I’ve noticed that they (the manufacturers) raise the price of wings during football season. If you look at legs, thighs & wings, the wings are more expensive considering you are mainly paying for bone because there isn’t much meat on wings. The same applies to those wings of yours. Also mfg’s have quietly changed the amount while you are paying more. For instance the bag may have been 16 ounces before but now is 14 or 12.5 ounces and you’re paying more for less.


It’s called shrinkflation


Don't worry, soon they'll start advertising a "new" bigger portion that is the same size as before, and they'll use the "new" size as an excuse to raise the price even further.


**NEW!** (packaging)


Yes it’s called shrinkflation




You have to actually make the food, not heat up pre-made stuff.


Yeah its cheaper to just make your own.


Make your own chickens


Raise chickens just for the wings.


But I want an Italian sandwich


Raise some Italians.


Which hole does the dressing come out of?


The left nostril, the seasonings come out of the right.


Gravy comes from behind


This thread has been phenomenal. Making my own "Italian" soon


I’m waiting for the “it’s sauce, not gravy” argument to ensue…


Depends if you want creamy or vinaigrette




Not raise some Italians 🥹🤌🏼


Just for their wings.


Actually, the cost of raw chicken wings is also through the roof. At least, where I am.




That’s if they aren’t bad as well! Over the past year and a half my family and my in laws have bought meat which ended up smelling straight up bad when we open the packaging. Never dealt with so much food loss and worse when your on a budget. It sucks


Just return it. I know it's a hassle, but grocery stores *do* accept returns.


Its how much you get vs the price what matters.


Right. I’m old enough to remember when they GAVE chicken wings away. All before that asshole from Buffalo.


*Grabs a rooster* “You ready?”


There is an aura of chaos around >“You ready?” and I love it


I had flashbacks to when my mom tried to race some intimidating looking guys going on to the Loop 202 in Phoenix. Gripping the steering wheel until her knuckles were white, rolling down the window, screaming over my elder sister in the front seat, YOU READY?! And peels off onto the freeway. You are right. The phrase has chaos in it.


Ah the good ol loop 202. Used to live in phx. Once drove the entire loop 202 and the loop 101 just for fun. Beautiful views


Yeah people think buying bagged, processed foods from a grocery store is any different than buying the same bagged, processed foods from a restaurant like Applebee’s (who buy this same bagged food and heat it up in a microwave) lol you have to buy fresh food, from a fresh grocer, and make multiple meals out of it. *That’s* buying groceries lol


This gives off the same energy as that post a while back from some mom complaining about how “this is what $100 gets you at the grocery store” and the picture is just loads of junk food and soda and like one pack of raw chicken and one can of beans


In AUS its $1.50 US per Kilo (2.2 pounds) of three joint wings at the local shops (coles). Throw on some seasoning and hot sauce or BBQ sauce and your set.


£1.85/kg here. But buffalo wings £3.50/525g. I just get big bottles of Franks from Costco and do them myself.


Buffalo chickens are so hard to come by though.


Not as rare as boneless chickens though.


Explains why boneless pizza costs so much


Yeah, often buying frozen ready made food is just as expensive as eating out. Putting pre cooked wings in the oven isn't cooking


Well besides the awful affects on your health that most pre-made things have a lot of them a fairly cheap and will still save you money, I’m not sure where or why one would buy premade chicken wings, when you can literally buy them raw and make them with the same amount of effort but 🤷‍♀️


It’s not really the same amount of effort or time. I am a SAHM so I make everything fresh, but a bag of chicken wings can be cooked in 6-12 minutes. When I make it from scratch, it takes an hour. When I was working, my day started at 5:30 a.m and ended at 10:00 p.m. Convenience foods are made for people who don’t have the time or energy to make food from scratch. With that being said, I much better prefer food from scratch. I just understand why convenience food is purchased.


Also worth mentioning: the cleanup afterwards.


Urgh. The worst.


Yes same goes for people with chronic illnesses. Able bodied people realllllly do not understand how difficult it can be for us to make a meal. I am lucky if I can do more than open a can of soup & heat it up some days. Sometimes convenience is not just convenience, its necessary. Trust me, I want to be healthier and make all my meals from scratch, but its just not realistic at all.


