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The twitter hot takes are going to be fabulous.


MSNBC is already out with it: https://www.msnbc.com/the-reidout/reidout-blog/kyle-rittenhouse-acquitted-homicide-rcna5748


That article does not contain a single word about the facts of the case.


The facts of the case don't agree with the narrative


I mean they had plenty of free time after being barred from the trial


MSNBC reports that they are now all at a local burn center.








I'm sorry, but how the heck do you write an article about a case that goes on and on about white conservative but gives nothing about the actual facts, testimony, or evidence provided in the case. I got out of college 7 years ago and unless the curriculum has changed, if I turned that into my professor, instant F.


The article even says he traveled to Kenosha from Illinois with his rifle -- a fact that was debunked from day one.


Wait, they are still lying about that? Incredible.


Now they are mostly just saying that he crossed state lines, and leaving it to the viewer to assume that he did so with his rifle.


Can someone remind me when the right to freedom of movement between states was repealed? Because I seem to have missed that development


The same people advocating open borders are losing their shit over a US citizen crossing state lines. It's very weird.


Its the *implication*.


You can tell who paid attention to the trial based on their reaction to the verdict. Even Leftists who wanted him put away, if they saw the trial you can tell because they don't bring up the Gun crossing statelines


Simple: your goal has nothing to do with spreading news and everything to do with spreading hate and division.


Not hate and division, it’s about money, it’s like saying cartels deal drugs because they love drug smuggling, it’s just the vehicle to make money. Same reason Fox News is what they are. MSNBC and Fox are arguably the most egregious main stream examples of abusing emotions for profit, but all of them do it on some level.


CNN does it too, seeing their coverage of this case made me lose respect for that network


Was anyone watching them the night of the nj and VA elections? They were saying what are dems doing wrong that either of them were even close, let alone lose in VA. One of their black anchors was straight up about it and said yes minority issues are a big issue that the Republicans blatantly disregard but when the left hones in on it to the point that crt being mentioned strikes a cord they're going too far, they treat all blacks as one vote instead of individuals, and if they're going to argue on the basis of race then they have to remember a huge portion of the country is white and to stop alienating them. He went on to say that these arguments about racism are really classism but neither side wants to say it so they let it be a race issue. The other anchor tried to cut him off a few times and he said no he wants to make his point and tried to continue but they cut him off to go to commercial and when they got back he was back on script. I do think out of the 3 cnn is the closest to honest but that really doesn't mean much they're way left but not msnbc who's completely off the leftvdeep end as much as fox is on the right. I will say on foxes behalf I was able to watch the whole trial without much if any network narrative. Msnbc and cnn cut out of live testimony to inject narrative. It's really fucked up that we don't have an unbiased network and if no bias isn't a realistic option we should have one that has a left right and center anchor on all their shows to counter the other sides bullshit. I want to see all the sides.


They’ve been low quality since Trump was elected. I used to watch them as my main news channel back around like 2010, I went a few years without watching them much until 2016ish and I was blown away how much they’d changed.


As it turns out hate and division is a lot more profitable than "the news".


Because the facts aren't important to them. Journalistic integrity just gets in the way of peddling bullshit to outrage mobs for clicks.


NPR's evening report had a blurb about it. The first statement they blurbed was from Jacob Blakes father.... who had basically nothing to do with anything in the case. Like WTF his opinion (which was that Rittenhouse should be in jail... based on what?) is next to meaningless


I'd ask many people in this thread...they seemed to have consumed much of this 'reporting'.


The fact that “journalist” is still accusing him of crossing state lines with the gun tells you all you need to know.


He isn't a journalist. His bio line calls him a blogger which I put on the same level as talk radio political pundit with less swagger. >Ja'han Jones is The ReidOut Blog writer. He's a futurist and multimedia producer focused on culture and politics


I always think I can never dislike MSNBC more than I currently do, and then they always manage to find a way to lower the bar.


Whoa....they seem to be taking it personally. Did anyone tell them that he didn't shoot anyone that wasn't the same race as him? Just noticed it's Joy Reid's blogger who wrote the story...just wow...yikes.


Reminder that MSNBC had a guy follow the jurors to try to doxx them


Probably more like to identify them so it could ask them to do an interview. It's still not kosher, but I doubt that they were going to print their names without their permission.


Holy shit. Terrible, terrible journalism.


There's a reason that the "fake news" rallying cry worked so well.


Yeah, I tried to explain that to a family member once. Them - Trump just calls everything he disagrees with "fake news" Me - And it only works because some of it is. Sadly, it seems more and more "news" is just partisan op/eds dressed up as news.


