And that is true.

And that is true.


Ya, I hear North Korea has big brain living quality, you should go check it out


So hold on, you’d rather have “living quality” than freedom? What does that mean exactly? If you have real freedom, can’t you just live to whatever your standard for living quality is? The power you can keep, but (true) freedom should always be the goal.


True freedom is not something possible in civilized or uncivilized society. The definition of freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. That is clearly not the case in United States, as many people are imprisoned for crimes. Even without laws, a person would still have consequences one way or another for they way they act.


If you break the laws, you go to prison in most countries, and murdered in the streets in the rest of them. Not sure why you're singling out the US.


I am saying tyre freedom is not possible in any country, including the United States. Iam just saying whatever freedom Americans are saying is not true and can not be possible. I am just using the united states as an example because other countries do not chant freedom.


No one ever said that we have "true freedom".


Consequences to actions doesn’t mean no freedom. You have the freedom to weigh the consequences of an action but still act.


An ambulance ride shouldn't cost multiple thousand dollars for once


Yea I’m not really seeing your point here. I agree that things like that shouldn’t be nearly as expensive as they are, but the main reason they are is because the government either interferes too much or not enough for things that actually matter. My point is it’s asinine for someone to want to give up freedom to an incompetent government so they can make a “living quality” for you. Living quality is a subjective term. I mean as an example look at a politician’s definition of living quality compared to the middle class. You should never want to give up your freedom is all I’m saying. I’ll take dangerous freedom over safe slavery any day.


People should surrender their freedom in case they need an ambulance ride?


Economoc freedom has a causal relationship with quality of life. This is a well known and understood fact State power has absolutely nothing to do with quality of life, but the more economic freedom and therefore wealth a geographic region generates, the more the state can parasitically suck out of the economy


"Those who would give up freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." -Smol Glasses Boi


What is sad about our species is that we have to PAY to live, we can’t even survive without the use of a made up currency like money so it can have a value.


Alright, give me your food then. No. We have to pay to survive because you cannot and/or are unwilling to produce all the things you need to survive. He who does not work will not eat. And given that you can't grow crops, process process them, transport them or store them, create a computer, etc., you'd damned well better be giving something back for all of those. Inherently, you've the right to nothing but your God given intangible freedoms.