A “MGTOW” group that very clearly is still obsessed with women? Wow! …And they’re fetishizing younger women? WOW! I’m *soooooo* surprised


Right? It's weird I scrolled there for a bit and all their post are about women? like why aren't they doing their own thing (as their name says) and focus on sharing their hobbies, passions and how fun and nice is their single life.


For MGTOW they sure take a long time going their own fucking way already


Happy cake day!


Damn right, just go their way and leave us all be!


They're the kind of guys who respond with "you're ugly, I never wanted you anyway! Bitch, whore, slut!!" when you say no to their "hey sexy, I'd love to fuck you, can I buy you a drink?" They can't get into a healthy relationship and it's their fault, so they act like they *want* to be single while continuously "bragging" about how "happy" they are without a partner that they "definitely don't want", and how stupid those happily partnered people are.


Yep these guys that say they don’t want to be tied down or only want super young hot women, would give anything just to have ANY woman at all.


Honestly my headcanon is that it means Men Getting Triggered Over Women.


Makes perfect sense


I once had a MGTOW guy come after me on Reddit. I may have replied to him once but after that I ignored him yet *he kept leaving comments*. First, he was replying to other people in my thread, then directly to me. And for a couple days he kept leaving comments even though no one was replying to him??? His last comment included the sentiment that he wanted to see me fuck my asshole with a dildo (a purely original thought on his part!) So, yes, I would say he was a bit triggered by women.


I guess because they've built their whole identity on distancing themselves from women/not compromising with women, it means that whatever way they perceive reality it needs to be somehow related to how different it is now that women are supposedly out of the equation (although they are the ones insisting on talking about women at all).


Pretty much. Not even /r/WitchesVsPatriarchy bitches about men like that and it has "vs patriarchy" in its name.


they’re admitting they’re the gross creepy older men who don’t take care of themselves with spam breath and will have a heart attack at 45 and expect women out of their league to want to fuck them sooo


"Dated women half his age" plot twist: he's 20.


The princess really dodged a bullet there. Edit: thanks for the awards! Never earned any before.


Hey have you take a look at that sub, it's a rabbit hole full of incels and loser so yeah pricess dodged a bullet.


It's sad, because honestly if it were just the place that it claims to be (men sharing their hobbies and interests) it could be a nice supportive group! But I didn't see one post supporting each other and their interests. They're all about hating women.


I said this in another comment, they are supposed to be "men doing their own thing" but instead of support each other they hate women for whatever reason.


Because they don't understand the source of their problem. "You look like you're going to spend your life having one epiphany after another, always thinking you've finally figured out what's holding you back, and how you can finally be productive and creative and turn your life around. But nothing will ever change. That cycle of mediocrity isn't due to some obstacle. It's who you are. The thing standing in the way of your dreams… Is that the person having them is \*you.\*" https://xkcd.com/1027/


I've never seen that comic before--savage!


Yeah, it's all "We don't need women! We're living our lives without women!" And then all they can talk about is women, women, women.


Really racist too, gross.


Why are incels always extremely racist???


Incel groups seem to be made up of mostly white men who think that they can't get good jobs because of affirmative action, they can't get women because we're all bitches. Nothing in their sad, living in mom's basement lives is their own fault. They are not good at interpersonal relationships so they look other people in general herds and characterize them with memes and you tube videos. I'm starting to think maybe we should create a license for internetting.


Agree with the assessment. It’s basically a group of people who has never done an ounce of introspection when faced with hardship. Most tellingly, you can often sense a level of projected jealousy in how they criticize minorities and feminism. They will often say things like “black people/ women think everyone should just give them things because “tHeY’rE OpPrESsed” (emphasis added for effect). Never in my life have I ever heard any minority member come to that conclusion. The subtext in those statements is of course that *they* would give up and demand things if (or rather, if only) they were oppressed. So they desperately search for an oppressor. So they make one up.


