Imagine using an Amazon Fire 7 to get our boys to the moon


No ignition on the rocket until you've watched two ads.


Blue origin, is that you?


In the future, Amazon will have big rockets taking passengers back and forth across space, the trips will be subsidized by having ads beamed into your brain while you’re in cryogenic stasis.


Also any unlicensed oxygen shall be confiscated and sold back to you. Any employees that lose productivity will be secretly executed by your smartsuit and replaced with the new incoming crew.


Wasn’t this the plot for a Doctor Who episode.


Yes. Honestly, I wouldn't even put it pass Amazon considering how they treat their employees.


Just give it x years until human life is so abundant that it's less valuable than natural resources, add a dollop of capitalism and another scoop of cognitive dissonance to think of certain humans as livestock.


Soylent Green is people!


But for $13.99 a month you can ship for free


My microwave has more computational power than the moon lander.


A Middle school calculator has more processing power than the F-14 tomcats flight computer, and a bunch of other more modern war planes except for the newest like SU-57 and F-35


Is it weird that I’m more impressed by the efficiency of the Tomcats lack of need for more power vs unimpressed about the calculator thing?


simpler times before javascript.


9999999999999999 === 10000000000000000


It literally does


.9999999999… equals 1, but I’m pretty sure integers don’t just roll over like that.


You forgot the ellipses... but yes


If we accept that The difference between .99999999999 and 1 is negligible why would the difference between 99999999999 and 100000000000 be different. The quotients are the same.


1/3 * 3 = 1. 1/3 = 0.3333333... 0.33333... * 3 = 0.99999... Combining the middle statement with the law of equivalency gives us: 0.99999... = 1 The two are equal, therefore there is no difference to be considered negligible.


now you're thinking with limits


Also, with "r" representing "repeating" X = 0.9r 10X = 9.9r 10X - X = 9.9r - 0.9r 9X = 9 X = 1 Edit: Because you guys apparently can't read, "r" is not being used as a variable. It's being used as a shorthand for 0.99999.... because typing that on my phone is a pain.


The guy messed up his explanation .999999999999 does not equal 1. .999999999999...=1 (note the eclipses). Eclipses specifically are what makes them equivalent, as 1/3=.333333333... and that times three is .99999999... and a number divided by and then multiplied by the same number is always equal to where you started. This effect isn’t present for integers. Which is why 9999999999999 doesn’t equal 10000000000000.


Solar or lunar eclipses?


.999~ is different. A difference of .0000000001 is significant with large amounts depending on the application. .999~ is literally 1.


JavaScript doesn't have integers. It only has floating point values.


Because jetfuel doesn't need to be strongly typed


I beg to differ. You definitely want `Tank` not, say, `Tank`.


If {jet_fuel} Then run {melt_steel_beams.exe}


Well, it can do one thing extremely well, while a TI-84 needed to be Turing-complete. Like, consider the brain effenciency of a frog vs a human. Frogs don't have society. They don't need to prepare taxes. They don't need to comprehend shame. Fuck, I wish I were a frog


Frogs are basically little mouth sacks with legs attached, that fling the mouth at anything that looks wriggly. They diverged from lungfish over a hundred million years ago, and were like, I'm good forever.


Must be nice to have that kind of job security. Wriggly things, you are mine!


Damn that princess for kissing you.


A frog’s brain is ideal for running a frog.


Whoever tf decided to evolve us to have higher thought was a prick. We should've stuck with eating berries and climbing trees instead of contemplating existence or talking about how some dude was happy rolling a boulder up a hill for eternity.




To paraphrase a great author, in the beginning the universe was created. This has been widely regarded as a bad idea


For the same reasons I wish I could be a Tree sometimes.