The people who watched the trial are definitely believing in fake news now. I didn't think there was anything wrong with the news until I watched some of the Trayvon Martin trial, which like this one was not as the mainstream liberal media represented. Over at r/news which is generally very liberal, you could see people changing their opinions about this trial and actually noticing that the media was feeding them garbage. It was very refreshing.


Man they sure like the word “white.”


Author is a “writer” for Joy Reid 🙄


> Rittenhouse, who is white, was 17 when he traveled from his hometown in northeast Illinois to the protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year armed with his semi-automatic rifle. On the night of Aug. 25, 2020, as he carried his gun through the streets, Rittenhouse shot dead Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, and wounded Gaige Grosskreutz, now 27. Rittenhouse is called out as white yet the victim’s races are left ambiguous. I struggle to find a charitable interpretation of this decision. It seems crafted to create a false sense of racial motivation behind the incident.


Reid is screaming at the sky after her plan falls apart like the antagonist of a movie. "I'll get you next time, white conservatives!"


MSNBC is a joke anyways and was harrassing the jury and wanted to dox the members, they're the scum of journalism


>Kyle Rittenhouse trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill LoL come on MSNBC.


That article should let their readers know they followed a jury van and got barred from the trial.


I hope Kyle sues them out of business fuck them


>during anti police brutality demonstrations Hmm


Rosenbaum: I hate police so much I'm going to set this dumpster on fire


And peacefully push it to a gas station then scream racial slurs when someone puts out my fire


Shirtless and swinging a metal chain around at people in solidarity.


That was unpleasant to read. I wanted to take a shot every time I read "white" and... I think I'd be dead right now.


Notice, it only speaks of "White conservatives." Remember, to MSNBC and other Corporate Media outlets, if you're a Conservative, you are White regardless of what your actual pigmentation is. Yet they have the audacity to point the finger at everyone else and call everyone else racist.


> Conservatives are encouraging white vigilantes like Rittenhouse to police progressive spaces by all means. Progressive spaces = violent riots Beyond parody.


They're saying the quiet part out loud there.


"Rittenhouse, who is white" Why do they have to shoehorn his race into the sentence there, it's irrelevant


Are they really still claiming he traveled from Illinois with the gun?!


MSNBC is getting really close to tabloid level journalism.




It has fallen lower than most tabloids.


I mean I'm pretty sure the line is far into their rear-view mirror at this point and they're still gaining speed.


I get really mad when people want someone to be locked up because they are on a different political side. Apply it to your own side. If Kyle Rittenhouse were found guilty then that opens the door for a black liberal teenager who was defending themselves in clear self defense to be locked up too. Neither should be. If Kyle Rittenhouse were black and were on the BLM side in the same circumstances I’d be willing to bet MSNBC would have his back in this case. And I know I would too. Having the right to self defense is important and I don’t want to take that away from anyone.


> The outcome seemed clear even before an almost exclusively white jury pool was selected This talking point infuriates me. It was a white guy who shot two white guys, and the jury was white. There’s no racial angle to this. To go further with this, if KR was to be tried by a jury of his peers, then alleging the jurors need be minorities makes no sense.


Twitter is a pure shitshow right now. So much so that it's almost funny.


Depends on who you follow.


Well, that's true. I just went with what was "trending" once I heard the verdict dropped. Kinda like I do with sorting by controversial on Reddit. Always fun.


I don't do that. I don't need more reasons to be depressed. 😐


User name checks out


Awww...I'll give ya hug if that helps. ​ I get what you're saying though. There are times when I too become depressed at some people's takes on things.


The comments on NPR's facebook page lived up to expectations


I really didn't believe you, then I went there. The general conception is he only was declared innocent due to "white privilege" or "judge bias." It's... hmmm. I honestly thought that it was an exaggeration about people who had been so misinformed. The comparisons to OJ alone...


i saw a glimpse of the PBS analysis, and one of the panelists said "the prosecutors are all white, so they sympathize with Rittenhouse"


It's sad when race is needlessly dragged into conversations and it's given more weight over *the actual facts of the trial*.


They’re worse than twitter honestly. What crazy is that those kind of comments are normal on a lot of their stories. Reddit for the most part has been mostly rational about the case.


Oooohhhh noooo it wasn’t. Not until the trial started and people started to learn how misinformed they were. Before the case started, you were evil to say that Kyle was innocent


I mean seriously, NPR comment sections hold some of the most polarizing takes you will see outside of Twitter. The Trump presidency made these people turn into the very people they loathed so much during the Obama years.