Sometimes I skip heating it. It's hard to have an appetite when everything hurts.


God right? Anything that can be eaten cold/room temp from a resealable container can and will be done that way because even thinking of eating enough to literally keep living can make me nauseous. Needs to be 0 effort and as little standing time as possible if I'm gonna get more than 500 cal a day.


The fact that many packaged foods are still cheaper is a big part of obesity epidemics in countries. On the bright side, frozen vegetables and other frozen/canned produce is often cheaper and just as good as the "fresh" items, and sometimes even better, as they can be picked when ripe and processed immediately.


Frozen peas are something I swear by. They taste better than fresh ones like 90% of the year, usually cheaper, and you don’t have to go through the trouble of opening up all the pods to get the peas out.


My favorite is canned tomatoes. When it's the season I'll go fresh and local. The rest of the year it's the only way to go. People need to be more aware of growing seasons for produce because as long as you are buying in season it's incredibly cheap.


Frozen produce, including frozen peas, used to be a lot worse prior to the proliferation of flash freezing. They, relatively, recently got much better than they've historically been. Now the old "frozen taste" is evidence your freezer keeps getting below temperature. Rather than just how frozen produce used to come.


100% I mainly eat frozen veggies. The mixtures are perfect in soups and things like broccoli, cauliflower, and peas make great low effort sides. I’ve also dabbled in making my own frozen smoothie bowls, haven’t gotten that quite right but once I do it’ll be a great way to save any fruit I have left over each week.


Frozen is ideal for veggies like peas. Canned is meh, because they’re cooked, essentially. Flash frozen have the advantage of, they can be picked at the peak of their flavor and quickly flash frozen. Almost all of the nutrition of fresh. Canned tomatoes are better than fresh when it comes to supermarket produce. I hate buying fresh tomatoes at a store, they just… suck. Always. Even in season.


> I’m not sure where or why one would buy premade some people would rather pay a premium for food they can just throw in a microwave over having to prepare it themselves. maybe its laziness or maybe they never learned how to prepare food. what I don't understand is if they're willing to pay the premium, why complain about the premium afterwards?


Ok not everyone feels confident to cook, even wings. And also, many of them at least here, don’t have anything different than what you’d put in it. You can say things in a less condescending way. ‘Hey op, home made wings are actually super easy to make, as cheap as these, for more, and take the same time as cooking these from frozen - here’s a recipe *link* have a look, and if you have questions, I’m sure we can help.’ That’s how you say what you said, if you want to help someone. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you get all judgy.


Sam’s Club has 10 pounds of wings for $23.98, Costco probably has something similar.


$23 for 10 lb of chicken that's a good deal in my book


I remember when chicken was $1/lb Seems like about 3 years ago


Yeah I never remember that, and before I started working at the brewery working at a grocery store I've never seen chicken that cheap


Might have something to do with where I live It’s still not that bad. A 10lb pack of Tyson’s is $15 here (Arkansas)


I think Costco is close to 26 for 10 pounds of plain wings and legs


You could have saved so much more buy buying raw wings and seasoning them yourself. Frozen food are tasty,but they definitely ain't cheap or worth for value.


The other day I almost bought a single serve frozen lasagna for 8.99. I put it back. Insane.


It really really depends on the store you go to. Buy in bulk it will be cheaper, go to bulk stores like costco


i always buy my frozen food bulk. its nice to open up the freezer for easy meals when im sick or lazy


If I make a full 13x9 pan recipe of my lasagna it’s like $40 in ingredients with the amount of meat and cheese in it.




It depends on the recipe. The recipe I used it use has 2lbs of beef, 2 packs of pepperoni, and a lb of sausage. With current inflation it's $25-30 for just the meat. By the time I add a lb of mozarella and a lb of ricotta, we'd be at $40. Without even getting to tomatoes and pasta. These are all Walmart prices btw. However, a more standard recipe with just a lb of beef which is $6 a lb for the cheapest tube stuff is still gonna run over $25. Again Walmart prices.