The computers in Tomcats, spacecraft, etc. just have different constraints. They need to do one thing really well, and the designers want to be as confident as possible that it'll do it correctly and safely. The former means you don't need as much compute power, and the latter basically forces you to keep the software as absolutely simple as possible (which also means you don't need as much compute power). For example, the space shuttle computers can't even handle the year rolling over. There were a few instances where NASA changed their plans, even cutting missions short, just to avoid being in space on Dec 31/Jan 1.


I mean, your middle schooler calculator isn’t operated by an A-class Ace fighter pilot.


Most pilots in the Air Force wouldn't traditionally rank as Aces (in the traditional sense), as you need 5 or more verified aerial victories. Pilots rarely engage nowadays, at least that we know of.


They don't get the chance to engage much. Between the lack of real opponents and the doctrine of overwhelming airb superiority enforced in pay through sheer numbers, there aren't many targets to go around. The last known fighter ace crowns likely went to avpilot in the Iran-Iraq War. Neither side could achieve air superiority and they shot down dozens of each other's aircraft. Iran had at least a dozen aces, while the number of Iraqi access isn't clear. The war ended in 1988, so it's been more than 30 years since an ace was crowned anywhere.


Yup, that's more or less what I understood. That said: you don't need to be an Ace to be a great pilot, and likewise, being an Ace doesn't guarantee you are great by default (though you usually have to be). I am sure most pilots in modern Air Forces are quite capable and skilled.


It really comes down to the opponents aircraft. Shooting down 5 MiG 21s in an F-22 probably isn’t that hard. But doing the opposite would make you damn near a god.


When you have 2000 hours in a game and start it from the begining on nightmare mode




I wonder if there is a fighter pilot with call sign "Mobius One?" It reminds me of Ace Combat.


...that you know of...


The funniest part is calculators like the Ti-84 are run Z-80 processors. The Z-80 came out in the late 70s, and was used in some of the earliest microcomputers. The Z-80 is a clone of the Intel 8080, which was the CPU used in the Altair 8800.


Z-80s were in Commodore 128s, Game Boy, Sega Master System and Game Gear, arcade machine and [much more!](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zilog_Z80#Notable%20uses)


Still way more than my brain during the exams


True fact lmao


A $5 gas station micro-usb charger has more computational power than the moon lander.


I would love to know which gas station isn’t adding a $20 convenience fee to that $5 charger lolol




Those NASA computers probably got hot enough to cook our burritos, though!


Yeah, but you can compare number of operations per second, memory available etc. Enough similarities to make an appropriate comparison. While today's pocket calculator is designed to do math, it has much more memory and can perform many more operations per second, and at a higher frequency (redundant) than the "chips" in an Apollo 11 guidance computer.


I think it’s better to think about how “easy” and “cheap” it is to have that computational power now for even the most mundane everyday tasks. Put another way - compare the engineering effort that had to go into developing the lander computer from scratch back then vs having access to an almost limitless selection of “off the shelf” chips and chip production techniques fit for almost any purpose.


They could have just downloaded more ram smh


I prefer to www.downloadmorerem.com


Holy shit man! I just downloaded 3 gb of ram thank you so much!




Good rem


Made me smile, bless. Now I don't have to worry about forgetting who worst girl is anymore!


D: How dare you!




r/ootl help


It's a reference to the character Rem from Re:Zero. Many love her but some hold a grudge that she murdered the main character horribly multiple times.




detotated wam


Who is Rem tho?


I would've been faster in python


Im personally faster in tennis shoes, but whatever works I guess


You guys actually believe in chrome tabs?


Tbh thats really impressive they managed to photoshop moon landing on such low end PC /S


The tech required to fake as moon landing is more complex than the tech required to land on the moon.


We were also in a Cold War with a superpower itching to be known as the first nation to land on the Moon. The Soviets had the technology and motivation to call us out on a fake moon landing. But they *congratulated* us, instead.


To be fair, the space race was always pretty cordial between the US and USSR. Just not the other rockets being engineered at the time haha




Both quickly realized it was impossible, so they secretly agreed to fake everything. USSR got first man in space, USA got first man on the moon (because of Hollywood's superior movie sets).


