We literally only get 2 per semester per class at my school


I thought it is illegal keeping children from going to the bathroom... Remember it was a scandal once in my school when a teacher didn't allow a student to go to the bathroom and the poor girl peed herself.


I ended up pooping my pants because a teacher wouldn't let me go. I was already being bullied before this happened so it didn't help. I would be enraged if a teacher ever did this to my child.


This is so ridiculous. People don't shit for fun.


People in my grade regularly used bathroom as an excuse to leave earlier before lunch break to get to an McDonalds or something and come back in time. The teachers weren’t happy when the guy who needed to go on toilet came back with 2 bags of fast food after break started. (Though we still didn’t get a rule like that)


We talked to the teacher in the morning and told her that we try to be in time, but might be a bit late in the afternoon, but if she wants any, then we can bring her. She wanted a double cheeseburger.


haha... were you students of mine? although I did ask for an apple pie. That was a delicious semester :)


You're allowed to leave the building during the day?


My high school was like this. Big reason for having an open campus is the lunch area couldn’t even fit a whole grade which was around 70ish I drove home almost every day to eat lunch


The kid with a copy machine. Business is booming




Anyone who goes through this much trouble absolutely keeps track.


Mostly… they obviously notice these things as the reason the made the passes in the first place was people going too often.




I didn’t know it until A few years after school but I had to pee all the time like 20 times a day should have been a giveaway turns out I’m a diabetic .And a couple of teachers did give me a hard time




This is like totally illegal in germany. I don't understand what's the deal on this.


I was just wondering, this seems like a very northern American thing(maybe also British?). In the Netherlands this would also be illegal.


I’m British and I’ve never known anyone that wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom during a lesson if they needed to.


I had bladder issues even as a child. Teacher knew this. Kept refusing to let me go, I'd wet my pants (second grade). I was also painfully shy but one day I had enough and walked home. Refused to go back. Threw fits if my mom tried to drag me there. Finally someone stepped in and I was switched to a different teacher. The following year the teacher was fired for hitting a kid with a book and causing enough damage they they needed 10 stitches. I understand that abuse happens but you can't make a blanket statement. I'm 55 and never got over my dislike of teachers.


Holy CRAP, that sucked. I have a son like you. If someone would forbid him to use the bathroom, I would go nuts. School was out, went to pee before coming out and sometimes didn't make it in time to pee again at home. And we onley live at the end of the street. If he had to pee, he had to. Not in 10 min or something. Plus this rules is again one of those, the bad kids don't lissen so we fuck over all.


Bladder stuff comes to mind first but any kid with stomach problems now also has to face SO much more embarrassment. IBS and lactose intolerance are ridiculously common, and that’s not even getting into alllll the other more serious illnesses like crohns or ulcerative colitis that require bathroom access all day. Even if those kids get a note and are allowed to go to the bathroom whenever they need, other kids will notice that they have special bathroom privileges, and in school that’s fucking embarrassing. Ugh. This is making me so mad. Edit: typo


I started menstruating really early, like 4th grade early. I didn’t know yet then, but I had PCOS. Things were really rough. When I HAVE to go, I HAVE to go, and it takes me as an adult 15-20min to go, every couple hours. As a kid, teachers didn’t understand this, outright refusing a lot. It caused so many stomach issues and questionable hygiene. To this day, I dislike elementary school teachers.


When I was in high school, if a male teacher refused to let a female student go, us female students had an unspoken agreement to announce to the entire room that she needs to go change her tampon now or risk Toxic Shock Syndrome, would this teacher like to be responsible for Toxic Shock? then leave.


this is fucking awesome. Reminds me of a story from when I was in high school. Those cold-shoulder tops were super trendy my junior year, to the point where you basically couldn’t buy a blouse that didn’t have shoulder cutouts. However, those types of shirts were banned because of the 3-finger wide strap rule in our dress code. So, in solidarity, almost all of the girls (and a bunch of boys) decided on a date to wear our cutest cold shoulder blouses because they couldn’t dress code all of us. It worked haha


I only took advantage of the period thing once. I really needed to leave school early. Last class I just walked out shortly after attendance. Male teacher asked where I went and my friend yelled “ SHE WENT TO THE BATHROOM BECAUSE SHE WAS BLEEDING PROFUSELY FROM HER VAGINA!!” I didn’t even ask for them to cover for me, but 17 year old me was like “¯\_(ツ)_/¯, that works” the next day. Teacher never asked. But, its nice to know it can work for other women when necessary, because we for sure need it.


Ugh, starting your period young is no joke. Those bullheaded male teachers that refuse to let you take your purse to the bathroom.


Yeah, and of course this punishment affects girls far more than boys. How many passes will a girl have to use for period related reasons ? All of them? Tell me how it’s fair that girls are going to have to choose between maintaining their personal hygiene or saving their bathroom passes for emergencies down the road. Ughhh.


