Did they really need five pieces of tape to hold that piece of paper on the door?


Probably because the moron who wrote it probably taped up the note blank on the door first and then started writing on it at least that's what the penmanship looks like.


Yup that’s the penmanship of a troglodyte with a meth addiction.


Actually you are spot on, that's exactly what op said! I mean, he actually said "hermit with a drug problem", but that's kinda the same thing.


That’s an insult to troglodytes around the ~~world~~ galaxy.


The tape looks like it was gnawed off the roll by a rabid possum, it’s positioning around the paper alone is cause for concern and the yellowing paper itself looks to be from a stack of hoarder-files from the 70s. The entire communique is a robust, series of red flags. Add the fact that OP wasn’t making any noise to begin with and you’ve got substantial evidence for a permanent address change. I just got out of my own toxic environment this week and it feels amazing. Rock on, OP!


The tape looks like that because it's reinforced gaffer's tape, legit duct tape, that shit's hard to cut evenly while sober, DO NOT TRY METH, but try tearing duct tape with your fingernails, because you took so much meth you forgot you had teeth even though they keep itching like a mf Honestly that only raises more questions, though, why does this mans have construction grade gaffer's tape? Why is he use said tape to fasten a blank envelope from when the post ran on horseback to door with note? Why write note after taping yet-to-be-note and not before? Why choose UGLIEST font available? Why so confidently accuse meatspace anons of noises made by white demons? Why meth? Do you disinfect your door or just burn it, now? Are you liable for whatever STDs that mans gives your door? Why wouldn't you invest in door STD insurance if you live in a methed up part of town? Why meth?... And more, and now for just 13 easy payments of (9!)*0.05¢, you, too, can ask ALL the questions


I happily hand the reigns of the investigation over to you, good sir.


Imma keep it a bill, that's a horrible idea, I don't sleep well, or often, and I have the flavor of ADHD where it's actually schizoaffective disorder, so keeping my attention could be more difficult than OP's crack-topus or Black Beauty Bear, whatever we're talking about


Fun fact! Opossums can’t contract rabies! Subscribe for more fun possum facts.


You are quite skilled with words




First thought was "tweakers"


Looks like an eight year old wrote it,


I am a college educated adult and my handwriting looks like this, I am so glad computers are the standard of today


Do they even teach penmanship in schools these days? I can remember hours and hours of copying letters into little grids so that they'd look perfect.


I can block print okay, but my cursive is illegible (to myself even).


Big brainz ting


One day i think I'm fluent in English and the other i find out the word penmanship exists


Well your English is amazing if it is your second language


In my former apartment (don’t move in with your friends in high school you truly don’t know them that well TRUST ME) the maintenance lady duct taped a letter to our door and it peeled off like five layers of paint. Our door was painted orange and we could see the original color pallet of the apartments.


And that looks like a kind of tape that will pull the paint off the door when it gets ripped off. Great.


It’s duct tape, so yes.


Well, of course. Probably thought the strong message was so *heavy* they gotta bust out the gorilla tape.


Looks like the very sticky kind that will leave an ungodly amount of residue behind.


Lack of manners + abundance of duct tape


What font is that? Murderclown?


It's sans brain


The font Potential Murderer


For legal reasons




Looks like Serial Killer Sans Edit: spelling


Good eye but judging by the x-height it’s more likely Neckbeard Neue Sans.


Probably Slicer Sans (Editing this because i was being unnecessarily mean with my og comment)


I had a neighbor once call the police on me for the noise that was coming from a construction site on the other side of the block. I feel you.


Thank you. Funny story, carpenters have been working in my apartment and the mother once knocked violently at the door demanding them to stop doing construction. Now a family with three children will be moving in. They're up for way more noise!


As a carpenter I was asked more than once if we could, you know, run the saws more quietly, or not at all. I always wondered what happened when those folks needed construction.


My father would burn a board up whenever someone asked if we could shut down. (It's lunch time, my kids are home, my dog won't stop barking, etc) He'd just stare at you while he used his skill saw to cut whatever board was nearest. He'd make sure to do it every inch rapid fire, so you got the point. The only response he ever gave verbally was, "You are trespassing on my job site, leave or I'll call the cops." My favorite is when people complain that their road is dusty and ask if we can bring trucks in through other means. "Yes mamn well tear down your backyards neighbors house, fence, and backfill his pool. So we can use their other road and bring trucks in through the yard."


