So what is everyone's favourite off meta class?

So what is everyone's favourite off meta class?


Gotta love an AK: Tactical Suppressor Spetznaz Elite Barrel Holographic sight Merc foregrip 5.45x39 calibre Sks: Monolithic suppressor Longest Barrel PU scope Sks wooden stock Tac laser


AK 😍😍


I've been using the AK47 since the first MW. That thing never lets me down.


I wish they would've buffed it instead of adding the Amax.


They reduced the recoil for season 3. Been having good matches with it


Oh yeah it's still a great gun. Especially with the 545 rounds.


545 rounds? Interesting. Will have to give that a go


Oh yeah bro recoil problem is basically gone.


MW season 3 or CW season 3? i thought they only buffed the recoil for the CW AK47 this season


Nope, they buffed MW ak recoil too you can feel it when playing believe me especially with 545 round


That was for cold war only no?


Fun fact, it's not an AK-47. Usually would be AKMN.


That's why I only said AK. What's the difference between AKM and AKMN?


Russia uses various letters for weapon nomenclature: * M - Modernized. * N - Has a side mount for mounting scopes. Originally meant for mounting a night vision device like 1ПН51 or 1ПН58, but over time there were sights designed to be usable with this system or even generic weaver/picatinny rail adapters. * S - Folding stock. * P - Radium sights. * L - Side mount for night vision device, has a flash suppressor and can have barrel mounter bipod. * U - Shortened barrel (8.1 inch) * B - Special suppressed variant for AKS-74U, meant for use with PBS-4 suppressor. * K - Shorter barrel, (not super short like U) - used in the latest weapons, essentially stands for "carbine" IIRC. So the difference between AKM and AKMN is the side mount for scopes and rails. Some of these features are also standard in modern rifles. For example AK-74M has the side mount and folding stock by default, so there is no AKS-74M on AK-74MN. There is however AKS-74 and AK-74N - variants of the not modernized version. AK-100 series also have side mount and folding stock by default. AK-12 and AK-15 (the new ones, based off of AK-400 series prototypes) are manufactured with rails already.


That is a wonderful explanation and I can only thank you for it!


Side note: this is what years of Arma and Tarkov do to a person. Save yourself.


God i miss cod4, they just don't make maps like the old cods anymore.


It was absolute garbage in mw2


The 5.45 conversion for the AK would be really good if the AK had any sort of good handling... its sad how slow they made it. The SKS slaps and nobody can tell me otherwise... only change it needs is an ammo reserve increase in Warzone. Multi-player it's great


Honestly they could’ve not hit the Cold War DMR as hard and switched over to the sniper ammo category


Honestly love the sks <3


Putting sights, grips, suppressors, and/or lasers on an AK just feels so wrong tho.


Shit, then you haven't seen my baby. She absolutely *slays*


Then you'll love cod4 promod haha... or counter strike


MY MAN! I ran almost that exact same setup for the longest time. A ton of fun to be had with SKS! Even though it is a 2 shot headshot, I've managed some really nice longshots with it and it is always satisfying. That is the same build I use on mine. Also have one with Cronen pro optic for no glint. The 5.45x39 AK makes a great sniper support. I've found the recoil control to be so much better with conversion that I don't need an underbarrel. I use 5.45, monolithic, monocle sight, skeleton stock, and spetsnaz elite barrel


Basically the same ak, but gotta love the iron sight


Does the AK with the 5.45 ammo have better recoil control? Or does it just say that


I think it does have better recoil (less first shot recoil) but that is slightly offset by the higher rate of fire. I think it also has greater horizontal recoil, I find it does anyway


Dang I just tried this and had a blast. Thanks


I go by sound, and for me the best sounding offmeta guns are the scar and mg34 -- theyve both got that really low growl:)


For me it’s the M249. I just love ripping off a belt with that.


I fucking love that gun. Such an iconic LMG.


Hell yeah it is.


Sometimes I just go ground war with my 200 round saw, mount it against a choke point and go crazy


These are my fav guns as well for pretty much the same reason. Have them both obsidian lmao


That’s the reason I’m almost always using suppressors.


FAL hits the spot for me.