I cannot tell if you are being ironic or just incredibly stupid but I'm gonna believe the former because I trust that humanity isn't a second from ending itself due to it's own stupidity.


I don' tthink they meant it, but there ARE people that stupid out there.


Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.


> I cannot tell if you are being ironic or just incredibly stupid This is the reason the flat-earth trolling is so successful. You need to re-tune your satiredar.


Flat earthers have members around the globe, there's no need for satire.




To be fair, the original US plan was a lot more cold War like than landing a human in the moon. Instead the original plan was to [nuke the moon] (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PROJECT_A119) in a project that got way further off the ground than it ever should have. To make it more interesting, Carl Sagen was brought in as a researcher to devise if it was possible and how to do it.


imagine they nuked the moon


It's funny but that's also a true statement. We STILL don't have the technology to convincingly fake the moon landing in a way that would hold up to as much scrutiny as the actual moon landing has been.


No no you see, what people dont know is we really did fake the Moon landing...on Venus. bwahahhaa


Bruh photoshop wasn't even there at that time, Ig it was Paint /S


This is true. But it was paint in a tin.


You could say it took years of rocket science to develop the perfect advertisement. /S


Man you're one of those people who believe in the moon?


It’s just a photo of an egg taped to the skybox


This is why we see the moon's "phases". Over time, the tape peels off and it curls over, and we have to send someone up there to re stick it


I heard Stanley Kubrick demanded that they film the fake moon landing on site to make it more believable.


ive been using opera gx for like 2 years and it feels so weird to look at any other browsers now


I use normal opera


Whats the difference? I only use Opera for NSFW things lmao.


From what I see, it's the CPU GPU RAM limiter. Also the colour and themes looks cute. Wouldn't be surprised there's more, never dwell into the settings that much


Yeah, those features are nice for when you want the browser going but want to play a game that gets unstable at high RAM usage. I got it more for the improved privacy and integrated VPN. (Disclaimer: I'm not saying opera has great privacy, but it's better than Chrome, which is what I was using before)


True lol, mainly use it for the vpn. It's just so convenient, a mandatory for when the government is too restrictive. Can't even access reddit without vpn


>Can't even access reddit without vpn Where do you live? North Korea?


^(Shh not too loud)


my country blocked reddit too lol, its Indonesia. I found a loophole where i dont need VPN to access reddit tho


idk why you’re being downvoted. I’ve also pulled my dick out at the opera e: thanks for hole sun awDz


*Phallus of the Opera*


Jokes on you i only do NSFW things.


shame it isn't on linux. Best browser ever.


started using Brave a couple of days ago. On idle (only one new page tab), uses less RAM than Edge. Edge uses 300+ MB, Brave uses 200+ MB.


I mean anything is possible as long as the power of the funny number compels you :D


Yes, :D


Where is the firefox gang at?


literally me. i actually took this pic. https://imgur.com/5mY5YhV


Firefox is the correct answer.


Firefox is the only answer. We need less people using Chrome so that web developers stop building web pages that only work in Chrome due to Chrome's lack of privacy protections and not enforcing cross domain request rules.


Catch 22. Devs make pages for Chrome, people use Chrome. Occasionally, people try other browsers and the experience isn't as nice. Back to Chrome. Sucks all around.


Web developer here. The truth is that Chrome's dev tools are just more polished.


I use either edge or brave nowadays tbh, they are quite a bit faster than the ol chrome


I transitioned to edge a few month back from chrome and found it to be a surprisingly very good browser and so much more gentle on the old RAM. Only problem I've found with it is sometimes all your tabs will freeze up but it's simply fixed by minimizing it and maximizing it again.


Tabs freezing? Doesn't happen on my 8 GB RAM 11 year old laptop.


