I legit thought this was from a 2001 power rangers movie or something


I was thinking the exact same thing. I was like "hm which power rangers is this from?"


If power rangers made a new movie I'm sure this would be what the red one looks like


Or how the mega bot (didn’t saw it for a while so I have no idea what it is called) in which all their bots would combine into




That's made me think it could also be like one of those temporary jetpack things or whatnot that shows like that give their characters out of the blue just because they are losing


No no look, I’d they ever make a new PR movie, the yellow ranger is 100% gonna be black.


They still milking power rangers. Like they’re always chilling, bad guy comes, they get 5-6 people to beat them, bad guy turns big, they get a robot, they win, happy ending ever time


Sometimes they even bring in the special colors!




Oooo wild force, my favorite power rangers XD


Same, they were just so much cooler


I was a big fan of lost galaxy and time force. Mighty morphin’ always tops it for me though.


I honestly really liked power ranger samurai though it was great and had then just end with red ranger learning guitar


Jungle fury is a close second to my favorite, that being mystic force. I just loved the obscurity and vastly different approach than the other shows. Mystic force's theme is also fire (so is jungle fury's but again, close second).


This but I thought it was Road Rocket that was gonna appear in rise of the beasts (Context: Road Rocket was a character from the Diaclone toyline in Japan and then in today’s century, he received a toy which was a redeco of legacy Arcee in the Transformers legacy toyline)


Don’t compare power rangers to this trash


Naw this is Spy Kids 2


Its.... not?


You my friend are looking at the latest and greatest marvel has to offer


So this a trailer or a movie?


Its in the movie for black panthar


Wait, really?!!?


Yeah, that's apparently meant to be iron heart/Riri williams. Yeesh, that suit looks bad


low budget iron man stuff or what ?


IT kinda looks like tokusatsu suit made mostly in cgi


Looks like the Scarab from DC


Honestly at first glance I thought it was supposed to be Samus from Metroid. But like if someone told someone else who told the movie animators kinda what they thought Samus looked like, and it was a phone conversation they were having while one of them drove through a tunnel. Edit: Added words


bro I'm pretty sure that's closer than me, I thought it was the red power ranger from a new movie or some shit


The gigantic shoulders immediately made me think of Samus. I would've never thought this was supposed to be Iron Man, or Iron Heart now I guess.


I thought it was a Bayverse Windblade myself


nahh even bayverse designs look more human like than this


Mockbusters presents: Ironing Man


It looks worse than the actual mock buster iron man movie


Iron man suit built by a 20 year old American given like 6hours in the Wakanda lab.


In-Universe It's actually made with Wakandan tech.


I thought it was a power ranger


Iron deficiency man




-Mom I want IronMan! -We have Ironman at home .. ironman at home..


İt looks like ultra man but from the future


That looks terrible if that’s supposed to be iron heart


Looks dreadful lol when I saw her in the movie I was like what the hell that just looks like a robot dump


Bruh i thought there was gonna be a metroid movie


So did they accidentally get their props mixed up with props for the power rangers or...


That is what it reminded me of... thx


Out of the creches toy box on set haha


Looks like something out of transformers earthspark


NGL, that looks something straight out of power rangers


I thought it was a transformer


I could’ve sworn it was something from Ultra Man


It looks more like a max steel live action secuel


Thats an insult to transformers.


I might be biased but damn The Power Rangers suits were better (Especially during the Samurai Era)


Marvel when they go cheap on the animation department: ![gif](giphy|Wz4n3iIt47Rw4)


Yet they be raising the prices


It does look like a cartoon.


STFU you racist incell


Kinda looks like the bots from Medabots TV show


Man I wish we got more medabots here in the west.


I forgot about those! Medabots were awesome! The gameboy game was mediocre though.


Just to add as I recently discovers Medabots, first season is on Amazon Prime in case you needed some nostalgia! Actually so many jokes only adults would get lol & the story progresses pretty fast.


Yeah, how dare you expect a Billion dollar movie have decent effects.


It's not about effects. The design looks power rangers type. They should've made it iron man typish


i haven't seen the movie but logically speaking, it kinda makes sense for the suit to look like that because it's made by a teenager, who might be a fan of mecha anime


No. Earlier it shows that she made a suit which was like an open iron man suit and it looked good


I mean, she’s not gonna be keeping it, Shuri did say she had to leave the suit in Wakanda


But that one still had design choices that went into the next suit. Big shoulders, feet and hands while a thin body. It still looks odd, but I don't think is look as abhorrent as some people make it out to be.