Not guilty on all counts. This was the correct decision based off overwhelming evidence in his defense. He's not a hero, but he's definitely not a murderer either.


This guy is about to be treated like militia Jesus. Hopefully he just lays low for a while but something tells me he’s going to revel in the notoriety.


He's 18 and never going to out-live this notoriety. It's a weird road he's about to set out on and probably the only real career option he has left.


>This guy is about to be treated like militia Jesus He sure will be and I think it's so silly. But in the world of culture wars we currently live in, I'm not surprised one bit. Really it's no different than the left treating Jacob Blake like some sort of hero. I mean the Vice President said she was 'proud' of him. This whole episode has been a catastrophe to watch.


Except it’s even worse than looking at Jacob Blake as a hero because he was a rapist who tried to take off in a car with children in it. I think the kids being in the car with Jacob Blake is overlooked far too often. He wasn’t close to police. And if no one was in the car then the shooting was too much in my unprofessional opinion. But he had a weapon and was about to take off with kids he wasn’t supposed to be around. Imagine if the police did nothing and those kids were killed.


Hit the nail on the head


He's not militia Jesus, he was a kid defending himself, that is all. Common sense dictates he shouldn't have put himself in that scenario, but nothing legally says he wasn't allowed to be there or to carry the firearm he had, which was within legal parameters. If I'm being honest, if I were Kyle, I would've stayed home and played video games that night, but I'm not Kyle. I am happy to see the jury made the right decision in this case though.


>He's not militia Jesus, he was a kid defending himself, that is all. I don't think they were criticizing how he acted. The point is that people in militias / in those circles will lionize him and prop him into some kind of a hero. It seems very likely he gets pulled into that kind of community. There was already a bit of a controversy with photos of him at a bar hanging out with some proud boys or 3%ers or something like that, wasn't there?


Yeah this kid will not be controversial within gun culture circles. If he's smart he'll start a gun channel on youtube and start doing paid 2A/self defense talks. A lucrative career is just waiting for him.


Given his panic attack, that may not be a smart decision for him. He’s likely going to be walking on eggshells. He knows he’s hated




I disagree with the constant placation of the anti-Rittenhouse crowd. Not that I would necessarily classify Rittenhouse as a hero, but he was a volunteer with the fire department, the police department, and he was cleaning graffiti in his own time the morning of the shooting. He ran from all his attackers rather than standing his ground. He might not be a “hero” but he is a good example. A nice kid who cares about his community and wants to help. That’s exactly what we should be supporting in our youth.


The balanced view ^^^


After several days of deliberation, Kyle Rittenhouse has been found not guilty on all counts. Do you agree that justice was served? What reactions do you expect to see from this verdict with some vocal entities pounding the guilty drums for over a year now?


This was the right decision. This entire case hinged on the first count which was the charge related to Rosenbaum. If that was self defense, everything after undoubtedly was as well. And there just wasn't enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Rittenhouse's actions were not protected under the law.


This whole trial and media bullshit was a miscarriage of justice, this verdict was the safety catch, but it never should have gotten here. It was 100% the right verdict. Kyle should never have been there, but that aside, he was rightfully acquitted.




I’m pretty left myself, and seeing the media response to so many things over the past 2 years has really turned me off to most media outlets, but this was on a whole other level. People on both sides of the aisle should have been supporting Rittenhouse. I mean, you’d think after people on the left have been protesting police and prosecutorial overreach for the past year, they would recognize when one of those cases were in front of them. Whether Kyle is a hero or a dumb kid, he was very clearly innocent of the charges against him, and for the news media and prosecution to suggest otherwise is appalling.


>Kyle should never have been there I don't get this argument. Say it was a counter protest against a klan rally? Would you say a minority person counter protesting shouldn't have been there to counter protest them? Would you say they were looking for trouble for standing up against such vile behavior? If not, then Kyle had just as much right to be where he was.


That is a fair point, and I agree Kyle had just as much of a right to be there as anybody else. Im not talking about his rights to be there. I’m talking from the standpoint of “is it a good idea to be here”. He was 17, and while he handled himself admirably, he was still a kid, a kid who had no training or experience in environments like that. He had no personal stake there- he was protecting a business that didn’t belong to him. It simply wasn’t a good idea to be there. I wouldn’t be there, and if my kid wanted to go, I wouldn’t let them go. Just like if it was a klan riot or whatever else. Is it legal? Yes. Is it moral? Arguably. Is it a good idea, on a personal level? Fuck no. Please note I’m not sympathetic to the rioters. They shouldn’t have been there either.


