recently bought this binder thing because backpacks arent allowed at my school, and nearly every time i open it the rings are open for no apparent reason

recently bought this binder thing because backpacks arent allowed at my school, and nearly every time i open it the rings are open for no apparent reason

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This video almost made me throw up




I was wondering if there was a sub that was the opposite of praisethecameraman


is that a red dot on the wall or am I seeing thi-


Done worry you can’t be killed because they can’t see you because your the cameraman


in case you survived that... does the same thing happen when you have less paper? i'd try having about 2/3s of what you currently have. it might also be a feature when you open the cover the clip unwinds, there could be some lock to this. good luck, and shoot your videos however you want :)


I wondered about the paper thing too.


I'm still nauseous.


Too much weight will separate them. There’s just too much paper


the enitre left side is just math, for no good reason


Ewww math. I hate it! I had the same exact problem with my favorite binder and wound up recycling so much paper and found that it bent the darn rings and ruined it. I was so sad. Lol those were simpler days


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That was some good timing




I can't even count how many times I've never used the math I learned in highschool.




Can’t believe how far I had to scroll to find someone actually addressing the issue. I mean - opining in subs is perfectly normal and expected, but MAN… Seems like you either need to unload the side a little or (and this is prob equally annoying) find something to be a space filler between the long loose edge of the paper and the zipper. Like a small piece of foam, maybe? Bc if you can support the weight better when it’s on its side, it would prob stay locked. Good luck OP!


It also looks like the material near the zipper pulls on the ring tabs as the binder opens.


Tbh I can barely tell with this *camera work.*


YES it will separate - it will separate the STRONG from the WEAK! no FREE BACKPACK SOCALISM for OUR kids, NO SIR!


Damn no backpacks??


What’s up w that? Looking at my kids backpacks I have no idea how they’d function.


Honestly my backpack held everything Literally could function without it


I blew out the bottom of one backpack leaving class one day. It just straight up completely ripped out as soon as I picked it up to leave.


Carry a small hand pulled cart around I guess. What i had to have back then barely even fit into my backpack...


They could all push around stolen shopping carts.


Battle of the “who can get the rarest shopping cart?”


Shopping carts: gotta catch em all


The rarest one is the one with four completely functioning wheels


IKEA ones are regular shopping carts with all 4 working and spinning wheels. I consistently spin them in circles when we go. That’s my top pick.


I wish I had this idea in high school in early 00's, we had so many books and 3 minutes between classes, and the classes always seemed to be on the other side of campus.


Yeah I didn’t even have a locker because I carried all my stuff in my backpack


If the school had digital versions of all their textbooks (although I'm sure they don't...), a cheap laptop would replace most of what a backpack is needed for.


If only schools weren't stuck in the 18th century...


It isn’t the schools, it’s the profiteering textbook publishers.


Honestly online textbooks suck compared to real ones… and half the time there are issues with licenses cause McGraw Hill gotta make that money… the interfaces suck, you can’t “flip through them”, a lot of them lag even on decent computers, and they don’t function offline… I know if everyone in my school was trying to use them all at once it would overload the network…


For uni i use pdf versions of books on a iPad, and that's so handy to use


Oh yeah, those are great. But in general the textbooks at K-12 schools (at least in the US) are only available (legally) via really shitty websites with weird licenses etc… (Although I have had some chad teachers who pirated the textbooks and distributed pdfs lol)


I have always had to have physical textbooks, even before college when I owned them. I highlight and make margin notes in my college books…even classes which used online/pdf books, I’d have to print out my chapters. My brain’s kinda weird. I definitely don’t miss carrying around 50 pounds of books all day because none of my lockers in high school were anywhere near any of my classes.


It's because American high schools are so dangerous, they don't allow backpacks to make it harder to sneak in weapons.


I’m pretty sure a weapon can be stored in any kind of bag.


I keep my gun in my asshole


I can easily sneak in a gun a) on my body or b) in this binder thing. For legal purposes I’d like to clarify that I will never be testing this idea.


America : we sell bulletproof backpacks here because of our history of school shootings … Also America : backpacks have been banned from schools.


Here in Germany we have no security in the school. Everyone can come/ leave without anyone noticing. In France schools are highly secured from outsiders and in the US you need a security force for the school. It’s sad that you have to lock in kids to protect them


Metal detectors Man I feel bad for kids in America having to deal with this bs Because mah murican freedom


Most schools have them now, but there are ways around them so some schools ban backpacks as well


Why don't they impose bulletproof vests to all students ? That way they could wear their backpacks. Problem solved.


I know this is a joke, but there's actually a company that sells backpacks made out of kevlar now.