Honestly, I love the ISO, got the yellow tracers for it when it dropped and still use them to this day. Yeah it does get beat out here n there, but still a solid SMG nonetheless. As for my off meta, I love ripping with the FAL for the long range and KSP for my secondary. Despite it not being the greatest, i love the ksp, in alot of scenarios that little burt's SMG can really hit nicely


Mever tried the 45 and it's not even unlocked as i'm not a slider. But the FAL is sweet! Paired with an smg for the short range it makes for a solid loadout!


Wait the ksp comes locked? I thought it was part of the weapons that were dropped with cold war? Didnt know that And yeah the fal with an smg is just godly <3


Yeah I though you meant striker 45. I implied MW guns. I understand your point about warzone but as much as warzone uses MW assets I hate how MW is just squashed to be warzone. Two different games really. The common starter is completely dumb. Try "purchasing" warzone in the online store. Might remove the need for the disc Since a lot of people on this sub don't own CW and don't play warzone i don't usually assume people talk about warzone.


You mean the striker 45? The ksp is a cold war gun.


Striker 45 with 2 burst 12 round clip ammo conversion is so underestimated, super accurate with no recoil :)


ram-7: monolithic suppressor, fss ranger barrel, commando foregrip, 50 round mag, granulated griptape mk2 carbine: fss 24.0' factory barrel, tac laser, sniper scope, cartridge sleeve, stippled griptape an-94, striker 45, and iso are also slept on


The an 94 is really fun idk why


when using a suppressor and the casket rounds is just sounds satisfying


And the recoil is really consistent which I like


what casket rounds? which gun is that on?


an-94: 60 round casket mag




That purple thermal is so nice


I kind of hate that thermal tbh, explosions and smoke create too much clutter for me. Merc thermal ftw


Well that 2 round burst starter is kind of cool. It's nice for when you just fire a few rounds at a time. Past that the recoil is pretty straight forward. All in all it might not be THE rifle but it's fun to use!


That RAM-7 build is absolutely not off meta


Yeah theres a few guns people don't play because they lack in one aspect. There is plenty of guns that hit all the checkmarks but guns like the an94 and mk2 have suck a cool twist it's nice to play them once in a while. And let's be honest everything you listed is deadly in the right hands!


Dude I respect mk2 users but there is no reason on earth to run an extended barrel on it


lmaoo. thats just how i roll


The extended barrel really boost the one shot to chest range. They get to almost to base kar one shot range


Striker with Mono, 400mm barrel, corp holo, merc foregrip and the 2 round burst mag is hella fun to use!


may i know how effective is a granulated foregrip ?


Granulated grip tape helps with long range shot hitting as it helps make recoil more vertical with less barrel sway


It is important to know that the rear grip tape has some of the least effect on gun stats of all attachments. I usually like to use sleight of hand or some other perk instead


it does basically nothing, rubberised and granulated are basically non-attachments


I love all the oddball non meta guns, sometimes I'll run my gold lever action, aug, oden made to a vks, only when im in a sweaty lobby will I use either an Amax or val


Aug ive seen a few times but oden is pretty rare! Nice to have some variety!


Oden is super fun if you know how to use it


I like using a variant that turns it into a VKS, sniper scope, longest barrel, colossus suppressor, bipod, and the stock attachment that steadys aim


I've found having the shorter barrel with the colussus suppressor evens out the weight better, it also makes it so you don't take 200 years to ads. It's great for long range either way


I got absolutely clapped by an Oden last night. I never mind getting killed by off-meta weapons as much


I have said this so many times but the Oden absolutely slaps and nobody respects it.


the problem is there's always that one or two guys running around with an AS VAL


I definitely try not to use it, I don't like the gun, feels and handles weirdly, but if someone else is using it first, fight fire with fire💁‍♂️


Did I just hear from a Brushstroke man or is your lever action more meta?


