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I’ve got to ask… How is that mildly satisfying?


Came here to ask the same thing


Thanks for letting us know


The only satisfying part was her telling him off.


And that was VERY satisfying!


Actions and consequences. They made their newspaper and cardboard bed now they get to lay in it.




You will be their neighbor soon enough.


Nah I’ll come to your house


Oh yes, always the homeless’ fault, all of ‘em spend their money on beer and drugs. I bet that’s what you think isn’t it you incomplete fetus.


What a deluded perspective on some less fortunate people’s plight




I literally have the same ?. Maybe the woman standing up for herself.


OP has posted several videos of himself harassing the homeless and seems to miss the nuances of the housing crisis and systemic discrimination. That or he just enjoys harassing people and making himself feel superior.


Is that Pr0PAnE!!!!


More like r/sadanddepressing


What Jim here doesn't quite get, is that these people aren't out here for a holiday. And while the cost of a cell phone might be oh, say $50/month, the landlord class are out there leaching every last dime out of working people and some people can't afford $2000/mo for 400 sq ft. This, Jim, is capitalism. And seriously Jim, unless you're helping out, gtfo.


I don't think the point is that homelessness is bad. I think it's that they are slobs. They act as though they are entitled to have what they have taken from the tax payers. They should be arrested for littering like you and I would be. They would garner a LOT more sympathy and willingness to create solutions if they would bother to tidy up after themselves instead of throwing their crap all over the place.


"Arrested for littering like you or I would be" where tf you live where there's people being arrested for littering. The cops don't show up where I'm at unless somebody already got shot


Too true. Here in the once-beautiful Portland the cops won't come even if, say, a trucker is actively trying to run your car off the road. They told me to file a report (if I survived...I did.) Ten bucks says if I got out of my nice-ish car wearing my nice-ish clothes and threw a shit-covered bicycle wheel onto the ground in front of a cop, I'd suffer consequences. Or if I brought thousands of dollars worth of film gear onto a sidewalk and blocked it so that nobody could pass, I'd get ticketed. Same in L.A. Hold a decent camera in the city limits and you'll get swarmed by cops. Live there and crap on the sidewalk, meh, no big deal.




Actually not true at all. I'm a filmmaker and I know tons of L.A. filmmakers. Cops jumping (figuratively) on them when they pull out their camera is a very common complaint.




Being downvoted because you’re point is valid but they’re too high on their horse to see that these people’s long stretch of a lot of bad choices has caught up to them. Addiction is horrible and we shouldn’t have to live with their shitty choices. As a former foster child from multiple families 60-70’s, there were plenty of opportunities to make fucked up choices. I deferred and made many mistakes but they were usually in the ok vs good enough range. If you are poor or worse, foster don’t make this permanently life altering choices. Life is hard enough sober.


And “this guy had a cell phone” is such a stupid thing to say. A cell phone is a lot cheaper than rent lol and if someone does try to get a job you kind of need that as a resource for responses. This guys just an asshole, “when’s the city going to clean this up?” Like what do you expect them to do?? It should be “when is the city going to try and help these people get on their feet?”


Because LA is a beautiful city lmao. More like LA is a cancer spot on a map of the United states.


What a stupid fucking video.


This priveliged dipshit should more rightly have said, "I love what they've done with the economy. " Ever since Republican Reagan and his ilk kicked the mentally ill to the curb, and started funneling all the money up to the 1% elites, thereby gutting the middle-class, the U.S. homeless population has grown exponentially. What a sad, heartless POS is this video poster. Where the fuck does this clown expect people to live when they can't afford housing? To go film and criticize peopl who are down and out is despicable.




as someone who is a democrat, i definitely would not want to live like this. not my lifestyle




I’m just saying it’s kinda silly to assume they’re democrats, when especially in my area many of the homeless camps are widely republican




yep. almost all of them.




you’ve done the same there in cali? right???




Dude, FOX is lying to you. L.A. is heavily republican.


Ever hesr of homeless Veterans? Go run away on your bone spurs.


Dear GOD man, read a history book or a decent newspaper. “That’s California…that’s democrats” what a PROFOUNDLY ignorant, reductive statement.


Note: your inevitable “ripped from the fox news debate playbook” response is meaningless. Your statement was profoundly ignorant and reductive. Better yourself.