That's pretty pro for an innocent kid, he could flip it around and wear it on his chest or try to lay under it incase of an active shooter


There's one that has 2 level 3 soft plates (protection from small caliber pistols and such). One stays in the back and the other can be pulled across the front and clipped in when shit hits the fan.


Dude i've seen this a few years ago. I tough it was a joke at first. I wonder if this company made it up to the nasdaq 100 now, it totally could have been by now 😅 This is pretty scary, i don't know how parents are handling it.


I have two of these. My wife and I take them to festivals. (I got them as a gift from a family member, might as well use them).


At my daughters school they don’t have room in classrooms for 40 kids and their giant backpacks. A teach actually fell and hurt themselves a couple years ago so they have gone to 1. All textbooks are now on their iPads 2. A 8x10 size drawstring bag may be carried 3. A few special dispensations can allow for a full sized backpack It’s a bummer but the boomers in my area are refusing to vote yes on the construction bonds so we have to squeeze more kids into schools in an area where there has been an insane boom in population.


40 kids in a class? :(


Because that will stop school shootings /s. Schools began thinking if they ban backpacks, school shootings won't ever happen again... **Nevermind the fact Columbine, etc all happened with them already having the guns in hand**


Nope a lot of schools are banning backpacks because it would be SOOOO difficult to hide a gun in one of those trapper keepers that they are they only thing acceptable anymore


I have to have candy in there because of a medical condition, so I know it’s easy to stash something in there


Yeah I bought a few extra for a deal and I keep Nerf/air soft guns in there, , and I keep candy in my school one


This is a very American problem. Couldn't you hid like a handgun in a binder or book tho


In a binder yes a small caliber pistol can fit in a binder and I know damn well that you can fit a colt .45 and a 1911 in a hollowed out science book from 1995 so yeah there is a lot more way that just backpacks to hide a gun but you couldn’t have say an ar-15 in most of anything but a backpack


No self-respecting student would go on a killing spree with a handgun. Machine gun or shotgun only. /s


I prefer an akimbo 1911 with .45 acp and hollow points /s Yeah I’ve always wondered what most crowd/school shooters use not in a fucked up way but what is easy to get and why they used it


Then they should ban guns not fucking backpacks


Soon they'll ban schools to protect gun ownership.


I wish I could laugh at that, but it’s scary how plausible that actually is. And yes, I’m American. I don’t live in Florida or Texas, however, which is where this would happen if it did.


I don't know what to say. I really think the US is on a hard decline and I seriously think that this country is fucked up beyond recognition. Don't get me wrong, I used to live in the States and loved it, but everything that changed after 9/11 and now with Covid and anti vaxxers is bad but this gun issue really shows how incredibly narcistic this entire society is. It's not all about MY freedom, MY freedom ends when it limits other people's freedom. And if kids can't bring backpacks to school because you could hide a gun in there.... just fucking ban guns?! What is wrong with y'all?


America’s individualistic society that rewards greed is 100% going to be our downfall. Caring for others is bad for business!


Yes, it's immediately labeled as socialism. Yet, giving to charity is a noble act and every public figure - dead or alive - has some kind foundation they care so much about. It really does not make any sense.


That’s what I thought, also backpacks can be carried to and from school but as soon as you get there you have to put it in a locker, hence the binder


I’d recommend using notebooks for each class. Once you get there and have to put the bag in your class, pull out the notebook for that class and trade out in between classes, time permitting. Tedious, but will save the annoyance. Can you bring a laptop? Or is it high school?


Not a bad idea, and also we were given out chrome books to every student


I’m a software engineer major, I use my computer for everything and can type way faster than I can write. IMO I’d say using that chrome book would be your best friend in this situation! Make separate folders for each class and type up notes. Save time and space!


When I was in grade school, we weren’t allowed to have backpacks because they “encouraged unnecessary clutter.” It was such bullshit. Looking back on it, it was probably so kids couldn’t hide drugs or something.


An an adult- I use a backpack for work (obviously far more sleek, well made, and "professional" than my colorful pieces of shit from back in the day) but I'd die without it.


Guns always allowed


Wtf? Does schools expect people to carry everything in their hands? Plus what if its school supplies like laptops, pens, pencils, rubbers etc. You can't carry all that in one or two hands.


Looks like you have it overfilled. I didn't have this specific brand, but I had one similar and it would open like that when I put too much paper in


This. You shouldn't fill a 3 ring binder more than about half way. Sounds dumb but this will happen otherwise.


Why the heck does your school not allow backpacks


Beacause MUrica!!!!


Because guns don’t kill people, backpacks with guns kill people.


also metal water bottles kill people now apparently




You never know if someone is hiding a gun in their waterbottle!