Well, her first suit was kind of a cobbled-together prototype, so it looked to me like she had to build really big engines to fly with and then didn't have much actual armor, hence the proportions. (Mostly used at night when it was dark, so forgive me if I couldn't see it that well.)


Yeah, defos should’ve been more comic accurate


It's not like they can afford it either lol


Or maybe is the fact that Marvel pumping so much content It's overwelming their workers or something.


They’re pumping way too much content and they’re union-busting their CGI workers.


Not even just marvel its Disney in general


It's not like they haven't been doing it for a decade beforehand


Don’t do this again. I’m still recovering from the incessant she hulk memes.


Disney is a meme at this point. Expect more.


Disney is both the clown and the circus




"you're not a clown, you're the entire circus"


my first thought is this is either power rangers, voltron or a ripoff max steel . then i remembered i havent gotten to see black panther 2 yet so it could be something from that


It's Ironheart in Black Panther 2. It's not bad design-wise, but the actual cgi for it looked more like a cheap plastic halloween costume than an Iron Man-like suit


Honestly I'd expect to see this actually in power rangers or quite honestly as an enemy in a sonic game, both are good designs but not something you want in your realistic movie


I was like “man these transformer movies are really just shutting the bed with these designs”


It is from black panther 2


I don't think it looks like a cartoon but why is he racist for it?


Because the character wearing it is black, and if you criticize anything about such a character then you're a "racist".


Bruh do people really think that?


Only on twitter


but apparantelly according to OP's meme, twitter = whole marvel fanbase


Probably, human idiocy has no limits


Ruff quote „two thinge are Limit less the univers and Human stupiddity“ Think it was Albert Einstein (also pls dont fack Check thx)


Hahaha, probably, or probably not, most probably not, but its funny to think he really said it




Thats even better


Not really


It's how corporations excuse the lack of effort they put into movies like this


No but people that want to prevent discussion by muddling waters surrounding the actual point because of their own discomfort do.


Yes. Also they use it as a shield against criticism that they are making garbage for the sole purpose of being inclusive. Making good movies is not the priority anymore.


Sad times. Will Smith took a beating over Wild Wild West. Now Twitter would call it the movie of the decade. Audiences care about quality, not colourity.


Yup. Only the pathetic must see themselves in everything. I could care less who is cast, but you can't have trash stories and expect people to like it. Just like rings of power. Everyone is screaming.....the story is already written. It doesn't need your "updates". It's literally easy mode to make the show. Had they simply followed the Tolkien writings it would have been a giant hit. Also the crap star wars shows lately. Just make live action of The Clone Wars. It's a license to print money.


Apparently the Witcher did the same as rings of power and deviated. Odd when there's a strong source material!


It's called hubris. They are full of it.


I mean, I had legitimate concerns about Rey from the newer Star Wars movies and was called a misogynist for calling her a Mary Sue.


Some do. But most just use race card to defend themselves from criticism.


Remember the movie Bros bombed at the theater and one of the actors said people who didn’t go see it were all homophobic? Some of us haven’t been to a theater in almost 3 years since pandemic started. Yeah, so some people will go there.


Yeh but if it is a shit character and looks crap how is that racist. Would be perfectly okay to shit on someone who wasn’t black for being shit


It’s fucking Twitter users what do you expect, you can be called racist for breathing incorrectly


Very true, I just let those asshats argue amongst themselves and laugh.


Haha among ඞ


I saw someone try say that because in certain areas have bad air and most people of colour in those areas therefore breathing clean air is racist


Luckily Elon is finally putting it out of it’s misery


Imagine being black AND a woman


you surely need to take your meds OP. your voices have started to go off again


Cuz she's not white and she's a woman so you can't criticize anything about her cuz if you do, you are racist incel, duh /s


...Is this ironheart?


Somehow yes LMAO


I always thought they would use ironmans daughter as the next ironman. Like he kept sayin a armor around the world and his daughter is his world so would kinda fit. Also would be nice to have ai tony.


