Looks like a wart to me. See a dermatologist. They will freeze it and it will fall off.


If you don’t want to go to a dermatologist, then get some Compound W or other wart removing liquids. It is a LOT more painful, and takes longer, than the dermatologist freezing it off.


there’s a compound w? i only know compound v


Yep. Compound W was around a long time before Compound V. However, it does not give you any super-human powers.


Interestingly, Compound VW does come in a manual.


They also sell liquid nitrogen freeze kits at the pharmacy. Canister of nitrogen with things that look like big q-tips that you spray the liquid into, it gets super cold, then you jam it against the wart for a couple of minutes. I've had it done at a dermatologist before, they just came in with a cup of liquid nitrogen and some q-tips. Much rather just do it at home myself.


Air Duster, liquid air, upside down with the plastic q-tips (one end cut will fit right in the nozzle) way cheaper and just as effective. Be very careful only to freeze the area of the wart, it's easy to get carried away.


The store bought ones aren't THAT expensive in my opinion, and last for lots of treatments, so works for me. Solid tip, though, that's clever.


To give another perspective, the derm froze my knee wart and the whole area around it sloughed off too. It left a shiny pink scar the size of a quarter that then began growing a larger, crescent shaped wart around it! u/dressedandafraid u/uglyinthmorning u/osky818 [here is what it looks like](https://imgur.com/a/HiwSGvb) idk if it’s wart or keloid, so please weigh in if you want


You should have gone to a dermatologist, and not the guy down the street with a can of Freon.


It was actually a can of compressed air turned upside down


I was just thinking couldn't you just buy some liquid nitrogen. It's probably the best option


Compound W has a “freeze off” product that I believe combines salicylic acid and dimethyl ether as the cryogenic instead of liquid nitrogen. [Here](https://jddonline.com/articles/cryosurgical-treatment-of-warts-dimethyl-ether-and-propane-versus-liquid-nitrogen-case-report-and-re-S1545961611P1174X/) is a study that compares liquid nitrogen and dimethyl ether for cryogenic removal of warts. They conclude that they work similarly, but that home application doesn’t always reach the same temps.


My pediatrician tried to freeze mine off and they all just got bigger. I used compound W and duct tape after that


I had one on my knee for 7 years. Had it frozen. Burned. Acid. Cut. Then my buddy sees it as I’m sitting with shorts and says. Oh I had one just like that. I cut an x in it and pooped bleach on it. I said fuck it and did it. It was gone in a day and never came back. How weird is that? Edit: popped. Not pooped. As I’ve been kindly pointed out.


Pooped. Hehe.


Freudian slip.


Freudian shit.


How did you cut the x? Just sliced into it? Pure bleach? Like dollar store bleach concentration? I have so many questions.


It was a knife I had. And I cut an x in it like you can imagine. Nothing too serious. Just have to make sure to cut into till it bleeds. Gotta get to the heart of the wart. And bleach bleach from Kroger. Dollar store shit would probably work too.




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Yeah that "callous" looks a lot like a wart I had in the palm of my hand that didn't go away until the root was carved out




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I don't understand why op didn't go to a doctor after 6 months. wtf


If he's American, cost might be part of it. A visit to a doctor costs an arm and a leg, so it doesn't make sense to do it for just a wart.


Definitely a wart 💯 lol. Go to the dermatologist.


10/10 definitely recommend seeing a dermatologist.


Yeah book now and you will get an appointment 2025


Lmao seriously. Wouldn’t waste the energy on a derm visit for something like this. You can just buy a freezing kit for like $20 and be done with it.


I wouldn’t always. I had a wart that was so deep, general wart removal wouldn’t help. Had this giant stalk going about half a centimeter in to my foot. Had to get most of it cut out *and then* frozen off.


I would recommend using WartStick. It’s basically just salicylic acid balm and got a couple of warts off for me. Super cheap and easy


So I used to have a wart like this. The problem with them is that they're deep. I got my hand burned to shit with nitrogen and acid, and the wart would always return. Went to a different doc who numbed my hand and literally scrapped it off. Never came back.


My doctor did the same but he didn't want to numb my hand because the injection would be equally as painful as the procedure. 0/10 don't recommend. It came back afterwards as well.


