People with no sense of responsibility. I crashed a borrowed car. Offered to and paid in full. Never borrowed one since. edit: misspelling.


Not only that but "The accident was not my fault, I was just looking at my phone while driving!"


The level of entitlement is reaching the level where OP's roommate sues them for getting whiplash in an accident they, themselves, caused.


My grandma ran a stop sign & hit someone who was driving her friend’s car. My grandma felt terrible, but she was going very slow (so very slow) & everyone was ok. Right about when the statute of limitations was about to run out, the woman my grandma hit filed a lawsuit against her. Which was well within her rights to do, but, at the same time, she also filed a lawsuit against her own friend, the owner of the car she was driving. When I found that out, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I mean, damn, that’s cold blooded.


My buddy gets max liability for his insurance because he totaled his car in highschool with a friend in the car. He made it absolutely clear that if he's in an accident and I'm injured, sue him cause thats what the insurance is for. Doesn't make sense if he wasn't in the car though.


> to and *paid* in full. FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*


Correct you are. My bad.


Good bot.


The obvious answer is to say " OF COURSE ! I know accidents happen and as long as it's fixed up you can use it anytime you want to " ! Then get the car fixed, what you do after that is up to you


1. Threaten to take her to small claims court 2. Record her admitting she crashed the car and refuses to pay you for repairs 3. Get contacted by a Judge Judy producer after you file in court, then agree to do it on the show instead 4. Say something hilarious and memeworthy on the show before Judge Judy awards you the money 5. Use your newfound internet-fame to get enough money to afford your own apartment and ditch your roommate


This guy knows what to do listen and take notes




This guy knows how to link a subreddit!


Thanks to the subreddit!


>2. Record her admitting she crashed the car and refuses to pay you for repairs make sure your state is one-party consent otherwise it's not admissable


Doing it through text is probably the easiest way. Just send her a text like “I haven’t decided yet, but you did crash my car, so the least you can do is pay the deductible” just to get an acknowledgment of the situation


I prefer the fishing method: Recall some obscure detail, totally incorrectly, but not obvious. "I told the guys at work about how you swerved to avoid that Frisbee and ran into a tree." Then they always spill it... " What frisbee?" "No, I said I was on my way to disney..." "Really? And then what happened?"


The best way to get a correct answer is to give a wrong answer. God I love human ego, it makes my job so easy.


Yes! Like those annoying ads for video games where they always choose the wrong choice, and you think, 'I can do better than that idiot.' So you download the game even though you really didn't want it.


The phone book still has a job?


Sounds like she's already done it through text.


That’s how she crashed it in the first place lol


Bro this is actually possible


This guy courts


Don't overthink 4, it can be something as stupid as "Cash me ousside, ha bow dah"


Or in this case, it'd be "crash me outside"


Lawyer time or atleast small claims court


yup my sister stole all of my things before and small claims got her to fork em over real quick


Define "all of my things" I'm curious.


- pants - shirt - crocs - toothbrush - life size cardboard cutout of Wallace and Gromit - The Best of Nickelback Volume 1 cassette tape - can of black bean soup


Hey wait a second... That's my can of beans!


We can share, but I'm saving it to eat at the theater when the next Wallace and Gromit movie comes out.


What about the next Cars movie?


Mom says I can't watch those any more because they "encourage me to run out into traffic" or something.


I'd go to court over this stuff too


4 pencils and my glow in the dark duck eraser.


That’s what I’d be doing, small claims doesn’t require a lawyer all you need is proof she was driving and the bill for damages


It’s tough to hire a lawyer if you’re suing someone for $500. A case like this is perfect for small claims court though.


If you consider this only mildly infuriating, you are an extremely calm person. I would sue and move out ASAP.


Half the posts in this sub go well beyond mildly infuriating unless the OPs have the empathy of a saint.


Maybe we need a mega infuriating sub!


r/extremelyinfuriating ?