The colonizer strikes again!!!


The guy recording is literally harassing people already down on their luck from the satety of his car. What a prick.


He’s upset they threw something at his car…. What a douche


Wow you're woke


What’s that mean?


I mean why would someone be a dbag for being upset for someone throwing something at his car? You're comment is a virtue signal. We get it dude, you're woke and care for the street people and bums.. Lol I think I'm done with reddit for the day. 👋


No what does woke mean? And dudes “upset” maybe he should stop harassing homeless people, seems like a great way to avoid this situation.


Would avoid having things thrown at his car if he wasn’t specifically trying to get a reaction from people and filing it. If hes so mad at the state of his streets he should do something productive not just harass people then get pissy when they bite back.


Says "woke" and "virtue signaling" over a brief exchange and then waves goodbye. Yay! You got to use your buzzwords! You owned the libs today, champ!


Devastated, a true travesty


I'm upset that the thrown object didn't connect to his head. There's still hope...


I agree, either help them or fuck off.




Everyone does drugs. Rich people do the most fucking drugs.


I know you’re being a cunt but to answer your question honestly. Food, water, socks, blanket, baby wipes, toilet paper, sleeping bag or just ask them what you can do to help.




I've worked with many social workers and I've never heard one of them act the way you do, I'm sure there's a good reason why you're not a social worker anymore.


You’re full of shit. I live in a metropolitan area where I’m surrounded by these people, I give away my old clothes and put together care packages that I hand out regularly and guess what jackass… they’re very appreciative and kind.


Man i get why you're reacting this way but i get his point of view also. I've lived near something like this and by a drug den. Walking home from work or to the store at night just wasn't safe.


Except he's not filming and harassing the people responsible for this mess. He's filming and harassing the victims of it.


They aren't the victims of their own mess. Homelessness and squalor are different things.


Especially when you start chirping the people living in tents


How? They are in public. They have no expectation of privacy. They are committing crimes. They have no expectation of not being recorded while in the commission of those crimes. Down on your luck is one thing. Trying to stay afloat is one thing. Being forced to live on the streets is one thing. But that's not what's happening here and you know it. They are shitting OUR cities up. They are part of our society yet they are refusing to abide by the most basic human civility involved in being part of a society. They want us to GIVE them housing and food and meth and healthcare but they can't be bothered to do so much as throw their garbage into the garbage can. So fuck them.






I have volunteered in a soup kitchen for years feeding the homeless. Ten years ago, I’d agree with you. Most were down on their luck and a few needed mental health care. Now most are entitled drug addicts that expect to get fed but do not want to be forced into housing on the condition of getting sobered up. They’d rather stay high and on the streets. It is going to take tough love to force them into rehab and that may have to include incarceration, or it’s just going to get worse.


I fully agree with you. I am actually a very compassionate and empathetic person. One of my first homes was a VW Bug and I've been close to being homeless several times. If I do someday end up becoming homeless, I should be expected to not throw piles of trash everywhere. I should be expected to respect the land which is owned and maintained by others that I'm staying on. I should be expected to not be stumbling around wacked out of my mind on all kinds of illegal drugs. I should be expected to not destroy businesses and the community around me. If I do all of that, I should expect that people will allow me to just live my life undisturbed just as I am doing with them. But none of this is what is happening.




Thank you for the civil feedback. They are a nuisance. That is NOT because they are homeless or down on their luck or living on the sidewalk. It IS because they make the choice to shit the place up. They don't need busted up washing machines and bicycle parts and shelving units on top of their piles of sopping wet clothes sprawled out into the street and completely blocking sidewalks. They don't need to be tearing the bark off of OUR city trees and burning them down. They don't need to park their RVs literally in the middle of the road. Their being is not a nuisance. How they CHOOSE to treat the sites that WE own and pay for is a nuisance. Again, them being there is unfortunate and options should be provided but them making the choice to turn our cities into shit holes is not acceptable.




I don’t understand how what she is saying is in anyway resentful, can you explain this? I think she makes a very valid point, I volunteer with Foster Children & I have a heart that is too tender many times to cope with the Volunteer position that I am committed to, but I totally don’t see anything inappropriate or unsympathetic toward anyone homeless that she posted. I’m new to Reddit but what I seem to wonder is if people are really reading others post thoroughly or just skimming a few words. I would hope everyone would read a post thoroughly & ponder on the views of others before they respond & be respectful of other people’s feelings.