Seriously if you want peace and solitude live outside the city in a rural area. Construction is a part of life in a highly populated area.


Outside the city has other really noisy stuff.


That's me. On an ATV. Drinking cheap beer and firing a shotgun at stuff. I am also building a structure as close to your property as possible without breaking the law. Don't like it? Move back to the city, you softie.


Found Cowboy Dan.


Is he a major player in the cowboy scene?


He goes to the reservation and drinks and gets mean, I heard.


Hey another fellow redneck! Cheers to that.


Marry me 🥵 (I'm an early 30's male and I hope you're a man too so I can live out my dreams as a country housewife)


You sound expensive.


Pick me!!


Nah, we didn’t escalate. You never know which neighbor is on some kind of neighborhood board or is pals with the client. Not treating people shitty got us a lot of work.


There is a great vid out there of some guys doing road work in the UK. They start up at 8 or 9 just as they are supposed to. Some lady comes out of her home in a house coat screaming about the noise and she's going to call the cops citing some sort of noise ordinance. That they can't start work that early. Head of the crew stands there takes all the abuse she wants to give him with a straight face giving a nod every couple minutes as if he gives a fuck about this twat. At the end says "right love, you go do that. I've got a jackhammer to get back to."


Reminds me of when I worked in a seafood restaurant that was on pilings. Sometimes when the tide was extremely high, the waves would slap against the bottom of the floor. A woman having a company party came up to me and asked if there was anything I could do to stop it from making noise because someone in her party was speaking and she thought it was distracting.


Love the ocean-front ambiance but could you just turn it down a bit? Thanks!


This made my island heart laugh so damn hard. You have no idea how many times I have stared blankly at a dit dot and asked them if they were asking me to "turn down" the insert southern coastal town inconveniences here.


If you're leaving, time to really give them something to bitch about. Now would be a great time to learn how to use a pogo stick.


learning to clog with brick shoes and horror flicks on 100% sound level :)


Buy the Kids Drums. Revenge is sweet.


I'd leave the notes for the next tenant if you still have them. That will likely prompt them to enquire with the landlord about it, hopefully that Karen neighbor will be put on notice.


Wait, you’re claiming that you don’t make noise but you have carpenters working in your apartment? Don’t you think that might be the source of the “slamming door” noise?


Yeah it’s completely disingenuous to say “the only noise I make is doing dishes” and then have it buried in the comments that there’s fucking renovations going on.


Could be but I'm guessing op doesn't actually have a choice in the construction noise. Seems like an apartment situation.


It's highly likely. My carpenter is not so friendly with the backdoor.


Sounds like you should tell the person "Hey (insert curse word of your choosing), it's the carpenter working on the complex. If you don't want to deal with the noise, then you can go somewhere else while it's happening, otherwise go jump in a lake."


That’s what she said


I doubt the carpenters are working late at night so they can still do one.


I was stuck in the snow and my neighbor called my landlord and told them I was doing donuts in the parking lot. Not even their own landlord! When I accused him of it he told me “someone should cut your fucking head off!” What was the reason given? I have no idea. Never once said a bad word to anyone where I live.


I once had a neighbor persistently call the police on me too. One day I woke up to a knock on the door, a cop asked me "did you have a good party last night?" I was like, what are you talking about..


I had the same experience one time. downstairs neighbor approached me as I was walking in the front doors "hey did you have a good party this weekend"? Which confused the hell out of me because I had been camping for the past week. I turn my phone on, and immediately get a bunch of missed calls and voicemails. Turns out she called the cops 2-3 times, and my landlord about 4-5 times to complain about me making too much noise. then I got grilled by my idiot building manager, who started asking if I had proof I was camping and not home etc. It only ended when I finally just got up and said "I'm a 30yr old adult, I don't need proof I wasn't home, and I don't have to sit here through this. Unless you have proof I was at all home, I'm done here" and walked out of the office. she never really liked me much after that, but she shortly fled the building when it turned out her and her husband had been performing some of the stupidest fraud I've ever heard of (depositing certified cheques and money orders meant for rent into their own bank accounts)


My neighbor called the cops on me (my first interaction ever with them) for hiring a company to clean up my lot which they thought was theirs.