I really hope this is a stupid question, but I’m just not sure anymore… you are joking, right?


Idk if other schools had/have it (mine did) before you get entrance to school you have to scan your school ID, put your book bag through the x-ray machine, walk through a metal detector and if your bra goes off you gotta get the wand detector lol. Maybe it’s just city schools? But we weren’t allowed ANY kind of metal anything that wasn’t approved. We also had a lot of dumb kids with guns though. Edit to add: Also got frisked after metal detector and you were not present if you did not scan your ID. If you forgot your ID you needed a form of identification and your student number. I just asked my husband how he went into school…he said “I walked in” lol I thought this was EVERY SCHOOL until right now


Hell sometimes I walked in, walked out at lunch, walked back in and no one knew if it wasnt for the wendys bag in my hand then.


America always amazes me, security checs to enter school??!?!


I live 5 minutes away from the border the worst thing that could happen is a teacher talking to me before school starts


I know my city has security checks. I’m sure maybe NYC as well. It’s got a lot to do with crime rate. My husband went to school 20 miles away from me and could just walk right into school through any door. Asked a few of my other friends from closer and it’s just a city thing. I had no clue. I just assumed. So not all America, just the dangerous parts.


I will point out this isn't really normal. I never had a security check point to get in any of my schools. Temporary exception was 9/11, but that wasn't a checkpoint to get into school, but to get into the area because the high school was right next to the military base. And I didn't have to go through that anyway because I wasn't in high school then anyway. Schools in more dangerous areas do metal detectors and such, not just for guns but honestly for knives. I now live by a school that is like that, and they do have a serious stabbing problem that starts in MIDDLE SCHOOL. Heck, even without the knives they beat the crap outta each other, and the schools don't care. But again, that's a school system that services a more dangerous area. Even the "bad" school where I grew up, where there was actual gang activity, didn't do metal detectors. Think large schools in big areas. Thing with the US is we have a lot of high populated areas and big cities, so we have a lot of schools numerically that fall in that category. And not all school districts handle this well.


This boggles my mind. I went to HS in a town of 20k, and this astounds me.


This opened up a whole new world to me lol. I had no idea people could just walk in. We only had one entrance to school and every exit had a security officer. if you needed to pick up your sick kid you needed to go through security check. I can’t believe schools have multiple entrances. My whole mind is blown


I guess if you smack someone over the head hard enough (actually tho I think they are banned so students can’t bring alcohol or something along those lines)


So alcohol only exists in metal bottles over there? Some of you over there keep amazing me with stupid ideas...


I think it’s because metal is opaque and *most* alcohol is colored in some way. Too bad the most distilled stuff is as clear as water


And too bad that there are a lot of thicker coloured non-metal bottles as well that you cant see through... At least here in the Netherlands so you could probably buy them there as well.


The fuck yall on abt, during 8th and 9th grade I had classmates bring wine is basic water bottles and drink it during recess. Someone brought a fancy glass bottle with vodka in it, even had glasses, drank and shared. There was a camera in the room. He didnt get caught. #Welcome to the balkans


That I actually can see, some fringe “what if” scenario where a student gets hit with a metal water bottle.


I think they just want to be able to see what’s in the bottle


The camera work was even more mildly infuriating


It’s to full? I had ones that would do that when they got all beefy.


What kind of messed up school doesn’t allow backpacks, da hell?


I mean, we are allowed to take them there and back home but you can’t carry them between classes


That just makes it more confusing lol


One question: Why?


Yes I know there’s a lot in there but that’s the minimum amount I need to have in there for 6 different classes, I would probably carry it in a backpack i was allowed to carry it around school instead of just having it in a locker. And one more thing, apparently metal (or non transparent) water bottles are also not allowed apparently, although I have been getting way with a metal one for the week I’ve been there


If those binders aren't too expensive I'd consider getting another one of them. That way you could have the first 3 classes of a day in one binder and the last 3 in another and would just have to swap halfway through the day. Or you could leave the papers of two classes in your locker and during the day go swap them later in the day when you've already had some classes. More work but at least your binder wouldn't be bursting open all the time and breaking later down the line.


Why not get 2-3 smaller binders? Also it looks like a lot of blank paper; you could just keep like 20 blank pages for the entire thing and refill it at home as needed.


Damn, is this a public school? Where is it located? My guess you are being educated in the prison system.


You don't need that much paper. A few pages at a time per class. Add more and take some out when you are done with them.