I had swim class for a quarter each year when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school and I think they gave us 3 exception days per quarter for being on your period. Thanks, it’s not like I bleed like a stuck pig for 9 days a month or anything. Not everyone can use tampons and diva cups weren’t really a thing yet.


Ugh you just reminded me that in middle school, there was a semester/marking period where I swam for gym class and had science the next period. The gym teacher never gave us enough time to shower and make it to our next class in time so my friends and I always showed up late and our teacher would get pissed and say shit like "Derek came from the pool and showed up to class on time what's your excuse???" Well Derek is gross and we had chlorine in our hair??


I was one of those kids with IBS. I had anxiety as well but my parents told me that if I needed to go to the bathroom and the teacher said no, to just go to the bathroom and theyd deal with the school. Luckily it never got to that point. I was a decent enough student and most realized it was unlike me to do anything to cause issues so it was never addressed.


I have crohns! Just the idea that someone could be punished for a normal human function is so frustrating and is bring a lot of anxiety and from when i was a teenager and was just diagnosed with crohns Even as an adult, sometimes i have to remind the supervisors of my job that im not using the bathroom 5 times because i dont wanna work, im using them because my body hates me and whatever i had for breakfast.


I had someone just like that in elementary-- Except I had developing IBS. It felt like I'd been stabbed every time so I'd be hunched over my desk, nearly blacked out a number of times but I was too in pain for even that while the teacher and girls Infront of me made it a habit to turning it into a show for the class She'd appearently abused a number of students, I'd met a long time friend now out of mutual spite for her but the most amount of justice we got is that she wasn't eligible for that principle promotion she wanted


Pissed myself 3 times because of the various no bathroom policies.


When I was in primary school with one teacher I peed twice in her classroom because she wouldnt let me go to the bathroom even though I told her multiple times I REALLY needed to go. And the first time wasnt enough for her to learn.


Same here. I remember we had to stand in line at the teacher's desk to get a math quiz or something graded. So she could address our mistakes with us. I had to go before I got in line, asked the teacher, and she said to wait till after my paper was graded. I peed right next to her desk.


I had a similar issue, young boys just piss a lot, its nature. She got mad and called me out in front of the entire class. I got so embarrassed I cried, and the teacher then made fun of me for crying and, "Acting like a little girl". So, I stopped asking for permission to use the bathroom and took to pissing in the trash can in the back of the class. After a couple of days, the janitor said something to the teacher and i got in a TON of trouble. When i explained to the principle what happened, i had to sit in a desk in the hallway and was not allowed back into the classroom for the rest of the year. Public Schools in the south man, they're like torture camps for children, and it seems like they only hire the most despotic and sycophantic people to teach at them.


It's because all the people who genuinely are passionate about teaching get forced out.


More like they don't get paid enough to survive.


In elementary school my teachers (yes, my teachers, not just one) would always refuse to let us go to the bathroom outside of break more than 2 times, and in my country elementary school lasts 8 hours, even punishing us for staying awake during midday nap (yes we also have that), so me and my friends always have to pull the “crying our fucking soul out until the hag let us go” trick


Wow. I had one at like a head start/daycare/preschool type thing, and still hate her over 30 years later. The 2 worst things she did to me was during nap time she stepped on my hair and ground her foot into the ground. I really think it was intentional. Then she threw away my favorite stuffed animal. My dad freaked out at her for that and I got my Pinky Winky back. She's probably dead now, but I wish I could tell her I still have Pinky Winky, and she's brought joy and comfort to at least 4 different kids in her life. So 🤪 Ms Piggy! It was Peggy, but Ms Piggy fits so much better.


I've used the restroom 3 times already at work just today...


Like 5 for me. I pee every hour or so. Gotta stay hydrated.


Make sure to replenish those salts too if you're urinating frequently.


This is America. No one has ever needed to replenish salts here. /s for anyone who needs it


Bingo. I tell this to everyone, I read some nutritional information that theres 500mg of salt just in the tortilla at Chipotle. (and we need less than that per day to keep on living) Then try factoring in the salt in sauce, the spices for meats, the salt on rice, the salt with beans and who knows what else. I remember the old days when people would just add salt to meals and it was a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the amount thats added to just one of these things.


Haven't had take out in over a month because of being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure. I've been watching salt intake like a hawk, and it's amazing the amount of sodium that's in everything. Luckily there are plenty of spice blends out on the market with little to no sodium, so making things like a burrito/bowl, and keeping your sodium intake as low as possible is way easier than it used to be.


If its a new diagnosis, check out r/diabetes for ajy tips, or feel free to dm me. Im type 1 and i micromanage like crazy and have had good results. Cant help with the blood pressure part though.