My friends were renting the upstairs of a house in Calgary, and were woken up to answer the door to a bylaw officer. A neighbour had complained about them riding their snowmobile in the city, and revving the engine. I’m sure the bylaw officer was just as surprised to see two young women in the other side of the door as they were to see him. He was even more surprised to learn that there was no yard, garage, storage shed, or anywhere else they could possibly be stashing a snowmobile.


Tell the truth, I bet ya borrowed a jack hammer!


I've received three noise complaints for dog barking, I don't have a dog, it's my neighbor.


If your neighbor is barking that loudly he should probably see a doctor.


I had neighbors call the police because my kids were riding their bikes. On a private street.


Is your neighbor a 5 year old? My kids write better than this.


He's 30 years old but he acts like one. It made me laugh how horrible his handwriting is. He's a hermit who lives with his mom and abuses drugs.


Serial killer handwriting AND lifestyle. Amazing


Ya im a little worried about what the rest of that roll of duct tape is going to be/has been used for.




She’s mostly just a damp rag at this point.


Why bother, they'll crust over eventually.


Just stick it back on his door.


Show this to his mom. She won’t be happy her son is annoying neighbors


Right? If I had an adult neighbor who lived with his mom fucking with me I’d totally tell on their ass


What a loser


Let's get kiddish, time to slam doors and make noise for fun! OP, do you own a drum set?


An electric kit with headphones works as a nuisance too to hear my upstairs neighbor tell it.


I sing on a karaoke app. My old neighbor said she loved to hear it bc when I was singing she knew I was happy. Still not sure what the new neighbors think but I know they hear me. Editing to add- I’m not a very good singer. We are not talking high quality music here.


Something is very heartwarming about your neighbor’s take on your singing.


She was the coolest. Still is, we keep in touch. I’m 41, she’s like.. I dunno in her 70s. We used to smoke weed together lol Whenever I ran out she’d give me a pinch of her stash and vice versa. AND she brought us our 2 precious kitty babies. I give her a solid 10/10. I really miss her and it’s only been a few weeks lol


Has he happened to shit through the floor yet?


Even though I thought the exact same thing initially, I would highly recommend not going this route. Just based on the guys description, there are several red flags that indicate this dude might be primed to blow, if you know what I mean.


Like the lady in the UK who broke into her upstairs neighbor’s place because she walked too loud and yelled at her kids? She set the place on fire and the explosion killed her and burnt down the whole complex. Happy 4th of July.


I was just kidding. Best not to provoke the unstable. Still a bummer for OP, though.


Even if he wasn’t just not an effective way to go through life. You want to really get back at this guy? Go live a great life while this miserable sack of shit slowly rots away in his moms basement


Are we doing a gofundme for OPs new music room yet? No noise cancelling panels allowed.


Time to start being REAL loud till you leave that’s how petty I am


People really do be pushing buttons. This guy is most likely irrational, so pushing him to dwell even more is a dangerous idea.


And the junkie shoots u


Maybe I'm petty, but if I came home to a note like this I'd slam the door repeatedly for about 30 seconds. Most people who do this shit aren't as confrontational as they want to be.


Idk....that's probably how some people get murdered.


Until a the dude coming off a meth binge comes busting down your door. 😂


Fr leave a note like a b.. if I really got an issue knock that door big dog haha


But like... Why risk it? You never know what a stranger is capable of. Yeah, overall the odds of getting attacked may be low, but what's the payoff? Doesn't seem worth it at all.


He probably has disabilities just ignore it as I'm sure you have been


That’s a mature response


Yeah. What gives?


Mature and safe, we don't know if the guys got a gun.


Drug abuse probably explains the noises he’s hearing, he’s hallucinating and shit probably going insane


You need to make a lot of noise the day before leaving


And the twenty pieces of duct tape? Takes 1 piece at the top. Bet that was super annoying to peel off


🤣I was gonna write "is your neighbor 7 years old?"


Or a serial killer, with a substandard tape game.


Moving out Party at OPs house


That would be a great twitch Livestream idea.


