Collet em and put em down his mailbox


Had the police outside my door multiple times getting me to buzz them in so they can go up to one of my upstair neighbours. I don't know which one, but i'm not messing with that.


Have the police give him a littering citation?


I don't know the reason for their visit, I didn't ask them. They've been here 3 times in the 5 years i've lived here.


3 times is a lot, but even if you did ask them, they probably wouldn’t tell you


I moved into a new apartment two months ago and the cops have already been out 4 times… RIP


lol, if that keeps up, it’s an average of 24 cop visits a year, better brace yourself lmao


Yeah not loving life currently lol. Legit trying to find ways to break my lease.


Seems as it's not related with littering, they are just garbage. Edit: According to reddit the cigarette butts identify as they apparently lol.


Throwing garbage on the floor and leaving it there is literally the definition of littering


It reads that the cops were there for reasons unrelated to the cigarette butts so the fact is that littering is less relivent OP was saying their naughbour is a garbage person


Pretty sure he was saying that hes doing worse things and they just didnt bother with it. The dudes not saying that the cigarette butts isnt literring.


sorry, I cant help myself; \*ground, not floor. (outside vs inside:)


The cops coming


No shit. He knew that too. Re read it and open your mind a little.


Lol, not my fault he can’t put a sentence together 53 other people agreed with me enough to downvote him and upvote me😂 you dipstick


Unfortunate that your comment was misconstrued and now you're getting downvoted to hell and back. Have my upvote lol.


You got downvoted because people’s perception sucks and they read your sentence wrong. Sorry man.


Someone get this man a dictionary.


They are talking about the cops coming is not for littering. It's for other reasons, and they are calling the upstairs person trash.


Lol true


How many centuries has this person be living above you wth


Fuck that...He might as well put them in a bag, tie it off, and put it in the trash for them. I would just alert the office of what's going on and leave it at that.


As a smoker, this is just offensive. There is no reason to not be respectful and throw your butts away. Been working at my store for 3 years with multiple smoke breaks a day and there's never been a single butt on the ground. This is why everyone shits on us.


As an ex-smoker, you want to get rid of the butts as fast as possible because they stink worse than any other part of the cigarette and will CONTINUE stinking for weeks. Until I became an adult I did this stupid shit, too. When I figured out what a slob I was , I started to carry a ziploc bag to dispose of them, and finally, I quit. Don't miss that smell, let me tell you.


I'm not debating that it's a nasty habit, just saying thst if you do choose to partake, the least you can do is be respectful to the people around you, whether they smoke or not. Just common decency to pick up after yourself you know?


I agree, it's not a debate. Just giving you a former smoker's perspective. I think I misread this to say "There is no reason to throw your butts OUT!" You absolutely want them out, fast. But you are correct there is no reason to miss a trash receptacle! Sorry my dude (ette).


Some of us do! I'll fill my pocket with butts before I'd even consider considering throwing one on the ground.


Same. I've definitely found old butts in jacket pockets from when I was at my MiL's/outside a restaurant/somewhere without a trashcan. Smoking is already looked down upon so much, I don't need to add being a littering asshole to the negative assumptions about me.






Life begins when you realize we are all trying to have fun together and STOP THROWING CIGARETTE BUTTS... lol No, I'm not mad at my former self... nope... (idiot)


It reminds me of my father who passed away so sadly I like it but I know pretty much everyone hates it.


I would extinguish them in plastic water bottles (and close them again) and toss it out when it was full.


That, and cancer.


I mean... smoke stacks, cars, cigarettes, plastic, and so many other things. I choose to smoke away from people and outside as to not expose them but not every smoker has the same morals.


That's fair and I respect that. That being said, smokestacks, cars and plastic aren't inhaled on a regular basis. At the end of the day, you're still just choosing to endanger your health. With very nice manners.


Um... my dude... every one of those are inhaled on a daily basis....


I don't go up to a smokestack and inhale deep from within, do I?


Speak for yourself.. well i guess you are, but still!


The smokestack doesn't necessarily need to be on the ground for the contents to make their way into your lungs. Compile too many things at once that spew smoke and you'll find everything sits in a nice smog at ground level, just ask some cities with severe air pollution. This happens regardless, but when you have too much pollution it becomes a lot more visible and obvious where the smog goes, which is right into the faces of citizens.


You're being pedantic. At the end of the day, breathing in MORE stuff than you already are is no cause for celebration or defense


You mean you're being pedantic? Not celebrating or defending smoking, as you're the one who felt the need to correct those in saying other forms of pollution also cause harm by pointing out how you don't come into contact with those forms, when in fact you do. Was just making an observation on the comment given. I actually think we need to put tighter regulations on all forms of air pollution so I'm actually doing the opposite of celebrating. Apologies if my comment was taken the wrong way or sparked something, it wasn't meant to be taken in that way at all and was more so putting a spotlight on smog covered cities that put the equivalent to a pack a day of smoke into the lungs of their residents not being talked about when you spoke about not putting your head in a smokestack meaning you don't inhale smoke. Just an interesting side to think about, the fact that millions of people are forced to smoke whether they like it or not due to where they live. Genuinely not trying to put you down or start something, was just adding to the thought and again apologize is it was taken in a hostile manner since you needed to insult me.