My spouse, a die-hard nerd's nerd, is now pretty convinced that anonymity on the web is too dangerous for the average joe. They simply cannot handle it. "In the days of old, you'd stand in town square and say stupid shit, and the community corrected you. If they couldn't correct you, they shunned you. Possibly, you'd get a midnight visit. None of that accountability exists in anonymous online communication, and people turn downright vile." It's a depressing thought.


Because they’re usually alt right dickheads, their misogyny naturally bleeds into other forms of discrimination


Hateful misogynists are gonna be hateful everything else


You weren't kidding. Good grief.


Imagine marrying a loser with sexual desire for young cheerleaders. The princess is the lucky one here.


I don't get how the cheerleaders are falling over themselves to have sex with an old man who is an alcoholic, is overweight from eating potato chips and spam all day, and farts a lot.


Obviously they're not, this is a fever dream. Let him finish, it's the closest he'll ever get!


Well, he *is* a prince. Although I kind of get the impression the guy who wrote this doesn't actually know what a prince is.


Sure I do. Princes are old, overweight flatulating bikers with spam addictions and a penchant to prey upon uncomfortably young gymnasts. That's royalty to a T, my man.


I usually think it's pretty indicative as to where these guys stopped maturing. It was about the time when it was appropriate for them to be lusting after cheerleaders. Sooo...high school, maybe? Possibly junior high?


I feel like it's written like it's something women are preventing them from doing, but if that's the kind of life they wanna live, no one's stopping you from living it


As a married person...yo, spoilers, you can totally have a spouse *and* fart! It's fart city up in here sometimes.


Yeah but then you have to see your wife as... *gasp* a human! Not just a walking sex doll!


I gave a speech in a class once that basically argued that true love means freedom of farts. After a decade of cohabitation, I maintain that this holds true.


ditto to fart city


Exactly! A lot of these kind of posts make it seem like women won't let you live "like a man" (or a slob apparently since no healthy bachelor lives like that). And to compensate for their own insecurities, they really gotta emphasize how unmanly it is to be responsible and kind.


The OP made a post making fun of men who do the fucking dishes lmao dude is 100% a slob who probably can’t cook for himself and would starve to death in a house full of groceries


Gross. I hear long-legged cheerleaders love mold and stink. That'll work well.


Yeah I remember all the cheerleaders in high school loved the smelly dudes who with no hobbies or interests besides projecting their problems onto other people lmao


Sounds like my dad!


I just don’t understand it I thought manliness meant being self sufficient what is self sufficient about not being able to prepare fucking food for yourself


Masculinity as a concept is badly defined and inherently contradictory


Except that OP wouldn't be able to get any women, so women are stopping him from fulfilling his fantasy by not letting him hammer at them for a couple minutes with his poorly cleaned wang.


A few decades ago women did indeed desperately need to get married to have a socially acceptable life and survive financially. This led to all the tropes of women desperately wanting marriage and “trapping” men. They’d likely literally starve if they didn’t. People started thinking it was innate and that men just wanted what’s in this post and all women just naturally want long term monogamy. But now that women can survive just fine on their own, it’s become more and more normal for women to seek the “bachelor” lifestyle, to want casual sex and independence. A lot of people haven’t caught up though, they still think every woman is a romantic. A lot of people will automatically assume that if a woman has sex with a man she only did it because she’s in love with him and she’ll be a sobbing mess if he stops talking to her and that any woman over 25 who hasn’t gotten married just hasn’t been able to “trick” anyone into yet because she’s undesirable lol


My favorite part is that he basically says that the only way he’d ever eat a vegetable is if he was married lol


The princess said NO! So the man lived happily ever after sleeping on a nest of his dirty clothes, never washing his asshole. Slowly he lost his hair and got a beer gut, and continued harassing teenage women literally anywhere he could. And then he gets home to his computer and writes this garbage.


