My mom saves the shells for plant food


My mom feeds em to the chickens


Those eggshells have nutrients that make the eggs they lay harder. Also they do it naturally too.


Yep. The shell in the eggs they lay has to come from somewhere. Feeding the shells back to them recycles those materials.


I’ve always wondered why the chickens sometimes lay eggs that looked taped back together.


Fun fact: after about 3 cycles you don't have to supply your chickens with new materials for Faberge eggs


How many eggs do I need to feed a chicken before it lays diamonds?


The trick is getting a hen to consume another, then another hen esting that one, like a russian nestimg doll. The pressure at the core will produce the materials


Ahhh, so we are talking exponential compression here. r/physics requires your wisdom, lol. This is why I stay on reddit. The pure mix of imagination and comedy. Pure diamond comment, wish I had an award to give you.


You have to feed them tape, or super glue for a really strong shell!


If you feed them glass, they will make see through eggs.


I know this is a joke, but please don't feed chickens broken glass, that's how I cut my tongue on a chicken nugget


Ok these are all valid, but putting back into the carton?


I do it just to throw away the whole carton, filled with broken egg shells.


The carton is recyclable though


Not where I live....and probably not where you live either and you just don't know it. You would be shocked to learn about how many things are theoretically recyclable but just not in practice.


Yeah, and eggshells go in the compost..


you monster.


Its basically calcium. In the olden days people would grind them up and put it in their foods.




I still do it.


Is this because eggshells are made of eggshells?




Chickens will eat anything 😂 My mothers little hen army swarmed me once for my Wendy’s chili and tore into that bag like they were starved… fucking savages they are.


My chickens would follow my dog around when it went to drop an turd in the back yard. They would literally start eating the poop as soon as they could see it come out of her butt. The look on my dogs face though as she pooped walked away from 4 chickens 🐓, priceless They also ate the face of a baby blue jay that fell out of its nest. And If you want to see what dinosaurs were like, drop some worms on the ground and watch the chickens go Jurassic park on them


Nothing worse then a posse of rogue hood chickens... Raised on pizza crust and cigarette butts.


That's what I do and they devour them.


Came here for this - seems gross like women making placenta stew but - nutrients are nutrients. Edit: Google it folks!


> like women making placenta stew What a terrible day to be literate and have eyes. Edit: Google it? No. I don't believe I will. Thanks though.


Shit, ill google it Edit: regret


Regret that you googled in the first place, or regret you are short 1 placenta from trying a badass recipe?


Imagine one of those long drawn out food recipes with backstory about how their grabdma would make this every summer and how it has a 45 min. listed prep time and everything.


"When that warm placenta slipped out, I recalled watching the coyotes consume their placenta afterbirth, in that moment I knew what I had to do. I sent my husband to gather some onion and carrot we had planted earlier in the season."


Funny story: when I was little I had "polenta" and "placenta" confused. I'd walk around the grocery store with me ma sounding like a little cannibal.


The best part is the cold placenta and cranberry sandwiches the next day!


I will come for you in the night


Fuck I’ll bring the torches.


My moma she a make a placentta pasta.


cannot believe you missed the chance to type out "placenta polenta" ​ ​ (edit: Wow! Thank for all the upvotes and the award. You guys rock!)


Was hoping more people would talk about eggs being awesome plant food! Edit: for people that crush their egg shells, check out this video on how to extract the nutrients and put them to use a lot faster. For people that think egg shells in the garden are redundant, check out this video! https://youtu.be/Gg0sDH3NVb8 Edit 2: Nigel Palmer’s YouTube channel has lots of awesome videos on how to grow your own amendments and plant foods.


How do you use them for plant food?


I don’t store my shells in the fridge, I let them dry out then grind them up. Work the “powder” into your soil or added compost. Plants love it.


“It’s what plants crave”




Or conversely Eleggtrolytes


I’m gunna go ahead and vote team Eleggtrolytes. Rolls off the tongue better imo.


I'm conflicted. While I'm inclined to agree with you, there's something quirky about 'egglectrolytes' that makes me doubt my myself.


Wellllll, eggscuuuuse me!


Must mean you're egglectic!