When do we show up? I’ll bring dessert.


I’ll bring the coke and footwear. Clogs or tap shoes?


Hmm, I did tap for a while, those shoes really aren’t as loud as you might think. Clogs it is!


Ooh I have a friend who sings screamo! He can perform at the moving out party!


I can play the drum kit!


I'm down for that.


My old roomies were pretty bad as well. Locking me out and saying i should have to call them to get in, when i paid rent to someone who wasnt them and rented the same as them. They would say i was too loud and i had to listen to their dog bark through the wall. Im glad to be out of there and hope you find your own space too.


I'm really sorry you had to go through that and happy you managed to escape. And thank you. Luckily, i was in luck and found a really nice basement apartment for the same price I'm paying now near the closest city. Moving at the beginning of next month!


Time to take up Irish jig dance lessons


As someone who has literally been kept awake by drunk room mates practicing their Irish jig dance, I can confirm it’s the loudest thing you could possibly do.


My neighbor was banging on my frikken door at four in the morning last night...good thing I was up playing my drum set, sheesh.




That's actually a good idea.


My aunt has breastcancer. Her kids are constantly in school or soing extra activities/ go to a tutor. They get home at about 6 pm. They go to bed at 8:30 because my aunt can't deal with 4 kids for too long now that she is undergoing chemo. In bed they read stories together and what not. Anyway, not my point. 2 and a half hours. The children make some noise for 2 and a half hours a day. Its not even excessive. Its kids being kids. And everytime, without a fail, her neighbour that lives under her comes up to complain and tell her he'll call the police and that she should send them to bed at 7 instead (the oldest is fucking 13, come on. Its great he is even willing to go sit in bed at half 9 honestly.) At one point I went to spain to help her out a bit with bringing kids to school etc. We as a family tend to take turns helping her out. That guy came up and I fucking schooled the shit out of him. Still, as soon as I returned to the netherlands he started preying on her again. (It definitely is preying because she is a single mom and he always tells her how she needs a man to set the boys straight and how they need a father and other extremely rude things.) Recently my uncle went to spain to help his sister a bit and the guy again came up, not expecting anyone else to be there. In front of him, my uncle called the police and asked them if it is a problem for kids to play around in tgeir homes until half 9. The police then said no. My uncle tgen explained, in front of the creep, to the police, how tgere is a creep living under them and how he is making my aunt uncomfortable and scared. I don't think he has come up since. Though to be fair, my uncle is still there. He might very well continue doing it.


The scrawls of a serial nut job who probably has thousands of pictures of you made into a collage of a bigger version of you and would probably want your head to add to their collection


That actually wouldn't surprise me.


Soooo…what I’m hearing is that you’re okay with becoming a lampshade. 😆


Obviously neighbor has good taste ☠️😂🤪


Your neighbor must be friends with my annoying fuck of a neighbor. The first day we moved in she broke down her rules and schedule so we'd stick to it and has repeatedly stopped us to complain about us walking "too much" and asked if we can walk less. I wish I lived in a house. Apartment living is not for the faint of heart.


Folks make a lot of cracks about living in "trailers" but I'd rather live in a trailer/mobile home than in an apartment. I DESPISE apartment living. I've lived in some awesome mobile homes and always enjoyed the fact that my walls (floor, ceiling) were not shared by anyone else and I could walk (lol) as much as I wanted to.


I wouldn’t mind living in a trailer if the HOAs that always seem to come with them weren’t so damn expensive. Every single one I’ve seen was at least $900 per month on top of the mortgage payments (highest I ever saw was $1200/month). Any trailer that was worth looking at was at least $100k too… To add insult to injury, trailers don’t retain their value, so you end up losing money in the end, which makes it nearly impossible to sell when it comes time to buy an actual house. If you could actually own the ground underneath them, then you could get equity that way, but they don’t seem to ever do that in my state.


Nerves of steel, you apartment dwellers 😱


My upstairs neighbors drive me crazy sometimes with their stomping & I’ve yelled up to them a couple times but it’s when it’s excessive. I’ve never just stopped them and asked if they could stop because it’s just what it is when living in apartment buildings. However, i wish i could stop and ask them to stop being so nosey. Any room they hear us in, you can hear them walking right above us or if we open windows/patio door. Que the sound of them walking right to where we are. I get curiosity but every movement? You’re doing too much


Any chance you might be the crazy one? Seems suspicious they would follow you around in their own apartment.


