While I don’t agree with the side of pro-death, I’d day your angle should be that of being a burden on the tax payer. You’d have to detach from the morale side of the argument and possibly call into question the legitimacy of some mental health related rulings, you may be able to reference a case where someone was spared the death penalty but continued to be a danger. Coming from a purely objective standpoint. I don’t really agree with the death penalty overall.


I think that the idea that mental illness and moral incompetence are intrinsically linked should be challenged. You can suffer from mental illness and still have the capacity to make choices based on right and wrong, and therefore bear responsibility for those choices. To assume otherwise invalidates millions of people.


This is probably going to read as quite a stretch, but consider if someone was on drugs and committed a heinous crime. In this situation they weren’t mentally competent at the time of the crime. I don’t think acts committed by those with mental illnesses should be sentenced any differently. Especially the mother fucker your assignment is on. I don’t have any opinion on whether or not the death penalty should still be a thing, though. But if it were to be applicable in whatever case then I don’t think mental illness should be a determining factor.


Do you realize people with non-mental disabilities commit crimes every day? What makes you assume mentally ill are the only ones out here in society committing crimes.


Read the description,it is not their opinion.


Never said this was my opinion, it’s an assignment.


No one should get the death penelty. It's barbaric, and there is a percentage of people we put to death that arn't even guilty. Watch this episode of Last Week Tonight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kye2oX-b39E&ab\_channel=LastWeekTonight


The important part of a class like this is being able to show understanding of multiple positions by studying and presenting their side, even if you disagree with it. Being able to actually listen to the other party and understand where they're coming from instead of just calling them evil and stomping off.


Op literally asked for an answer so I gave one.