I agree with the verdict. I don’t think that Kyle is a hero like many do. I think he was out looking for trouble, but that doesn’t mean that he deserved a murder charge. So I agree with the verdict.


He's not a hero, and he's not a villain. Which makes him human, like 99% of us.


I am happy to see him set free and innocent. He was never guilty as that's how our justice system is set up, is innocent until the court of law decides otherwise. Now it is time for him to lawyer up and go after the media for defamation just like what Nick Sandmann did.




They had worse than nothing. The defense could have gotten up immediately after the prosecution was done making their case and declared "The defense rests", because every witness called during the prosecution phase made the defense's case


>Well I think nobody goes to a riot as a counter-protester unless they're hoping for trouble. The people making this argument I feel are being morally bankrupt. If this had been a counter protest against a klan rally nobody would think it was wrong to show up to counter protest. But that's only because it is much obvious to view them as the bad guys rather than understanding that people have a right to peaceably counter protest. Any system where people feel that is ok to malign someone who showed up to counter protest is saying it is ok to shutdown the right to protest/counter protest if the opposition chooses to be violent. Your rights end as soon as someone decides to attack you.


Just watched the original shooting video and can't fathom how it wouldn't be considered self defense. Flying kick to the head. Skateboard and another man with a hand gun. I still think it wasn't his place to be there in the first place.


That's the important part. Just because you shouldn't be there from a moral or practical standpoint does not forfeit your right to self-defense. And even if you are doing something illegal. If I go to a bad neighborhood at night to buy some drugs, it doesn't mean now I can be robbed and murdered.


> Just because you shouldn't be there from a moral or practical standpoint Even that is dubious. Under this framework any situation where a violent opposition shows up, it is your fault when you are victimized. It is justification to abridge your right to protest to avoid the conflict. A hecklers veto.


The key was the very first shooting with Rosenbaum. That was the one that had the most room for interpretation. The ones after that were clear and obvious but the first one wasn't.


The defense made it clear and obvious * Rosenbaum threatened to kill him if he saw him alone * Rosenbaum attempted to attack others that put out fires but was held back * Rosenbaum saw him later with a fire extinguisher, hid behind a car then jumped out and chased him * Rittenhouse attempted to retreat until cornered when Rosenbaum attacked him Clear and obvious self defense


If it were only rosenbaum how do you think it would have went ?


I would expect a hung jury or a completely different defense strategy due to how murky that video was. I've seen people say they've seen clearer pictures of Bigfoot than the stills from that video and honestly I have to agree. One of the stills given to the jury to my eyes looked like a Holstein getting hit by a car.


I hope the media goes on trial next. It’s pretty clear the media wanted this to go a certain way, which is not how the legal system is designed. The media is out of control. People are innocent until proven guilty. In this case, Kyle was not guilty of anything but self defense. All of this defamation was way off course, as well as Biden’s input. The media needs to go back to being unbiased and reporting facts only.


Contact MSNBC's sponsors and tell them that you're not buying from them anymore because they sponsor a channel that intentionally spreads disinformation. I watched the trial, and then I watched CNN and MSNBC's coverage of it, and it's like they were watching something completely different. Intentional lies, attempting to tie this case to slavery, white imperialism, lynchings, women being burned at the stake, it was nuts. They claim he was a white supremacist because he took a picture with Proud Boys flashing the "OK" sign. But...the businesses he was protecting were owned by Indian Americans, and he took a picture with those same Indian Americans the day of the protest-turned-riot.


It’s crazy to see the muppets on here that are only getting their information from msnbc or cnn. They’re all parroting those exact points over and over and over. The media should have remained objective (as well as biden) and let the jury decide. Hell msnbc got thrown out for trying to doxx the jury. I just can’t believe people think that shit is ok and continue listening and agreeing to those media corporations.


The reactions from Twitter blue checks are crazy: **AOC** *What we are witnessing is a system functioning as designed and protecting those it was designed for.* *My heart still breaks for the communities and families whose grief now compounds, and the countless others who will be denied and deprived in similar scenes across the country.* **Joy Reid** *In the Rittenhouse case, the 13th juror was the judge.* **Stephen King** *So...the white guy goes free. Is that the message?* **Mary L Trump** (?) *There is no justice in America and we need to stop pretending otherwise.* **VP Kamala Harris** *Today’s verdict speaks for itself. I've spent a majority of my career working to make our criminal justice system more equitable. It’s clear, there’s still a lot more work to do.* **Elizabeth Warren** *There are two justice systems in America. It’s time to dismantle systemic racism & fundamentally transform our broken justice system.* **Josh Gad** *Absolutely no words* *It has now been put out there that vigilantes can just go and kill people protesting issues like racial equality whenever they want and get away with it. Think about that for a second.* **Former** **Star Trek actor** *Tell me again there are not two kinds of justice in America!* **Viola Davis** *Welcome to America* **Another former Star Trek actor** *Justice denied is a body blow to our national psyche. On trial was not only a killer, but a system that continues to kill. Today that system defeated true justice, once again*. **Bette Midler** *tragic, tragic day for decent, THINKING, feeling, ethical people everywhere.* ........................................... Did any of these people actually *watch* the trial? I guess this is all part of the branding, virtue signaling what they think their audience expects of them.