And then he dies at the age of 63 because he only eats trash and drinks beer and refuses to go to the hospital for his chest pains because that's for pussies.


And nobody is there when he dies because all of his family has passed away and/or thinks he’s an asshole and his friends are too busy with their families to care.


>63 You are giving him too much credit.




And within hours everyone has forgotten about him


Except when people tell their horror stories.


And even there the specifics of his person are gone, all that's left is a nameless maligned impression of a man. Good fucking riddance.




This is it, right here. I find it hilarious that these dudes think they can live their lives like this and somehow boink attractive women half their age. Dudes who LOVE THAT BACHELOR LIFE are usually awkward, houswork-inept folks who tag onto other people's get-togethers because they can barely maintain their own social lives. And even there, the hosts are usually having to watch them and make sure they don't alienate other guests-- especially young women who are minors. And I know this shit from experience in both teenagerhood and adulthood. The amount of family parties these dudes would somehow get into (they weren't family) only to follow me around as I desperately hoped stuffing my face would disgust them... it was all the time. They smelled bad, wore Hawaiian shirts with Birkenstocks and socks at the same time, and stared at my tits thinking I didn't notice. Spoiler alert: the dudes who are out there actually boinking younger women? Wealthy. Oh, and usually charming. Almost always bad people, with some notable exceptions. They weren't the hard-fishin', hard-fartin', children-hating types. There's no appeal in those men. What would a super young woman really even see in them? Dudes like that who DO land somebody are usually young themselves, so they have a little bit of youthful prettiness as appeal and land women with similar interests. The older guys? Those are the dudes women warn each other about and give a wide berth.


What’s worse is that it’s not actually that hard for an adult to connect with a kid in a mentor type of way. You can totally win some kids over as an old fogey just by being supportive. And then break their hearts by taking advantage of that trust. Grooming is awful.


I can look past the grotesque slob of a human they are. But Birkenstock's with socks? Unforgivable.


They haunt me to this very day


>Dudes who LOVE THAT BACHELOR LIFE are usually awkward, houswork-inept folks who tag onto other people's get-togethers because they can barely maintain their own social lives. Mere and filthy casuals. A real bachelor doesn't go out. 'Social life.' Pffft.


Most people know a guy who thinks he's the guy described in the the post. I have yet to meet anyone who actually thinks he's cool, and not just very sad. That weird uncle is a lonely guy everyone pities and long gave up on telling him to wash his clothes or stop harassing teenagers. I have one previous friend who is becoming "that" and we all feel sorry for him, and have all distanced ourselves. Dudes like that just end up alienating people, and becoming extremely alone, beyond just not being able to get a girlfriend.


>teenage women Children


Teenage girls. People use girls so often to mean adults that they forget that girls really means children. So children but also teenage girls.


I'm annoyed at myself for saying teenage women now tbh. It doesn't even make sense to say teenage women.


That’s exactly what happened.


Did I miss a new law where you have to have been married to pay child support?


Yeah it was in the same bill that stops women from farting


Then why ever ask to marry in the first place? All these wife bad/marriage bad posts and they never address that. Guess that’s too much logic for them


If you hate women don’t marry one. Bam, problem solved


Just marry a man, problem solved! That seems where this is leading anyway😂


Or just marry a mirror since these dudes are clearly self absorbed


I thought you said “minor” at first, & the sad thing is my brain went “yup, probably” cause its so “normalized” smh😪




Yeah, why propose if you're just gonna abandon her the moment you get her pregnant?


I would ask about her spam and beans policy if that was a deal breaker.


Dad went weird after the divorce...


The thing that always hits me the hardest with these people is that for a group devoted to going their own way and living their life apart from women, they sure spend a lot of their waking hours thinking about women and being angry about women and wanting casual sex with women


Because "men going their own way" are just incels who are trying to make it look like they're okay with being single. Of course, incels are also self-deluded, in that it is also their fault and not just society. Basically, among the red-pill manosphere, incels are toxic single men who blame society, MGTOWs are toxic single men who pretend they aren't lonely, and pick-up artist are toxic single men who think manipulating women for cheap sex is cool.