I run a vlk optic, cartridge sleeve, tac laser, and one other I can't remember, so that's probably a meta load out, but if I want a more realistic cowboy/hunting load out, no scope, no laser, still cartridge sleeve, and a longer barrel


I’m trying to get obsidian on the lever action right now. Such a satisfying gun. I thought it was super meta early on but it seemed that crowd was drawn to the KAR98 where I stuck with the carbine. Haha


K98 was definitely meta, still is I'm pretty sure, I suck at sniping in general, I like to make guns I own irl in mw and I just so happen to own a Marlin 45/70 lever action (mk2 carbine) irl lol


holger with commando foregrip, 30 round mag, reflex sight, 5mw laser and sleight of hand or aug with 407mm extended barrel, tac laser, 32 round 9mm mag, stippled grip and fully loaded both are very fun for me and i would recommend it for anyone that wants different builds


Holger isn't one you see often, respecc


None the less holger with the 30 round clip


It’s awful how they massacred my boy, the 30 round mag should have gotten a significant damage buff. Still the best looking gun imo, the G36 is so cool


G36! Great times with that gun in MW3


Love the holger. I strive to shoot a G36 at something in my life, and I hope to own one eventually. That's like a big dream gun of mine.


g36 is a really fuckin cool gun


I mostly play ground war so I honestly don’t see it often in ground war compared to AMAXs and M4s and what not but here’s mine: Flesh Wound EBR blueprint Mono Suppressor 22 inch barrel Tac foregrip Sniper scope Recon perk Kill Brush camo with the flesh wound blueprint created a pretty nice camo.


Honestly i think ive never seen someone play the EBR! Good for you if you make it work!


I love it. Works well. I tend to play more of a support player and what not with it and my drone.


Of all the guns I've had most fun levelling up, I think the FAL and the EBR were my favourite. Hardpoint, Shoothouse, 30 kill at least and top of my team if not the game 9/10 times.


Crossbow and ISO


Arf ill be honest i miss way to many shots to be running the crossbow. It has style tho!


I love using the cbow. There's an entire area of the game basically running to hide while you reload that is so fun


Crossbow definitely makes you think wildly different about using cover. You almost have to peek corners, fire, and then duck back into cover to be effective.


Xbow + Deagle Crowd where you at?


Crossbow is the most satisfying gun to use


Had a 42 kill game with crossbow when I was getting it Damascus. It’s so garbage yet so fun at the same time


Striker with hollow points. Holger with 30 rnd mag.


2 burst striker is absolutely deadly in hardcore


Anything is deadly in hardcore.


You'd be surprised how many hit markers you get in hardcore. You don't get hit markers with a burst striker though.


i make it happen


Idk if you would consider this that much off meta because I never see anyone ever use this but the Socom rounds on the m4 and the under barrel shotgun. Very very toxic class but no one ever uses it. Very underated tbh. The time to kill is insane on the Socom and the under barrel shotgun lets me be effective close range + it's honestly top tier shotgun. Honestly if more ppl use this the game would be cancer. (SND player and SND CLASS) it's pretty much over kill but only 1 attachment slot. Gas grenades are also great for stopping people from pushing at the start of a round + being a slightly worse smoke


The common agreement is that the socom makes the M4 kind of a marksman rifle and that the underbarrel is a waste of an attachment where you could get recoil control, both making the M4 something it's not. That said the socom rounds do kill faster if you don't mind the awful recoil(or use it on semi)and having a rifle, a shotgun plus a side arm is an advantage. All in all I would hate to use it but if you like it you definitely drop some cancer on people! The M4 is great because it's the #1 modular rifle. Might as well use it to it's potential!


My toxic class is EOD Restock Shrapnel M4 - Master Key, Socom, The longest barrel, compensator, the last attachment doesn't really matter but I use the fast grip RPG claymore heart beat sensor Takes advantage of ppl who don't build there classes correctly for SND


Socom was actually an extremely effective warzone setup before the cold war weapon integration update


Socomm so underrated. Been a go-to for me for so long. I feel like there might have been a one bullet shadow nerf in the last 6 months though? Might try it with the shotgun tho!


Does the RAM-7 count as off meta? My class is Monolithic Suppresor Tac laser G.I mini flex 50 round mags Stippled grip tape


I use the ram too but yh id say it's kinda meta


The ram is a little better than the m4 in my opinion, just not as good at long range


It's actually one of the best at range, Ram 7 has the highest bullet velocity of any weapon in warzone. Somewhere around 1200-1400


Really? Damn maybe I should start running it


Yeah man, check out Jgods or who's immortals youtube vids in the Ram 7, gun is an absolute monster. Its ttk can be faster than the Amax, rate of fire is crazy, recoil is easy to handle, and when mounted has no recoil, best velocity in the game, and even at close range it can delete. Absolutely love the ram 7, it's my #1 go-to sniper support weapon


Yep, I was running the AMAX, but then I spec’d a guy who was absolutely shredding me with the Ram, so I switched lol.