Not entirely calm, just internalize a lot of shit lol posted it here since I know I had some accountability in even allowing her to drive it without me in the car with her


No, no, no. You have *zero* accountability for her actions behind the wheel. Provided she is licensed and was sober, of course.


> You have zero accountability for her actions behind the wheel OP's insurance paid for repairs and their rates are going up.


I think they're referring to feeling guilt v. consequences.


Yeah I guess it's slightly complicated in the sense that OP is accountable to their insurance, responsible for perhaps making a bad decision letting roommate drive it, and has responsibility for holding the roommate to account. But in a general sense, OP did nothing majorly wrong, roommate is the AH, and roommate would likely lose in court for most if not all damages.


You were being a kind person. She fucked up and it's 100% on her. Grow a pair and stand up for yourself, Jesus Christmas. Make sure you get a copy of the police report, move out, take it to small claims and get yourself right. She was at fault. Otherwise, let people walk all over you the rest of your life I saw you also offered to pay half?! Do you let her sleep with your SO and slap your mother too?


lmao. you're absolutely right.


Best answer I've seen, get away from this person and take them to small claims for $1K (or whatever $500 + increased premium is). You can represent yourself... think Judge Judy but without the drama. Your roommate is a piece of garbage.


That's more than 1k in damage. That's more like 3k at least.


You have ZERO accountability. She crashed it. 100% on her to fix it.


Say 'Yea sure', get the money then refuse to let her borrow it in the future.


Yes. Do this. Make it seem believable. Then on top of that don’t ever do a single thing for this piece of garbage. Not a single favor.


Yeah, and also make sure to insist that she promises to be more careful in the future when she's borrowing it. That'll make you seem more sincere.


"Hmm...I've taken it into consideration. You need my car to continue working so I understand. But realize some trust has been broken here. If you can show me a bit of responsibility and fix the damage you caused it'll make me feel more at ease that I can trust you with my car."


But do not let her borrow it in the future even after you say this.


Also hide the fucking car because she might destroy it again when you reneg


Or just have a ring cam and record it, make sure you don't leave the keys out and you're golden


Or just move out cause this roommate sucks


This is what you people come up with? File a police report and sue the bitch, all while looking for a new apartment


Yeah that sounds spiteful and gratifying. Also sounds like a major fucking hassle, and the alternative gets you the same money, with none of the bullshit.




u/No_Possibility5222 looks like a bot. Copied this comment from further down, made it bold for good measure. See how it's not actually relevant? Now watch it delete this comment.


Not how it works. Your roommate needs to make this right by fixing what she broke.


The level of entitlement she showing is unreal


Roommate sounds like the type of person to have her phone out and record herself yelling at OP about why she doesn’t need to pay. Then upload said video to tiktok


"Keep the crazy In." Or don't. *WorldStar*^™


No longer my roommate.


For real ! If you ever said that to me after I let you borrowing my car . GTFO!


Call her mom.


This, but for real. If the roommate is acting this way, I bet she's not far removed from being under the supervision of her parents. I'll also bet that mom would be *pissed* that she's acting like this.


I bet the mom *taught* her to be that way. She had to get it from somewhere.


Exactly. Where do they think she got the behavior from? You call her mom, and her mom will be like... "and? So you're going to keep my daughter from being able to go to work? My daughter is perfect and you're not. It's your car so it's your responsibility, and she needs to be able to pay rent so if you don't lend her your car how will she pay? Don't ever call me about stupid shit like this ever again, Thomas."


This is upsetting with its accuracy.