I made an error in saying we don't come into contact with other forms of pollution.


Just let people be themselves, man.


Hey, I am 100% fine with people smoking. I don't nag people about it. But what rubs me the wrong way is when people try to pretend it's a good thing or that the reputation of smokers needs protecting.


I’m sure your life is perfect


Hey, I don't defend my flaws


Lucky. The health clinic next to me employs a lot of smokers which I was fine with and we have a smoking area for them, but instead they stand in front of my door and drop their cigarettes on the ground when they're done. Like bitch walk 10 feet to the smoking area it's literally within your view right now


Had a manager that smoked, told me to go clean up all the cig butts from him smoking outside. There were probably a hundred scattered around the parking lot.


No, people $hit on you because you stink and your habit also stinks.


Don't be an ass


I’m glad you cleaned up after yourself. I always make a point to say something when I see someone flick a cigarette onto the ground. My biggest pet peeve is when you’re driving and someone tosses on out their window…..keep it in your car till you get to your destination. Poisoning out water is not benefiting anyone. If you don’t like the smell in you car. Quit


Well that and its just frowned upon. I had a coworker who smelled me after just smoking one on my break and she just shook her head. Pissed me off for the judgement but nice girl otherwise.


>This is why everyone shits on us. Nah, pretty sure it's the idiocy of giving yourself cancer as well as giving others around you second hand smoke. "Sorry mate gonna step outside for a bit to inhale cancerous fumes hur da hur"


Oh hell no


Yeah it's super disgusting...


My first thought


In many areas cigarette butts are considered litter and someone can be fined for not disposing of one properly.


I don't know anywhere where they are not considered litter.




I used to smoke. And this is just soooo gross.


Looks like he won't live long... That's a lot of buds


Beat me too it. Won’t have to deal with it for much longer.


Unfortunately these people will live while the good people have strokes and cancer. Ugh.


I lol'ed at "buds" but for real that's a really shitty thing for him to do. It makes me sad to think there are probably some animals that will get sick or die from eating those


As I was taking the picture there was a crow about 15 meters to the left of the frame. Once I get home i'll grab a bag and get rid of them.


DDont do the work for him and dispose them. If you do not want to confront him, get information. When he/she's home, is his window open when he is gone, etc. Then, if you really want to show him/her and do not want to confront him/her, spill the buds in front of his door, in the mailbox, in his flat throug the window (ladder).


You should pick them up when the guy is out on his balcony smoking, groan loudly and sigh a lot. Mumble the word "asshole" a few times. Maybe he can take a few hints. And if he can't, straight up let the landlords know


My neighbors used to do this + throw their beer bottles off the balcony in to the bushes. I would clean it up sometimes because it was bordering a park my kids would play at. No amount of groaning or anything would change it, they were well aware they were assholes.


Don't groan, moan, act like the buts turn you on. Guarantee he will stop.


Now the crow has a smoking habit and beats his wife. Shame on you /s


There's actually some evidence that cigarette butts used in bird's nests may help them keep parasitic mites at bay. There hasn't been enough research on it to conclude whether it's truly "good" or bad but it's definitely a thing that happens: https://www.nature.com/articles/nature.2012.11952#:~:text=Lining%20nests%20with%20material%20from,help%20keep%20out%20parasitic%20mites.&text=Stuffing%20cigarette%20butts%20into%20the,variation%20of%20an%20ancient%20adaptation.


He's just trying to grow his own cigarette bush


He just forgot to water them, that's all.


The lady above my apartment would smoke off her balcony and drop her lit butts straight down onto my balcony. Both my wife and I nicely asked her to stop and even offered her an ashtray to use, but the problem continued. I started taping the cigarette butts to her outside window(using tape and 2 swiffer handles-basically a 6 foot pole) and after 2 days she stopped.


I would have taped a small can of them plus some cig ash above her door, hopefully it rains down on her after she just washed her hair.


This is amazing. I love that it worked.


Have you tried telling your landlord? As a smoker this is completely ridiculous. I never throw my butts on the ground.


Buds? Lmao


Butts... Dang


As a smoker this infuriates me, this dude can go to hell...


That’s a little more then mildly infuriating


Can’t you report that to someone? I thought dumping was illegal?


It is. Learned that the hard way. One $200 “littering of flammable material” ticket later.


