First part gave me anxiety


Big difference is McDaniel could envision a high powered offense with Tua, he envisioned what we are seeing cause he understood Tua’s strengths as a QB. Flores just threw fits about Tua and how he clearly never wanted him.


It is clear Flo knows shit about offense and didn't know how to look for a proper OC. Even if he had Manning, Brady or Brees, Flo wouldn't know how to use them.


Just thinking about how close this man came to single handedly destroying a team on the precipice of being a championship caliber team man...holy fuck.


Hes truly a loser


And after all his BS he pulls the race card. Pathetic.


Caused us to lose draft picks too due to his pettiness.


But look at him. He can enjoy all the beautiful throws from Mitch and Kenny.


Hey props for us moving on from a mistake but it really upsets me we treated Tua this way. I cant think of another time in my 35 years of watching football that a team has ever done their supposed franchise qb as dirty as flores did. Glad its in the past and we fixed it with Mikey D and company.


Night and Day. I’m pretty sure Tua has come out and said this is the first time he hasn’t had a hard ass as a coach since before college. Obviously Saban is Saban, but Flores didn’t have the track record to behave the way he did. Another BB disciple flames out.


Tua on Saban: > I think being able to play for someone like coach Saban, it gives you two sides. It gives you someone who’s very hard on you. Someone who expects the best out of you. Then the other side where you get someone who is very caring. Very loving for his players. That’s who coach Saban was. On the field, he was very hard. He expected the best out of his players. He expected the best out of you. > Off the field, he knew how to turn that off. It was like he wasn’t a coach anymore. He’s just someone who wanted to be there to help his guys in whatever way, shape, or form he could. I think having someone like that has helped me in the NFL because you deal with guys with different personalities. You deal with guys that are ‘hoo-rah’ guys that like to get in your butt. You also deal with guys where you’ve got to help them get the best out of them. I think that’s how he helped me. There’s a big difference between a coach being hard on a player and a coach just being a dick. A lot of dudes on plenty of sidelines across America don’t know the difference, or simply don’t know how to actually be hard on a player - to challenge them and hold them accountable - without being a sack of shit. Saban gets it. McDaniel gets it. Flores does not.


Nick has one of the greatest Dynasties in College Football history. Flores tried to get us to trade for Watson.


And his dad and HS coach were hard on him prior to Saban.


Tua has eaten so much crap from coaches, “fans”, and media his first few years in the league, and even with the success this year he still has doubters. If he ever gets to hoist the Lombardi trophy in victory it will be well deserved.


The mismatched logos bother anyone else?


Yes! I would never where a shirt with the old logo and a hat with the new one. We coordinate in my household.


Holy hell! Thank god someone else pointed this out too! Who let him go out to the podium like that?


The new logo just bothers me period.


#Check your pulse


Was in Tennessee. You could tell something was up that game the run game was working and they completely abandoned it. Making tua throw in the rain/sleet/snow. Hopefully dude doesn’t high tail it out of here after his contract is up.


Man this feels good


goddddaaaamn brian flores had me fooled.


Glad he's gone


Brian you bitch


Can we make the playoffs first and THEN talk about whatever else.


Lol. Let's beat the Bears. This feels like a trap. They whipped the Pats in NE 2 weeks hence. Fields is incredibly athletic. This is no gimme.


Now that Ross is back, we’ll see if the poison returns with him.


Lmao what 💀 bro acts like he couldnt use the phone or have the same type of contact as always, he just couldnt pull up in person


I wonder how Flores feels now, seeing that Tua is 1st in QBR, 1st in Y/A, 3rd in Comp% and having an elite QB season.


Why is Flores still living rent-free in a lot of fins fans minds? Wtf? Move on and let the good times roll.


Dolphins are not going to get shit. Best case scenario is they lose in the first round of the playoffs. And this is coming from a person born and raised in miami for over 30 years


We thought he was our savior