My best friend’s mom is like this, but only with her other daughter and son. It’s maddening. We’ve been friends since the second day of 3rd grade. She was great in school, doesn’t complain, like to feel like a burden, and doesn’t ask anyone for anything. She graduated college in four years with 3 bachelors degrees and has a great job now, about to marry an awesome guy. Her sister is a bipolar/diabetic stripper that doesn’t take her meds or properly monitor her blood sugar. Their mom is also bipolar and doesn’t manage. They take “family” pretty seriously and have branded it into her poor head that she HAS to agree with everything they do/say, clinically psychotic behavior included. If my bff opposes or doesn’t will berate her for being awful and hateful and tell her she’s a bitch and doesn’t love them. At her bachelorette, I made one rule very clear from the beginning. No drinking and driving. I will NOT get in a vehicle with a driver that isn’t sober. Uber was cheap and accessible. There is no point in driving drunk and I even offered to pay for Uber for the entire trip for my “inconvenient rule.” We had her bach party out of town. Sister insisted that she took her own car so she could smoke in it. (Only one car for the group.) She went on a wild bipolar episode by drinking way too much, blood sugar was dangerously high and wouldn’t check/correct, made LOTS of scenes, grabbing onto people in the streets(nearly sexual assault), terrorized and embarrassed my bff on several occasions, was outright bullying/abusing her, and wouldn’t listen to any reason. It’s pretty standard behavior for her but if you try to reason with her, she calls mom and you get berated by mom for picking on her for no reason. The tipping point was when she drove and said she wasn’t drinking that day, went off the deep end instead, and cussed me out and ran away when I offered to stop drinking so I could drive us home in a few hours. Once we finally met her by the car at the end of the night she was leaned up against it vomiting. She insisted we got in. Her sister didn’t want to oppose because it would cause a huge family problem. I looked at the other girl who has babies back at home and knew she wasn’t about to get in the car either so I was like “hey, sorry. Nobody is getting in. I’m calling an Uber. You can come with us. I’ll fill the parking meter for you and we can come back for your car tomorrow.” She screamed at me, hopped in her car, and peeled out. Her mom yelled at me and bff for it. We got called selfish and insensitive for “attacking her.” Imagine yelling at your kid for trying to avoid/mitigate a dangerous situation…


Wow that was a wild read and those people need not exist wtf.


Damages totalled out to be about 9.5k, which insurance thankfully covered, leaving $500 deductible to be paid. I even offered to pay half but even then, believes it wasn't her fault. Testimony was that she was looking at her phone and the person in front of her had stopped.


So... she was distracted on her phone while driving... but it's obviously the person in front of her that stopped's fault.


even if OP bought that the insurance company and cops wouldn't


Insurance probably doesn't care, room mate was a permissive user of the vehicle they insure. They're paying for OP car either way


insurance will likely make them either declare roommate as a rated or excluded driver


I’d totally tell the roommate sure you can drive it and after they pay be like “oh no, insurance company says you’re not allowed to drive it, sorry”


Same! That was my thought, just agree and go along with it to get that money then dip out that friendship. Be her roommate, not her friend.


I would be finding a new living situation ASAP. Someone that nonchalant about crashing your car and brazen in demanding to continue to use it should not be trusted near any of OP's property.


I agree. Texting while driving is highly irresponsible and crashing your car and not paying for it unless they can continue using it when they’ve proven that they text and drive and won’t fix it? I had a shitty room mate once and I wished I moved out earlier. Edit: she could have killed someone. She’s lucky she hit a car and not a pedestrian or family.


Clearly her roommate has some grade A crazy logic. I wouldn't continue living with someone like that.


Right? Agree only on condition she pays up. Then be like "nope." No less shitty than wrecking someone's car being a dumbass then refuse to help pay damages. Probably not great for the relationship but individual doesnt sound like they're worth it anyway.


The roommate has already ruined the relationship by not taking responsibility for their actions.


agreed. time for new roommate


as long as the keys are conveniently missing before the “oh no”’part


to be honest, sometimes when i'm driving on the highway (expressway/freeway), the idiot in front of me will just suddenly brake while we're all going 80-90. it's one of the most infuriating things on the planet but i'm also NOT on my fucking phone. if you're on your phone when this is happening, you lose the case immediately. bottom line.


It's super infuriating and usually it's because they weren't paying attention resulting in the necessity to slam on the brakes. Unfortunately in the vast majority of cases you're still going to be at fault if you rear end them because your following distance wasn't sufficient to allow you to stop in time.