"What we are witnessing is a system functioning as designed and protecting those it was designed for" You mean "the innocent?" Thank you, AOC. I agree


The girlfriend of one of the guys killed by Rittenhouse stands there and literally blames the system for his death. When you go out to run wild in the streets you take your own life in your hands. I'm a felon, spent years doing bad shit for worse reasons. There came a time when I had to take responsibility for the situations I created. It's about time the rest of these mf stop blaming their misfortunes on everyone and everything but the actual problem THEMSELVES.


I couldn’t care less about Rittenhouse. What I do care about was the potential for this case to taint the concept of reasonableness while acting in self defense. The prosecution argued that an unarmed person reaching for a gun is not a deadly threat. That is wrong. The idea that he was provoking attack by just being armed in a volatile scenario is also wrong. Again, I don’t care about Rittenhouse, because he was being an idiot. I am just glad the jury made the right call.


The prosecutor also said he should have fired warning shots, which is not only illegal but contradictory to basic firearms safety. He also, finger on trigger, pointed a rifle at the jury. I don't understand how a prosecutor in a gun-friendly state can have such a poor understanding of how to handle firearms.


> I don't understand how a prosecutor in a gun-friendly state can have such a poor understanding of how to handle firearms. It's not a gun-friendly profession.


Yeah, the prosecution of this case was a distaster, as was the defense actually. I’m sure we can make a long list of claims made by the prosecutors that would contradict basic rights to self defense.


>that would contradict basic rights to self defense As well as the 5th amendment.


The phrase is “I couldn’t care less…” if you were able to care less than you do it implies you care a lot.


Good catch :)


Exactly, had this gone the other way the repercussions for self-defense could have been dire.


Not guilty. No matter how you view it, I think we can all agree the prosecution should be in fear for their jobs. I personally agree with the verdict, but the prosecution really dropped the ball on their end.


>I think we can all agree the prosecution should be in fear for their jobs Of their many, many mistakes. The biggest one was trying to charge him with murder in the first place.


Thats because this was a politically motivated case.


They went for the statement. Which seems to be the play these days to placate the mobs but it hasn’t really worked


If their behavior is typical of prosecutor behavior I think we need to have some very serious discussions about reforming our trial system. They crossed the line so many times I'm honestly shocked they got away with it.


They went well beyond aggressive prosecution. 1. Multiple potential Brady violations. They supplied the defense with a low resolution version of a video they planned on using, then showed the high resolution version in court. The video they used was also an edit of a much longer video, the full video was "lost". It seems likely they knew the identity of "Jump Kick Guy", but did not inform the defense. These are all things that should have been turned over to the defense because they are potentially exculpatory. 2. They tried to bring in evidence that the judge had specifically barred. There is a video from 2 weeks earlier of Kyle talking about wishing he could do something to stop some shoplifters. The judge said that it was not relevant, and could not be admitted. The prosecution tried to directly question him about it without talking to the judge first. 3. 5th amendment violation. The prosecution tried to directly imply that Kyle refusing to talk to the police without a lawyer was an admission of guilt. That is without getting into the huge pile of lies and/or blatant misinformation about self defense and firearms. That would be a whole separate post.


Some of us on the defense side have been saying this for years. Decades, even. It's just that 99.9999% of trials are not televised and do not have this level of attention, so it's a lot easier to fuck people over. Prosecution runs roughshod over our Constitutional rights every single day.


DA in my now 2 year old case still has literally nothing beyond the cops word, even has 1 lab test proving the cop was wrong...judge granted them 2 months for another chance to test at a different lab... won't change anything because reality is stubborn like that but yea... DA pursue prosecution not truth in my experience and as evident hete


They often try to over prosecute. Here besides that, there was hyperbole that to me would have discredited everything the prosecution said. They are supposed to be above board, and they are not usually. This makes it easy for us to be very skeptical.


