reaction. I expect this to be the ceremony with the lowest viewership of all time and to add insult to injury, at a time when everyone is at home. I stopped watching the ceremony about 5-7 years ago, when it turned into a morality-fest with multi-millionaires fighting for the most virtue, but I keep up with the winners and usually watch the whole movie selection.


I remember when Kathryn Bigelow won and THAT was a huge deal. Crazy or maybe not so crazy to think that it took another 12 years for a female director to win.


It was a good film, I really enjoyed it. But I did feel that the story itself was a bit bland, and really only held together by the performances.


I guess that’s a good sign the director was a big factor


That's honestly what's been putting me off from watching the movie. Everything I've read about it doesn't seem that interesting to watch but if it's won Best Director and Best Picture it's really piqued my interest now.


It's not very commercial in its pacing or its story. But if you're used to slow 'mood cinema' then you should find something of value in it. I for one, really liked Nomadland. But I'm not American. The film really struck me because it showed me a part of American life I wasn't privy to. That's what good cinema does for me. It shows me and helps me feel new things. That said, I know tons of people who didn't enjoy Nomadland. Is it my best film this year? Hardly. But is it a good film? Very. Are you less of a person for not liking it? Never.


> the story itself was a bit bland Everyone keeps saying this, but isn't that the whole point of the movie? Not every film has to be super exciting. It's a personal story about people who - by design - live pretty uneventful lives.


God, what a year this has been. Usually I make a point of seeing every film for best picture, director, screenplay, actor and actress before the awards show. This year, the closest I got was that I took my daughter to see Onwards before the pandemic hit.


Best animated picture category is usually pretty awful unfortunately. Barely any of the academys voters will have seen all the films in the section and will usually just vote pixar. Regardless they really dont have much respect for the animated medium. I definitely feel Wolfwalkers was unfortunately snubbed this year, but Soul was also really good.


Wolfwalkers was snubbed of a non for best song too, ha ha.


So well deserved. She did a fucking masterful job of directing all those non-actors.


The nomads delivered the greatest lines. I live in AZ and the performances felt very authentic to the people living out here. The southwest seems to inspire people seeking meaning in the same way (takeaway of the film)




For which movie


The Chronicles of Riddick


It's the Chronic, what?


cles of Na- Riddick




I don't keep up with movie awards much, so what really shocked me about this article was learning about Kathryn Bigelow. I didn't know she was the director of The Hurt Locker and the bigger surprise was what it was up against that year. James Cameron with Avatar AND Quentin Tarantino with Inglourious Basterds. What a stacked year. Even crazier to consider the budget disparities between the three movies. Pretty cool.


something is seriously fucked about the crew. chloe doesn't thank frances when she gets best director. frances doesn't thank or even look at chloe when she got her best actress. nobody on stage looks comfortable being there for best picture. wtf happened behind the scenes.


When Frances win the best actress Choel was estatic though.


Chloe did thank frances before handing the mic to her. But she called her a nickname(or was it the name of the character?)


She introduced her by her character's name and then Frances corrected her by saying "actually it's Fran" or something like that


I think they're all just two awkward people, nothing to do with their mutual experiences. I haven't heard a bad thing from any of them, even though I listened to quite a few interviews with both of them at this point.