Wow. That comment officially qualifies you as cuck of the week. The girl that threw the bottle was in her early twenties. Poor life decisions. What the hell is wrong with people in Reddit. Get out of your moms basement and live in the real world or pretty soon your moms neighborhood will look this too. Dipshits in their 20s… 🤣


Its so ironic that you accuse others of having no life experience when you don't realise what the life of these people might look like. You might have had the luxury of not being raped by your family members and traumatised to then move to drug or alcohol abuse after not being able to afford therapy. You just don't understand how awful some people's cards are dealt before they fully develop into productive members of society.


Only true cucks use the word cuck.


Yeah this video isn’t gonna get the attention you thought you were gonna get. I’d remove it now if I were you. Harassing homeless people….? Not it.


This dipshit does this stuff all the time. Looks like he made a brand new account just to keep it up.


Does filming mean harassment? They are in public


Did you miss the first part of the video or ignoring that part on purpose?


Oh I have it on mute my bad lol


Did that guy really have a CELL PHONE! What has this city come to 🙄


Heart breaking to see third world countries that are too poor to provide social safety nets for the vulnerable members of their society.


*first world*


Literally California


Equivalent of a 3rd world country. The nice parts are nice. The rest isn't.


I mean, brazil is in fact a third world country and is in better shape than that lol is violent as fuck, poor as fuck, but even poor people have roofs


Been to both places extensively. I’m not a fan of California, but I don’t think they’re remotely comparable. Rio is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and the crime rates listed are hilariously low because so much goes unreported.


I love when people who have never been to one of the biggest states describe it.


These people can work, but choose not to because of the benefits they get for being unemployed and homeless. My uncle hired a 19 year old guy and because he was employed he lost a lot of the benefits the state provides. So, the guy quit and rather collect his benefits and be on the street than work.


'Choose not to work' =/= the state punishes them for working. The system is broken, don't blame people for doing what's best for them.


Im not blaming anyone im just telling my anecdote.


It's obvious your uncle didn't pay enough for him to afford his bills without benefits so he quit. Unfortunately, making minimum wage or even 15 an hour isn't enough to put a roof over your head or food on the table.


Yeah this guy has made several videos of him being a total piece of shit just disregard this trash can of a human being


I heard the orange tent is on the market what’s the asking price?


What’s satisfying about harassing the homeless? I’m sorry, you can hate the mess but this isn’t helpful. Speaking from someone who was a frontline worker.


70,000 homeless kids in Oklahoma. Massive problem for everyone everywhere…It’s maybe our biggest problem as a country that gets little to no media attention and immigrants pour in every day at the border while lots of people struggle. Guy in his car coming across pretty ignorant is a understatement. It’s really sad I wish we could put a real dent in the American homeless situation.


The Mormon Church has amassed around $100-$200 BILLION dollars in their investment portfolios. I know in Utah we spend about $33million per year on homelessness. So if ONE BILLION is 1,000 Million dollars -- the Mormon church could double the funds spent on Utah's Homelessness problem for the next 30 years. Not that money always solves these problems but it generally helps in terms of providing shelter, medical care, job training, counseling, food, clothing etc. There are 50 states in the U.S. -- so maybe they could take $50 BILLION of their fortune and actually do something good in the world instead of building a shopping mall in downtown SLC and bailing out Zion's bank back in 2008 housing crash. Now if every RICH fucking church in America actually did charity work with their fortunes then I think we could likely end the lack of shelter and probably make a huge dent in the associated issues that come with lack of housing. (I'm not attacking the churches that do charitable work, I'm pointing out that the Mormon church has a massive fortune and it has not made any charitable donations with that fund -- it uses their annual tithing to cover charitable work but their investment funds just keep growing).


The LDS church has a global outreach program, and provides relief for natural disasters globally, very similar to Red Cross, they are a world wide religion and tend to focus more on global humanitarian issues rather than individual concerns from just one country


I hate when these videos squirm into my feed, this is pointless and also irritating to see. Nothing mildly satisfying about this.