Thanks. It is a recent diagnosis, and so far diet , exercise, and meds are handling things well. Hoping with paying better attention to my diet and getting my ass back into better physical shape will eventually let me cut back or go off meds completely. We'll see how it goes.


I find sticking with pure protein and powerlifting to be the best way to keep it under control. That being said, im assuming youre type 2 by the way you phrased that?


Agreed that it's just marketing with Sports Drinks manufacturers telling you to "replenish essential salts" or whatever they say, but there are more salts than Sodiun Chloride which we need dietarily, so it isn't just about Table Salt


That's something I really hate about the age we are living in, if you want to be a bit healthy and eat better, everything is so confusing and misleading, every food is a "superfood" or is "the healthy alternative". Maca, spirula, dried seaweed, all that shit is totally unnecessaery and just a marketing stunt because if you eat diverse you get enough vitamins. And all the proclaimed benefits you get from them are the same you get from eating an apple or an orange. I started drinking vitamin water sometimes because I got bored of only regular water, nope literal sugar water labeled as healthy because it has a vitamin in it, even eating a fucking raw vegtables is unhealthy because they spray it with a shitton of herbicide.


I drink a lot of water and sometimes get lightheaded and salt seemed to help. I think it depends on how recently you ate. I don’t eat reduced sodium foods, but I’m sure my salt levels are low if I haven’t eaten in a while and have been passing water through quickly.


I was hiking last year and ended up the final day with only 1 granola bar rationed to get me home after the day before only having one pack of noodles for lunch/dinner. It was really hot and I was trying to get back to the road as quickly as possible so was sweating a lot. There were mountain streams everywhere so I had plenty of water (probably too much because it made my stomach feel full but flushed my system of salt), but I started to feel really weak and tired, dizzy, nauseous. I think I was hyponatremic. Eating some salt which I had in my first aid kit made a big difference. It tasted amazing and sweet and delicious and I wanted more and more. Such a beautiful feeling when you're really craving it, honestly have never had candy taste as good as that salt did. (The rest of this comment is about food and friendship not salt) By the way, I was still feeling weak but the dizziness etc went away. Then eventually I sat down halfway up the final little hill about 4km from the campsite, basically giving up after 7 hours of forcing myself to walk. This young dude hiked up and started chatting as you do when you pass someone in the middle of nowhere. I asked if I could walk with him, then had to apologize I was slow cos I hadn't eaten all day. Even though he was just on a short day walk he had a bunch of food in his bag and it's amazing what one granola bar and a little friendly chat can do! I managed to power through (he walked so fast). Great guy. Even invited me for a beer afterwards but I bailed on that. I regret not going for that beer. One day I hope to have friends that like adventures so I don't have to do it alone. It's scary when something goes wrong and you're alone with a 9 hour walk to the nearest road. In the meantime I make sure I pack emergencies sugar and salt, and save the biggest rations for the last day.




Not everyone is eating lots of salt regularly. Some people genuinely need more salt, just not most people.


Potassium.. In the u.s. daily intake is less the 1/2 what it should be...


Sucks to be an r/hydrohomie in that teacher's class


Generally when I have to go, I HAVE to go. So maybe Id be peeing in the trash can in that class.


Did that once in high school. Teacher was *not* happy. Although, it ended the draconian bathroom time restrictions.


There shouldn't be any restrictions anyway, let the kids use the bathroom. If it's an issue, call the parent- maybe something else is happening that is probably also not their business.


Or just do what every teacher I had in highschool do…if someone asks to go to the bathroom, let them go. If they do it every single day, discuss it with that particular student. Nobody created BS bathroom limits for every student after a handful of jackasses skipped third period so they could smoke cigs in the bathroom…


They literally have teachers sitting outside bathrooms in schools so kids don't smoke in them. Teachers are asked to be security, parents, and educators all for barely more than minimum wage while getting bitched out by parents and admin for not doing enough. If that doesn't push some people to do crazy and drastic things, I'm not sure what will.


A big difference was that when I went to school we didn’t have draconian state governments using class attendance and state standards testing as a funding weapon. I’m not saying OP’s teacher is right or wrong but there’s usually more to it than control. Kind of like how people bitch about ‘regulations’ while forgetting that almost every regulation is born out of some company acting shitty.


I used to be a sub, and I was pretty lax on bathroom policies. Teachers would have things like this sometimes and I would tell the students that while I was there, they just needed to let me know and not worry about the paper. Guess who got yelled at and almost fired for not following bathroom policies after one student set fire to a bathroom trash can and another straight up left school and ended up getting caught stealing soda and chips from a gas station on the way? Edit to add that I think a lot of people forgot or didn’t know that there was literally a tik tok trend a while back that encouraged kids to go to school bathrooms and destroy them, and several of the schools I went to had tens of thousands of dollars in damages because of it.


Ahh the devious licks trend from a couple years ago. I heard it’s making its rounds once again.