Well, that certainly cuts to the heart of the issue. But if they're trying to make it look like they're okay with being single, maybe they should try a bit harder 🤭


Nobody said they were smart


Maybe it’s a way for them to reclaim playing hard to get? As if anyone half the age of another would be turned on by their complete lack of personal responsibility ??


And after typing out his dreams, the Prince sadly turned away from his computer, shuffled up the basement stairs and got a fresh gallon of Mt. Dew from his mom's fridge, never to know the touch of another living being. Edit: I humbly bow in the glorious face of these shiny awards. Thank you!


Take my upvote I wish I had an award to give


In the undying words of our Lord and Saviour Lady Gaga, I live for the applause <3


In the words of someone far more intelligent than I: " No applause, please. Just throw money."


Don’t forget the spicy Cheeto dust wiped across his shorts and caked into his fingernails


And every night the Princess thanked the stars she never ended up with the insecure childish weapon-fixated loser.


Leaving the seat up is just a way to screw yourself at 3am when you got the shits from all that drinking and crappy food.




This reads like an overt parody of stereotypical male bonehead desires, to me


The original place I found it was not parody sadly


Quite terrifying, then!


I thought it was from the Bible, King Neckbeard Edition.


Wouldn’t it be great if it was a parody though, and some MGTOW dip scooped it up all salivating and excited, thinking he’d found a post that really “got him”?


I wonder how often he ends up sitting on the piss stained rim of his toilet?


I clicked through. What the hell kind of place is that and how do I rescue the guys who have fallen in that slick-walled hole?


This may be a guess, but perhaps they like it there. It's better to put the blame in someone else, instead of asking "what's wrong with me?"


How are you ever meant to improve yourself if you can't ask that question and always assume it's everyone else? Makes me very sad.


They don’t want to improve themselves because then they would have to admit that maybe, just maybe, they’re the problem


I think some of them did ask that question and then decided to pin their identity on the answer so they have an excuse to not do anything about it.


You are completely [correct.](https://youtu.be/yy0xpBqyDWo)


I had similar feelings of wanting to save them but instead I backed up into the bushes and ran back here to safety and to confirm I’m not mad


I got disgusted, I don't want to save those incels.


"Dated women half his age" ... Why? That's creepy as hell dude wtf. That's not a good thing and you know they're prolly after your wallet anyway. Also I'm assuming this is satire, but if it wasn't, I think this excerpt is sexist towards men as well. Cuz it boils them down to just their sexuality. Not all men wanna fuck a bunch of women and find their entire life's value and self worth in it. Also, it shows that being turned down by a beautiful lady makes men alcoholic, have bad diets, find meaningless distractions and avoid all responsibilities. Dude didn't even get job and thinks his biggest accomplishment is having the toilet seat up. Smh this is a depressive nightmare pretending to be a fairytale. Probably the authors actual life that he's playing off as something people are envious of.


It’s not great. I don’t know where the “men like dirty only women clean” thing comes from but if I were a man, I’d be pretty offended by it. What does our gender have to do with cleanliness ?? Makes no sense


I think it's cuz of dumb gender roles that classify housework, and cleaning as a woman's job. And the same people who advocate for that also believe that men are the polar opposites of women. So under that assumption, masculinity is about being irresponsible and dirty. Whatever the reason is, ultimately, it shows that sexist men believe it's more masculine to not have basic life skills and would literally live in ruins if there was no woman in their life playing "mama" and cleaning up after em.


>Not all men wanna fuck a bunch of women Okay now I'm imagining this is the full meaning of #notallmen. Not all men are abusing women, because some men are gay. People are gay, Steven!


