I still feel pangs of jealousy that I can't play Ghost of Tsushima or Nioh 2 without blowing a shitload of cash on a console that I would then only have two games for, but I'm not going around telling other people they're not allowed to have fun and talk about it.


Nioh 2 is on pc though


Nioh 2 would explode my PC if I tried it, I'm afraid, and like with the PlayStation, I'm not super eager to blow a bunch of cash on a brand new computer *just* to play, like, one or two games.


Totally valid, especially with the current PC part prices


Make the investment, buy a console or build a better PC, and even though you'll only be playing a few games initially, over the years your library will grow with more games you were interested in trying. That's just how gaming works. You'll find more games, whether old or new.


Oh, I get that, believe me I do. But here's the thing: I have an Xbox. The majority of the games I own are all Xbox games. I have a Switch. I have almost as many Switch games as Xbox games. I have a 3DS. I haven't used it in a while, but if I were to blow the dust off and play on it again, I have a sizeable handful of games for *that* as well. I have Steam on my current computer. I'll let that speak for itself. As it stands, I have a pretty healthy spread in front of me already, and frankly just don't have the *room* for a PlayStation (only one TV, makes it a bitch to have to keep swapping cables around when I feel like playing certain games). Plus, apart from my explanation about why no PC above (which I didn't say initially, but to clarify, I'm also between jobs right now with no stable income, so I can't go blowing what little money I have when I've got bills to focus on), I've just never really cared about building PCs in the first place. That's more my dad's speed than mine. So long as the game runs, I really couldn't care less what my computer specs are, and because of this mindset, Nioh 2 and Ghost of Tsushima would absolutely murder my poor laptop, because like you say, they're meant for better PCs, which I can neither afford, nor find the interest in purchasing parts for anyhow. So yeah, I really would just be buying a PlayStation for all of *two games,* right now, and that's ultimately just wasted cash that I don't have. I hope I didn't come across as pissy or rude about this, I'm not trying to be. It just kind of rubs me wrong when I give a reason for not doing something, and I get hit with what amounts to "just do it" as a response. If I could "just do it," I wouldn't be talking about not being able to in the first place, right?


About the switching cables around for the tv part... Look into an Hdmi switcher, it will make your life easier if you have multiple consoles and only one display.


No I totally understand where you are coming from. From what you explained so far, it makes sense to wait until you're in a better financial state if you decide to buy another console or PC or whatever. Obviously it makes sense that you would like to try some games with the platforms you have now, but exclusivity is a pain at the end of the day.


If nothing else, exclusivity is teaching me the value of being content with what I have. I'm okay with missing out on a couple games in exchange for being able to continue enjoying a lot of games, I think.


That's a good example of "the glass is half full" type of thinking. There were a bunch of games on Playstation or Xbox that were exclusive that I wanted to play, but I mostly game on PC, so after waiting for years, some of these games are actually coming to PC, so patience comes a long way.


That man was an Insect Glaive but was ok with the weapon in Iceborne?


Exactly. Glaive got its goodies taken in World/IB


The early 2022 time frame is because Nintendo paid for that timed exclusivity period, the info from the ransomware attacks and datamines (which have been proven completely correct with the games full release) went into a lot of detail about how they always planned for it to be on PC at some point. This whole "we've heard the communities interest of a pc port" isn't the whole truth, and although they still need to work on it for its release next year, it was always planned and not in response to the fans. The nonchalantly nature of it's announcement was actually surprising though but it's suspected it was in direct response to people spreading the leaks like wildfire and to stop future PR nightmare (original plan was to announce the PC port some months after swtich- the amount being discussed as part of the paid timed exclusivity). I get it, its just business. Nintendo wants to get more people on the switch and MH is one hell of a system seller and Capcom gets a bunch of money to get the game made and out there. But as someone who has chosen to wait for PC Rise, and waited for World and Iceborne on PC I can totally understand why others like your friends are getting kind of fed up of this type thing, its a series of delayed releases that leave a sour taste in the mouth. I am truly glad it is getting a PC release, but I'd be lying if it wasn't still frustrating.


Fellow IG main here. While the demo did it dirty, it is much better to play beyond that because of the aerial combat buffs. Let your bug stick friend know that there is more than meets the eye there.


Will do, when I get the chance


Sorry for late reply, but what changed in the final game? I remember it being a mess in the demo.


First thing is switch skills are pretty cool. Also there are 3 types of kinsects that were not present in the demo since the demo one was super low stats. One has the powder effect from world, one can get 2 buffs at once, and the last one auto charges when it's on your arm so when you first send it out it does extra damage and goes slightly faster.


yo where and how do i get these??? im an IG main and would love to play around with these


Exclusivity sucks. Hard. What even worse is that capcom was persuaded by 6 million. That’s nothing on company terms.


Yen or dollars?


I’ve been searching but literally all sources just say “6 million” so I don’t really know, but that’s still a cheap amount.


That just comes off as a red flag to me.


Regardless of how much they payed, I’m just kinda salty about this exclusivity. It feels so forced and unnecessary.


I completely agree as someone who owns a Switch and Rise. Timed exclusives are bullshit. Almost no one is going to buy a console for a timed exclusive unless they're desperate to play it.