Aldi is cheaper. You must also be in a HCOL area. It is not that expensive in the Midwest. Beef is 3 to 4 per pound and sausage was like 2.50 or 3 when I bought some last week. Pepperoni at Aldi is about 2.50 per package. Cottage cheese and ricotta are like 2 bucks at Aldi too. Grand total being about 19 dollars.


I live in a LCOL (deep south) and the prices are absolutely high like that here.


Yeah but shit that will feed 10 people, where the single serve will leave one person hungry.


Raw chicken you season yourself and cook is way more tasty than premade


especially if you have a big bag of MSG ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Shit I have a jar of crack salt (msg) and surprisingly never thought of adding any to my wings. Good idea.


You can add MSG to anything and it will improve the taste. MSG will improve the taste of water. MSG will improve the taste of MSG!


Not disagreeing per se, air fryer wings with seasoning are incredible. But a wing with breading is a different category


Yeah this is just eating takeout food at home, which you got from the grocery.


Not to mention many places sell rotisserie chicken at a loss. You just have to break it down which you can do with a fork and fingers if necessary


even here in Australia you can get pre-seasoned/sauced wings from your local butcher for AU$7-8 a kilo, and we always pay at least 1/3 more than in the USA. OP needs to find somewhere else to buy his groceries if he's paying around US$20 for a kilo of frozen wings


Thats not really what eating at home means though... 16 bucks could get you a whole tray of raw chicken breast or a tray of bigger drumsticks... then season and cook them yourself. More bang for your buck. Might even have extra cash for a couple cans of beans.


Absolutely. They have those like ten lb bags of frozen plain chicken wings where I live. Just plain wings cut into flats and drums and flash frozen. Those are the way to save money by making wings.


Yep. I work at Sam's Club and stock thousands of pounds every day. 3 bucks a pound.


Nice , the standard supermarket has them randomly on sale by me but Walmart has them too and costco also. Get a big pot and a bunch of oil and you can make more wings than you can eat


If you buy them still attached they are usually about a dollar a pound less and all you have to do is make 2 chops to cut the little nub off the end and separate the wing and drumstick


The fancy organic wings or whatever are like $8 a lb at the store by me. Chuck them in the air fryer and coat them in wing sauce and you’ve spent half of what they paid for that bag and it’s better quality


Even if you get better quality than what im thinking its still less expensive than the ones op purchased. Having a place to store fozen shit is a great way to save money but eat good still


Right! A whole package of chicken and a bag of potatoes…. Multiple meals right there. All for what OP spent for 12 measly little frozen chicken wing.


[Target chicken drumsticks raw 2lbs about $7.](https://www.target.com/p/perdue-antibiotic-free-chicken-drumsticks-1-6-2-2-lbs-price-per-lb/-/A-53659615#lnk=sametab) [Sweet baby rays wing sauce $3.](https://www.target.com/p/sweet-baby-ray-39-s-buffalo-wing-sauce-16oz/-/A-16823962#lnk=sametab) more food for $10 and you only have to bake it for a little bit longer.


Plus you know OP, use the extra savings for some parchment paper or tinfoil you monster.


You can get two family packs of drumsticks for $18. I’ll cook up one pack for meal prep and it usually lasts me a week (and that’s having like 3-4 legs a day).


How do you get them to crisp the same way and be so flavorful? I feel like mine are always okay, but nowhere as good as the precooked ones


YouTube has some good step by step recipes. Many cook book bloggers online too. Your call. Trial & error from then on.


Fat/oil, flour, cornflour, salt, and whatever your choice of spices are - I usually go with Cumin, paprika, white pepper and onion/garlic powder. Dry the wings/drummys off first, then let them sit Uncovered in the fridge to dry. Then slather them with oil and the the dry mix. Should crisp up nicely in a hot oven or air fryer.


There are loads of good recipes out there that will explain what tips and tricks make for the best wings


Real talk for that price I could get boneless chicken thigh ,sauce and fries out them in the air fryer and have a feast


I was gifted an air fryer recently. That thing is awesome.


Totally this. I moved to a place where there is no such thing as fast food or delivery and because I've been learning to cook and baking like crazy for 5 years I didn't even notice! The prices on everything are very quickly starting to motivate me to go pescatarian like I've been thinking about for years. There seems to be no end to corporate greed.