Maybe she'll get there next generation. She'd be too young for the current generation of heros.


I dunno, I wouldn't mind a kid taking the role as ironman. She could use a voice changer and hide her identity.


Uuuh like moon girl could do! She's a great super hero herself but yeah it would be great to have a Shazam like tech superhero. Hopefully that wouldn't get those "they are way too young to be that intelligent" kind of people out of their basements because YEAH! that IS the power fantasy behind that concept you dingus.


Yeah, it is also a world full of timetravel and magic. Anything can happen. But I like your idea, I want more techy stuff.


>She could use a voice changer and hide her identity. That would be cool af


Yeah right. Ooo they could just have the ironman suit show up with a voice changer and until like 2 or 3 movies later reveal who was in it.


Same or at least the kid from Iron Man 3 who helped Tony like he was gifted a lab at the end with an AI assistant too


Oh right forgot that kid.


Yeah, he was at Tony funeral too


Gotta rewatch endgame.


Harley, yeah, would've been cute if they had been corresponding the whole time.


I dig it, like a half-drunk sassy JARVIS haha


Would be fun as heck


what is that? It looks out of a Super Sentai show.


Is it from a movie 10 years ago?


It does it looks like shit


why does everyone hate it I liked its design


Probably cause it looks like it came from a 3D cartoon and doesn’t look “realistic”


max steel looking mf


I gonna say Kamen Rider's design is 1000x cooler than that ugh.....whatever.


'It weird how rider suit are sometimes hit or miss and now one bats an eye but when they see this suit, everybody loses their minds!'


Wait, is that the design they settled on for Ironheart? LOLLLL


This shit looks like a transformer design? What the fuck happend to Marvel after Stan Lee died!?!?


Well they’re over working their VFX artists


Well seems like the VFX artists got they're revenge cause this design looks worse than if a 3 year old tried to draw a transformer. Mother fucker looks like a chinese transformer!


the vfx looks pretty good actually, its the design with the comically large shoulders and colorscheme that make it look bad


Marvel died with him


Before Stan Lee's death i liked watching the Marvel movies. They were so good well not in story but in fantasy. And i liked Stan Lee's work with his Avengers, now everyone is Shitting on Marvel for the bullshit they just pull out of they're ass. And i hoped that Marvel wouldnt change after Stan Lee's death, that they wouldn't allow for Stan Lee's Company, his life's hard work, his world go into the dog shit. But now they are just ruining a mans life and hard work... It is just sad. I feel ashamed for the higher ups in marvel and i feel so bad about Stan Lee........


Was Stan Lee really that involved with the MCU, I thought he mainly just did the cameos.


What the fuck are you talking about? Stan Lee only made the charecters and the stories he has never done anything for the MCU besides his cameos. Everything in the MCU was done by the "higher ups" a.k.a Kevin Feige so how did Marvel movies got ruined after Stan lee died when he never worked on them???? MCU is literally the most popular and most viewed franchise right now... Most people only go to theaters nowadays to watch Marvel movies Just because a suit looks like a power ranger dosen't mean Marvel has gone to shit Y'all are being overdramatic for absolutely no reason because it's cool to hate a popular thing makes you all feel cool and different from others


looks like a villain from those late 2000s/early 2010s live action ben 10 movies


If her personality is the same from the comics then you aren’t far off


Is this voltron or power rangers lmao


What is this


I hate it. Genuinely hate it. I think the back looks great tho. - It's too clean looking - Severely lacking in detail - No distinct/unique features - Internal HUD is too derivative I get that she's supposed to be an unofficial heir to Stark's Legacy as Iron Man, but let's actually give her a great looking suit that feels real and looks totally unique. Ideally she should be instantly recognizable. I loved the design motifs in her Mk. I suit, with the huge clunky shoulders, the body cage, and the only good thing about her suit that carried over: the big permanent arm cannon. She should've gotten a suit that was far more mech-like, that carried over the clunky look, and had far more mechanical detailing. Instead, her suit is just so bland and flat and completely forgettable.


I though Spidey was the heir to Iron-Man? Or, how about Freaking RHodey, who fileld in as Iron Man in the comics, was personally given his suit by Tony, and was one of the few avengers who stayed active after the blip? Why does everyone forget about Rhodey?