>If their behavior is typical of prosecutor behavior This is the behavior of a prosecutor being watched by million of eyes. Imagine what they get away with behind closed doors. This is why there are so many innocent people in prison right now. It's why a competent defense is so vital to protecting our rights. I stopped laughing at 'defense attorneys just get bad people off' jokes when I started to really dig into this kind of thing and realized that those people are the only ones standing between us and a state that wants to put us behind bars.


>I think we can all agree the prosecution should be in fear for their jobs. They really should be. Not only fear of job, but their law licenses. Their withholding of evidence should be investigated. IANAL, but I would hope there is some criminal jeopardy for that kind of dishonestly.


Not to mention their attempt to portray the exercise of 5th Amendment rights as indicative of guilt. IMO that should be a one-strike-you're-disbarred offense. Of course after seeing all the prosecutorial misconduct I'm in favor of making one-strike-you're-disbarred the default, at least until prosecutors as a whole stop behaving like we saw in this trial.


Yes. Other prosecutors have been ~~debarred~~ disbarred for withholding evidence.


Or they can become the Vice President of the United States


Is it kamala you're talking about? Got a link?


Had no idea about this. But Google brought this fact check: [https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/oct/09/viral-image/harris-didnt-frame-and-prosecute-man-murder/](https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/oct/09/viral-image/harris-didnt-frame-and-prosecute-man-murder/) One of her deputies had committed that. But she seems to be complicit.






Shit go to MSNBC they are still reporting he took the gun across state lines https://www.msnbc.com/the-reidout/reidout-blog/kyle-rittenhouse-acquitted-homicide-rcna5748 And that headline * Kyle Rittenhouse trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill *The shooter’s homicide acquittal coddles conservatives and may lead to even more violence.*


I still don't understand how the media turned this case into a race issue. A white guy was attacked by other white guys, and killed 2 of them in self defense.


The first guy that attacked him being a child rapist who literally was screaming the n word at people earlier in the night, on film. Rittenhouse killed a racist child rapist who attacked him and gets called a white supremacists for it Funny thing is, the media could have shined a light on the Rittenhouse attackers and showed they were criminal rioters not protesters helping the narrative that the actual protesters were peaceful They went the other way


The correct verdict from a legal standpoint. There are no winners here, though. The situation was fucked up, the riot was fucked up, Kyle's presence there was a terrible decision, others' idea to rush him was a terrible idea, and all this trial has done is divide the right and left further. Legally correct, but nothing to celebrate.


Shocking to nobody who seen the video.


He’s no hero, but clearly this was self defense I’m very concerned about the cognitive dissonance some people are having with this trial. Like I’ve seen people try to say just having a gun negates his right to self defense, or that trying to wrestle the gun away from him was in itself some form of self-defense. So many things like this, really have me concerned for people‘s mental health. I honestly think people can’t come to grips with how pointless everything that happened in Kenosha was, all of it. Jacob Blake took a plea deal, which usually means they had him dead to rights on something. The police officers who shot him we’re not punished and they return to work. In the end all the riots and protests were pointless stupidity. And I think a lot of people are just not willing to accept that they may have been wrong about them. So this trial is the last shred of hope for them, and it’s not going the way they thought it would. 2020 broke their brains and this is just another example of that. And shouldn’t the idea that someone came to a protest and “fired randomly” into a crowd and hit three very horrible people be more concerning to the left? A feat that’s only possible if the majority of the crowd happened to be really horrible people. Like you would think most of the left would just consider this whole thing a wash, why do they so desperately want to defend the people shot?


Unequivocally the right decision. Any argument denying self defense was tainted with biases ranging from him being white to being on the wrong side of a political conflict.


This was the right decision. But many are going to take the wrong message from it.


I wonder how many of the “Hollywood Elite” currently melting down on Twitter: 1) Followed any of trial 2) Knows those killed weren’t black 3) Knows that they’re weeping over a pedophile felon who was screaming the n-word when threatening to kill this kid. I’m going to guess the percentage is very VERY low.


Gonna be some free christmas presents in Kenosha tonight


Horseshoe theory shattered. Fishhook theory in full swing.


Bill DeBlasio is doing his best to make sure his is the first name on the defamation suit, tweeting *after the verdict came out*: https://twitter.com/NYCMayor/status/1461761720939167745


Good god, that's just plainly egregious.


Yea what an irresponsible prick, he's the mayor of one of the most known cities in the whole world. He's a person and entitled to his opinion just like anyone but this is blatant lies


Rittenhouse is gonna make Sandmann look like a poor pleb when he starts to cash these checks.


