Is this PS4? It was flawless on my PS5


Almost the same I had some enemies become invisible if i aimed at them in the sniper mission


My PS5 is only a month old out of the box, are you hard drives full? The only thing I noticed is that it would somewhat stutter if I loaded the checkpoint over and over quickly


I didn’t have that but I think it was just a texture error since they got visible again if I used the thermal on the m4, I play on a 1,5 year old ps5 Edit no my ssd has like 50gigs left


I’m reading that there are three different models of the PS5 and so taking into account that your console is older, has seen far more use and is not optimized for the game it might be these factors coupled together that are causing performance issues. The SSD doesn’t suffer from being close to capacity so it’s either that or software issues but I can’t be certain


Considering it happened again when I replayed the mission it’s software since I deleted some stuff for place for warzone2


Mines going to be a year soon and it ran like butter


I had that same issue. Was terrifying to try to hide from invisible enemies


Had this issue on PC too lol


CRICKEY! She’s seen better days.


This happened to me on Series X last night. I found it hilarious that it was just Laswell while the rest of the squad is crisp.


Maybe it’s just me... I have a Series X... I feel Price and other faces looked better in MW19. Could be just my memory of it of course that it just seemed better than it was. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Haha! I literally just finished this mission and the same thing happened to me…….. this game is buggy as..


Only major graphics issue for me was flashing patterns on the ground in the mission to destroy the tank. Otherwise the game ran pretty much flawlessly at 144fps on 4k