Frozen foods are notoriously expensive. Use that $16 to buy some ground beef, spices, veggies, and beans. Make a dope pot of chili and use your awesome rice cooker there to add rice into it. That'll stretch it out nearly all week


For any unlucky soul who actually needs nuance, **frozen food COMPONENTS are a cost effective option to frozen food ENTREES.** (And dining out.) When the advice "eat at home" is offered, it means taking the time to turn raw ingredients into a prepared dish/meal. This results in multiple servings, leftovers, a lower cost-per-serving price than other options, and more control over seasoning/spice/flavor/inputs. Buying a "heat and eat" frozen item is just the home game version of "Let's Eat Out!" And for the decadent gluttons, it means no upcharge for extra cheese/sour cream/etc. For the picky eaters, you _actually save money by omitting components_ like cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, jalapenos, ranch dip, etc.


Frozen chicken and esp wings are always expensive for sure! Seconding this vote. You can also check out the rotisserie chickens in the deli and deals on regular ole raw chicken tenders, those are often much, much more affordable. Use em for different meals throughout the week or stock up your freezer with the leftovers.


Those chickens are great. I use them for bulk tortilla soup


Discount rotisserie chicken is a steal, so many possibilities for such a cheap price. Anytime you can get a whole chicken from under $8 it's a steal


$4.99 from Costco


Fun Fact: Costco sells it at a loss, because the owner of the company refuses to increase the cost. Same reason hot dogs are still the same price they were since the 1980's.


Yes! One of my go-to meal plans is: Boxed broth- 2.99 Some powder broth boullion (optional) An onion + A carrot +celery stalk = usually about $2-3 all together depending on season/sales/and how it’s packaged. Some frozen peas (on sale- $2) Rotisserie chicken- $4.99 Some potatoes- $2-3 And in my crockpot= I get meals for a week from chicken soup!


One way I've learned to really amp up a chicken soup is to use cream of chicken. Adds a wonderful amount of flavor and mouthfeel for only $1.50


Rice in chili, interesting




>Chili served over rice AKA "American Curry"


I thought his name was Steph


Serve it over toasted buttery and cheesy chunky mashed potatoes.


Served over rice is one thing. Mixing the two in a pot I think would go poorly




Rice, chili and fritos. Percentages entirely up to your preferences. Bit of sour cream and hot sauce (optional) on top. Mix a bit, but not entirely just before eating.


I have that same rice cooker OP has and I put rice in nearly everything. It's cheap, filling, and blends well with so many meals.


Rice is delicious.


My niece and nephew, who are 1/4 Japanese love rice with egg and soy sauce for breakfast. Sometimes the egg is scrambled, sometimes medium-well.


I’m a whole ass Mexican and I eat that shit. Rice is just delicious I’d eat that shit 5 times a day if I could. My little one loves it too. We some rice fiends lol


Just literally finished eating some chicken broccoli and rice... I could eat rice plain if that's all I had....


Rice and butter. Mmm


I was engaged to a Filipino years ago and learned to make fried rice his way: rice, eggs, crumbled cooked bacon, spring onion, garlic, hot sauce. It is by far my favorite thing to eat. I will make it without bacon for dinner many evenings because its so fast, tasty and filling.


You’ve never had beans and rice?




Why would you pay that much? Just dumb man.


There are a lot more people out there even dumber than this guy. Spooky when you think about being on the road with these people.


Frozen food is not what people mean when they say you can save money by making food at home. Rice, fish or meat and veggies can be really cheap. I can literally make a meal for two with fresh tilapia for under $6 and it will be delicious and I’ll have left overs. Frozen food of this type is just as expensive as going to a restaurant but they add a bunch of fat and salt so it tastes better in a restaurant.


I dont know where you shop, but talapia is ten bucks a pound where I live.


If you live in the American south near florida it’s free to catch and in a lot of places


In florida you can go and grab lobsters for free right out of the water


In Texas, you can fight hogs with knives. It may sound like i am joking, but that is an actual method of hunting them. Some people will even pay you for it.


