Should mention it's on steam as well, brilliantly remastered by Nightdive studios, with fresh controls, overhaul and restored cut content. It's very odd and kinda intriguing. Has a very bizarre vibe to it. It shows its age in some design aspects but that can be a charm as well and seeing as there's nothing quite like it out there, I'd say it's very much worth it.


Thanks for the heads up! This is a great game that was screaming for a remaster. Side note: Another sleeper from this time Scrapland also got a remaster on GOG. Not an MV but definitely an interesting unique game in it's own right.


Wait... Cut content.... Say whaa?


Yeah I've been waiting for it to be on Switch since it was announced. Looking forward to finally trying it.


Scared the shit out of me on the PS1, fantastic game.


I was unaware this was considered a Metroidvania. I’m going to have to check this out. Is the sequel also the same style?


about the sequel, the thing I most see is: stay away from it lol


It ticks the boxes and is partially non-linear but I would say just barely for movement/traversal abilities - there's climbing at specific points and a torch later replaced by a flashlight but the others just let you move on surfaces that you couldn't before. The l'eclipser item is basically a key but also changes the enemies you face in some parts. There's also no in-game map unless they added that in the remaster, but it does have a nice fast travel system and some shortcuts.


ShadowMan is a very underrated gem of a game and I really hope the remaster does well so they can get around to giving the sequel the same treatment.


I’ve seen this game for years and never touched it I should


The surge 2 is the best 3D mv


The Surge 2 is excellent! Definitely ticks the metroidvania boxes.


Didnt know this was considered one I actually finished this one shortly after launch


It's so jank. Really not all that great.