Who wrote that is just mad that someone wrote the OG version of this about a woman saying no to marriage and living her life fully, doing whatever she wanted. Except the OG version i remember used to be much nicer, talking about travels and building a career and achieving things that made the Princess happy aside from, ya know, treating other people like they are sex toys and, well, guns. 🙄 I wonder why is it so revolting to read about a woman rejecting marriage (in a way that marriage implies focusing on your husband solely), and why talk so much about having sex with doll-like women seems so important.... You asked her in marriage first, wtf.


... banging cheerleaders while being old enough to both drink and have the type of job that let's him afford a his house , bike , alcohol , etc. and still have tons of money. Since skinny women half his age are the dream, we can only assume he wants to date highschool cheerleaders. . . kids, he wants to "date" kids and fart.


don’t forget the farting that’s integral to the fantasy


And everyone clapped 🎉


The peak of their hedonist lifestyle is...Captain Morgan? All that money and you spring for that?


Hahahaha that line stood out to me too! (Well) whiskey, generic beer and captain Morgan sounds like a recipe for a brutal hangover and not a fairytale happy ending.


Who the hell thinks that eating Spam is a flex?!?


Same who creams over blowing enormous farts apparently


This sounds like it was written by a 13 year old. But I assume it was written by a 30 year old whose marriage proposal actually got turned down.


Sad but true


This sounds so insecure, like he's trying to tell you he has a girlfriend but she lives in canada and he has no pictures of her but she's real i swear


Guys been really practicing fantasy.




That was one of the cringiest things I’ve ever read


You are welcome


I went on that sub, & wow they really are just incels with a longer name 🤢


So, he spent his money on prostitutes, then? Because that's the only way the sexual aspect of this delusional outlook comes to pass.


The women he describes sound more like sex dolls. Anatomical challenge in being both skinny and big-titted, and what human would voluntarily bang the farting loser?


To be fair he probably spent some money maintaining his murder toolshed of home defence wmd's. Coz he's an alpha dawg.. guns, cheerleaders and abject loneliness.


“Guns, cheerleaders and abject loneliness” sounds like a good book title


Every year at holiday dinners, his nieces sit a little farther from him. And the siblings and in laws wonder who invited him this time.


Exactly what I was thinking. If by “cool” he means being the borderline pedophilic uncle with shitty hair plugs, cigarette-stained teeth, and beer gut living in a world of delusion, sure.


MGTOW really needs to be renamed as "Men obsessing about women over there" MOAWOT.


The one I've heard thrown about is "Men Getting Triggered Over Women" and I think it's perfect


Fucking mgtow’s. These boys are scum.


For men who have sworn off women that sub has a lot of posts about women. For men who complain that women bitch about men, that sub has a lot of posts that... yeah.


“All his friends and family thought he was cool as hell” is the most hilarious part of this


Working theory: Anytime a person refers to fucking someone as "banging" them, they are imagining themselves with 90s radio shock jock voice.


Reading the whole thing in that voice definitely improves it and also makes it worse


Yikes, this post is sincere in that other sub 🤢 I thought it would be something in r-/memes at worst


She really toke a good decision, good for you princess.


MGTOWs hate women unless they can use their bodies for sex apparently.


Yea this person seems really happy about it and not on the verge of a complete meltdown.


This really sounds like it was written by a three years old "And then when the girl said no the guy went on to to every awesome thing ever and write a motocycle and it goes woooooosh and then he was the happiest man Alive"


Haha woooooosh I like your version a lot better


The sleeper hit of this for me was that this person includes "eating SPAM" in their fantasy perfect life.


I can’t help feeling that the ‘and never got cheated on’ line could really be an origin story for this fairytale


Or just being rejected by women, and rather than looking inward and seeing what he could fix, he'd rather write out this fantasy. He made a comment about the woman - dyed her hair green, got fat, had cats, was a feminist, blahblahblah. Dude just hates women because they won't fuck him.