Sounds like my ex that got mad at me for flushing the toilet too loud. I have no control over what happens after I push that lever lol.


Yeah good call on breaking up with that ex. If someone complained to me about flushing too loudly I would think where do you come from where you can control toilet sound levels? Is that a feature on pure gold toilets that virtually no one has?


I would pay to have a singing courier come to deliver flowers and a custom song to them the day I was moving out. I might even be tempted to do that randomly over the course of....however long it took for that stress to stop living rent free in my head. Hell I might just keep going randomly until I wasn't amused by it anymore lol


In college I lived in the basement apartment of a house and the tenant upstairs was a guy called John Wayne who had some police interactions while I lived there..he once threatened to stab the neighbours. I used to occasionally play video games late a night and one day a friend came over and said you have a note on your door. It was written on a ripped up cigarette pack and said “You wake me up again and you’ll pay the price. John Wayne”. Needless to say I wore headphones after that. Wish I had kept that note…I’d would love to have that framed and on my wall.


Sounds like a challenge, or maybe a dare.... I mean you are leaving soon.


He always stomps on the floor when he hears "noise" (He stomped twice when I was in bed last night i kid you not) so if he stomps one more time tonight, I am blasting Peanut butter jelly time for 10 hours.


Oh no, there’s a loop of that smash mouth song but it just starts looping on “and the years start comin and they don’t stop comin and the don’t stop comin and they don’t stop comin and they don’t stop coming” for HOURS. I know this because my ex roommate and (still) very close friend was an alcoholic and he used to blast that shit in the living room for hours while entertaining himself. He meant it in the least shitty, least harmful way ever, and I love him dearly but I wanted to fuckin choke him when he did that. But yeah so, that’s an option


https://youtu.be/0K4oym9Pw48 It’s weird my Brian kept thinking it would continue


I keep my Brian under the stairs but I let him out sometimes if he’s a good boy


Igor would like a word with you...




Do it’s raining tacos (song) or that Blue Song. If you want to be a sadist do the lambchop song that never ends. The possibilities are endless


Do it, just do it maybe some neoncat as well


do you mean nyan cat?


Leave it on when you’re not home.


Dude, seriously, this is some Fear Thy Neighbor shit. If that note is legit, home skillet is unhinged.


You’ll get in trouble with apartment, if you really wanna make his life hell then continue making noise through the apartments poor construction


As a top floor person, the most annoying thing to do to an upstairs neighbor is fry fish or something equally smelly.


Play it on a loop with a remote device That way even after you leave it will be there.


This note looks like it was left by the type of person who would snap and murder you. Not worth fucking with them for fun.


I agree. The person that you are dealing with is not mentally stable.


The duct tape was probably the last thing holding this lunatic together. And they used all of it on this bat shit note. I’d be worried.


I’d put on my steel toes and play metal while I cleaned. I’ve had a lot of noisy neighbors but I just put headphones in. Had one meth head that complained about the noise and I just told him “Call the cops” and slammed the door and stomped my way back inside.


Some people just want to be fucking angry. I’ll hear my nieghbor practice his bass guitar or whatever, some nights as late as 10. I’m just happy for the guy. Glad someone’s living their life. Now the guy smoking cigarettes in the bathroom under mine, as a recovering smoker that irks me a bit but it also reminds me of my mom so idk Now that I’m thinking about it I haven’t actually heard him play in a while and that makes me sad. Hope he’s alright.


I would start being noisier.


>making noise for fun Serious noises only


Bro. The writing, the 5 pieces of duct tape, the red pen… this looks like that person is mentally unstable 🙃


Tenants taking action like this is highly discouraged in my apartments. I’d take the note to the landlord and explain the harassment that is going on. Landlords have an obligation to keep the place civil and safe and I’m sure this is enough to get them told to cut it out.




You can see the meth in the handwriting and the heroin in the black duct tape sections. And hey there is some weed too because of the politeness at the end


Making noise for fun 🤣 time to get out your dancing shoes !


