Blair Walsh, yes that guy, has some interesting thoughts about the Vikings

Blair Walsh, yes that guy, has some interesting thoughts about the Vikings


Meh, I know it's a homer take but our ceiling is absolutely not 10 wins. If everything goes right, assuming the offense stays the same and the defense progresses then the ceiling could potentially be as high as 14. As optimistic as that sounds


My opinion is, defense will carry us to the playoffs, Our post season success is reliant on our offensive line play!


14 is a totally reasonable ceiling. I think we have a pretty low floor too unfortunately, but completely agree that our ceiling is that good for sure.


Lol, 14 is totally not reasonable


If everything comes together (competent OL, Zim’s plan for the DL), then this team could rival 2017. That defense was better but this offense, again OL defendant, would be better. It is a low chance, but that’s what a ceiling means.


Looking at all these down votes and there sure are a lot of ppl drinking the Kool Aid. 14-3 is crazy high. The things that would have to happen: Patrick Peterson is back to all pro self, Dantzler builds on his end of year play and stays healthy, both rookie linemen are good from the start, Bradbury stops being ass in pass pro, Cleveland turns into a good guard, someone actually is a solid #3 WR, Dalvin stays healthy, whole team has great health and lastly, Kirk doesn't have his trademark 3-4 game stretch where his alter ego, Kurt Cousins, plays QB and has no idea what he's doing.


Pretty spot on. Any reality check in this subreddit is downvoted to oblivion, who cares, worthless status symbol anyway, downvote me away. Id bet my entire 401k vikings don't hit 14 wins. If you put a gun to my head and I had to be super optimistic then let's go with 12 wins, which is also a big stretch.


That's why it's called a ceiling. Because it's the best case scenario. I don't get why that is so abusrd. If all of what you just said happens than our ceiling is 14 wins. We aren't talking about what is most likely to happen.


You're telling me that if everything goes perfectly for us this season there is no way we can get 14 wins even with an additional game? We have a good squad, I think 14 wins at an absolute maximum is reasonable for quite a few teams.


Everything almost never will go perfectly, you guys are way to high on offseason moves being some type of super mutant savor. Our poor defense and o-line won't be completely fixed overnight by drafts and patch work moves. Vikings have been up and down for years and the idea that they will bounce back to 14 wins after missing playoffs is almost laughable. Also don't have much faith in cousins when adversity hits as well, which it will. Blair is about spot on imo 8-11 wins is my range.


I don't think you understand what ceiling means then. Ceiling isn't a prediction that we are going to get 14 wins, but to say the team can ONLY get 11 wins total on the season even if everything works perfectly is pretty ludicrous. I will admit that I am high on the purple Kool aid, but this isn't me saying that we are going to get 14+ wins, just that there is a possibility it could happen.


>I don't think you understand what ceiling means then. So our ceiling is 20-0 Super Bowl Champs. That's a super interesting conversation. It's obvious that the person you're replying to, and everyone else in the thread, is talking about a *realistic* ceiling.


I think 14 wins is pretty reasonable for a ceiling. We have a solid offense that we added some rookies to, along with a revamped defense. Do I think that's gonna happen? No, not at all. I think 10 wins is about where we will land, but to say that 11 is the best we could possibly do this season is incorrect.


Yea I know what ceiling mean, this team doesn't have 14 win ceiling no matter how you spin it, you guys are acting like we have acquired Josh Allen or Aaron rodgers during the offseason.


Right? 14-3 is a dream.


"their scheme needs to be throwing the ball around, mixing in screens, and running the ball" Almost as lazy a take as that 27 yarder


Almost as lazy as making the 27 yard comment


Would you rather me comment about him flipping off Mike Zimmer right before missing a FG the next drive when he was on the SeaHawks, or how he only made 75 percent of his kicks that year, or how not all players should get a media job just because they played because of takes like this, or how requested a 1 hour pep talk from Gary Anderson, or how he flipped out at Seahawks fans after they got fed up with his continued missing wide left? All of those are too wordy so I went for brevity. Sorry it didn't land for you


Walsh's rookie season was 2012? Holy shit I feel old


Blair Walsh kinda looks like kirk cousins


Unemployed man who missed a significant kick says Vikings are mediocre.


I think defense is going to be elite again this season


He should stick to kicking poorly. He’s better at that then commentary.


I really don’t know why this bums take should hold any value