Right on,, when I gotta go ,I gotta. There's no waiting for me . Back in the day , I went and I didn't raise my hand to ask , if teacher didn't like too bad. I can't eat salty foods anymore , I had stroke in 2017 made a big difference in my life and preparing my food. No more salt!!!!!


I only have to pee once a month. This policy is perfect


I'm using the restroom at work typing this lol.


🎵Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime, that’s why I poop on company time🎵


Really. Children have small bladders also. Guess a doctor's statement if a person has a bowel disorder.


My daughter's doctor wrote a note that just said it was medically necessary for her to have free access to the bathroom and no other details were included we gave the note to the office at her middle school and she now has no problems. The reason I asked the doctor for this is because my daughter told me that the teachers badgering her every time she asked to use the restroom was giving her anxiety and embarrassing her and the doctor agreed that was good enough reason to write the note for her


Fun fact: this is exactly as much information that’s needed for a doctor’s note. There are a few exceptions, but generally, all you need is a qualified professional’s statement that your requirement was necessary. Your job/school does not trump your right to medical privacy. Caveat: this only applies to countries where medical privacy is considered a right.


The fact that it has to resort to this is just ridiculous.


When I was in highschool, a kid once peed themselves in class because the teacher didn't give them permission to use the restroom. Idk what kind of prison training these mfs trying to pull. If they wanna go, let them go, last I checked a teacher's job wasn't to restrict rights and freedom.


I did that when I was in 4th grade and we were watching a movie in class. Nothing important to be missed but for some reason the teacher wouldn’t let me go the the bathroom so I stared right at her standing in front of her desk and peed myself.


Just go the malicious compliance route and have half the school getting detention every day for going to the bathroom and see how quickly they change procedure when half the staff has to monitor students to make sure they are serving out the detention.


yup piss off the teachers and then the teachers wont wanna watch the kids but the people who put this policy in place will need to.


The teachers just bundle people into a room and carry on with their work. Trust me the kids will hate it more than the teachers.


False. My 8th grade class broke records for detentions. Teachers were not happy when they had to go from 2x a week to everyday and from 15 min to 1 hr to try and curb the amount kids were getting


You just activated the in school detention trap card where you just sit in a home room all day taking your classes or just staring at the wall (not really sure what they really did)


My 8th grade class literally didn't care. They had someone always ISS and detention rooms were packed every day. It was weird


They shouldn't be sending you guys to space for detention... wtf is going on in America?


Hahaha *in-school suspension*. It means you still have to go to school but can't go to your classes.


Which really makes no sense. They're like, "hey to punish you for skipping all those classes, we are going to make you skip more classes." If you like to read, which I always have, ISS is not bad. I'm talking about two decades ago so maybe times have changed.


I can gaurentee a room full of pissed off and annoyed teenagers is far more irritating than a teacher sitting there doing work. My school, at least, was hellish, most teachers didnt even give or enforce detentions when they did give them because so many students were disruptive, or on their phones, or wandering the halls. (Side note: my highschool had, in the entire time i went there, at most 150 students. I live on a very small island in maine, our population is about 1,915 as of 2018 according to google.)


Lol. I had way more kids in my school, in the thousands. But I really like the idea of having a smaller school. If only for the fact the principal knows every student and I would think more personable as well. But that’s what I envision I have no idea what it is like 😂


Except it is an absolutely, horrendously bad look. Some schools will actually prevent yearly progression if you get too many detentions, so sometimes it's very serious, but even without major consequences having a huge chunk of your student body putting up dozens, if not hundreds, of punishments gets people to look very closely at what the fuck is going on. If the vast majority of those are from a singular, very controversial, and generally unreasonable rule that was implemented recently, then they *will* be forced to amend the rule and remove the detentions. Or, y'know, the school suffers *an immense* drop in reputation, probably losing a good hunk of funding in the process.


Cant teachers just ignore the rule and noone will know?


At least at my school they had different teachers walking around the hallways and asking students for their pass if they thought they were skipping class. I was a teacher's pet and the class salutatorian for most of high school and I still regularly got asked by teachers who didn't know me (it was a big school). So it wasn't only up to the teacher who was teaching you at the time.


Oh absolutely some teachers do. But i think it would depend if the teacher likes you


Or just don’t go to detention? It says before or after school but they can make you come early or stay late. What are they gonna do, Chase you?


depends on the school and your country, but in the us at a lot of schools they would just follow you around saying you need to go to detention and try and give you more detention then try and suspend you(which if your parents say no to the school you can also kinda just ignore lol) I used to have detention every day because my brother lied to my parents about when school started so I was late every day, after a while i just started ignoring it. then they called my parents in saying they were going to give me a suspension for being late every day and skipping detention. my parents of course think they can never be wrong tho so they argued with the school a ton saying I wasn't late and that they were wrong about when school started. I changed schools like a couple months after tho so it was fine at the new school, they knew when school actually started there.