I would literally print a screenshot of this, and paste it with his note, on his door. ![gif](giphy|FNJjBAaz0mOAg)


May I suggest you print this out and stick it up next to the note … ![gif](giphy|fXnRObM8Q0RkOmR5nf)


Turn the note over, stick it back to his door, write on it "For every passive aggressive thing you do, I will slam my door three times in your honor for 7 days, doubling in time for each time you don't mind "your fucking business"" Then slam the door 3 times loudly every time you come home for 7 days.... then 14 if he responds... then 28.... etc.


https://preview.redd.it/048papkbvwpa1.jpeg?width=1080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=4ca2d40647205a88592f8e9b49e065fa6d874654 This


Could show them what it sounds like when you DO start slamming the door .... 🤔🤷


My 10 year old has better handwriting than that.


I had a downstairs neihgbor that complained for every step we took no matter how quiet we tried to be. One day my sister and nephews were visiting and the neighbor slam knocked my door and screamed "What are you people doing!!! Stop stomping in the flooooor!!!". My nephew was in shock and I told her "Is just my nephews playing. Go away now." From that day on I walked on my heels, slammed doors, dropped empty pans and made as mich rattle I coud until the day that Karen moved away. F her.


I must become petty like this. My final days will be the noisiest. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sunglasses)


Oh shit. I just watched a Fear Thy Neighbor episode that started off with this scenario. Get your landlord involved immediately.


Start slamming the door. You're already accused of, might as well 🤷‍♂️


Wow, their handwriting is giving spider on meth vibes.


Sounds like an unstable person I'd try to avoid any contact, glad you are getting out!


Try being Minnesota Nice to them. Passive aggression to the next level…


i thought this was your child having a temper tantrum jesus fucking christ that is some terrible handwriting


I had someone claim I was doing that when I was at work all night, wrote a whole long letter about it. He even called the cops on me. I let them take a look in my unit, they saw nothing problematic in there, and then they just left without even a warning.


There is no non-deranged human that would ever tape a note to someone’s door with this amount, shape, and placement of tape.


They seem to have trouble with the writing lol




Look at that handwriting. Either you're being menaced by a 3rd grader or this mfer is straight up dumb.


After seeing the photo first, I thought you were writing a post about your child.


So the first problem I see is that they're six years old.


Time to slam it on repeat


I’m pretty sure my upstairs neighbor floats around like she has wings. She’s a rich older woman. Only once I heard her. Getting railed by a dude who walked like he was made of bricks.


Now my dear OP, I am not calling you a liar, BUT you are active in the hometheater sub and have an AV set up. You also claim to watch tv with headphones while clearly having a decent knowledge of AV setups given your comments, so, could that not be louder than washing dishes? TO BE FAIR, I don’t think you should receive this note even if you are watching movies with your nice sound system. I’m just confused by the conflicting information, please advise!


It could be the furnace turning on if it hasn't been cleaned in a while it will kind of explode a little. It could also be wind or something of the sorts. Or he's just really paranoid and hears any tiny noise and gets freaked out


Yeah if it's an apartment complex, then OP's neighbor is missing the obvious fact that apartments are noisy as hell. All kinds of noises coming from any direction, at any time. I wouldn't be surprised if OP was getting blamed for someone else's noise.


Walk on heels then


After living next to some people in a duplex for a year or so, I wound up going next door to ask them to do something for some reason. I don't even remember now if it was noise related or what. It turned into the guy flipping out and telling us that we were constantly playing music so loud that it made stuff fall off his walls. I lived with two other nerds. I don't think any of us even had a stereo. I was at a complete loss. Some people are just a lot.


Tape on the door too, good way to mess the paint up


Had one of these people in a duplex I lived in would leave notes complaining I was putting away groceries too loudly etc. after about 6 months if trying to accommodate the increasingly unreasonable lady I hooked up two very large sound systems and placed all 5 speakers from each right against the wall and turned it waaaay up on a Sunday after noon. She came over knocking and knocking when I finally answered she screamed “what are you doing!?” I said, “giving you a basis of comparison, this is what a loud asshole neighbor sounds like if you keep treating me like I’m this neighbor then this is the neighbor your going to have now never knock on me door or leave a note ever again thanks.”


Start actually slamming your door. Problem solved