I'm really desperate to play it but I'm not spending 400 (because my country + corona) for an outdated tablet to play the game at 30 fps 540p. Exclusivity sucks and it makes me sad that I can't enjoy the game with all of you but what can I do


It's completely understandable to be upset about exclusivity. Tbh it's a concept that probably shouldn't exist any more. What isn't ok though is the people who are sooo salty that they went in those livestream reveal chats just to bash the game, the switch, and anyone who wants to get it on switch. Like, imagine watching a reveal stream for a switch game just to say it looks shit and you think nobody should buy it. Those kinda people annoy me.


Oh yeah those people are just being fools. You can buy what you want and all that, but I don’t think attacking the developers and such isn’t really going to change anything.


I’m definitely waiting for PC release to play with some friends, however it has me thinking about how toned down it is due to the switch hardware limitations. From what I have seen of streams and reviews they’ve done a good job with it on switch but how much game are we missing compared to something like world.


From what I've played, (currently at 3 Star Quests in Low Rank in both Hub and Village) less is missing than you'd expect. The levels do feel smaller than in World and are naturally less graphically detailed, but beyond that... it's just about as feature rich, since gameplay elements don't take as much processing power as graphics do. The only major basic gameplay difference (ignoring the generational differences like slingers and wirebugs) is hunger sets in much faster. I don't have specifics, but I think you can have your starting stamina bar cut in half in like... 10-15 minutes? It's not really been a problem for me (a non-bow user), but I have roasted more meat in my ~15 hours in Rise than I did in ~350 hours of World. Only things that I think are a major step back are the loadout system, (You can't edit and save loadouts on the same screen like in World) and that your non-weapon items (consumables, monster drops, etc.) are all in one box, like in pre-World games. Hopefully, both will be improved on with updates, though I doubt it.


A mate of mine doesn't have a switch but all this Rise talk got us back on Iceborne leading up to its release. Because he doesn't have a switch, we often hop on pc to play with him and every single time it blows my mind how much faster loading and better looking iceborne is than rise. Such a shame that Rise didn't launch on pc. That said, the features they have make me think nothing was cut because of the switch's limitations, it's still fun and packed with ways to approach the fights.


Yeh I expect graphically it will be much improved on PC, but how much different overall would Rise be if it was originally intended for PC and not switch. I could imagine world areas would be larger, architecturally could be designed to be more expansive, greater draw distances etc. Regardless I hope we’ll have an aligned PC release not staggered like we had to catch up to consoles.


Man just tell them to suck it up and either buy a second hand switch or just fucking wait. I've waited months and months for MHW stuff on PC and even though Rise is exclusive it is really not that bad of a deal to get a Switch since it has many great games. Yeah yeah "I will only play Rise" no one buys that stuff. I bought that console for MHGU and now I own ten more games because they're really good.


Mmm. Funnily enough, the Switch is capable of running other games, and Monster Hunter players do not have to only play Monster Hunter. Wild, innit?


It would be cool if it became cross platform, but it's very unlikely. It's more wishful thinking for me :/


It’s already confirmed for pc


I meant to say for like cross platform play. Sorry for the confusion 👻👻👻👻kisses mmmmmmmwahhh 💪😎


Honestly, 1 year seems like a good amount of time to port this game to PC. (Remember, the Switch Port of Zelda BotW also took roughly 1 year, as it was supposed to be a Wii U exclusive) I found the rushed PC port of World abyssmal in terms of performance when considering what kind of visuals you're getting. I had to mix medium & high settings with some settings even disabled just to get very unstable 50-60fps at 1080p. There are many games which look far better and run much better than this shitty PC port of World. (I can get rock-solid 60fps at 1440p on Dark Souls 3 & Sekiro for example) They should take as much time as possible so the game can run well on as many PC setups as possible without you having to reduce much of the graphics, even when your PC isn't the best.


IIRC, Nintendo paid something like $6 million to force exclusivity for a period of time. So it might not all be development time - some of it could be a contract situation.


I know, and agree that they shouldn't rush. Doesn't mean I like it lol


I'll just wait. Hopefully they iron out any bugs I see people complianing about already first.


I just severely hate the concept of exclusivity. That's about it tbh. I love the series, but I'm not gonna blow money on a switch or decent pc. I don't have contempt towards the game or players, I just despise exclusivity


I firmly agree. I've been a PC gamer for basically my entire life, so exclusives didn't really affect me until EGS came along. Fuck timed exclusives, and fuck exclusives.


Yeah, like I couldn’t play world because I have a Mac and a switch, and even though I really wanted to I just kinda dealt with it. There’s nothing to be spoiled at this point anyways. There are 2 whole monsters that weren’t announced


non-ps4 owners went through the same shit in world, they can suck it up also imagine being an IG main in any game after 4u lol, they started doing it dirty literally the moment it wasn't new


*mhgu would like to know your location*


Lol. This reminds me of the days when NA 3ds had to wait a year after Japan got their version of whatever the latest MH game was. At least it is universal launch now


Now if he was a Hunting Horn main, that would be reasonable.