Yeah, my school was the same. Skip too many detentions and you get a Saturday detention, don't go to that and you get suspended. Too many suspensions and they'll kick you out and send you to the alternative school.


I got sent to an alternative high school, but for much more serious offenses. Was the best thing that ever happened to me. 4 teachers and 20 students. Only had to show up for 2 hours per day, Monday thru Thursday. Got to graduate(w/ a diploma from the school I got expelled from) a year early. Was able to hold 3(pretty awesome) part-time jobs all through high school, which really helped my family out financially. All in all it was a really positive experience. I had teachers that really cared about my education, with plenty of time and resources to devote to it. I even got to graduate as valedictorian. The school even helped me with the issues that led to my expulsion, and I can genuinely say that I graduated a much better person than I started.


I had a similar positive experience in my year of alternative school. We actually did our work because we ended up wanting to, the teachers paid attention to us as people instead of ...minions? Nuisances? Grades? Idk. (I understand teachers get overstressed and underpayed. Kids can be mean) ... In alternative school though they talked to us on our level. They had the mental/social space to. My mom died so I quit school for the next/last year after this though.. decided to go back to family and they bought me books and I taught myself my senior year. (grandmother signed off on everything.) I only cheated in math! Kind of proud of that. But if I hadn't had that experience that showed me I actually enjoyed learning, I might not have finished at all. There's just too many kids per teacher and the structure of school is wack. Cram cram cram, then dissipate it over summer. Etc.


...What kinda mental hoops do you have to jump through to insist the school itself telling you when it starts is wrong? Is it a "my kid wouldn't lie" thing?


> my brother lied to my parents about when school started so I was late every day, fucking incredible lmfao


exactly what i was thinking, if they give you detention for something as stupid as this just don't go.


I was mad at the teachers at first but there’s just so many ways to malicious compliance your way outta there!


Using the bathroom isn’t a privilege.


I’ll never forget the day a kid threw up all over a mean teacher because the kid asked permission to leave first. We all ran out the room, it was so glorious.


… I threw up on a teacher once. I’m not sure why I even went to school because I felt so awful. At one point I realized I was going to vomit and/or faint, tried to get the teacher’s attention, and threw up all over his shoes. I was so embarrassed to return to school, and I felt so bad for the teacher.


I did that. 2nd grade, Ms. Blaskovicks. Evil lady, I told her twice I needed to go to the nurse because I didn’t feel good. 3rd time it’s neon orange upchuck all over her pretty high heels. I didn’t consume Cheetos or sunny-d for at least 10-15 years after that.


I once had a high school teacher like this who would flat out deny anyone who asked to use the restroom. One day I was really not feeling well. I was trying to wait until class was over, but simply could not. I raised my hand and asked the teacher may I please use the restroom. She says “No, you should have gone at lunch” which was over an hour ago by now. I was a pretty shy kid but I had enough that day. I just quietly stood up and started walking to the door. Teacher stops her lecture and yells at me asking where I think I’m going. I say I’m going to the restroom, it cannot wait. She says “Ok since we think we don’t have to listen to teachers, why don’t you take a trip to the principals office when your done”. I just shrugged my shoulders and said ok. When I got to the principal office and explained why I was there, he couldn’t give two shits. Just said “yeah ok, you can head back to class now”. The best part is when I walked back in the classroom so quickly (only 10 minutes had passed), the teacher starts to yell at me saying I need to go to the principals office. I said “I already did and he did not care. He told me to get back to class. You are welcome to contact my parents, they will tell you the same”. The look on her face was priceless.


Yeah, my parents always told me that if I needed to go and the teacher was being a dick, to just get up and go and they’d deal with it later. Never came to that but it did for some of my friends


My dad told me to go to pee in the back corner of the classroom if a teacher told me no. Apparently some kid did that when he was in high school and it was highly effective


Can confirm, was that kid. Pissed directly in her can. They tried to deny bathroom access *again* and I threatened to shit on the floor. Needless to say there were no more bathroom issues.


Absolute chad. The hero that school needed


To be fair, at that point I hated high school so much that I wanted to be expelled. I was a weird metalhead and, after Sandy Hook, was treated horribly by the administration and a few teachers. I'm still salty about being treated the way I was.


Why would they want to discriminate the kid they thought would shoot up the place? Seems like they’re creating sell-fulfilling prophecies.


Fellow “Most Likely to Be A School Shooter” superlative winner here. I fucking wish I was joking, but apparently being quiet and kind of goth is just unacceptable.


All parents need to tell their kids this. Kids need to know that they are allowed to separate themselves from someone causing harm to them and it's completely okay and that their parents will always back them up on that decision and protect them. This should be commonplace.