I am glad for living in czech republic.


What a total piece of shit, I hope the he gets what he deserves.


Who the fuck is this piece of shit taping and posting this?? Go get fucked dude.


Speaking from someone who was homeless at one point…stop treating people like this. It makes you a terrible person.


you’re an actual dipshit for posting this


This is the opposite of satisfying, just some asshole harassing people


“When’s this city gonna come clean this up” Idk buddy maybe when we have a society that doesn’t leave people in homelessness when they can’t afford rent and can’t get access to mental health and rehabilitative care. Dumb, disconnected from reality head ass


Also note that going in and removing these people when they’re the largest growing population in LA with literally nothing to lose besides their “shit everywhere” is probably not the best idea. Riots have happened there before and it’s not fun for anyone.


Person filming is a piece of shit


All of his videos equally suck. This guy is genuine trash.


This guy is just posting videos of him being a bad person harassing homeless and usually PoC on this subreddit and others. He’s a bad actor and in a couple other posts people were theorizing he’s a nazi (idk the reasoning but guys an asshole so idgaf) so he’s probably a nazi


Don’t bother people man shits annoying


You're a cunt. Plain and simple. Help fix the situation or go back to crying on your couch.


It really sucks. But this video choice aint great either


Everyone gets an L for this


Not satisfying at all


I was waiting for someone to smash his window so I could be mildly satisfied


You must really hate yourself OP to be posting videos bashing the poor. Some people can't even afford to fucking live anymore and you gotta post shit like this.


Not sure how having a cell phone means anything. They are literally free in America


And with Mint Mobile, you to can have an affordable plan too!


Dont help, just film. This guy is a huge piece of shit and coward to boot.


Wow dick move recording the homeless and mocking them like this. Blame capitalism not them.


And propane accessories


Fuck the OP. Go get them some food and talk to them as human beings maybe you’ll understand why they are there. Not everyone gets the same cards dealt. My guess is your one paycheck away from joining them.


I have lost faith in humanity...Whoever posted, you suck.


This isn’t satisfying, it’s sad as hell.


Where is this at Commiefornia?


They did a poll last year someone wen to all the homeless camps in Los Angeles and asked each one that would answer him whether they would accept help regarding homes half way homes temporary housing or mental health treatment almost all said they enjoy not having to pay rent taxes or anything else and they also enjoy the fact that they don't arrest you in la anymore for shoplifting and things like that . I'm not blaming the homeless but I am blaming the granola crunchy ass radical far left democrats that think people are harassing homeless when they aren't you go look up how many huge I mean HUGE encampments with stolen electricity cabled from with a business school or directly from the power lines themselves. they camp on sidewalks in neighborhoods miles long it's out of control and given the chance to get help most of these out of state homesless come to California just to do precisely this. It's not mine they are peaceful either they stealing mass amounts they car jack they take furniture from your home and just post up down the block in huge tents with electric and fucking couches living better than we who pay taxes and rent for them to sleep on my sidewalk steal my power harass my children as they walk to school just think about that and goodle the huge ass encampments in Los Angeles


They're living like that because they've lost everything you judgemental Twat the last thing they need is some twat making tik tok bideos and making smart asd comments if I was her the dish would have hit you keep behaving like that someone is gonna seriously hurt you


OP IS A KNOWN TROLL Op gets his account banned every few days for posting stuff like this. He usually will continue the process just to troll.


What a smug dickhead, why shouldn't he have a cellphone ? he probably needs it to look for work, as for throwing stuff at your car you deliberately went during the day when most if them are away if you'd gone at night they'd have pulled you out the car and gave you the beating you're begging for


This is just sad.


What a lax HOA wonderful.


So many people lost their home and are now forced to live in the streets 😢☹️


This guy is a literal sack of shit.




I think what is going on has to do with a ,have, is driving by some withouts and complaining how they affect his glorious day.


Let them have the state Ca is gone


Nah they will be spread out like cancer in every city, as planned.


If you’re pissed off about the homeless take them in and get them on their feet. That’s what me and my fiancé do.


Bet he wouldn’t be making these videos if the table was turn. Such a jackass. Has no empathy.


Ignorance 😡


How is this satisfying in any way?


