Go to this website: https://mapshare.vic.gov.au/vicplan/ Untick Amendments and History and Zones Now click Map > Layer List > Special Purpose Zones > Urban Floodway Zone Now go to Overlays and select Land Management and click Floodway Overlay, Land Subject to Inundation Overlay and Special Building Overlay Use the visual information to make your decision. Enjoy your dry house


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extremely useful, thank you. This should be pinned on the front page!


Try this dude - have a play around. There’s a function in there somewhere that shows you if it’s a flood zone/fire zone etc etc. https://mapshare.vic.gov.au/MapshareVic/


Some good resources by other posters will have you covered here but given the location of Seabrook with respect to the creek and the bay, there is almost zero risk of flooding occurring by flows from the creek. Also, the creek has a fairly small catchment behind it. However, what might be worth considering is how any future sea level rises or storm surges will impact that suburb. I always liked Altona as a suburb but I'll never buy there because it's just so goddam low compared to sea level. Seabrook is slightly higher but it's flat and only a few kms from the bay. Something to think about.


As others have posted mapshare has the data on flood areas. It *should* also be included in the s32 fyi (which is usually just a printout of the mapshare page)


Give me the address and I'll check it out for you tomorrow at work (insurance)


Also there are topography maps available online. It'll show the elevation of areas.


On top of a what others have said (MapShare), you can request the contract of sale for any place you’re interested in, and that should have that information (as well as other important info about the overlay, easements, water lines, etc.) A property report from your bank might have that info too.


I know around the altona/ Queen st area (golf course) the only real flooding from Queen street up to the express train line/ chem factories are from the storm drains blocking up down the line and causing back flow. Point cook Rd/ Avation rd off ramp from the fwy copped a minor street flood around the Bendigo bank at approx hub heigh ( Small car size) going by the news Monday night.


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