The only clear answer is eggleggtroleggs.


Get that off brand crap outta here. We only use Brando brand Egglectrolytes in this sub.


Brawndo is the real deal, your Brando sounds like the members choice brand copy cat


They're composed of calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate reduces soil acidity and improves nutrient absorption by balancing the soil pH.


Which is why it's important to check the composition of the soil before adding it, some areas already have high calcium content and a high pH so adding more can harm nutrient absorption.


unless you're really eating a lot of eggs, it's not too much of a problem with egg shells, as they don't really swing the pH too far, and if your soil is already alkaline or high PH, they're not going to make it more alkaline or any higher in pH, they're extremely slow acting, especially if you don't grind them up to fine, and It can be counteracted by adding a small amount acid, like sulfur, citric acid, phosphoric or nitric acid.


This is the answer.


Yes, but if your soil is already too high in ph, it could cause the reverse


I'm curious as well. I go through a lot of eggs each week.


I put them in oven on a very low setting for hour-ish. This dries them out. Then I have a dedicated coffee grinder that I use to grind them and dump them in my worm bin. Same method could be used to dump on plants/garden. None of this is necessary, of course, but helps the plant make use of the eggshells more quickly.


How much you paying for your worms? You got a worm guy?


You don’t? What sort of adult doesn’t have a worm guy?


I got a guy for everything. My suit guy, my shoe guy, my ticket guy, my club guy. And if I don't have a guy for something, then I have a guy guy to get me a guy. And oddly enough, his name is Guy.


I could get a fish for a 5 cent worm


I’m not too sure if you’ll be notified about my response to the other fellow, so here is the link to a video about the shells again! https://youtu.be/Gg0sDH3NVb8


You just crunch them up and add it to your compost. Tea leaves, coffee grinds, fruit and vegetable skins, dead cuttings from other plants, etc. If you can't be arsed making your own compost bin then just crunch them up and mix into your planting soil.


You can crush or grind them up and mix it in with soil. Because the shell is basically calcium. Which is good for the soil and can help it produce better quality plants and vegetation


Why don’t I just eat the crush shells and keep all that calcium for myself?


Because that’s shell fish


Crush them and sprinkle on top of soil, we usually use it for our rosebushes.


Apparently it's a slug deterrent as well.


That’s what I use mine for, crush them up just enough so that their jagged edges when sprinkled on top, deter slugs


We do the same. Toss them in some compost.


If you bake the shells, mortar and pestle, you can feed them back to the birds with their regular feed for better calcium support. Raw shells may accidentally encourage egg eating bad habits.


Shells are good chicken food too


My mom does this as well. Thinking I should start, her plants are always healthier than mine!


I save them **outside** the original carton! I bake mine in the oven to sterilize and then crush them into a powder I can use in lots of ways.


Coffee and gardening. Any others?


Eggshells for coffee?


Yes, if you crush the shells into much smaller shards they make a delicious, sharp and stabby addition to your morning brew.


Hm, I'll have to try this. My go to is shattered tortilla chips. Sometimes I'll get a really good one that gets embedded in my throat for hours!


They're good for shellfish in aquariums, too. Microwave the shell for a few seconds and crush it into a powder, it is hidden in the substrate and ups the calcium levels in the water.


“Well I’ll tell you…..eggshells and miracle grow….”


Yeah, but not in the fridge...


And certainly not in the same container...


My mother too, but she cleans the eggshells before storing them.


My gf does the same thing then dehydrates them, blends them into a fine powder then it’s used as plant food. I’m about to get her a big compost. She has juice bottles full of scraps too make compost and as it deteriorates she pours the liquid into our plants as well. Our trash bins have never been cleaner. Haven’t had maggots in it this hot season. [here’s the bottles](https://i.imgur.com/AMEd8px.jpg) EDIT: I’ve had a lot of questions about the smell of the bottles. I wasn’t sure so I finally went and asked her. She says it smells fruity. She puts no food scraps in there, just vegetables and fruits so it kinda makes sense. She did mention that if it does smell bad it’s because something went wrong and she just starts over. She has like 7 bottles going, I’m debating smelling one.