When I was in high school a few years ago my calc teacher made us use a 2-3” binder that we had to keep everything in (class notes, book notes that we were required to take for each chapter, homework that we had every night, + old tests and corrections) and she would check at random, so you had to keep all of that stuff on you or fail the binder check that counted as a grade. It might not be up to this person whether or not they keep all those papers in there.


Teachers that did this were the worst.


I remember some college teachers do this too. Make you bring their massive 10 pound textbook to every class because they won't tell you when you'll need it and not having it when you do need it takes off an attendance point even though you'll have to share books anyways.


My grade 11 math teacher did this. I didn't keep my binder well organized so he dumped it on the floor in front of everyone and told me I would be a bum after highschool.


Sounds like something you can’t say to a child especially in front of all those witnesses


There's two sets of rings on either side. They aren't aligned so the other one hits the latch to make it open once the binder gets closed. Garbage design.


Yo you gotta lock the top and bottom clamps in on the binder rings when you close it.


You would be fine with one notebook with 30 pages bud


Been through that in middleschool (6-8th), the no metal waterbottle thing is so kids dont bring alcohol to school with them. Teachers mostly didnt give a shit as long as you didnt smell like alcohol, didnt look like that type of kid, or werent noticably drunk. Most wouldnt even bother enforcing that rule because its middleschool, they dont expect any of the kids to be alcoholics yet. If you are in highschool thats a different story but even then... my teachers gave so few fucks that they didnt care that I was baked for all of my classes in 11th. The binder thing is a useless power trip, its disguised as "helping you learn organization" and all that other life skill BS. Its just them forcing an outdated and awful system (for most kids) on you. Pro tip, break or sprain something in your arm. You get elevator access and get to use a backpack. You can also milk it so that you can keep your backpack with you the rest of the year. I made up some BS about how the joints, muscles, and nerves take about 6 months to get back to normal which isnt really that far off but I could definitely have just gone back to the binder system if I actually wanted to. Pro tio 2, if you work better on a computer you can get an IEP or similar, pretty much just forces your teachers to let you work on said device.


The two tabs at the top and bottom should pushed up so they lock in place. See if that helps


I am baffled by the amount of schools having a ban on backpacks, in The Netherlands that's just unheard of.


In the US at least, I’ve seen data being shown around in favor of removing backpacks from younger children in school because the average kid brings home more books than they should and it results in back issues later in life. But there’s really no other option, you can’t have kids holding all their stuff in their hands.


I feel like the issue isn’t the bags but the amount of shit they have to bring back and forth, like the only time I ever actually had to worry about bringing books is in uni


I think it is unheard of at least everywhere in Europe


"Backpacks arent allowed" thanks to that countries school system the dangerous and illegal weapon know as a "backpack" has been succesfully hunted down and either destroyed or, like en most cases, simply banned.


Back in my day…we had trapper keepers 🤣


And now they sell them again. OP needs an OG trapper keeper.


Had one freshman year of high school and hated literally every second of it they are bulky, heavy, and the rings work terribly.


What kind of school doesn't allow backpacks, wtf?


My highschool in 1998 didn't allow backpacks or lockers. But then again there were 5000 of us and gang riots so I'm guessing it was for safety.


[Class of 1999!](https://youtu.be/3w-ph46XYWQ)




Binder is haunted. Post on paranormal subreddit for advice.


How tf are you supposed to carry stuff when no backpacks allowed???


What's mildly infuriating is how you recorded this


In 6th grade I had the same binder and the same problem it sucks


I recommend anyone who can't have backpacks in school buy a binder like this, but the one with the decent sized other pocket, just stored all my notes neatly in those thin paper binders with the metal bendy tab things and put them in the other pocket, while the assumed biggest subject for the semester went in the side with the rings. Literally used mine as a backpack, I would stuff my light jacket in there before the last class so I could just leave without going to my locker at the end of the day, I would also use the ring section to store snacks and other things if they would fit, pretty sure I even stuffed a Coca Cola can in there once lol.


Remove 3/4 of the blank paper you neanderthal


Does it have anything to do with school shootings? The backpack ban


any particular reason backpacks are banned in your school? is it because of safety?


i dont know but its probably to keep people from having their phones, if not to make it harder for people to bring guns


In my experience people usually carry phones in pockets. Maybe they should ban pockets instead of backpacks, haha


"You are now forbidden from going to our school with pants on."


Probably the gun thing I feel bad for you having to live in that shitstorm worrying about getting shot at school


We were allowed backpacks in class for a while...then it became an issue of bags in isles between desks. Like backpacks everywhere and kids and teachers were tripping. They said it was a fire hazard and that was it.