God that sub is a hellpit


So... the Prince fell into a deep depression after the Princess' rejection and acted out in several self-destructive ways (i.e. alcoholism and risky behaviour)? Where is the happy ending?


How does a sub that actively promotes pedophile not get banned???!


And apparently never discovered commas either




Enormous smell.


I bet the princess is so glad she said no.


This man’s fantasy is farting. That’s...pathetic.


For men going their own way, they sure do love focusing all their energy and hate on women


holy fuck he re-wrote it https://www.reddit.com/r/Divorce_Men/comments/o861z5/a_story_with_a_happy_ending/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


Lmfao went through his profile and the first post was in r/unemployed 😂


"Yeah, he's a drunkard that only eats spam and beans, and he's always farting, but he's super cool to hang with."


Someone is being oddly specific.


Of course the princess said no. I would also say no if some random dude claiming to be a prince asked me to marry him. Dafuq?


This was written by one of those creepy guys who harassed teenage girls after their wife left them.


And cheerleaders are lining up now to bang a sweaty, farty, obese, grease-stained old alcoholic.


And then the Prince died alone of massive liver failure and his kingdom, which was already unstable due to years of his political neglect in favor of womanizing and alcoholism, was torn apart by political infighting because he never declared an heir. The Kingdom became a democratic socialist utopia when the Prince, who was the last vestiges of the dying patriarchal power structure he was too non-functional to continue on with, crumbled apart and the working class revolted against the bourgeoisie aristocracy. The Princess went on to marry someone who wasn't a complete jackass and get a doctorate degree and made people call her Dr. Princess. The End.


"dated women half his age" HMMM


Is this a copypasta? I'm honestly surprised there wasn't a "fuck you Margaret, you fucking whore. Just let me see the kids, Margaret. THEY'RE MY KIDS TOO, MARGARET"


Don't propose if you don't want to get married????


When I saw eating spam and indignantly farting I had to double-check you weren’t posting from a parody sub lmao


what a miserable life. Nobody but adolescent boys (mentally or actually aged) thinks anyone like this is cool. Eat spam and beans and drink beer all day? Best of luck hitting 40 because you'll either have ulcers from treating your internals like piss, or your cholestol is so high you'll bleed sticks of butter if you cut yourself. bang cheerleaders? so you're a pederast? wipe your asshole, it's covered in shit. From the beans and spam and beer and captain Morgan.


Don't think this fits in men writing women, as the person who wrote this is clearly a 12 year old boy.


More like a 37 year old man with the mind of a 12 year old, a body of a 48 year old and the lifestyle of a 16 year old gamer, ofc lives in his mom's basement or in a coven of other losers




Well they got one thing right. That is definitely a fairy tale.


I mean, let's be honest... It wouldn't have worked out between them.


Has this dude ever heard of a run on sentence?


Man if they really think their teenage girlfriends aren't ever going to complain they got another thing coming Edit: how old is the Prince again? Cause... if he's like...20 then.... half his age is.....




I wonder if this guy knows that if he doesn't want to get married, he doesn't have to! No one's forcing you into marriage! Live single for your whole life and stop bitching about women!


>I'd like to bang cheerleaders forever ...until I die of cardiovascular disease at 55.


This man’s dream meal is spam, chips and beans?


Reading this gave me a neckbeard 🥴


Uhhhhhh what fantasy land is he in?


So many things here, but I can guarantee that this cheerleader banging monolith did not have the respect and congratulations of anybody.


Dear lord I just made the mistake of going through that sub. I feel like I need a drink after that.


I thought the subreddit was satire but it's not. It almost blurs the line for me though. My favorite post was a picture of scrambled eggs captioned along the lines of "all my life I've been told I have to toil in constant servitude to women to get a home-cooked meal but I just made this myself in TWELVE MINUTES". Granted, it's closer to "going your own way" than any of the other misogynistic bs on that subreddit but I don't think knowing how to make scrambled eggs is the peak accomplishment that OP thinks it is.


