PRIMEvania Games! (3D METROIDvana) (First/Third Person METROIDvania)

PRIMEvania Games! (3D METROIDvana) (First/Third Person METROIDvania)

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I like the idea of referring to them as Primevanias, it rolls off the tongue better than 3D Metroidvania but still gives another term that doesn't imply that 2D vs. 3D makes no difference in the feel of the game


I felt the same, PRIMEvania is just a short & pretty accurate term referring to games like or inspired by METROID PRIME in that they have 3D movement & 3D environments with METROIDvania style level design & gameplay. As much as I love traditional 2D or 2.5D METROIDvania games, there’s something so satisfying about the 3D design of METROID PRIME & Arkham Asylum


[Journey to the Savage Planet](https://store.steampowered.com/app/973810/Journey_To_The_Savage_Planet/) Heavily inspired by the Prime series. Fun wacky little game.


Shocked to not see Supraland in here.


It is there. OP may have added it in after your comment of course


I had it in from the beginning


Glad to see Arkham Asylum on the list!! Always loved that about it.


Thanks! This is a really interesting post. I loved Metroid Prime. Would love to see an HD remake someday, although I’m not holding my breath! Just as a sidenote, don’t forget PREY!


Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll re-edit these in


So all FPS games are metroidvanias now? lol


I wouldn't consider Roguevanias to be a subgenre. There have been many attempts at fusing the two genres (though the only one I actually consider to belong to both genres is A Robot Named Fight), but as far as I can tell they've all approached the idea independently and came up with very different ways to try to integrate the two ideas. Meanwhile, I'm unfamiliar with Wariolikes. The subgenres I recognize are Metroidlike, Igavania, Soulsvania (I cast serious doubt on your claim that it's smaller genre, especially with the influence of Hollow Knight and more recent success of Blasphemous), Aquavania (The aquatic theme in these games substantially changes the gameplay due to the lack of platforming, aside from Aquaria there are plenty of other examples with Subbania, Song of the Deep, the Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human, and Depths of Sanity) and Birdvania (These games are influenced by An Untitled Story and emphasis platforming over combat, I know of at least two examples that I can confirm are influenced by An Untitled Story - Sheepo and Birdsong, but I'm sure there are more - I suspect Ori and the Blind Forest may be influenced by it as well). Now that you mention it though I'm willing to consider Primevania as a genre as well, I just don't know much about 3D Metroidvania games so I can't commit on how they connect back to Metroid Prime.


I've picked up Shadow Man Remastered recently, and it's soooo good! Extremely non-linear progression, upgrades are quite fun, and the aesthetic is pretty unique. It's criminally underrated.


How is it as far as user friendly or QOL improvements? I played a bit on the 64 and I remember it being pretty daunting. No map, minimal hints etc.


Not a lot of QoL improvements, I think. There's still no map, and it can be extremely puzzling where to go next, but isn't being lost a whole point of metroidvanias, haha? Though it can be a bit frustrating.