The Ram IMO should be THE meta weapon. But it’s not. Mainly because of its funky recoil pattern and terrible iron sights. Strip those things away and it’s the best gun in the game


That’s one of the most meta setups for a still somewhat meta gun


Scar: Muzzle brake Commando foregrip Tac laser 25 rd Sleight of hand Only recoil is up, but no bouncy shit ahah


would definitely recommend Compensator rather than Muzzle break, if you’re really worried about side to side replace SoH with the better stock


Muzzle break reduces horizontal recoil/bounciness of the gun and makes the recoil straight up.


Idk if this is exactly off meta but my go to is M13 Tempus cyclone Comando grip Slight of hand or 300 blackout Stippled grip Holo sight or the solozero reflex


That M13 shoots straight let's be honest. The firing speed vs dmg ratio makes it kind of a long range smg. Not a big fan of the 300 tho


I always find myself low on ammo when running the blackout Idk what to let go for fully loaded or for scavenger.


Yeah thats why I normally just go with slight of hand instead of blackout rounds. 300 blackout is more situational ill run it if i really dont want them to see my bullet trails


I'm a bit obsessed with the MCX irl so I've only just recently been able to run the cyclone or the mini without .300 BLK because irl they would be used with .300 cos of the shorter barrels.


Yeah im a bit obsessed with it too, the rattler is my dream gun


Pkm gun and run


Not gona lie with the right setup this is actually fun!


My “just for fun” Ashe from Overwatch build (bc I love the MK2): MK2 Carbine (the Viper rifle): Solozero mini reflex (green plus reticule), 18”/20”/24” barrel, Sport Comb Stock, Stippled Grip Tape, Sleight of Hand 725 (Coach Gun): Sawed-off barrel, Sawed-off stock, Forge TAC Commander Guard, Choke, Sleight of Hand Scavenger, Overkill, Amped; Molotov (dynamite), any tactical


Cowboy loadout :D


Does the Scar count as Meta? I like to run that from time to time in MP


I personnaly like it but the low rate of fire and small mag capcity make it so it dosen't quite make it to the meta. I think people would rather hit something like the M4 or amax because they hit faster and have a bigger mag. Can't say they are wrong that amax has a similar recoil patern to the scar, hits about as hard and has a 45 round mag option. Dosen't stop me from droping a few kills with the scar once in a while tho!


FR 5.56. Tac-wrap stock, stippled grip tape, any sight, commando foregrip and sniper barrel


Man, the FAMAS is a great rifle with the right hands. It's one burst to the upper body from what i remember. Only the recoil and long burst delay makes it off-meta. Edit: it's one burst to all body parts if you hit your shots apparently.


One burst anywhere if you hit all the shots, they all do 40 damage on a hit


I basically mained the FR/FAMAS on MP, right alongside the ISO (Which I cutely nicknamed the ISOpod) and would absolutely slap in SND given the right maps. I wish it'd be more viable in Warzone though, the poor thing just can't compete there :/


The recoil and the burst delay makes it difficult to use on regular MP, let alone in Warzone.


It all depends on where you hit; a good burst or two on an unsuspecting target from almost any range is GO for them. That being said, with the right mods, it has almost zero recoil. My build uses: Monolithic Suppressor, FR 24.4" Sniper barrel, Commando Foregrip, FSS Tac-Wrap stock, Monocle Reflex Sight (Although you can replace this with whatever you want, your call there).


Its my go to if a lobby gets a little too sweaty, I usually use guns I havent leveled up yet but if we fall behind ill swap over to the FAMAS, i use the muzzle break instead of commando fore grip and tac laser instead of a sight


Nothing beats the HDR when it hits....damn I love that gun


10 Round marksman Amax


Interesting. Ive always seen the 10 rounds as a downgrade on the amax even though it's my most used weapon. I'll have to try it at some point!


10 round AMAX is extremely fun on Hardpoint. Once you start to learn the rotation you can flank and defend and the ten round on the AMAX is at worst a two shot kill.