Using them for plant food is a good idea. As an old farmer, I’ll tell it works! However, wash them first before drying. Otherwise, you may have cross contamination.


>Otherwise, you may have cross contamination. ...what will get contaminated?


You don't want Sam and Ella visiting your garden. E; I stole the play on salmonella from u/kitboga don't give too much credit to me


I’ve read that roots can’t absorb salmonella and transfer into the fruits, BUT there may be contamination with root veggies who come in direct contact with the dirt. So def a safe practice to rinse them after cracking them open and allow to dry


The HOUSE PLANTS You haven't ever witnessed the destruction of house plant diarrhea??


I'm glad that somebody else is on the same page as me 😂


Have you been introduced to the idea of vermicomposting? I use the excess red wrigglers for the added bonus of fishbait for the tilapia I raise in my grow-out pond and for my fishing excursions, as well as adding them to our raised garden beds.


Red wrigglers? The Cadillac of Worms?


Do you... normally get maggots in your trash?


“Normal” to most people just means “how I was raised.”


It’s a pretty funny that folks don’t separate those two things. There’s a ton of things that I was raised to do that are far from “normal” or even reasonable. We did this exact thing growing up…but my parents were terrible cooks and put zero thought into food safety.


My mom was raised on a farm and did this too. I assume she saw her own mother doing so, to save the eggshells as fertilizer, but since she never did the next step, she just thought putting eggshells back in the carton was what you did for whatever unknown reason. I remember my brother's best friend in high school being like "what the fuck!?" and although I had never questioned it before, my mind was blown. I didn't know *why* I did it, it was just what my mom did so I did it that way too.


Ah, The Pot Roast Principle. As the story goes. >One day after school a young girl noticed that her mom was cutting off the ends of a pot roast before putting it in the oven to cook for dinner. She asked her why and her mom replied, "I don't know why I cut the ends off, but it’s what my mom always did. Why don't you ask your Grandma?" > > > >So the young girl called her grandmother and said, "Grandma why do you cut the ends off the pot roast before cooking it?" Her grandmother replied, "I don't know. That's just the way my mom always cooked it. Why don't you ask her?" > > > >Undeterred, the girl called her great grandmother and asked her the same question. "Why did you cut the ends off the pot roast before cooking it?" She said, "When I was first married we had a very small oven, and the pot roast didn't fit in the oven unless I cut the ends off."


we actually talked about this in one of my engineering classes and how “that’s the way we’ve always done it” is garbage in the manufacturing world




I heard the same story but it was about a karate master who learned to wrap his belt and extra time and it resulted in it being too small. It looked funny and riddiculous but they swore by it. Went from master to master until we meet the man who started the trend. He's under 5' tall. He wrapped it an extra time because it would hang too close to the ground and be a hazard.


I was also raised on a farm. We saved ours to feed back to our hens. They like to eat them to get more calcium for more eggs. We would toss them on top of our compost pile and not turn them in. The hens loved to peck and scratch at the bugs in the pile so the would run over to eat the bugs and shells.


I swore I was told to do it as a kid because if we didn't the raccoons would be tearing up the garbage. And despite living in an apartment I do it out of habit.


The raccoons would still be tearing up your garbage if you left them in the egg carton..


I recall waiting for garbage day to throw away egg cartons. Probably why I also have a habit of leaving certain expired food like eggs in the fridge until I'm going to the dumpster.


I like the idea of your family, living in fear of this raccoon, arranging your lifestyle around it... Timmy... Where are the eggshells?? It's only Tuesday...my God, you didn't...you didn't??!!


> she just thought putting eggshells back in the carton was what you did for whatever unknown reason. This reminds me of when I caught my then-girlfriend (now-wife), as a grown-ass adult in her mid-20's, pulling meat out of her freezer to put in the trash. "Uh, why are you throwing away your meat?" "It's past the expiration date." "But... you had it in the freezer, it's frozen." "Yeah, that's where you put meat." She just straight up put meat in the freezer because that's what her parents did, and never understood the reason why. 15+ years later I still have to remind her that the hot dogs she just bought that we plan to eat tomorrow *don't* need to go in the freezer.