It's not the tabs per say, the whole browser freezes up but is still functional and responsive. It's more an aesthetical bug then anything else, even any audio you have playing isn't effected. I have up to date 16gb RAM btw so it's certainly not a RAM problem.




I don't even have to refresh, just minimise and re maximize. Can you not get it back without refreshing?


Fairly confident that's a chromium core bug


Probably a driver issue that's computer specific


Yeah, I looked it up on Google and Microsoft are aware of the problem for some time but don't seem to be able to fix it, so that indeed does make sense. Tbf it's a very minor inconvenience and probably happens like once every 12 hours give or take.


Why is Chrome so labor intensive on the RAM? Is every tab a new process or something?


Yeah, I'm pretty sure you just answered your own question there, I remember reading that each chrome tab runs as it's own individual process. Like 10 years ago this made it the ultimate browser in terms of speed, but I think it's an outdated way for a browser to function nowadays, hence Edge being a superior browser in terms of stability, speed and efficiency on your computers resources. Pretty sure chrome will be given an overhaul at some point soon. This is all just my opinion though, I'm no tech expert and probably just talking utter bollocks lol.


The newer versions of edge are chromium based and use the same Blink web renderer. So it runs processes just like Chrome does.


So... its basically chrome with a different name and UI?


Funny because when I say Edge is a great browser Reddit tech bros just respond "because it *is* Chrome now, lololol" as if using Chromium means Microsoft did no work and accomplished nothing. If it "is Chrome" why is Edge better than Chrome today...? Just maybe there's something more to a browser than the codebase.


I haven’t used many other browsers out there but I have chrome synced across my devises with some extensions and a bunch of bookmarks so it would be a pain to change at this point.


Firefox has the same syncing capabilities and iirc you can export/import bookmarks from one to the other.


I switched to opera GX and you can import certain things like accounts and bookmarks from chrome


Edge can import everything from chrome too


I've been using Firefox for a few years for this reason.


Brave blocks ads on YT, Spotify and on almost all other websites plus it’s slightly faster than chrome


I transitioned to Opera GX from Chrome. I only use chrome for automated browsing programs, and Opera as my main browser. It’s incredibly fast.


Plus it makes cool sounds when I click on stuff 😩😩


My pc and handle only 1 app/ 1-2 tabs anyways so doesn't matter what i use Tho i use opera


Is it from 1996?


It was never the same after WWY2K...


You need to upgrade from that Pentium 2.


I think he's got a Dorito in there.


Too bad Windows is starting to add bloat to Edge. They just can't help themselves. It will be slower than Chrome in the next couple years.


I don't know if people using a different version of chrome. But I have 40 tabs active and Chrome only takes about 2,4 GB RAM.


How much RAM do you have installed ? The usage is relative to the amount of memory you have available..


Yep. Chrome will use the resources available to it as much or as little as that is


It will also allocate memory automatically if other programs need it. That's the thing about RAM, it doesn't cost anything extra to use and optimally, you are using as much as possible to keep things fast.


what fucking chrome you using dog give me it i dont enjoy my 32 gigs of ram being eaten by chrome the fucking ram goblin


How many add-ons you using?




Well you should install uBlock origin but that's besides the point


I have hundreds of tabs. Sitting at around 3-4 GB (I have 32 GB RAM.) Y'all not using groups?


I struggle to comprehend why it would be necessary to keep hundreds of tabs open lmao. Why? hundreds? Like, more than 200 tabs?


Does free ram make you feel warm and fuzzy or something? Your OS will ask for it back if it needs it. Using as much RAM as possible can be a good sign of proper utilization.


What are these kind of pictures called?


Yeah definitely magic the gathering style, apparently the artist is Alex Ries. This style really reminds me of angelarium however, very similar style. https://www.angelarium.net/ Artwork is super fun to browse


This is called a meme


I think this particular picture was from a magic the gathering card, but I couldn't tell you the name of the card.


yeah well 4000 bytes of data probably only processed the smallest of tasks like communications, navigation and some sensors and then they had to do everything else manually. New generation of spaceships will surely use the advancement in technology to include all kinds of diagnostics, autopilot and other technology.