And this is why driver's manuals regularly espouse a minimum 3-5 second following distance... which absolutely nobody does in traffic.


I do. I always keep a safe common-sense distance. I just picture the car in front of me slamming on their brakes, and drive far enough way to avoid hitting them if that were to happen. I rear-ended someone and almost totaled my parents car when I was 19, so I learned the hard way


To be fair, you should allow yourself enough space to prevent having to slam on your brakes/into the back of someone else's car even if they didn't offer the same courtesy to the person in front of them


oh yeah for sure but even with a reasonable distance, slamming on the brakes like an idiot on the highway can still cause anxiety because you're going on the highway at such a high speed


I hate people who drive while impaired be that from looking at their phone, being drunk or being high. Selfish fuckers.


So how many people did she hurt wen she totaled yer car into their ass end?


Judge Judy that hoe


Sort of disrespectful to hos and hoes, both valued services in the community


Valued service providers*




I was about to say the same thing cuz she ain’t trying to come out of pocket.


Judge Judy sucks because the show pays both parties for the appearance so the person who loses doesn't actually pay anything.


I call that a win. Damaged party gets reimbursed. Other party gets publicly shammed a bit. Half the time the stories on the show are fake anyways. People gaming the system.


AND you actually get your money instead of just a judgment that they might never pay. Especially someone like this with no assets


There's a guy who would sue his friends and show up on those shows often. He's hilarious, now he does parody accounts of business and trolls people on Facebook to make compilations of it


Ben Palmer!


I was on one of the shows. It’s meant for drama. You can counter sue for up to $5k for the one I was on and if you can convince the judge, you can get a counter suit payment on top of winning the original lawsuit


It's actually real stories. I had a family member go on one. They just make them artificially pump up the drama


It’s money from a shared pool, so if the defendant loses closer to $5K, they don’t get much of anything. Just a pittance and travel expenses.


She needs to pay the whole deductible. She’s lucky she only has to pay that


She should actually pay the while amount since the OP's insurance rates are going to go up. The driver was negligent and needs to be brought to court to pay the bill. Hopefully the insurance company will go after the leecher err "friend".


Courts have repeatedly ruled that the vehicle owner is liable for all damages. The only hope for OP would be if his roommate took the car either against his wishes or without his knowledge, that is not the case. FYI: don’t loan vehicles to people.


When I was in college I had a car and my roommate didn't. He'd always pester me to drive him to walmart and it got so annoying that I just let him borrow the car. I ended up getting in a minor fender bender where person in front of me stopped to turn, I stopped, the person behind me stopped, and the person behind them didn't in time and we had a little domino effect. No damage to me at all and I barely felt a bump but we all stopped and talked it over anyway. Fast forward a couple of months and I'm driving home and the transmission seizes up and throws a rod through the oil pan, killing the engine too. This happened in late 2002 and I'm still friends with my roommates ex-girlfriend on facebook. We got talking last year randomly and she told me that when he borrowed my car he'd take the back roads to walmart and speed and get air off this little hill all the time. Mother fucker. I had a 1991 RS camaro, it didn't have the biggest engine but I loved it. I also looked it up this year and they were selling for 20 grand. I'm not saying I would've kept it all this time but...still. Dickhead.


My understanding is that the owner can be held liable but that doesn’t absolve the driver. Owner can chase the driver in small claims. Also, using insurance to pay for damages is a choice. It isn’t a compelled result.


Oh yeah. I had a coworker (we worked on the road in our own vehicles) that used insurance to pay for new tires and rims for his car because he took a turn too sharp and blew out two of his tires on the curb. Destroyed the rims. He actually talked his insurance in to paying for 4 aftermarket rims because they were cheaper than the OEM ones. I didn't get doing that because his rates would go up but...his choices I guess.


heh, he played that wrong. he should have let them cover the cost of oem rims, and send him a check for it. then he could buy the aftermarket rims and keep the rest


Top dollar for a 91 RS Camero (the paid price) is about $10 grand (you can ask for $20... but unless it's been completely rebuilt, in perfect condition... you ain't getting it). Average price is around $6 grand.