My mother tried everything on this fucker I had on my finger; nothing worked. It was resilient as *fuck*. One Christmas our River/Lake froze over and we were messing about on it. I was noticing my wart a lot that day and said, fuck it, I’m gonna see if freezing it works. Pushed it into the ice for a good 5/6 minutes while my friends played about and by the time I went in and warmed up it had shriveled up, and the root came out the next day. It was like a fleshy golf tee. Mom was pissed she wasted so much money lol.


Yeah many doctors do that but with few seconds of liquid nitrogen


And far less risk of frostbite taking the whole finger.


Wow I’ve had some frozen off, never seen the root come out like that. That sounds… refreshing in a weird way.


I had one on my middle finger in highschool, that I, because I'm a freak, liked to pick at. One day I was picking at it and pealed it off roots and all. It never came back. It was very satisfying and didn't bleed as much as you'd think.


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I think it’ll cost $300 - $800 to remove at a dermatologist according to a quick search


I had 3 decent plantar warts removed via nitrogen last month. 1.2k without insurance. Like $50 with. Hopefully it's on that $300 end and this guy has insurance EDIT: My sincerest apologies, I just looked at the statement again because I actually havent paid that last bit yet, it was actually 2.1k without insurance, and only $20 with. I am understandably working on getting an EU citizenship.


no worries they just say it costs 1.2k with insurance to get the max from the insurance company they do not expect to get that from uninsured people


Still a ridiculous price to pay. In Australia you pay nothing and the doctor freezes it off in under a minute.


Holy shit, America is insane.


Wart. Hope that’s not your special hand…✊🏻


It is. Maybe that's why the warts have spread 😈




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In all seriousness, go see a dermatologist. When they’ve been there that long they get a lot harder to get rid of by yourself.


I can attest to that, I left some warts be for 5 years and no powers of God or man could get those fuckers off. At some point they went away on their own but by that time I had had them for 10 years


I had bad plantars warts on my feet for like two years as a teen. Tried mediplast, duct tape, freezing, etc. went on a family vacation to the beach and walked barefoot on coarse sand for a few days. Never saw the warts again.


Might be related to a common home remedy; putting silver tape on it. Supposedly, it works by constantly agitating the area which triggers a focused immune reaction from the body on that area and eventually defeating the localized virus. Never had em, never tried. Sounds like a low cost, low risk thing to test though.


The only thing that could rid of the warts on my big toes was twice daily acid treatments for about 9 months. They were there for years, and yes the acid hurts like a motherfucker. When those dead skin layers slough off... the skin underneath is *so* tender.


Wellllllllllll……. The freeze stuff you can buy works decent. Uhmmmm so I’ve been told


I thought that there was some duct tape cure for warts -- something that sounds stupid (like "one weird trick") but actually works? [Found it.](https://www.webmd.com/men/news/20021015/duct-tape-gets-rid-of-warts) It apparently works better than freezing!


Worked for me! Had a wart on the bottom of foot. Figured why not give it a try, put a piece of duct tape over it, changing it out daily. Kept that area pruney (is that a word? like, when you've been in the water for a while) and one day, when peeled the tape off to replace, the whole sucker just popped out with the tape.


Warts naturally capsulate. It’s not surprising to see a plantar style wart pop out as one whole piece like that. The duct tape works well. I’ve also seen the same method with apple cider vinegar.


That's because you macerated your skin until it was so soft the hard wart got pulled out with the duct tape. Has others have mentioned apple cider works as well. Because it does the same thing it softens the skin until it's so soft the hard wart can be easily removed.


You shouldn't macerate too much you'll go blind


I have used this trick before. The “wart” would keep receding and at one point I could see some small black specs. I picked them out with a tweezer and needle. Cleaned it out and Never came back.


Same exact experience. Took a while to get to the "roots," but once they were gone it never came back Edit: Got confused by reply chain, idk about the duct tape. I cut mine out.


Yeah once u get the root/seed/whatever u wanna call it it should be good. Thats why besides freezing and burner, the other option is to literally dig them out. I was horrified as a child to hear that.


