I wish they’d bring back the create-a-soldier feature from Ghosts. There was a ton of gear you can unlock by doing tasks that ranged from intermediate to hard. There was a lot of cool uniforms/helmets to unlock and they even sold some other skins on the sidelines for the other crowd. Either way you had a lot to grind for.


yeah, I work on the challenges. If you want to play with the cool looking new skins though, there's no way to grind for them.


There are hundreds of skins, calling cards, and emblems. You just need to finish challenges for them.


Yea, I've been grinding missions since release and still havent finished them all. Getting the Campaign platinum was a fun little grind too


Not as good as they used to be, and the missions only let you do them one at a time. This system is doodoo compared to Blops/blops2/infinite warfare's customization of emblem and title


It's not worth it dude.


Jeez there's 100 basic skins to unlock on every single gun but apparently that's not many skins and that's not much to grind for. If you feel like you need to spend money to grind even more stuff then that's definitely on you.


Wow you got triggered hard by this.


That's your definition of getting triggered hard? Fucking lol, new to reddit huh?


Nice edit. Not new at all just calling you out for being butthurt and shitty.


Being butthurt and shitty is the name of the game in the call of duty community, and thanks for complimenting my edit I guess.