I once had a girlfriend whose whole family would throw toilet paper in the trash after they wiped, rather than flushing it. I assume it began due to bad plumbing somewhere. She had no idea that most people didn't do this. She insisted that's why they had the little trashcans by the toilet in public restrooms until I revealed to her that men's restrooms didn't have them.


Depends where you live, in some places in Latin America we have so bad designed sewer that we just used the trashcans even in public restrooms.


That's why I mentioned bad plumbing. However, neither she, nor her family, came from such a place. They were US Midwesterners for generations.


Maybe they used to live somewhere with a tiny septic tank that would fill up too quickly if they flushed toilet paper.


Growing up in California many of my friends were from recent Mexican immigrant families. I remember noticing they threw the paper in the trash. Maybe they had even told me to throw mine in the trash. I can't remember. But I just couldn't do it. I feel like I used as little paper as possible but was afraid I was going to mess up their bathroom. My friends in my building lived with the same plumbing as me so I'm sure it was just a the way they were used to vs what we were used to thing but I just didn't understand why anyone would not immediately want to flush the stuff as soon as they were in a place where the plumbing allowed it. I remember feeling so confused about what the right thing to do was.


Wouldn't your whole bathroom just reek of shit?


Yes. Though the trash cans usually have lids, so it's not as bad as you'd imagine. I've actually heard of other people doing it since then, so it's certainly more common than I thought.


I have visited some countries where flushing tissue will damage the plumbing, public bathrooms tend to have signs to remind tourists to put it in the bin rather than flush.


She doesn't eat the shell? Fucking weirdo.


In stardew valley sometimes I chuckle at the farmer carrying eggs around in his backpack, and when he needs a boost of energy just tosses one in the air and into his mouth, whole. But hey it’s a tiring life and he needs his energy.


stardew farmer is snek, confirmed.


Fun fact the creator admitted that the reason you cannot eat jam or mayonnaise in Stardew is because he did not want to animate opening a jar. So eating a whole egg is fine but he draws a line at eating a whole jar of mayonnaise


Ironically there’s an npc, wanna say Abigail, who when you hand them a full jar of Mayo says “how did you know I was hungry?”. Nothing for hunger like a full jar of Mayo.


It is Abigail but it’s not mayo it’s amethysts. My rock eating wife


it's not amethyst, it's any other mineral or gem. The "how did you know I was hungry" line is for liked, not loved gifts, and she loves amethyst.


That’s right my bad it was quartz


Dude. She eats fucking quartz, one of the hardest minerals out there. You cannot question why she is eating something as simple as mayonnaise.


We save all our shells like this and then crunch them on our plant soil for nutrients. Same with coffee grounds. Plants love that shit.


"Plants love that shit" lol


It's got what plants crave


It's got electrolytes


This is weird. You should just use the shells like a normal person. Otherwise, your omelet won't have that nice crunchy texture.


Egg shells, its what bones crave!


Not even joking, they are good for plants. Crush them and put them in any potted plants you have


I've heard the move is to bake them so they're sterilized and nice and crumbly.


Yep! Been doing this for years, added bonus is slugs/snails \*hate\* egg shell because of how pointy it is, so it's a perfect use of discarded shells!


Snails hate this one simple trick!


Hurry because big Slug doesn't want you to know, and we may have to take this video down!!! A simple 30 second ritual you do every morning...


We use em for compost too


It's got electrolytes!


What plants crave


Great for plants


Yes! I use egg shells and coffee grounds for mine and they love that shit lol


I save mine in a bucket until the end of the week when I feed my evil twin who lives locked up in my shed.


They also love actual shit!


And my hermit crab's favorite treat! If it helps Spicy Meatball grow back his legs, clearly he knows something we don't.


Love his name. “That’s a one a spicy a meatball.”


You can actually grind them into a powder and use them in foods for calcium.


If you snort them all the goodness gets to the right places quicker.


boof it


Doesn't everyone boof whole eggs?


Civilized folks use an ovipositor, but same diff


a tubular organ through which a female insect or fish deposits eggs. "the female ichneumon wasp has an ovipositor like a dagger with which she drills a hole in the wood" Jesus Christ


Whelp it's 10:13 and I guess that's all the new information I need for today


Damn I followed ur advice and I'm high now


Yup, plus the shell is where most of the eggs nutrients are.