Yeah, I see all this stuff about how everything is stronger than what nasa used to put men on the moon. Really annoying, it’s not about the power of the tech but what it does. No matter how much ram my phone has it won’t exist orbit


It also wasn't 'RAM'. Everything was doing a specific job and couldn't be allocated to anything else.


Exactly, even modern embedded systems aren’t known for lots of memory


How about all tech. I mean ffs ain’t anything worth a fuck anymore


Vr / Ar titties


Yeah but whatever you’re viewing it on will be amazing if it lasts a year.


Easier to say about VR headsets than actual girlfriends


Boot-sector games


Saved for free award. First think that has genuinely made me laugh in a while


In all fairness, can’t figure out where the power comes from if NASA decided to equip their ship with a rtx 3090


Yeah it’s like we can’t send rovers to different planets and send back HD images with today’s technology- wait


chrome lite is chromium, but i doubt most people would like it, i would recommend firefox if you usually have A LOT of tabs open, but with tracker blocking put to strict in settings and while using the ublock origin extension.


What people forget about ram is that if it's not being utilized, it's going to waste. A program scaling its ram usage based on how much is available is a good thing. If I've got 32 gb of ram and 25 of it is idle, then sure chrome use as much of that as you need to keep my web browsing 5% faster.


This is absolutely how ram works. My issue with Chrome, however, is that it has severe memory leakage issues after being open for more than an hour or two, does not optimize its ram usage well (if at all) when other programs are being used in the foreground, is especially terrible about privacy and data protection, and goes out of its way to prevent the user from preventing Google trackers for advertisement purposes even when explicitly set not to. It's great for playing flash games (rip) or loading intensive web modules. It just happens to be a privacy nightmare and terrible if you're planning on doing anything else on your pc with it in the background.


Yea efficient code seems to be an afterthought, if though about at all now. The corruption of excess.


Making the switch to Edge. Can't believe I'm saying this.


I started doing it for the Microsoft rewards and I've never looked back.


I mean, the comparison isn't really that great. The RAM on the Saturn V was engineered SPECIFICALLY to control just the Saturn V and it's onboard computer. That's all. Very deliberate and specific use case for that ram. With RAM we use in modern computers now, they're built to be used by anything that requires RAM which is all programs. And these programs are built to be dynamic with its RAM usage, dependant on a users hardware of which the amount of variations are ungodly.


I have 8 gb of ram and everything works fine for me cod warzone rdr2 chrome gtao


Image is from The Birrin Project by Alex Ries.


How else they gonna track literally everything you are doing and searching?


Update : Elon Musk posted this on his twitter without any credits - [Here](https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1468631917138522115?t=PGyRRta6-44rcAsXBuqO4g&s=19)


Still no problem with firefox


It's all about the graphics probably. NASA sent people to the Moon with command lines, not some fancy GUI with high res textures and the like. That's why they didn't need a lot of RAM and Chrome does.


As a software engineer, I am quite curious about this. Why does it take more RAM to use Chrome than to go to the moon? I'm assuming it's a combination of two factors: 1) Developers cared more about RAM back then than they do now, and 2) The purposes of both are very different. The software that took us to the moon was very specialized and the math it had to do quite simple.


haha funny number


I use Brave and Firefox and its great 100% recommend it


Where do I find the source of this image?


My laptop can't even run chrome.


*Laughs in Firefox*


Good one


16 gb of ram in 2060____


Chrome lite, more like Chromium


I use opera gx


IIRC one of the Apollo computers only had a number pad for input so you had to both either have the raw command codes you wanted memorized or look them up. There is a cost to going lightweight. (Of course that is an extreme example.)


Look, it takes a lot of memory to spyware an entire person's life to Google constantly.