Veggies are not cheap here, unless you mean frozen, canned, or carrots.


Buying pre-made food is not “eating at home…” in the way you imply. You just brought a restaurant meal to your house. Make it yourself to actually save money…


Eating at home means cooking with ingredients. You can get a lb of chicken wings at target for 4.79 and pan fry, oven fry, fry fry. I own a fryer way better. Wing sauce is just butter and hot sauce simmered. One of the easiest things to cook. Ps I like to add in some honey, red pepper flakes etc. I make all different kinds of wing sauce.


if you just bought the raw ingredients and made them yourself it woulda been like $5. eating out is way more expensive than eating at home. unless you buy expensive food to eat at home. this is like a pound of chicken, look up the price for 3lb of frozen chicken... it's less than what you paid.


Yeah, OP got ripped off considering the same exact pack is $9 at Walmart. Although I would recommend getting raw - baked wings are extremely easy to make and you get probably twice as much for your money. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Foster-Farms-Hot-Wings/950036346


Wings are crazy expensive because of the popularity of buffalo wings and chain restaurants like wingstop. Other parts of the bird are cheap. I saw a 10 pound bag of chicken leg quarters at Aldi for $5.50.


The chicken wing craze started because the wings were considered trash meat and were the cheapest chicken meat parts you could get. Restuarants and bars made a killing serving up heaping plates of wings with a little sauce added. Flash forward to today and wings are one of the most expensive chicken pieces you can buy.


*cries in oxtail I remember when I was younger, my family would always buy bags of oxtail for like $5/bag since they were also considered a trash cut of meat. I was feeling nostalgic recently and wanted to make some Nigerian dishes from my youth and almost cried when the meat section was trying to sell 3 pieces of oxtail for almost $30.


eating at home means cooking at home. not reheating at home lmao. buy raw ingredients and put in effort, or pay more for convenience


You can’t see the price before you buy it? Or you saw it was $16, then you bought it just to complain about it?


Agreed. Sympathetic as I am to struggling financially, this is just performative.


I'm also questioning the price, I'm guessing OP is in the US because this is a US based brand. I live in California and got this exact bag last week for 11.99, not $16. If OP isn't in the US, I suggest that they stick to things that aren't imported, since it will drive up the price.


The imploding Reddit post makes that question pretty obvious. OP is getting roasted harder than a Thanksgiving Turkey.


I'm assuming they thought there was more in the bag.


OP is using an untarnished teflon baking sheet (ceramic?) --- it's not even lined with foil. Set on a granite countertop with actual tile flooring. But **STILL** too lazy to remove the peeling sticker off the rice cooker in the background. OP has a luxurious household and probably never had to buy food for himself and now that he spent his first paycheck he's getting a reality check: wants the internet to support his tough choices in life with karma. Good luck, OP.


You forgot to mention the $200 rice cooker


Usually stores post cost per oz near the price. Possibly not in this case but should still check the bag and ask yourself.. does this feel like $16 worth of food?


Despite bags being clearly labeled. American shoppers in this sub seem to be illiterate.


These are $10.99 on Instacart and $6.99 at the store.


My local supermarket app (south California) says $9.99. Although they are currently on sale. Normally they are $10.99, according to the app


Yeah, I know inflation and all but where tf you buying this for 16 bucks?


$5 gets you an entire rotisserie chicken at Costco. You're just bad at shopping for food.


You are buying the wrong food, quit buying junk


Yeah, half these groceries post are just people self-reporting on how bad they are at buying groceries.


That type of stuff has always been expensive. Buying the most expensive items in the freezer section isn't going to help save money. It's $16 now but it was probably 14 last year.


This exact product is $10 where I live, up from $7-8 last year. Not only is OP just whining, he’s also either exaggerating the price or shops at a shitty grocery store ( or is Canadian)


Junky premade stuff costs more. You could've gotten like 8lbs of chicken from Costco for $16, which you would have trouble finishing over a week


This is not what eating at home is supposed to mean lol


Frozen hotwings have always been expensive. Even the regular frozen wings have been expensive, but a little cheaper than the pre-seasoned stuff. Ordering from wingstop is cheaper.