How I wish I'd had the guts to do something like this but if I had done, my parents would have been all over me for "misbehaving" and would have taken the teacher's side, anyway. When I was in fifth grade, I had teacher who disliked me. I had the urgent need to pee one afternoon when our class was *in the library* (no lesson going on) and I approached him to ask but he flat out ignored me. He looked right past me and engaged another teacher in conversation. Being a "good girl," I did not dare leave without permission. I stood there stammering and trying to get his okay until it was simply too painful to stand any longer. Returned to my table and within a minute, was pissing the floor. There was a lot of urine. The teacher came over and made a show of searching for the source of the "leak" -- did it come from the table? The ceiling? No? Then from where?? Oh -- Fresh pissed herself! What an asshole he was.


Similar story, different outcome. Wasn't feeling well, asked to be excused (to wit, the bathroom was right outside the classroom). High school teacher said no. Got sicker, started sweating, feeling queasy. Asked again. Again was told no. Student next to me glances over, their hand shoots up. "Uh, teacher? He looks green...." 🤢 The whole class looks, the teacher looks (annoyed)... and I promptly 🤮 all over, twice! It was awful, and I was *mortified*. Had no trouble going to the bathroom after that. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


Puking to establish dominance, I like it.


Hey, the teacher takes a whole sick *day* when she's not feeling well. Couldn't give me 10 minutes? Karma. Serious, though, I didn't plan it that way. Stuff happens! smh


Similar thing with being ill. Business school, so when you were 18 you could write your own excuses. Some did it too much so he demanded doctor notes from then on (for everybody). I don't see why I should wait hours in the waiting room of a doctor just so he tells me to chill in bed. So I went to school, barfed on the teachers desk and I did not have to bring doctor notes ever again. I suppose this works with pissing on their desk too. What are they gonna argue? My pupil asked me repeatedly to go to the toilet and I refused so he pissed himself?


7th Grade. Mrs. BWAAAAAUUUURGH-SPLOOSH! Real name Mrs. Bancroft. Super strict teacher. She didn't want you going to the bathroom. Some poor kid was denied permission, suffered some more, then finally walked up to her desk and said, "Mrs. BWAAAAAUUUURGH-SPLOOSH!" all over her desk and her prim little dress. And god, how she deserved it.


What a bitch


After you leading with “…really not feeling well” I thought this was gonna end with you projectile vomiting on your teacher. That *really* would’ve been priceless!


Three fucking times a *semester* or they’re in detention during their one time to hang out with friends in school. Imagine how many kids grudgingly accept because they can’t do anything about it and just had to pee? Kids that dehydrate themselves so they don’t risk this? Kids that rack up points and punishments because they rebelled against this when it shouldn’t happen in the first place, facing suspension or expulsion.


I would just go when I need to and skip the detention. Although I'm fortunate enough to have parents that would've told the school to get fucked if they tried punishing me for using the washroom when I needed to.


My freshman year of high school, I had a teacher that would take 5 points out of your grade in the test category if you ever had to use the restroom


That's just illegal.


I had me a teacher who would kind do the same. Difference is that the passes were just extra points. No repercussions or anything of you went more than the allowed passes


I don’t think many teachers take it to that extreme (though there definitely are some), but I have some teachers who have instituted policies like this because they kept having kids ask to go to the bathroom and not come back, but they really only enforced it with people who did stuff like that. I also have a teacher who only lets you go twice per grading period (6 weeks) and makes not going worth Extra-Credit points. It’s an absurd system.


It’s not a privilege, it’s a right.


More than that. It’s a required bodily function.


My kid has my full permission to drop their pants and piss in a corner if they're ever denied the ability to use the bathroom.


Easy fix: shit on the floor


3 times per semester is fucking insane.


3 times per week at the minimum but really, policing how often people can go to the bathroom instead of just going after the few who abuse it is insane on it’s own.


This will backfire on the teacher and when it does the parents will be pissed. I know because I was the kid who made it backfire once. I was a rule follower and a very polite kid. I had an elementary school teacher who was really strict, you needed to ask to use the bathroom and you needed to raise your hand to speak. She would not call on anyone with raised hands until the lesson was over/she was done talking. I once really needed to go to the bathroom, so I had my hand up, occasionally waving it around to express urgency and she made eye contact with me multiple times and shook her head and continued talking. Several minutes passed. I wet myself. It was all over my desk and the floor. She yelled at me and asked why I didn’t tell her. I said my hand has been up and I’ve been trying to tell her. I’ve never seen my mom so mad in my life. She went after the superintendent and homeschooled me for three years after because we were both traumatized.


My teacher had a “if you’re absent during a test, you will get a 0. There are no makeups” rule. I was undergoing chemo. I wasn’t allowed to miss the finals. So I ended up just throwing up all over the exam. Twice. Chemo fucking sucks but that teacher was worse. Didn’t even let me leave after the second time with vomit all over my exam. Hope she had fun grading it.


