What are some examples of good movies in otherwise mid/bad micro genres?

What are examples of specific movie categories or sub/micro genres with mostly mediocre/bad films with the exception of one or two real gems?

I bring this up since I rewatched Paddington (2014) tonight and remembered how great it was despite it’s basic plot: Paddington lives in the jungle, his hose gets destroyed and his uncle dies. He gets sent away to find a new home in London where he meets a kind family who take him in. The dad doesn’t approve though, since Paddington gets into all kinds of wacky shenanigans™️, but the dad eventuality learns to love and accept him and whatever.

This is a pretty common storyline in family films, where the family takes in a pet/weird alien or magical creature/funny little guy and gets into all kinds of slapstick hi-jinx. With one family member (usually the dad) hating the creature but eventually developing a soft spot and accepting it into the family. With any other director/creative team, Paddington could’ve easily been a dumb, pandering movie with cheap gross out humour and lazy slapstick that only used the Paddington Bear IP as a way to capitalise on brand recognition and British baby boomer nostalgia. But what we got instead was a heartwarming and fun movie with likeable and memorable characters, witty humour, fun and timeless slapstick sequences, a really well done and wholesome message about being kind and accepting to those that are different, and an overall clear fondness and respect for the original Paddington books.

Anyway, are there other examples of good movies like this within a specific micro genre or story trope that usually kinda suck? Feel free to gimme some recommendations!


Movies about Krampus For some reason there are 20 of these and none of them are enjoyable (speaking as a horror movie fan who consumes all kinds of garbage and manages to see some positive side).


What’s the one good example? If any at all?