When I was 8 years old, I was digging at a wart on my finger that's been there for years. I had a sharp nail, and a convenient slip that scooped the wart out by the root. The school nurse said it'd come back, but it never did. I can't imagine how deep I actually went.


Hey same, but on the bottom of my toe. Didn't go that deep but got it loose on all sides and just pulled it out with the root. Bled a lot and my stepmom freaked ou but it also never came back.


You basically have to stimulate your immune system enough to recognise the wart as a problem. That is why people who have a lot of warts can try repeatedly to remove them and they keep coming back, but may get to a point where they are treating just one and then all the others disappear - the body has recognised the virus and overcome it.


This is why there is also a method where it's just punctured repeatedly with a very thin needle through the skin deep enough to get blood flowing around it, letting your immune system fight it. Less risk of long lasting physical damage than cutting it out.


I have personally removed two with a pair of sharp sidecutters.


I did the same thing but I just kept nervously biting it off. Kept coming back but eventually I got it Didn’t feel good


That's a planters wart. I had one on the ball of my foot as a young teenager for a couple years. Pulling out the 'root' usually causes an odd amount of bleeding, but it's gone for good afterwards


Yep. I had one in the arch of my foot. Went to to doc, because I had no idea what it was. He put dry ice on it. And then I walked home. Longest walk home of my life. Pulled the root out as doc instructed a few days later. Hasn't come back. Also when your doc says, "it is going to hurt". He really means it.


Yeah mine looked like an alien invasion was spawning from the bottom of my foot. Very ugly, very painful. I actually had gotten used to it walking around for the last year I had it and it was the most intense pleasure to just...not have pain...


So, a PLANTAR wart refers to the plantar surface (bottom) of the foot. On the finger, I guess a doc would call it a "phalangeal" wart which is a real mouthful. But it for sure is a wart. I also had a plantar wart on my heel as a kid and it hurt like hell to walk on it. I walked on the side of my foot for weeks until my uncle, who was in med school took care of it. I'm still traumatized. He took his pen knife and did a quick surgical excision. Don't remember how much it bled. But it never came back. Thanks?


Hahaha love your "Thanks?" when you're being kinda operated on by friends and family or doctors who take liberties Got a doctor surprise extracted a deep acne in my ear... love eastern europe doctors man and their surprise procedures


I used clear nail polish and kept one covered in it constantly. Was gone just as quick as this remedy... Also I didn't have to explain why I had duct tape on my hand all the time.


OP this seems to be a good answer: Wrap it in duct tape for six days, and replace it if it falls off. After six days, remove the tape, soak the area in water, and rub the wart with an emery board or pumice stone. After 12 hours without the duct tape, put a new piece on the wart, and continue the cycle for two months or until the wart was gone.


If you do this, be very particular about not using that pumice stone or emery board for anything else, and sanitising it really well in between (I imagine a soak in alcohol would work). You can definitely transfer warts via fragments of skin/wart body.


It also creates the perfect environment for fungus and bacteria to grow so be mindful of that too.




I remember my dad getting them frozen off but they kept coming back. It didn't seem to work too well. The acid/whatever stuff also didn't get rid of them permanently. MEK, lol -- reminds me of washing car parts in gasoline with bare hands with my dad when I was a kid. I can see it working, but it's got to nuke your liver at least a little bit.


If freezing isn’t your thing, heat up a nail head on the burner until it glows, shove that guy into you wart, it’ll be gone by the time the burn heals.


Suddenly I think freezing is my thing.


clear nail polish, reapply as needed. Does the same as tape.


Can confirm, freezing them works, but it hurts like hell. I managed to pull my wart off after a few weeks of freezing because it killed the skin under it By the way, for anyone wondering why i pulled it off, i was super stressed so i started picking at it and it came off super easy Edit:you can stop upvoting now, i have the funny sex number lol


pretty sure there's nothing wrong with what you did, i think most ppl do that during that treatment anyways




I was born with wart like this, chewed it off when I was a kid and it never grew back


Same I had one on my palm randomly at 12-13 nibbled it off one day it bled like wild after but it never came back.


Absolute savage. Love it.


You have quite a few scraps there that don’t look like they heal either. What kind of work do you do?


Electrician. I end up bleeding from my fingers a few times a week


Sorry to hear that man.