Crossbow or MK2 Carbine. Never a competitive choice, but always a fun one.


UZI with focus on Movement and ADS Move speed


M13 with .300 blackout rounds, skeleton stock, mono suppressor, commando grip, and choice of sight. Ran with ghost, cold blooded, and dead silence and the enemy has no way to detect you other than actually looking at you, not even tracers. Spend the entire game going for flanks. I like running it with the "Dead of Night" Captain Price skin :)


Ho thats like the master sneaky build! I like it! I mean i hate it because you would get me everytime but it's a very good idea!


I don't really know the meta, so forgive me if this is actually a meta build. ​ But i love running the Oden modified only for mobility. it can 2-tap pretty consistently and is very fun to use.


This is what i was looking for. Oden set up for mobility, is the gun i had the most fun with during damascus, and ended up using oden whenever i opened the game! Makes the game a total blast!


AK with Spetsnaz barrel, tactical grip, g.i. mini, 5x45, and ads stock. Desert Eagle with muzzle brake, tac laser, matchgrade trigger, extended barrel, and rubber tape. My hXc class that ruins lives.


Go true soviet and use the viper reflex


Nyet, AK does not need optic. AK iron sight is fine, comrade


Da, is true. Iron sight is superior. But I am ashamed of my decadence for using dot sight. But it works better for my eyesight. Either way, Kalashnikov bring glory to motherland when it is in my hands


Btw just curious, why the tactical grip? Aiming stability is not all that important either way especially not for an AR so why not go with commando for better recoil/tac laser for ads + aim stability?


I used to run the commando grip all the time. I've run both on the AK. I think I just kept it once I unlocked the Steel Curtain.


Mk2 and uzi Idk all of the attachment but the mk2 is max ads and the uzi as the short barrel and the 32 bullet .AE


Dropped 85 kills on shipment the other day with that loadout and it was the most fun I've had in a long time


The PP bizon is great


crossbow with the explosions mg34 mk2 ak w/ 5.45x39


Love turning the Holger into the G36. A lot of fun in hardcore!


My personal plunder Loudout, I like to call it the "Air Ground missile". Any weapon on slot 1, but Strela as a side arm. The tactic is that if you see an enemy you die and then bombard them from above when you drop again


that's funny haha


Does m13 count as meta? I have a custom blueprint for it that I called Going Dark since it's as similar as possible to the campaign m13 model in clean house. I also like using just any pistol, not even akimbos


people sleep on semi auto 12 round Sykov


It does hit thats for sure. Best stock pistol imo. 12 rounds is just perfect to!


M13 is not exactly meta but its up there in the good guns for sure. Its just an all around good rifle as long as you can hit shots in the same hole. Well equiped its a laser beam too! Pisto i wouldnt say I enjoy by themself but some of them can be fun. And the theres the sykov that should literally be classified as an smg haha


I actually don't like how heavy the sykov is with the 80rnd mag, I like my pistols to be lighter so I can move faster when I'm not using my primary. I have my loadouts set up like battlefield classes, so if I'm using a pistol it's probably with my assault class


My 2 carbine, longest barrel, iron sights, and all other attachments are ads buffs. Paired with dual weild 1911's.


Also known as the "Yellowstone" kit.


An-94 two round burst mode always, folded stock, 45 round mags, slight of hand, merc fore grip, 5mw laser, and I sometimes swap slight of hand for the gi or solo zero reflexes


An 94


I love my SA87. IMO it feels the best to run. The medium fire rate and good damage makes it a viable alternative to the AK or SCAR. I don't remember any of the names, sorry. Medium barrel, integral hybrid, ADS stock, fully loaded, and stippled grip tape. It's amazing at short to medium range, and can hold up at long range despite the bouncy recoil.


Gotta be the Fennec for me. For the sole reason being that I came from Rainbow and really wanted to give Mira's gun an ACOG and a larger mag. Honestly, it holds its own pretty well.


Hahahaha R6 and their optics limitations! MW will let you make the more absurd combos but there is some gems in the mix!


I can’t exactly remember since it’s been a long time since I’ve played mw, but it was the m4 turned into a sniper with I think the 8x scope, SOCOM rounds, monolithic suppressor, bipod, and fully loaded perk.


