This is why I compose everything in Minecraft spellbooks. Stored in ender chests, of course.


Can someone recommend me a better program to just write stuff with.


Libre Office. It's a fork of OpenOffice, from just before Apache took over. Tends to get more love these days.


After using Microsoft Office I can safely say that Libre Office is definitely my favourite


LibreOffice is like Office without the horrible ribbon interface that MS forced on us in like 2010 or so.


2007\* and the ribbon is fine.


I moved to Google Docs from Libre Office because it has really [bad on-screen kerning](https://i.redd.it/5s4xw1n757621.png)/rendering and [plenty](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/498531692756074496/526324469258780683/unknown.png) of [people](https://i.imgur.com/4yibMc8.png) [have](https://ask.libreoffice.org/t/distracting-kerning-in-libreoffice-6-on-win10/33975) [brought](https://ask.libreoffice.org/t/distracting-kerning-in-libreoffice-6-on-win10/33975) [up](https://www.reddit.com/r/libreoffice/comments/6mikul/the_kerning_is_pretty_horrendous_in_libreoffice/) [the](https://www.reddit.com/r/libreoffice/comments/flmuuv/has_anyone_found_a_workaround_for_the_awful/) [issue](https://ask.libreoffice.org/uploads/asklibo/optimized/3X/c/b/cb6085e45855756ebf5cb79ea6a2d9731c5f366c_2_1024x695.png). It was often difficult to read. Google Docs on the other hand has to have one of the worst file organizing UX on the market. The Google Drive implementation is painful to use or organize.


Yep. Nothing's perfect, so it just depends on what bothers you more. Me, I can live with atrocious kerning more than I can the horrible file organizer and having everything stuck on the cloud.


Its pretty great, I love it. Also, more options there tbh 😂 I dunno why I've never heard of it before my current school.


It's a derivative of OpenOffice, and OO is still around, so people just go with OO out of habit.


I was just recently using it and the first time I open it, it's still like 15 years ago. UI hangs, CPU usage is all over the place ...


I use this aswell but if i want to use it profesionally i have to format it to word again. So shit


Assuming not just simple notes for local use, Google Docs is good, from what I hear. It constantly backs up to the cloud and can be shared pretty easily with just a link. Even collaborative projects work pretty seamlessly.


Google docs is where it's at.




But you get to deal with it for free soooooo


To my experience google docs is less refined, but it is free to acces.


Also the mobile version doesn't suck ass, which is nice for quick edits.


Let’s try to add an image an arrow to point to something on your document…good luck.




I use google doc all the time. Saving everything in cloud is great so you don’t have to worry about crashes. I can also organize things nicely in drive. Its also free.


All of this is also works well in word if you save it in onedrive.


In my experience OneDrive is absolute garbage if you’re ever collaborating. Two people editing one doc? All of a sudden they’re looking at two wildly different documents while somehow both still making changes. Want to edit this paragraph? Sorry, your buddy may or may not have touched the version of it he has on his screen about five minutes ago so you can’t even click on it. Then suddenly one person disappears but on their screen they’re still editing. It was an absolute shitshow and using it usually meant taking two hours, at least, at the end of your project to simply just go through correcting all the formatting atrocities SharePoint had caused. Absolutely brutal software.


I don't know, always worked for me, but I only need to collaborate like twice a year so my sample size is not that big.


Google Docs sucks ass.


VS Code lol


Wrap text tight in word. Now you can move the image




This is the true ultimate answer, it just takes more learning to be able to do exactly what you want


Not necessarily, go to Overleaf, find a decent template and off you go!


exactly. a bit of a learning curve, but once you learn how to do what you want with it, it can be very fast and much more efficient. and it looks WAY better than any word or google docs document.


Wysiwyg editors even exist, if you want to make it hard on yourself.


Word really is the best on the market, as soon as you get to any level of complexity with your document word has it covered. There are lots of settings to place images correctly but it works a charm once you understand how. I think the 150 dollars is worth it in any corporate setting. For a home user if you just need to write a basic letter, wordpad is installed on most windows 10 devices and is complelty free and works offline.