It's fine, I got my tetanus shot and iv never had an infection so I'll be fine


well... warts are an hiv infection... Edit : HPV not HIV




This. And not the same kind of HPV that you get on your genitals.


Yes, its a diffrent strain that effects diffrent areas with warts.


I got them lemon Haze warts hbu bruh


Yea I'm talking about cuts tho


Warts usually infect an area that the skin is open, like a wound cuts or scrapes. You likely had a one of those before you got the wart wich means that more than likely got infected over a cut/scrape. Anyways they are contagious so be careful with it not to spread to other places. Id get it removed asap. Podiatrist are good for that. Cantharidin works wonders Edit: im an electrician also. Wear gloves ffs


Dude that’s a wart not a callous. Next time you get bit hopefully it grounds through the wart and burns it out, but it’s prob a better idea to get it frozen off.


They invented new gloves for electrician I'd recommend looking into


Yeah, they’re called “contractor supplies PPE”


Wear gloves.


For real, been a machinist for over 10 years, seldom bang up my hands anymore. Anytime I work with someone green it seems like they are getting cuts and scrapes on their hands daily. I used to be the same when I was new to the trade, then learned how to avoid shit that ruins my hands. They get a lot of use, I try to take good care of them.


These kinda gloves are good. Especially after you get used to always wearing them. Get a tight fit. https://www.uline.ca/Product/Detail/S-17151X/Performance-Gloves/Ironclad-General-Utility-Gloves-XL


Do you drink, dude? Seriously I used to drink a lot and I had trouble healing. Stopped the booze and started working correctly again.


Dirty hands, clean money


Its clear in the photo those injuries are caked in viruses and bacteria. Buy one of those cheap fabric glove three packs for $10 and rotate them every hour. Wash your hands thoroughly and if you get hurt, clean out the wound and apply neosporin. Your body’s immune system is basically fighting multipe low grade infections every day. If you give it some help, you’ll feel better and have more energy.


Freeze it off at the doctors or it will never go away


Some people have reported success using duct tape? I haven’t tried (I had warts on my hands as a teenager which were frozen off by my pediatrician, and I’ve had plantar warts on my feet which were surgically removed), but Google it if you’re interested in trying.


A friend of mine had like 10 warts on his hands and feet as a kid and a combo of the shitty freeze off things from the store and duct tape worked.


Yeah, I used to get warts on my hand as a kid and duct tape worked really well. Since it's a virus, the tape stops it from spreading to other parts of your skin through contact and taking the tape off to change it removes a layer of skin from the wart which, when done over and over again, eventually gets rid of it.


I had a super outbreak of them on my big toe when I was younger and I got them lasered off, one of the most excruciating things I've ever felt but it worked. Since then I've only gotten a few and I've either gotten rid of them with store-bought freeze treatment or if that doesn't work basically doing self-surgery and excising them lol


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>one of the most excruciating things I've ever felt but it worked Brother, I am right there with you. I've experienced a lot of different pains in my life but somehow, some way, that was the worst, or at least the recovery from it. The actual lasering was mostly fine since my toes were numbed to hell and back but I wasn't given any pain meds beyond a recommendation for some ibuprofen. The pain slowly emerged over the following six hours and for a while I felt semi-ok thinking it was going to peak sometime "soon", but it just kept building. I tried to sleep it off but couldn't and eventually fell into a nightmarish cycle of physically shaking from the sheer amount of pain wracking my foot, passing out from said pain, and waking up drenched in sweat not long after. That continued for about 4-5 hours until my body gave up and I passed out completely until my alarm went off for work. The strangest thing was that when I woke up, the pain had subsided altogether and I could've easily believed it was all a horrid dream if my bed wasn't soaked with sweat and my foot wasn't bandaged up.


The explanation I read in a magazine was that the glue irritates the area and the immune system will come looking. Then slowly bust the virus.


I did duct tape as a kid too, just never understood how it worked. Thanks!


