There are some locked off areas that you get access to later on by acquiring keys and whatnot, but I’d consider it to be more of a side scrolling linear ARPG than a metroidvania. It requires quite a bit of backtracking for the quite repetitive side quests. What I mean by repetitive is you’re usually asked to go to a location, kill a bunch of generic mobs, maybe get a piece of equipment that isn’t really that great, get back, get another quest, go to another location close to the first one, kill a bunch of mobs again. The sucky thing is those aren’t really optional if you want to progress the main story, so it feels kind of grindy. This is my only issue with the game. Otherwise, it’s lots of fun. Love the visuals, the bosses with multiple stages, the combat system, the setting (not often do you get to battle evil frogs as a rat.)


Redwall be like: ​ He fights frog there though.


That looks pretty damn cool. Love the art style.


It’s that fucking Geraldo???


After being burned on other mice-centered exploration games (Micetopia I’m looking at you!) I’ll need to wait for reviews before I make a decision. Looks cool tho


DarkMaus is a great mice-centered dark souls-like. I really think top-down is the best way to be like dark souls since it captures dodging very well.


This isn't a metroidvania.... Why is it here?


In general, metroidvania fans are usually fans of other 2d action platformers. I appreciate it being brought to my attention regardless. Just my two cents.


/r/metroidvania isn't just an advertising platform, though. I *also* like reading. Should indie authors also peddle their new books here?


if it's related to metroidvania games or games with MV elements, sure


You need to be able to read to progress through the book so there is ability gating


Please tell me you know the difference between a random book and a game that is almost like a Metroidvania, and people here may enjoy. I'd rather read about these games then someone being like "Hey I like hollow knight please rec games" , there are like 30 of those a day, can these people not just go back and look?


Gatekeeping literally always makes you look like a cunt buddy


That's not what "gatekerping" is


It is literally the definition of the word, you fucking loser.


The game has some pretty significant metroidvania elements. Why wouldn’t it be on this sub, it’s a Metroidvania, maybe not the classically defined Metroidvania but it’s one none the less.


This looks cracking- anyone know if it leans into the metroidvania side of things?


The comment “it’s level based” is misleading. The areas are interconnected and there is fast travel via over-world maps at bulletin boards. Early on these routes are closed off until you progress the story forward. The game is great and fits well into the genre, people are just obsessed with ability gating being the defining factors versus items gated.


I mean... isn't Blasphemous exactly like that? And as far as I know, nobody has a problem with calling it a metroidvania. Tails looks great. I'll probably pick it up next month.


So far, it's not really metroidvania in the sense that there's no abilities to gain. Also, most locked areas are locked because you need a key and you usually get the key by progressing in the story I would say it's comparable to 2d souls-like (but easier) and the combat is great (most of the game is combat so far, not much exploration because the game is pretty linear except some underground areas so far)


Apparently it’s not a Metroidvania


Not really. It is level based with some small exploration. Great game though.


After being burned on other mice-centered exploration games (Micetopia I’m looking at you!) I’ll need to wait for reviews before I make a decision. Looks cool though


Not a fan of this particular art style.


okay Geralt


That's funny I just saw this while browsing the Switch eShop last night and never heard of it before then.


It's like Solid Snake is telling me to buy!