Why are backpacks banned?! I can't imagine going to school without mine.


murica’ I guess


yeah so if you leave the papers facing down (or towards the earth, if you will) then it's possible that the weight of the papers is what's opening the binder clips. Maybe carry a few less papers since you probably won't be taking all that many notes in a day?


Why tf does your school not allow backpacks????


Why tf aren't backpacks allowed? No backpacks in school? I'm soo confused


What’s up with the no backpack rule?


should post this in r/crappydesign as well lol.. man that sucks!


You’re not supposed to have it all on one side


It’s too full of paper


I'm just mad that your school doesn't let students use backpacks!


What's more mildly infuriating here isn't the binder, but actually is why aren't you allowed to carry backpacks to school??


All these people saying it’s because schools are too dangerous now…it has been many years since I was in grade school. At least 30. We couldn’t wear or use backpacks in school throughout the day either. Only to bring stuff back and forth. That was high school too. Those rules had been in place since the 70s, not because of violence, but because of drugs. It’s also an issue of space and a fire hazard because when kids are in class, their giant backpacks are in the aisles.


Your camera skills are 10X more infuriating then the binder could ever be. Also...no backpacks??? What country is this?


You know what else is infuriating? Your fucking camera holding.


no apparent reason? you have too much paper in there, it’s weighing down one side of the binder rings.


Impressive camera work


the only infuriating thing about this video is the way it was filmed. goddammit.


Camera skills: nil Amount of paper in a binder: 50% over capacity. It's not rocket science to work out both. There's too much paper in your binder and when it hangs down from the strap, the weight of the paper is opening the rings.


“No apparent reason”….. let me shove way too much shit in here


Its too much paper. Overfull.


Seems youve over loaded it.


Take out some of the paper you jack ass. That's why it rings are opening when you close it. You dickbuttdick.


There's too much shit in there, genius


The average backpack holds like 15 to 20 pounds of fucking homework. There’s no way children are going to be carrying by hand Or highschoolers or’s or College


i had a similar binder in middle school and it did the exact same thing rip


Same thing happened to me 2 years ago EVERYTHING fell out let's say my hands felt like nothing


Ive always had that issues with thos binders


The thing that’s infuriating is that your school doesn’t allow backpacks


One could easily stuff a G19 in that thing… gonna have to ban more than backpacks LOL what a joke


.... The zipper flap is catching on the latch for the rings. When you unzip and open it, the flap opens the rings


This hit a deep memory of being in sixth grade with one of these busting at the seams because I thought it was a good idea to pack half my life in it.


There’s too much paper in it, it’s too heavy for the rings to hold it together, so they open up with the movement.


For my friends school, they had to have clear backpacks and then some people just started getting thoes binder things. Currently nobody knows if they're allowed.


Also I kinda understand your pain since instead of giving us a long enough break between classes, we got maybe 2 minutes (Also the school was huge so usually I had to run and still be late + getting yelled at for running) so I had to carry *everything* with me to every class including lunch and it was awful. Literal pounds of books and paper while running is a better workout than gym class. Speaking of gym, my first class last year was gym so it basically was "hello good morning time to run! I don't care if you're tired time for exercise!"


Should be a no brainer, but you have too much stuff on the rings and the pressure is causing it to not clasp correctly.


Take small piece of duct tape & wrap around seam of middle ring. I had same issue... More documents than it could successfully manage.


Yo fuck that school. What a piece of idiot you should be to ban literally the most common and helpful thing for students? What next, ban ball pens? Ban notebooks?


Schools when they have an issue: Let’s just pick a completely random school item and remove it entirely, that will solve our problems!


I mean, come on, if we don't give those whiny little brats postural defects by age 10 from lugging their stuff around, who will?


Why the hell can’t you have backpacks?!?!?!


Any particular reason why backpacks are banned? Sounds kinda stupid to me tbh


Does it do it when it's not so stuffed? Looks like too many papers on the ring. If that doesn't fix it, ebay yourself a Trapper Keeper.


So what they do if you bring a backpack?? Sent you home? 😂


Your camerawork is also mildly infuriating.




OP, there’s too much paper in there. Look at when you open it. See how the paper is positioned over the tab that opens the rings? It scoots closer over the tab when you close the rings & probably closer when you close the binder. If the weight shifts enough, the paper will push the tab & open the rings or even force the rings open.


It looks pretty loaded up with just loose paper, you could consider trying to carrymuch less paper on you at a time, at least for a day or so, the rings may be too full and pushing it open while you’re walking around.


No back packs wtf??? I’m guessing America cause guns, weapons, RPG’s etc?


Your not allowed backpacks.... At school. This country's sad


No backpacks? What kind of school is this? But sweet Binder tho


Why no backpacks allowed? That sounds like some dumb asinine policy.