My brother had a bunch all over his big toe, it looked like a wasp nest. He had them frozen off, but for a while I got the bliss of no longer having to share a bathroom with him and it was nice(he was/is the kind of guy who thinks wiping his ass is “gay”)


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I had a wart right by my nail, which is a bad spot. They are very resistant to treatment. Then one day, I slammed my finger in the slider door of a minivan. The wart got smashed, it started to bleed underneath it, then started to peel off. It didn't leave a single trace.


Got it. Dick warts, need to slam dick in door.


Duct tape worked like a charm on my kid's feet. Warts died off after about month and never came back.


If I get a recurrence I’m trying the duct tape.


I managed to get a planter’s wart removed with acid. Brushed it down every couple hours for a few months. Surgery would have been faster, but I’d have also been stuck on crutches until the wound healed.


I had 3 removed at once, 2 on the ball of the foot and one on the heel. Crutches only until the nerve block wore off in about 18-24 hours.


Yes duct tape works incredibly well, like so well it scares me


I had to do this when I was younger, had one for a bet well over a year in between my big toe. Multiple freezings. That sucked, a lot. The 7-11 slurpee’s after did not, however.




That’s a wart, man. Get thee to a doctor.




That’s a wart dude 😂


Have you tried a belt sander or just cutting off the tip of your finger?


Or the whole finger just to be safe?


That isn't a callus. Go get that wart frozen.


It’s a plantar wart. You should go to a dermatologist.


I had one of those on the bottom of my big toe, doctor had to dig/scrape it out.


Or he can do at home liquid nitrogen kits for wart removal


Some don’t work. Need a dermatologist to get it with liquid nitrogen, and sometimes that doesn’t even work. Sometimes it needs to be surgically removed.


Just John Wick the tip....


Some wart removal kits use blistering agents


why is this upvoted? a plantar wart is on a foot. holy shit…. edit: you also *don’t* need to see a dermatologist for this, because good luck with that. see your primary or there’s shit available over the counter.


maybe i’m just biased because i work in the medical field but it’s literally in the name that’s it on the bottom of your foot: “plantar”


Like saying you've got carpal tunnel syndrome in your ankles.


That is not a plantar wart. That is a common wart. Plantars are only on the bottom of the feet and are smooth. And they hurt. Like hell. Common warts can be anywhere and have a cauliflower look to it. And are rough as hell.


First of all don't cut off growths on your skin on your own. That's just idiotic. Secondly it's a wart, go to the doctor.


Chew them off instead.


Twist tie, add a new twist every day


Jesus Christmas man that thumb is a beast. Also I had warts for years then had a Z pack for sinus infection and they disappeared. So maybe have a sinus infection?


Lol never had my thumb complimented


Hey man, for like $13 at Walmart and can get freeze away wart remover. Just follow instructions and it should fall off soon. I’ve used it on my little warty kids because they like to catch frogs and it’s worked every time.


Who said frogs give warts?


It's an old wive's tale, commonly believed by the sorts of people who believe in old wive's tales.


Would those people happen to be old wives?


Statistically speaking, I suppose at least a few must be!


That’s a myth, frogs can’t give people warts.


Warts are caused by the HPV virus, which is only carried by humans.


Interesting that the human papilloma virus doesn’t come from frogs. Who’d a thunk?


Either you gave your kids warts or your husband did


My parents use to cut away my warts with a razor then apply some kind of solution on it that burned like hell....


Probably rubbing alcohol.


These man hands are emasculating me and my soft baby boy hands.


Just go buy some of the wart frezzing stuff from the pharmacy and freeze it off. Follow the instructions on the bottle.


Thats a wart you baboon


That looks like a wart.




Make a little pad of duct tape, sticky side out. Place it over the wart, with a bandaid to keep it secure. Change every couple days. Wart will disappear in a few weeks. There’s something in the duct tape adhesive that dissolves it.


Sticky side out? As in the non-adhesive backing is what makes contact?


They mean to cut a strip of duct tape and fold it "sticky side out" so that it makes a little square that is sticky on both sides. That way it will stick to the bandage as well as the wart.


warts for sure


I had one of these, used wart acid thing to get it off, took about a month. Mine began spreading so make sure you treat it before it spreads.




Looks like a wart to me


What a shitty place to get a wart. I just freeze them and cut them out. You have to go deep enough that It bleeds like a stuck pig for a while, but it solves the problem.