Living in a society that call u racist for not liking smth when its fking trash as if u d like it if the actor were White is so hilarious


Is it trash really?


I have seen worse a lot worse CGI, I don't really see why people are complaining so much. what do you expect the robotic armor to not look like a robot? what you want to see all the little gears and details like in the live action transformers, cuz those TOTALLY don't look like shit at all.


I thought it was a picture of an old Power Rangers bad guy


The problem is simple and it's one the character has always had. Her design can't be too adult (because she's a minor), nor can it be perceived as too "girly." These factors gave us this mess; a suit that doesn't look like anyone would actually choose to wear it, and certainly no black girl I grew up with.


Slaughtered this format


It was always a cartoon 🌍 🫄🔫🫄


Cant lie the movie was underwhelming


When she had her first suit scene it was like the action from the Bryan Cranston godzilla movies. Super dark, so many cuts, shaky cam. The film didn’t need this character to have an Ironman style suit imo.


Why is it low poly?


As if I could not like iron heart more


Who else thought that was power rangers?


What am I looking at, some unused power rangers villain?


That's just what Riri's suit looks like though? Phase 4 has a lot of comic accurate suits and outfits after they were scared to embrace the goofier stuff from the books. The whole point is that she's able to built stark level bullshit from her garage. I'm not saying she was fantastic in the movie or anything, they just sorta used her as a plot device. But the effects in this movie really weren't that bad.


Yeah but I still hope they improve on the look. It kinde gives me first ironman suit vibes just in the other direction "why to futuristic and more cyber punkt and power ranger". They had great suit designs and I bet they'll be able to create one which is still distinct from Tony's design but personally I'm not a huge fan of this one.


Marvel movies lately felt like highschool projects because of how dead their execution is when it comes to equal representation. Sad that they can't even affor to make it look good at least. ![gif](giphy|ISOckXUybVfQ4)


Where is that from


It's the iron man version of Miles Morales but Miles is cooler


I like the way it looks, but you can have a different opinion. Just don't be racist. That being said, it kinda looks like blue beetle because of the wings and x on the chest, only not blue, and more smooth and bubbly. I think it looks sleek and great.




I was really hyped like "wow she is going to take tony's place as the tech dude" and then they bring this mecha anime thing


Let’s be real here fellas. There’s two types of critiques about this movie that I’ve seen. On one end we have: “She looked cartoony so I didn’t like it” Thats valid. But calling a movie “woke” because it has mostly ethnic characters and a female-led cast? Not valid. If it doesn’t apply, let it fly. Let’s not create straw-men and false controversy to re-enforce our world views. A real example of racism would be arguing that the Little Mermaid shouldn’t be black for “accuracy” while also thinking that the random boy from Iron Man 3 should be the new Iron Man instead of the comically-accurate RiRi Williams Iron Man/Iron Heart.


Am I in the wrong for actually liking this new iron suit?


There was an attempt at humor


Have you seen anyone actually saying this?


All of you are the worst. How do you not get that a 50 something old man and a 19 year old girl are going to have different design ideas and levels of skill. She’s a prodigy working with established engineering practices but that doesn’t mean that she wants to or should create a suit exactly like Tony’s. Even all his suits weren’t the same. Also, her suit is pretty dope because it’s triphibious, or amphibious meaning it can operate in any medium on earth. That’s pretty impressive.


Cartoon means racist now? lol okay incel


It has a mazinger Z vibe, but cheap and crappy, can’t wait for ant man and the spy kids memes next year


What the hell is that?


Wait how are we racist for not liking the design? I mean it definitely looks like some Evangelion voltron shit


It looks like Walmart's version of a Samus suit


Yeah looks like power rangers made it


It does look like cartoon tho


It felt like Power rangers.


*Wall-E and Eva had a Baybe and it’s not messing around. This summer Rob Schneider is derr a derpity derp dar and derp*


I thought it was a power rangers movie but I guess it’s black panther?


the suit is shit tho


Bro looks like something out of Ultraman


But what is that tho?


Graphics these days are terrible


Am i the only one who likes the design


Bro be lookin like the nfl ad robot


Wait, it's not? What am I looking at?


Is that the fucking Wither


Yup yup, sounds about right. Criticize anything these days and you’re automatically a closed minded, bigoted, Mom’s basement dwelling, racist incel. Simple as.