When the people of her homeland saw what the Princess had done, they knew she would be a wise and strong Queen and urged her father to name her his heir. When the time came, she ascended the throne. Soon her kingdom was welcoming refugees from a land where it's prince wasted his life eating smelly foods and forcing himself on the young women. The Queen married for love, and her people prospered throughout her peaceful, long reign.


Love this


I only recently discovered that community and ugh. Bunch of pathetic douchebags that’d rather write off women as gold diggers with the East life than actually look at themselves and realize why no one wants to fuck them. Ugh, pieces of shit


In the spirit of pure contrariness, I'd say that if we can make a few (significant) assumptions, he's not wrong, exactly. Assumption 1: the "Prince" is legitimately self-sufficient Assumption 2: the women he dates are adult, aware of his perspectives/motives, and genuinely willing to be with him either because they are well compensated, into that dynamic for whatever reason, or imaginary. Assumption 3: the life he describes legitimately makes him happy. Lives in filth and farts til 63 cuz cleaning and old age are for losers - fine. If all that's true, well, I don't think he's wrong. He's describing a life without compromise. It strikes me as a pretty juvenile version of a life without compromise. It's not my life without compromise. But whatever. No skin off my nose if that's how His Flatulence rolls. For that matter, nothing says the Princess wants to take time away from her charity work, creative endeavors, and rich social life to have another argument about kingdom financial priorities with infinitely more grown-up than Prince Bean-o (but still a separate and fully autonomous human) Prince Highness the Other Guy. Cool - no fish-bicycles for her. The rub is that whatever may happen with Assumption 1, he's not likely to pull off Assumption 2 which is going to blow up Assumption 3. And he \*knows\* it. That's what makes him crazy. That's why he wrote it. Because otherwise \*at this very moment\* he'd be happily marinating in Jack Daniels, flaming hot Cheetos dust, and whatever it is that's been growing on his socks the last few months. But he doesn't have the emotional maturity to either make Assumption 2 work or let it go without losing his happiness. So he needs to take "adult, aware of his perspectives/motives, and/or genuinely willing" off the table for the women in his reach. He'll view their autonomy as the barrier to his happiness and be filled with rage until he's knocked those barriers down. And that's what makes him more dangerous than pathetic.


The problem with these dudes is they think the happy ending from her saying yes will magically exclude the italicized below: Once upon a time, a prince asked a princess to marry him and she said YES! They got married and both worked hard. She supported his dreams *and he supported hers. He never resented her for making a little less money than he did and they still split the housework equitably.* He grew a little flabby from too much beer but she still loved and accepted him. *She grew a little flabby from birthing three kids but he still loved and accepted her.* When the children were born, she stayed home for a while. *Sometimes the house was messy but he understood that three kids was chaotic and didn't just think she was lazy. He also still did his fair share of the housework and made sure she took some time to herself on the weekends. He never called this babysitting.* They grew old together *and never held her wrinkles against her because he knew his ass was just as old and decrepit and he still loved her* and they lived happily ever after. The end.


At least they're finally admitted that all their screeching about custody is really just to spite their exes since they resent providing for their helpless children :)


The comments on this post are hilarious. OP's unironic responses to people calling this an immature fantasy are so cathartic. He really thought people would relate to this or something.


Okay, this is little tangent-y, but it’s been bothering me… Does the mgtow folks ever consider, well, *stop* talking about women? For a group “going their own way”, they sure can’t seem to shut up about what they’re supposedly leaving behind. Ok, bias due to internet-worthy contents may apply, but I’d rather not confirm the contents of mgtow spaces to find out if they’re actually going their own way.


just browsed the subreddit this is from....wtf?! it's literally just polluted with incels.


The dude who wrote this has major relationship issues. Maybe lashing out from his own failed proposal or his significant other cheated on him?


This fantasy sounds oddly specific


Are they aware most cheerleaders are teenagers