Came here looking and to say that too.... hard lesson learned hopefully, don't let people borrow your stuff. Kinda like lending money to family or friends, don't expect to get it back.


Whenever I borrowed a friends car, they got it back with a full tank of gas and the windshield washer fluid topped off (usually with the rest of the gallon of fluid I just bought in the trunk). I cannot comprehend the “fuck your car” attitude. Cars are crazy expensive to maintain and it’s a huge favor to borrow one.


you're a goood person, this is the issue of people borrowing bad/shitty people their cars.


No that’s what insurance is for, covering the car. OP’s rates will go up because they let a driver who was irresponsible enough to look at her phone drive their car. Not OP’s fault but that part was their mistake. The rates going up reflect the risk in insuring somebody who makes choices like that.


In some countries the car insurance would actually cover the driver, meaning that you personally would need to be insured to drive a car and if you crashed it, it’d come out of your policy not the owner’s. IMO seems pretty sensible, otherwise, why on earth would you let someone borrow you car if you are always going to be on the hook for what they do in it?


She didn't even agree to pay 250?????


Right, even if in her warped view of who was at fault for the accident…it’s like, dude…you borrowed the car and returned it wrecked. You have to take responsibility for the out of pocket expenses. There wouldn’t have been an accident if the car wasn’t in your possession. Now OP’s insurance premium will likely go up, to boot. What is wrong with this person?


Take her to small claims court. You should consider yourself lucky that insurance paid that, but it's now a strike towards your insurance. It can affect you and your policy, and your insurance can and will raise your rates over this (or if it happens too often).


Honestly, paying $500 yourself is probably cheaper (fiscally and mentally) than keeping this person in your life


I had let her borrow it multiple times in the past since we were close friends and I trusted her and I work from home so I'm not driving as often as I used to. She once joked that I would never pay for her gas, thought that was weird at the time. But after arguing about it I decided to eat my $500 loss and called the friendship over.


Wow. Common courtesy is to fill up a car that you borrow. Dropping a 'hint' to pay for gas on top is a major red flag from a textbook narcissist. She should have paid standard mileage rates like turo or something similar due to wear and tear as well as maintenance, plus your excess / deductible will probably up along with premiums thanks to her.


Since covid car parts are very hard to get. A little over a year ago I needed a new engine that was covered by warranty. Took several months to get it. More recently I just needed some other work done and it took almost month. On both occasions my fiances parents lent me their brand new car to drive during that time. While I had it I always paid their car bill for the month which was $525 and returned their car with a full tank. This last time I even got their oil changed for them. It's not even common courtesy to fill a tank for a car you borrow, it's common sense.


Small claims court is for exactly this. She owes you that money.


And when that starts go after her for diminished value and insurance cost increases.


Absolutely, money is lost on the value of the auto since it has been in an accident, OP's time, OP not having the car while being repaired, mental anguish, sentimental value, whatever they think the person owes them And of course the entire $500 deductible, PLUS that fact his insurance will take a hit and they will likely raise his rates that's also the other persons responsibility and OP should get payment for


this! It can be a bit of a hassle but if you really need the $500, I recommend pursuing this as an option!


And to confirm: small claims does not require a lawyer.


Don't let her off the hook, she used and crashed it, she has to pay.


I wouldn't chase her down, I would just bring it up every time she comes around. Eventually she will avoid you and your life will be less stressful.


I would stop being friends with someone so shitty as to wreck my car and not take responsibility to get it fixed. Forget the $500, this will probably increase OP's insurance for years.


They can take her to small claims, and if car owner wins, they will order her to pay. Enforcing and collecting the judgement of that order is another story as that will be car owners responsibility.