Oyyy I hate this. Most people don’t realize cigarette filters are loaded with nasty chemicals and that shit leaches into the ground (aside from the nasty smoke lol) Time to let the landlord or HOA know. If all else fails, collect em all and leave them on his doorstep.


This is horrible


Ya that's Bull shit. contact the proper authorities and see if they can help you remedy the situation. I would get banned if I suggested otherwise.


Looks more like someone throwed grass to the buds.


Meanwhile, in a creek nearby, a beaver has constructed the worlds first all fiberglass dam 🦫


That guy has stage 17 lung cancer How is he not dead?


Some people have no shame. Is it really that difficult to place your cig butts in an ashtray?


What a fucking idiot


Throw them back up


Never. In my life. Will I ever let anyone think that THAT is ok. You definitely have a better heart than me cause...I have no patience or tolerance for stuff like that sir. I let people like what they like vapes, weed pens, etc. But I will never like a litter bug THAT serious, especially cigarettes gtfoh...sorry you gotta deal with that.


Depending on the state there are some litter laws that could ticket him for the offense. Illegal dumping in the US same as Fly-Tipping in the UK. Most agencies just need to be handed proof of the act and they will usually give a citation or ticket. Depending on severity can also lead to some worse punishments.


I live in Denmark, and here you get a hefty fine for this. I am however not going to report anything, I'd confront him and ask him to stop before doing so.


Never know confronting someone who's willing to do that could lead to something else for you whereas an anonymous tipoff would lead to them getting mad and asking you about it which you can then say it wasn't you. That's when you make friends with them instead haha.


That’s gross as hell. My mom has a lot of bad qualities, but littering is not one of them fortunately. I could not imagine seeing that out side my house when I lived with her. It was bad enough being smoked around for most of my childhood, but this…? Why can’t he just use an ashtray or wet his butts and then throw them away like a decent, normal, civilized human being? Is it really that much more work to do?


Don’t worry, he’ll die soon with that everyday


You know that the guy will die painfully from all sorts of cancer


I wont lie, I sometimes forget to use the ashtray on my window sill and will throw ciggie butts outta the window occasionally, I couldn't give a fuck though when my upstairs neighbour (I live on the ground floor) throws literal bags of cat shit out of her window and leaves them there instead of walking downstairs to the bin. Some people just don't care about stuff that doesn't immediately affect them.


Just wait until the grass dries out and gets set on fire by the guy


That is an insane amount of cigarette butts


Oh come on! I smoke and I learned on my very first day of living in my own apartment that you don't just toss butts out the window - it's not like they magically disappear the second they leave your hand. Same goes for tossing them out the car window. They always land somewhere and wherever it is will wind up looking disgusting. I sincerely hope you've got a landlord who can intervene in this situation.


Collect the butts in a bag. Put spray adhesive all over offenders vehicle and dump bag over vehicle.


Call your city's environmental health agency, and maybe the EPA. It's not just nasty, it's dangerous to kids and pets. Source: https://tobaccofreeca.com/environment/cigarette-butts-are-toxic-waste/


So many smokers are absolute slobs. I'm not sure why they think littering is fine just for them. The world is their ashtray.


Those are the same people that eat a chocolate bar and just throw the paper on the ground while there is a bin just meters away. Or throw their takeaway trash out of the car window. Asshole smokers are just more noticeable than other asshole people because they produce litter more frequently


Sashimi him


So that's not aerial view of the prairies?


Damn how much that person's smokes


Does it stink? That is littering.


At least you don't have to kill him... He's already doing it himself. Satan: well looks like my jobs done here!


Can they be fined for littering?


Gee such bad manners i smoke on my balcony as well in summer time but taking a ashtray with ya is only a small effort in my opinion wont see that happening here >o<




Kids !! Lets go Easter egg hunt !


Omg that's just raking the piss!!!


Use a shop vac to clean them up and dump it infront of his door.


damn you sure hes not dead?


Pick em all up & pop em through his letterbox.


*butts. I'd be fine with buds being dropped outside my window


That is no way to treat buds


Make them fucking eat the butts


This is a joke right? Tell him to pick it all up within the week. Get proof of him tossing it out. Call cops/ local environmental group. After he gets reprimanded tell him he is lucky you went a civilised route and you didnt break his fucking face


Butts, they are cigarette butts.


I do not envy the vile smell


Maybe he doesn’t realize it only takes 1 million years for them to disintegrate.


Butts. Not buds.


In my country, it’s a fine per item


You should gather them all up and dump them into this asshole’s room.


Who is your neighbor, Captain Smoker from one piece


Tell the landlord, hopefully the landlord will tell them to pick them up.


*butts, you had me wishing that was my neighbor for a mon


If he was in my unit and my company sergeant saw him do that he'd make the guy fill up at least 10, 2-liter bottles of butts.