There's 2 sides of the coin. If I lived in the same neighborhood as them I'd be mad because they'd probably be breaking into cars and just destroying the streets overall. But on the other hand these are people in need, with a bunch of differents issues/problems/addixtions/sickness, who are unable to keep up with the "standard of society" ( make a shitload of money to barely afford to survive), and are struggling, being on the streets must be pretty tough for your mental and physical health. So I'd recommend just help out if you can, or stay out of the way if the people in this situation bothers you. Just don't make their life harder.


You’re a jerk. Videoing people who are houseless. Trying to humiliate people by recording their situation is assholery at its finest.


“Their so crazy” more like you are dude, fucking with homeless people and wining like a little bitch when the consequences of your actions face you in the form of violence. IlL SeNd It To ThE CoPs. How about you don’t put yourself in dangerous situations in the first place you idiot.




Everything and everybody looks like crap.


You should be pissed at every single billionaire that lives in this state. Any single one of them, could fix homelessness, but they choose to piss and moan about what the city should be doing.


As long as they don’t allow the government to manage the money donated to fix the problem, I would agree.


California homelessness and shootings. What a beautiful state


I'm sorry, what is midlysatisfying about this? Harassing people in a bad situation? Yelling at them? Tempting them? Using them for internet clout against their will? I hope you're happy. You're nasty and absolutely the opposite of anyone with actual morals.


Yea, maybe don't harass people on the street and film it??


The fuck is this video satisfying? Fuck off.


I wonder how we must dehumanize others to film them in moments like this and really post it and consider ourselves good decent human beings. We are fucked as a species.






To be fair, I'd beat his ass for treating me like a zoo animal, too.


Looks like LA; they’re big on social welfare.


The guy who took this video is a fucking prick. Brilliant, shit on those that are clearly down on their luck.


You see homeless people and think, “I should harass them.” Gross.


This belongs in r/imatotalpieceofshit because that’s what op is


I love assholes like this that think they’re contributing anything of value by harassing strangers and not offering any kind of solution. You honestly think these people want to live there? Yeah, the city needs to step up and people like you need to vote for leaders that will do something to help these people and not just pad their own pockets.


Spamming the same shit on unrelated subreddits… dope


guy in car drives around city and decides to get angry that OTHER people are homeless. go buy a farm house and live alone then. don’t make other people’s day worse because you’re insecure.


You gotta be a sick fuck to blame homeless people for being homeless. Jesus Christ what is wrong with people.


And what did you and your city do to the neighborhoods they used to live in, and the jobs that used to have that could pay rent?


cool you’re harassing homeless people, do you feel better about yourself?




Is that cocaine


R/photoshop requests her made to be a Calvin Klein model


Leave them alone. Do you think they WANT to be living in the tent in the middle of fucking winter?? I get they shouldn’t have vandalized your car but it doesn’t seem like you know exactly who did it.


Propane and cell phones....oh my


Ummm what?


Looks like a Fallout sequel.


the guy who filmed this video is retarded af and a piece of shit as a human. These people dont have the fault their lives went downhill, no one wants to live on the streets and like this. Usa gov is the main problem and the lack of affordable housing.


Lots of this spam all over today. What are they distracting from with rage bait? This is strictly for the rural people, so they think that cities are dangerous. It's preying on the idea that whole cities are slums, which is patently false except Newark.


I’d actually really like to fight this guy, seems like a complete waste of skin.


Did he say look how crazy they are when he rolled up filming them didn’t ask for permission invading their privacy.


This looks very normal for one of the wealthiest nations in the world.


Only thing Im pissed off at is the asshole holding the camera


"When's the city gonna come clean this up?" As a formerly un housed person, that dude can fuck off to hell


Who else has a bothering nose hair today!?


So if I want to LARP the walking dead show I can just move there?


Who ever made this video sucks Shit . And I’m sure wants people to join in on him with his shittyness


Good’ol California!!!!


If OP is camera guy… then OP is a cunt.


So sad. Thank God I never had to live like that,yet😎




Maybe satisfying she broke her bat dinner ware


Why even mess with them? Go on about your day you pos


Cell phone are cheaper than housing…just saying


Take this down immediately, specifically for the sake of that young and clearly struggling family. This was deeply unkind and further unhelpful to any cause to rectify this.


Shanty town