Holy shit. Are you okay now? That teacher is a piece of crap.


My question is, how did you manage to pee all over your desk??


This might be an American public school thing but a lot of our desks have the chairs attached so both the chair and the desk part are all considered “desk”. I just meant the chair part but since it was pee they had to take the whole desk away to be sanitized.


Gotcha! Yeah I'm from the UK and our desks aren't like that so it seemed unfathomable to me


Sorry you went through this traumatizing situation. I had a friend who suffered with urinary incontinence issues. She was mortified when she had accidents. All the other children laughed, called her stinky. It was so embarrassing for her.


I had frequent UTIs and kidney infections as a kid so that was likely why I couldn’t keep holding it, I feel for her. I remember it being so painful and I was humiliated. I never wanted to see anybody from that school again so I was really grateful that my mom pulled me out. Kids are mean, man.


When I was in high school and a teacher tried telling me I couldn't go use the bathroom when I needed to, I would simply say one of the following depending on my need to use the bathroom: "If you don't let me go, I am going to have a period explosion on this chair" or "if you don't let me go, I am going to pee on the floor of this classroom," and usually that worked


My school had a universal bathroom pass system. One of my teachers was a super nice and really old lady, she asked a student for their bathroom pass and he said "I'm groundhogging really bad, can I give it to you when I come back" she never made us use them in her class again.


well that's a new phrase i wish i never learned


i’ve always heard it as prairie doggin’, but same thing


Turtle necking for us aussies.


I'm going to regret this, but what the fuck is "groundhogging"?


When you have to poop so bad that it feels like the poo is poking out your ass.


Ah. Been there. Imma be honest, I thought it was gonna be WAAY worse.


Oh good God it's been 10 years since I've had a period but I remember 7th grade having a surprise period explosion. I will never forget. RIP white board shorts. That was the last time I ever wore white.


ah yes every woman's secret ultimate ability, "The Period Explosion."


You go either way. The teacher just gets to choose where and if they're going to water any time with it


I transferred to a new middle school in 8th grade and I heard a story about this girl who was begging the teacher to use the restroom and she refused. The girl ended up having period blood all over her chair, and after that day she never came back to that school. Really fucked up and fuck Ms Chesley for not letting her go


Imo you shouldn't have to ask to go to the bathroom it's not a privilege. Everyone does it and we don't ask anywhere else so why should we have to ask in school. I personally ask once and if the teacher says no then I just go. That's a rule my family has. The whole thought of asking infuriates me.


Exactly. It would be more reasonable if they said bathroom breaks cannot be longer than 7 minutes and only once per hour class. Even this might be a problem, depending on what the person has going on, but I think allotting a time frame that is reasonably sufficient to go and get back, in most cases, might be better if they're worried about kids "abusing" breaks than just not allowing kids to use the restroom or only allowing it three times a semester as a blanket rule. That's absurd.


i feel like even setting a time limit is problematic. if i’m upstairs at my high school the nearest girls bathroom is downstairs. in 7 minutes i would just barely be getting into the stall and that’s assuming the stalls aren’t full (there’s only two stalls in that bathroom)


Plus changing tampons takes a bit


What you do is not set rules, if it becomes a problem, talk to that student. Going at the beginning of class and not coming back until the end? Pull them aside and have a chat, especially if this is hs


I never deny a bathroom break, but I ask them to tell me they're going to the restroom and that usually ends up as them asking me if they can go. It's all the same to me. If you gotta go you gotta go. Of course there are kids that abuse it, but they're a minority.


This is why my kid has unlimited bathroom privileges written into his 504


Sorry if the question seams obvious but what is a 504?


It's accommodations for a medical condition, It's a legal document that must be followed by the school


Teacher here - a 504 plan is a document that gives students with disabilities the accommodations they need. They are not severe enough disabilities that they are classified as special needs, but the child has some kind of need that can be known and addressed by the teacher. Example: ADHD and dyslexia are not considered special needs, but students that have those would still need support, so a 504 plan would be put into place to help students get the proper accommodations they need.


Hey there! 504 coordinator here. Dyslexia is actually considered under the SPED umbrella in most cases these days. It is a pretty new change. Accommodations remain the same for the most part.


Oh, really? I didn’t know that, thank you for letting me know!


Current teacher, it’s definitely state to state or something. Dyslexia isn’t in IEps but adhd is


Nothing pisses off more than denying children the right to perform a necessary bodily function. I will never forgive my middle school teacher for denying a girl a bathroom trip who then proceeded to bleed all over the chair during class. Like how dare she cause that girl that much embarrassment. I still feel a rush of intense anger on her behalf because of that.


That's so crazy.. do you think she felt bad after she saw the girl had bled everywhere?