Holy shit! That's three hundred dollars per but in my country!




Had a neighbor that would throw their butts out in my yard above me once. Not nearly to this degree. I'd pick them up and toss em on their patio


Pick them up and throw them back into his window. And if it’s closed we’ll throw them away you already picked them up.


I thought white dots were all buds but the white dots around the edges are flowers right?


When my hubby and I used to live in an apartment, the college bros that lived directly above us used to dump their ashtrays into a pizza box and leave it out on their balcony. They set our building on fire!!


Call the police and make them tell him.to.clean up. They'll give him a warning and if he continues he'll get a fine. This is littering and beyond.


Had an upstairs neighbor who threw their butts down onto my patio. I bought them an ashtray and asked them politely to not throw their butts off their balcony. They didn't stop. They were batshit crazy people anyway.


What a hellacious freaking pig!


I'm pretty sure you can call the cops on him


I’d be calling the popo for littering






My boss had a house fire cuz they weren’t disposing their butts properly. In the summer time the loose ones around the dry grass and porch caught fire. This is a huge fire hazard!


It blows my mind how ignorant and stupid people can be. It does remind me of when my cousin snuck his first beer. He didn't like it and didn't know how to get rid of the evidence, so he just threw it out his window and forgot about it...He of course got caught, as it was right outside his window. Difference was, he was a child and these are adults, probably...I hope they dont give you any other issues!


Damn... Aside from that, does it stink the yard also?


I haven't noticed any smell. There is about 2 meters from my window to the ground, so maybe that has something to do with it.


As a smoker myself, this guy is a piece of shit. Those should be collected and dumped inside his car all over the seats.




Lawn cancer


If they smoke a pack a day (20 cigarettes) that's 7,280 butts per year


go there with a vacuum cleaner


Grab some beers, make a day of throwing them back up onto his balcony


My neighbor does the same thing, but with dog poop. I haven’t done anything about it in the back, (even though it’s disgusting and rude) but they let their dog shit on my front porch once. I saw it happening and said something to them and they just called their dog inside and shut the door. I kindly placed those turds on their porch. They have two dogs that just live on their back porch with no shelter of any kind. Just a heat lamp hanging from the fence. I don’t understand why people want pets if they can’t clean up after them or treat them with love.


we use to have someone who did this too. One day we decided to pick up all the butts and leave them on there porch. They stopped doing it after that.


Are you sure that it’s one person?


Hoover them up and release, if your hoover has reverse on it blow them ends through one of his open windows.


Isn't that illegal?


Ugh my downstairs neighbors did that. They both would smoke on the back porch and then toss their butts in the grass and driveway. So our yard was filled with gross ass cigarettes. Which meant I couldn’t enjoy my yard. Dumb as hell


Oh my fucking gooood. Get a shop vac, vacuum them up, then dump it on his doorstep! Call the landlord or the cops or somebody! That’s heinous!


use a shop vac to pick them up and then dump them on their doorstep.


Suck them up with a shop vac and then send him a treasure hunt map. Make a trail matching the map by constructing a cigarette trail. At the end there is a iron lung.


What a fucking asshole


Throw your butt at them


Collect them and toss them back on his balcony 🤷‍♀️


Wow, what a jerk. When I was still smoking I'd go out of my way to avoid bothering other people.


my first ever job was a courtesy position at a grocery store (meaning I bagged, cleaned, returned items to shelves, anything the boss asked me to do) and one of the jobs I did was sweeping the outdoor tables where the smokers hung out and I HATED IT. Some of them would even flick the butts on the ground while I was outside sweeping. I always wished for them to step on legos while barefoot


Ugh, we lived in an Apt back in college. Our units looked over a beautiful canyon. Nothing huge, but really pretty and the downstairs neighbor used it as his personal ashtray.


Place them in a bag and hang them on his door knob with a Lil fuck you 📝 js.


Light his place on fire, see if he likes the smoke then


Cigarettes must be quite cheap there. In Australia, as the tax is so high, smokers in general don’t waste them. If they can’t finish smoking it, they put it out and continue smoking them later. During the night after shopping hours, people go looking through shopping centre cigarette bins and recycle unused tobacco.


Title is confusing, buds disappear after smoking them! Should be butts xD


I actually had to google whether it is cigarette butts or buds. It's butts. HaHa. Thought so. Anyway, your neighbor is a butt hole.


OP called them buds which is also mildly infuriating 😂


don't worry, he won't be around much longer anyway


At this rate he won't be in this world for long.


Only idiots smoke


pretty sure it's a fire hazard call the police


Smoking cigarette should be illegal


Don't worry, one day you'll find his body lying with them


Be patient, they'll be dead soon :)


Don’t worry he won’t be around to throw his cigarettes outside for long seeing how many he smokes…


First time apartment living?