Small price to pay to get a loser out of your life


$500 might be a bargain to have people like this out of your life. Still, sorry this happened. People suck.


Yay good for you! She sounds like she has some narcissistic tendencies.. and clearly not a friend!


Good call. She’s probably not a good person. Most people would be very remorseful and happy to pay the $500


Take her to small claims court. It sounds like a hassle but it’s easy. Dont even need a lawyer. Make sure you have proof she crashed it, texts would be great.


Yup. When people tell you who they are, believe them the first time. Reminds me of the 20 Dollars scene from "A Bronx Tale." (You can find it on YouTube.) In the long run (trust me), a small price to pay to get this person out of your life. She will also find that she will easily spend more than $500 on alternate transportation means.


No doubt OPs insurance rates will increase after this


Have you enquired if your yearly car insurance cost will increase?


I just turned 22 in July so my payment had gone down to $130. Insurance found her in the wrong so now it's back up to $170, which was what I was playing when I first got insurance


Ahh, so she’s costing $500 up front and $480 annually for who knows how long.


And car no longer has a clean title and has now depreciated in value.


Title will remain clean unless the car was totalled (salvage) or rebuilt (rebuilt). You’re correct about the depreciation in value though.


She owes you a hell of a lot more than $500 then. She was found at fault, she is not taking responsibility, she is a terrible friend and she deserves to be sued. Small claims court would get you your 500 easily without a lawyer. A lawyer could probably get you 2-3k from her. The ethical thing to do on her end is to pay the full deductible at least. The fact that she is still trying to say it wasn't her fault makes me unsympathetic to her and I say sue.


A lawyer would cost more than the money you could get off of it. Small claims court would be the way to go.


$40x12x7 = $3360 your premium is the real issue here I'd small claims her. She put you $4k in the hole and is a friend??


She's gonna owe you a whole lot more than $500 buddy... don't let her rob you of thousands.


So she admits to driving while distracted and rear ending someone? Im no police or law person…but im pretty sure thats the definition of “at fault”


Yea, so if there’s like a shared wifi bill or anything, just stop paying that, until you get the 500$ back from her or from not having to make payments.


Take it to small claims court, costs next to nothing, don’t need a lawyer, and nothing long and protracted.


> I even offered to pay half Why, though?




Which is why you agree, get the money, and then renege. Then cut them out of your life for trying to extort you. When I had a roommate that kept stiffing me their half of the rent, I got them to clean at the end of the lease by promising them my half of the deposit back if they cleaned everything. Then I had the whole deposit forwarded to myself and I kept their half. That, plus cleaning and I called it square. When they called me all butt hurt, I told them to pound sand.


OP if she doesn't pay, this is what small claims court is for. You don't need a lawyer as this case is simple. Unless she can prove that you agreed that she doesn't owe you for the deductible, it's pretty open shut. It will probably ruin your relationship with her though. However someone not paying after crashing my car would be the end of my friendship with them.


Lol this bitch doesn’t have friends just people she takes shit from. OP is young but hopefully they learn to stay very far from people like that moving forward.


I wish people would wake up to people like this woman. They are not your friends, they are parasites and do not care for you.


Let’s be real here your roommate isn’t going to fix that. You should gtfo of that place asap because it’s about to get tense.


This. Fix your car and gtfo of there


Just say yes sure and never give it?


Be the 'bad' person here and let them think they can still use it after they repair what they broke. Then change your mind' when it's complete.


For the love of Crom, though, don't put any of that agreement in writing if you do it that way. Also, no witnesses.


Alternate title: Roommate sets herself up for a fuckin lawsuit


She knows OP wouldn't do it


WTF is wrong with people?! Get s crazier all the time


Its about high time OP gets another roommate


It’s not just the $500, your premium will likely go up, too. I don’t understand how people end up with such varying senses of right and wrong in this world. She broke your shit? She needs to fix it. She also needs to pay for a rental car while it’s fixed. I could even argue that she’s on the hook for the increase in insurance you will have to pay for a few years.