It continues to BLOW MY MIND that people blame Rittenhouse for two people dying and not Rosenbaum for attacking him. (One could argue the second death falls on Rosenbaum as the second attackers killed may have thought they were doing good stopping an active shooter, though I personally disagree based on the second killed actions all night


In any just society Joseph rosenbaum, should have been in jail for life for the rape of those 5 children.


This is the truly sad part. That man should never have been back on the streets


Probably the right decision. It doesn’t mean Rittenhouse made the right choices leading up to the incident, IMO he has some blame in what happened. However, that doesn’t mean what he did was illegal or murder.


If making poor choices was a crime then 75% of the country would be in jail. He's a dumb kid who was attacked by even dumber adults, 1 of which was armed as well, except unlike kyle he was carrying illegally. If you don't like wisconsin guns laws, you don't have to live in a state where hunting and fishing are the main forms of recreation.


>If making poor choices was a crime Making poor choices resulting in harm to others is often punishable as a crime. In this case, everyone made stupid choices and nobody wins 🤷


I think this was the predictable outcome for this trial. It was clearly self defense even if he probably shouldn't have been there


Pretty dumb how Biden made a statement regarding himself being “angry” about the results.


Not surprised to see this verdict, I'm not sure how it could have been anything else. I suspect that a lot of people disagree with how it went down (I don't think anyone involved looks good, morally speaking), but legally speaking, he did nothing wrong. Because of that, I'm glad he got off.


I'm happy to see this, and I wish the Jurors nothing but safety. I sincerely hope this is the end of this mess for everyone in Kenosha... And I wish Mr. Rittenhouse luck with his likely civil suit against various media companies.


Wow, Rittenhouse damn near collapsed after hearing the final not guilty. I just can't imagine what his emotions must be like right now. Wow. **Not. Guillty.** Justice was served.


The judge was successful. This was more than a trial, this was a test of the integrity of the legal system and the ability of the jury to not be influenced out of court. That's why he resisted so many mistrial-provoking actions by the prosecution. And they did it, against all adversity


Yeah I can't even imagine the emotional roller coaster this kind of thing might be. An entire lifetime of ups and downs before you even turn 19.




CNN still slinging complete bullshit trying to stir up unrest… fuck these media losers to death man. Seriously they are cancer


I'm irrationally happy today. This case went far beyond Kyle Rittenhouse. In closing arguments, one prosecutor said you lose your claim of self defense if you bring a gun with you. The other said Kyle should have put his rifle down and had a fist fight instead. Not only was this a political prosecution to begin with... this brought up points that challenged the ideas of what self defense even was. I always thought it was justified self defense, but juries are weird. I'm thrilled they got this right. Obviously, it's good for Kyle because the kid won't have to spend the rest of his life in prison. But it's also good for all of us who need to defend ourselves in similar circumstances.


Any time a prosecution mentions "warning shot" as an alternative to self defense, the judge should be legally obligated to interrupt them and explain how that is not only a stupid idea, but also highly illegal


Especially when they are charging him for a shot that grazed one party and "endangered" another, had he fired a warning shot, they would have argued he was endangering life.


Is everyone willing to admit now that these so-called, professional "Fact-checkers" have a HARD left-leaning bias? This kid is about to come into some money after he sues everyone who lied about him for defamation.


Note that [Politifact](https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/aug/28/facebook-posts/did-kyle-rittenhouse-break-law-carrying-assault-st/) still says that the notion of it being legal for Rittenhouse to have the rifle he had is "False". They [doubled down](https://twitter.com/PolitiFact/status/1460321996340809736) on this on Twitter **after** the judge ruled otherwise. In other words, don't listen to what a judge says the law is, Politifact knows better. This matters because posting things that Politifact disagrees with will get your content removed from social media.




Sounds like a MSNBC freelancer.


Karen McDougal didn't get any money from Tucker Carlson when he lied blatantly about something she didn't do. Even calling his lie "undisputed fact". The judge said that Carlson can lie if he likes because >The decision siding with Fox on Thursday called it “the kind of pitched commentary that one expects when tuning in to talk shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight, with pundits debating the latest political controversies.” This ruling was consistent with an earlier one against Rachel Maddow who claimed AON was "paid Russian propaganda". It is ridiculously hard to prove defamation against these political performers. [https://thehill.com/homenews/media/568213-oan-loses-appeal-in-defamation-lawsuit-against-rachel-maddow](https://thehill.com/homenews/media/568213-oan-loses-appeal-in-defamation-lawsuit-against-rachel-maddow) [https://apnews.com/article/new-york-lawsuits-archive-tucker-carlson-karen-mcdougal-6e58ba1e14c18720a70b55a8fe7027e6](https://apnews.com/article/new-york-lawsuits-archive-tucker-carlson-karen-mcdougal-6e58ba1e14c18720a70b55a8fe7027e6)