I saw her face when the girl got up as she laid a paper on the seat to try to hide it and it did look concerned. All I could think is wow I hope that teaches you a lesson. She was a mother of teenage girls herself but then again, even though I didn’t hate her class or her as a teacher, she used to humiliate me. I had problems with speech/enunciation and we would have to stand and read passages (it was a lit class) she would stop me mid passage and yell “defnotarn e-nun-ci-ate!!!” Which would make it so much worse, the last time I finally just stopped reading and just stared at her until she had some one else finish. Yet we read two of my favorite books from my childhood The Giver and The Good Earth, so there’s that.


Ok so you just want kids and teenagers to shit, piss, and bleed everywhere? Ok cool


You think a teenager is gonna let it get that bad? Hell no. Go to the bathroom and let the teachers try to get pissy about it later


You’d be surprised. A couple kids in my high-school straight up peed their pants a few times just to make a point when they were told they couldn’t go to the bathroom.


That's when you designate the teachers desk as a urinal


Naw they’re purse, that way it’s not just some poor uninvolved janitor it effects


As a HS teacher, this is bad teaching. You can be strict but not an asshole. You need to use the restroom, sure go on. But if you start making it a pattern where you are gone for 20+minutes, we are going to have a talk. You keep doing it, now your entire class can only go one at a time. You take 30 minutes, you have your classmates and their friends posed at you.


Neither this image nor a lot of comments take into consideration the age of the students this teacher teaches. Girls as young as 10 get periods and pads need to be changed more than 3x per semester. Add in the fact everyone pees and poops, sometimes without the ability to hold it for long, and this is just wrong. I had *one* teacher that told us on the first day that permission wasn’t necessary. There was a sign out book near the door. We just signed out, grabbed the pass, and signed back in upon return. *IF* he found an issue after adding up the times, that (those) student(s) would be addressed. It’s more of an interruption to stop the teacher to ask for permission than it is to just quietly walk out. Overall it’s a control issue and some of these teachers don’t know how to handle that power without coming off as being evil.


Thank you!! That one teacher you had is awesome. I'm in college and all of my professors said just go, you're adults you don't need to ask


>Neither this image nor a lot of comments take into consideration the age of the students this teacher teaches. Girls as young as 10 get periods and pads need to be changed more than 3x per semester. Yes! Menstrual blood cannot be 'held in' like urine.


Wtf are people supposed to do on their period


Uhh, don't have them? /s


Organize a protest where you all just stand up and piss on your desks


Shit on the floor


Get schwifty in here!


Make a few hundred copies and hand them out to everyone.


You say >abusing bathroom privileges The emails I receive from the schools say >shitting on the walls


Good lord. Using the bathroom isn’t a privilege. It’s a biological necessity.


I had three of these in a class and I lost all three when I lost my lunch box (450 upvotes damn)


That's so unlucky. My teacher said we aren't getting more if we lose them lol. Hopefully it wasn't the same for you


Make an assload of copies and distribute them to everyone. Lmao fuck the rules


Definitely this, I did this with the parking passes we needed to park cars in the street in my old HOA. Scanned one with a signature, deleted the date in Photoshop, printed a fuck ton of copies and bought a date stamp. Never had to worry about going to get approval from the office to park a car for a few days.


They're stupid rules anyway.


Pool your money with the other students. I guarantee there's one kid in the class that is willing to piss himself for $20 and tell the teacher he lost his pee pee paperwork.


It’s illegal for teachers to deny use of the bathroom. If they try to give you detention, 1. Tell your parents and 2. Talk to the front office about it, you might be young but you have your rights, especially to use the bathroom.


Or when all is lost, try crying your fucking eyes out until they let you go


This is what I do at work.


It is the same yet I got a tardy when I had to go yet idrc ima use the restroom any ways (plus it’s first hour so we have 10-15 min before class to use it


Y’all are lucky you had bathroom privileges. My school had the bathrooms locked unless there was an after school activity like basketball happening.


Low key illegal but ok


Where in hell did you attend school?


There a lot of student perspectives here, so thought I'd just chip in here from the perspective of a teacher. Over the course of the last year or so, there has been a TikTok trend where Gen Z record themselves destroying their school bathrooms. As a school, we don't have the budget or manpower to be constantly checking the toilets. The result has been horrendous, with the toilets being destroyed all the time. Piss everywhere, toilet roll strewn about, locks have been removed by kids on all the doors, mirrors smashed, the windows too. We can't have cameras for, you know, obvious reasons, and we can't be constantly watching it. During lesson time it's also the most difficult as tsachers are all in the classroom, and unfortunately the good kids who genuinely need to go end up getting terrorised or can't go because there's no paper/locks. It's also causing horrendous jobs for the cleaners. This is a worldwide issue in all schools at the moment and it is very difficult to tackle, and I understand this intervention is extreme and equally understand where people's outrage to such a policy is coming from, but I can also see what they're trying to implement and why.