Scenario 1: Your roommate got into an accident which resulted in property damage and called the cops to file an accident report. There is recorded evidence of her culpability. Scenario 2: Your roommate got into an accident which resulted in property damage and did not call the cops to file an accident report and left the scene. In pretty much every state, this is illegal. Look up your local laws. If you know when and where it occurred, you can talk to nearby businesses to see if they have any footage. If you plan on reporting her to the police, they can potentially pull traffic cam footage. You can pursue a civil case for damages but your biggest hurdle will be proving that the car was not in that state prior to you lending her your car. Hopefully, you've learned something from this. Good luck!


Pro tip: only do this AFTER moving out and your contract had expired.


>Damages totalled out to be about 9.5k, which insurance thankfully covered, leaving $500 deductible to be paid. - >my payment had gone down to $130. Insurance found her in the wrong so now it's back up to $170 Take her to small claims court, this woman did you dirty and owes you a lot of money, don't let her get away with it. Work out the costs this way: - Deductible = $500 - Insurance increase: Assuming it will take 4 years to get your insurance back to $130, reducing by $10 every year, that means she cost you $480 + $360 + $240 + $120 = $1200 - Court filing fees = ~$100 - 10hrs dealing with insurance, arguing with her, preparing court documents, researching... etc @ a rate that you think you are worth *(let's assume it's $50/hr)* = $500 - Compensation for the emotional roller coaster she put you through = $1000 Total = $3300 If you have text messages/emails with her admitting that she borrowed the car and crashed it, this is an easy court win. Bonus if you have messages of her saying that she she was looking at her phone when she crashed. If you win the small claims case, they will take the money directly from her paycheck if she refuses to pay.


>If you win the small claims case, they will take the money directly from her paycheck if she refuses to pay. This would require an entirely separate process that OP would need to initiate.


shes not going to get reimbursed for the higher premiums, thats on OP for letting people borrow her car. Thats exactly why her insurance is going up, because they recognize her as having poor judgement and being a higher risk carrier now.


Imagine how they probably treat your stuff in the apartment when you're not there.


I know for a fact she used one of my shaving razor handles, (replaceable razor head type) put a new head attachment and used it to shave. Funny thing is that she used the razor that I use exclusively to shave my vagina lol


Some people inflict their own pain. I think it's pretty clear from your other comments that she's been mooching off you for a while and unfortunately for you, saw that above any real kind of relationship.


Hep c is transmissible by this route Just fyi I guess


Bring her to small claims court. The friendship is already over, might as well get what you’re owed. No lawyers are involved for small claims court.


Nothing like a good leg pube shave to start the day.


Wtf? The proper response would be. "I am so sorry, I'll pay you back the money (in installments if finances are an issue). I feel terrible about this, I don't want it to affect our friendship, is there anything I can do to make up for the inconvenience I've caused?"


I don't this this qualifies to be just "mildly infuriating"


This sub hasn't posted real mildly infuriating stuff in ages. A mildly infuriating thing is something like a gif that ends too soon, not having your car fucking crashed by someone else then having to repair it out of your own pocket


Get the money and never speak to this person again.


Insurance agent here - your company is going to ask what the relationship is to the individual at fault. If you live together, they may make you add her as an additional driver depending on your state. This accident with thankfully be on her driving record and not yours - but if they make you add her as an exposure and jack your rate up and surcharge for this accident. If they don’t make you add her, and another accident occurs, they could deny the claim all together.


Good bye roommate. Hello law suit


There is a lesson here and I believe it is, " Do not loan out your expenses material possessions to people. "


I never understood letting people borrow your car... like my beat up old 2001 Honda? Sure whatever, the thing is worth $1,000. But a new car? Nah, I'll drive you where you need to go. You aren't taking my vehicle...


"Don't loan out anything you expect to get back"


Kick your roommate out before anything else gets damaged


You have more patience than me if you're only mildly infuriated