Today my hope in the system has been restored. I am a pessimist; I never believed a jury of twelve would acquit though the evidence was so clear. I never thought this case should go to the jury and still don’t, but I am heartened to see the jury has fulfilled their oath. As someone in the process of dedicating themselves to the law, this outcome has strengthened my faith in the system. Yes, great evils were perpetrated in this case by the prosecution, but the system worked. A jury of peers who could easily have refused to acknowledge the facts or fallen victim to their fears have upheld the founder’s ideals.


>Today my hope in the system has been restored. I'm still unhappy that the prosecutorial part of the system. Too many games about hiding evidence (videos, identity of jump-kick-man), etc.


I totally agree, and they should be investigated by both the court and office of lawyer regulation in WI, but I'm just happy the system checks the prosecutor's misconduct.


>Today my hope in the system has been restored My hope will be restored if the prosecutors get in trouble for all the shit they pulled


Great day to be an American. If you are severely unhappy with the verdict, I'd suggest watching the trial.


No one should be happy with the outcome. - He had to use self defense against adults. That's disgusting . No one on the left cares to understand that an adult who's raped kids walked up to another kid saying 'im going to murder you' and chased him. - making fun of a kid who had to use self defense against some disgusting people, cried as he remembered the situation, and talking heads deciding that it's crocodile tears and white supremacy - MSNBC literally stalked jurors - People are cool with labeling someone racist despite scanty evidence (which is circumstantial at best) - The misrepresentation of the trial is deplorable. People talking about calling the definition of victims and using this an excuse to say it's bad - the prosecutor deciding to use the 5th amendment against Kyle and no one on the left cares - the view, MSNBC, CNN all stoking the flames while sitting in their penthouse suites guarded with people - the judge and his children getting death threads - talking heads deciding this is a way to justify going to a riot and shooting people in 'self defense' despite very little evidence this happened Off the top of my head. This is a disgusting display. My hearts go out to people who live in Minnesota and Kenosha. This weekend will not be good for you, and I'm sorry we live in a society where justice can prevail but because mob rule is gaining more power, justice isn't justice.


am pleasantly surprised. Our society has not entirely descended into moral corruption. There are still people of good character who will not fold to intimidation, like this jury and judge, and the defense was excellent. Well done to all.


As the days dragged on I was concerned they were going to come back with guilty


I've seen a lot of friends of mine are already threatening riots and violence in response on twitter :( I wish we could just try to maybe agree to use this as a reason to try to harm less people in general...


You should reconsider your friendships if your friends are going around threatening riots and violence.. or at least inform the police.


I hope the streets of Kenosha and elsewhere will be peaceful tonight.


Good, it was the correct decision


A stupid kid who should have not been there. But had the same right as everyone else to be there and to defend himself.


Don't want to be too pessimistic, but not the best timing to announce the verdict going into the weekend. Hopefully things don't get too crazy.


Hopefully a cold front comes through. Rioters don’t riot as well when it’s cold.


Nadler, who serves on the house judiciary committee, just said the DOJ should **review** the Rittenhouse **verdict** Complete fucking joke, they’re trying to double down on this stupidity


It feels like people who were manipulated by the propaganda (fake news) surrounding this case are desperate to hold on to anything that allows them to still "oppose" Rittenhouse. I don't know if it's cognitive dissonance or something else. It's likely a sub conscious reaction. By that I mean I'm sure they are being genuine on face value and believe what they say but I think some form of inner pride is causing the thought process on a subconscious level (why I lean towards cognitive dissonance) "He shouldn't have been" there just seems like such a strange response. Not only is it blatant victim blaming but it seems to completely bypass that the people who shouldn't have been there were the rioters. People there to destroy shit rate far below the kid there to help. 1. You shouldn't attack people 2. You shouldn't riot 3. You shouldn't threaten to kill people 4. You should scream racial slurs at people who put out the fire you started 5. You shouldn't hijack a good cause with a riot


I have to disagree on your last point. The Jacob Blake shooting was 100% justified. There was no good cause to protest.


Don't take this as an excuse to further political divides. Noones wants innocent people to get hurt although we sometimes might disagree on who exactly that is. Let's focus on making our little rock more pleasant to live on, and that takes cooperation.


I'm glad the jury made the correct decision because this kid was innocent based off of all the evidence. Now Kyle can start suing people and organizations for slander and libel.