Love the AK; no stock, 8.1" barrel, underbarrel shotgun, and variable zoom scope; it works real good close range.


And just like that I have cancer xD Lets be honest tho once you go past the kick it has to be the most clise range punch you can pack in a rifle! hahaha


Try the val; sniper scope, SOF barrel, skelet stock, bipod, and tac laser; that'll give you leucemia.


Damn i think ill get aids as a bonus if i run those two on overkill hahahaha


You'll probably get all 3 if you run them with overkill 😄


If you build it like an ak74u it's amazing at close range


I love the AN94, sometimes i use it on warzone as well, it is just so satisfying.


I like making my M4 look like something a real Operator would use.


What attachments would you use? I'd go Mono Suppressor, Tac Laser, the flip up hybrid or HAMR sight hybrid, merc foregrip and the ADS stock (not the no stock)


I use holographic or G.I. Mini or the red dot sight, no stock(just the regular one), fully loaded, any of the suppressors, tac lite barrel,And maybe a tac laser if I have enough space for it.


M4 SOCOM rounds, monolithic suppressor, commando foregrip, corvus custom, sleight of hand. Everybodys heard about how shit these rounds are but dont sleep on it. Its a powerful fucking gun. Get used to the recoil (trust me its not that bad), and this thing with headshots has the fastest TTK. Only 10 rounds forces you to play kind of safe but with Sleight of Hand you can actually play pretty aggresive. Been using it as my main since release and i love that its offmeta but honestly it wouldnt hurt if it came with 12 or 15 rounds.


See that's what people don't understand with conversion kits. They are meant to change the playstyle of the gun. Socom rounds hit harder but slower and have more recoil. If you keep playing like you have a regular M4 you will fail. Same can be said about the 300 blackout on the M13 or the conversion mag on the MP5. They are not good in all situations but they still have their use. That said I can't say I tried the socom M4 hahahaha i'll have to change my class and try it out. Maybe even go semiauto since I have a pretty good trigger finger!


FAL, marksman barrel, mono suppressor, extended mags, any red dot


I like to hop on Realism and run a Holger 26, Merc Foregrip, 30 Rnd mags, FSS Ranger stock, rubberized grip tape and APX5 Holographic. Realism is a really chill gamemode, its a shame not many people play it anymore


Realism is such an underrated gamemode. I speculate that they may not keep it tho if another MW comes out since it wasnt so popular. I think the mechanics of realism would make warzone a far more enjoyable experience too, solve a few of its problems


agreed, i doubt realism will be coming back but it definitely is underrated. i do much better on realism than i do in core or hc and i guess its because of the lack of tryhards


If realism doesn’t come back, they should give us realism visual settings. No hud + only milsim and base operator skins with no tracers would fucking slap. But anyway, for non meta shit I run the M13 with .300, the integral can, tac laser, fully loaded, and whatever optic and its pretty fun on realism/realism GW


I actually picked up the ISO today and I’m running pretty close to what you mentioned. I like running it with the FAL and the Grau.


That grau feels so good! Definitely not meta but it's super easy to control and the movement feels more like an SMG which i like.


When I'm try Harding Crossbow and kilo When I'm not Shield and melee of my choice


Rennetti. Only the rennetti. My favorite gun in the whole game.


Riot shield renetti is my number one class


Holger was the gun i used for my first win so there is special love for it. MK2 carbine and akimbo revolver same reason for a win cosplaying a sheriff using also that skin. Other gun that i loved but they became meta later were mp7 and m13. Mp7 was the one i loved and used the most


Ak-47 (MW) Mono Surp RPK VLK scope Then Aiming Stability Stock and 75 Rounds.


The 5.45 AK conversion is really underrated Muzzle Brake, 5.45, FSS CQC Stock, Tac Laser, Stippled


Finn- Mono, longest adverse barrel, Tac laser, Ranger foregrip, intergal hybrid Uzi (sniper support)- Mono, Tac laser, commando, 41. AE, GI mini (or carbine barrel if you like the iron sights) Uzi (CQC)- Mono, 5mw laser, Merc, 41. AE, no stock Carbine- Mono, longest barrel, Tac laser, 4.0x hybrid, granulated grip


Druganov without attachments


Scar-H, or an iron sights Kar-98