This is junk food/ a snack, not a meal or “eating at home” lmao


You can make so many more of them by just getting a pack of wings and a bottle of buffalo sauce


Inflation isn't to blame for your purchase. Those are just overpriced chicken wings and you chose to pay that amount. You could've bought other more reasonably priced chicken wings, or just bought a food with higher value for your money.


Eating at home means buying uncooked and unchopped food. If its pre cooked, seasoned or cut and its in a sturdy plastic bag, then you should leave it since it would be hella expensive. Just like this case.


meanwhile, I spend $16 to eat for the entire week.


I think it’s crazy you wanted sympathy for this comment.


Buying shit like this was never a way to save money, even before recent inflation increases


You're supposed to save money by cooking yourself not eating that processed shit


this is not saving money cooking at home food. this is im a white dude who cant cook food.


OP got roasted, he thought he was cooking with this post nah you gotta do the cooking in the kitchen and this ain’t it 💀💀💀


Get yourself a Bjs/Costco card and buy these guys in bulk, you get a hefty amount for like 20 bucks


Uhhh. I do instacart for lazy ass people like you. Not even gonna get into the fact you’re lying, unless you live in Alaska or something. These packs run anywhere from $6.99 to $11.99, at most, pretty much everywhere. $16 could have bought you 3x’s that, at least, if you had bought chicken wings from the meat section, like, you know, a normal, not lazy person would do. Zero sympathy for you.


rice, pasta, lentils, tofu, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, fries, veggie stir fry - season to your taste what you have is highly processed name brand frozen bleh


This isn't cooking, go learn some recipes and learn how to really cook something.


Maybe don't buy fast food next time. Try with actual incredients and cook something.


“Cooking at home” refers to using raw ingredients for creating meals. Buying frozen/prepackaged foods is no different than buying fast food.


By saving money eating at home, people usually mean to cook your own food. Not just buy frozen, pre-made stuff.


Buy fresh wings


How about you start cooking for yourself and not buy junk food? Freezer wings have nothing to do with cooking. It's heating up.


This is something I have to explain to a lot of people.


Where? Is Saks 5th Avenue selling wings now?




Wings don't even have that much meat on them. You are paying for spices and breading and bones.


Man bought frozen food


If you paid 16 bucks for that you're a sucker.


make them yourself ya lazy bastard


You don't save money at home by buying a bag of processed food just so you can reheat it. You save money at home by cooking simple things from scratch. Rice, beans, eggs, pasta, potatoes. Meat with the bones in it for stock. Seafood where the head and tail are saved for stock. Good luck to you!


Was it a by 1 pay for 3 sale? Calling bullshit on that price.


"I'm gonna save money by eating at home. Better get nothing but premade food like wings and hot pockets. Oh no, this is expensive how did this happen?" Dude, buy the damn chicken for like $7 and prepare it yourself.


"why is my premade food expensive"


You are not shopping correctly... if you think you are going to save money by eating frozen chicken wings..


you save money eating at home by cooking your own food, not reheating frozen prepared foods.


Top 10 dumbest posts of all time


You bozo, you’re supposed to buy raw chicken and then cook it yourself, 10x cheaper. Not just buy frozen wings, are you actually brain dead or is this a karma farming post ?


Love u bro but the hate is warranted in this case. You could have bought those wings raw for $4-6, seasoned them for pennies, thrown them in the oven, and had even better wings for less than half the cost. Your argument that inflation is raising food prices is definitely still accurate, but this pic is not going to help your case.


You’re an idiot 😂


"Eating and home" and "saving money" doesn't mean buying processed oven/microwave foods..they are overpriced and also unhealthy lmao. Next time work those brain cells just a little harder and ask yourself "does this make sense?"


Where the fuck did you buy these? I want to call bullshit. Sure, prices have gone up, but you must live in Beverly Hills or some shit to be paying this much. This post is sus...


Might as well buy $12 worth of wings at a restaurant 😂


If you buy regular wings and cover them with hot sauce and butter you wouldn’t pay this much.


You can cut that in half or more buy not getting the premium flavored flash frozen rte kind