Omelet that slide this time


What the fuck


Welcome to the full spectrum of the human experience!


If you're questioning this, it probably means you need a better blender.


Plastic egg boxes? Absolutely not normal


Especially “organic” eggs. Like pick a side.


I had to scroll way too long for the comment I was looking for. Who buys eggs in plastic containers? That's the weirdest part of all of this


My mom does this when she wants to use the shells for her plants. She's gotta save them somewhere


My family has always done this. No idea why. Lol


Yeah traditions of the fathers. I do it off and on for no reason whatsoever.


My mom did this because if you threw eggs in the garbage, eventually they would smell and the garbage would have to be thrown out sooner. So she kept it in the container and when all the eggs were used, she’d throw the whole thing out.




My wife does this while she cooks, but she throws them out before she puts them back.


I was about to say, I definitely do that as I am cooking, but I've never refrigerated the shells afterward...


Yeah I do this when I use the last eggs, then throw everything away...


Why would you save them?


It can be used in gardening. My bf does the same (saves the shells), then sends these to his mother, who uses the shells in the garden.


Compost is the only sane explanation, unfortunately OP has already started that isn't the case Edit: today I have learned there are other uses for egg shells yet I see the issue. Many pull the whole carton, use the eggs they need, and return the carton. People that are sane ah I mean sane - on the other side pull the eggs from the carton inside the fridge and leave the carton in the fridge so a trip to the trash isn't as much of a big deal when retrieving the carton would be an equal task.


Grind em up for calcium


Doggos like them too.


And great for chickens! Which, now that I think about it, may be either really clever or really creepy, but nothing in between.


I have chickens. Sometimes they shoot out failed egg attempts and turn around to try to eat it before all the rest of the suddenly frantic chickens come to steal their healthy butt treat. They eat their own eggs and other chickens eggs all the time. Never viable ones, but if that shit cracks its fair game. Chickens will also eat like, whole live mice among the litany of other animals they consume - mostly bugs. They don't give a shit. Their entire life is just smashing their face into everything they find hoping that some of it is edible and ends up in their mouths. They are surprisingly good at figuring out what can and can't go in.


Yes. Chickens love being tiny velociraptors when given the opportunity.


> healthy butt treat Welp, I'm done with breakfast for today.


Totally normal just like humans eating placentas they find


Yeah, and the eggs we ~~meet~~ eat are typically unfertilized haploid cells. Edit: autocorrect made this hilarious.


I came here to say my wife does this so that when the dogs are around she can toss a couple their way


my mother does this too, it’s so you avoid having egg shells sitting in the garbage at room temp for a few days. You put them in the fridge and they are preserved by the cold, and they completely dry out. And then you can throw them all away at once when the carton is done.


Or compost them as my mother did growing up. Completely agree.


Tell her to Google it... she cares enough to buy organic, she'll care that she's increasing the odds of bacteria by leaving those in the carton ☣


Organic eggs in a plastic carton 🤦‍♂️


That is quite the predicament


That's costco for ya. They just recently moved their organic apples into a cardboard container.




I do that. Let them dry for a few days. Then crumble and throw them in my garden and landscaping.


I do the same thing😂 always have


My family does it. It’s so the shells don’t sit in the trash for a couple days and start to smell rank. We also just go through eggs very quickly (2 18-packs per week) so they don’t sit in the fridge like that for too long.


You're the closest one here to a Gaston breakfast.


they’re roughly the size of a barge 😧


Same here. In a small apartment where I only make eggs once a week, the egg shells rot and stink in a couple of days.


I do this so the shells dont sit in the trash for too long and start smelling.


Exactly. I don't fill my trash can fast enough so I keep them in the fridge until the cartoon is done or I'm throwing trash out. Never realized it was a weird thing to do😅


Totally normal to keep eggshells! You can compost or consume them since calcium is really good to feed your pets, plants, and self


Not in my house, no one wants the old sticky eggshells in the container.


They dry out pretty fast in there, actually.