Word is extremely powerful if you know how to use it, which isn't necessarily intuitive. People treat it as some sort of WYSIWYG rich text editor but it really isn't conducive to that


I spend a lot of time doing complicated work with Word. I don't really incorporate images into my word documents often, but I do end up having to create complicated documents with lots of headings and citations. The first time someone taught me to hit Ctrl+shift+8, it completely changed how I view word. There's a bunch of useful information in word documents that you would never see in a WYSIWYG editor. Now, I almost exclusively write my documents with non-text characters displayed. For my work it mostly has to do with cross-referencing citations, but filling in text fields with metadata (like a rolling page count or word count) is also important, section breaks are also really important. Watermarks too. Any word alternative for a business setting would need at least those things to really grab my attention. EDIT: Also track changes.


This! Word's template capabilities and Autotext features are wonderful, and image insertion works great once you learn how to use it properly. Unfortunately it took me way too long before I bothered to learn how to insert images and in the meantime I was also guilty of complaining about how bad it was. Google docs is not going to cut it if you need advanced features.


openoffice.org Writer. It's literally a free, open source version of microsoft word. They also have a bunch of other office tools like free excel. It's not necessarily better than word, but it's free.


OpenOffice is almost dead. Libre office is what came out of it, but that still suffers from some problems


Libreoffice is better than openoffice.


LaTeX is the standard in accademia but it takes some effort to get into, since it is a markup language. ​ Mardown is a simpler Markup language used mostly in IT. It's specifically designed for web application. ​ If you want a See-What-You-Get programm you can use Libre-Office (or open office if you like to suffer). Like the first two it's run and maintained by Volunteers. ​ If you want something proprietary you can use Google Docs.


LibreOffice. I've been using it for years and it's fully compatible with all MS Office stuff, *and* is free and open-source.


* Google Docs * Libreoffice












Check out markdown editors, they are super lightweight and simple :)


Emacs. If yoor goal is to manage plain text files. Vim. If you want to edit one file multiple times.


I personally love using InDesign because of its flexibility


If you want just a plain alternative? OpenOffice If you want more accessibility? Google docs If you want to do a lot of organizing/creative writing? Scrivener


Libreoffice is better than openoffice.


Could you please explain why is that? I never used LibreOffice


OpenOffice went without updates for a long time. Meanwhile, the LibreOffice fork continued receiving updates. OpenOffice then started receiving updates again but because they use different licenses it can't use code made for LibreOffice while LibreOffice can use all code used in OpenOffice. So LibreOffice will always be one step ahead. Because OpenOffice went without updates for a long time, many companies started supporting LibreOffice instead. So OpenOffice got even more behind. Nowadays, LibreOffice is the default office suite for linux.


I use Google Docs. Free, convenient, fairly easy to work with, and with some good features to boot. It’s version history has changed my life


For book writing try Papyrus. One time fee and you have cards, connection trees etc. For university word is the only option because stuff needs to be formatted like this/that bla bla and open office just doesn't do exactly the same. And yes Google docs is fine as well. A one drive subscription is 8€ a month and you get 1TB of cloud storage and all the basic Microsoft programs. I'm pretty happy with that


I used latex for all of my university writing after first year. It's pretty much the only option available for STEM writing IMO.


Just write? Atom text editor. Another office suite? Apache open office.


Why open office? Libreoffice is better.


MS Turd.


"just write" ? or do you write a book or something? Word Perfect still exists and is still the best program for this. for everything else I just use Google Docs or Notepad++


I've been using LibreOffice "Write" for years. I've also used their spreadsheet program "Calc".


take a look at libre office suite, it's basically all the microsoft programs in open soirce an good


LibreOffice mate


Lol, people really out here PAYING for MS Word.


It's not the people they care about by the way, it's the companies. I was a co-founder on a startup and a few years in my partner had ONLY registered 25 copies of Microsoft office but they detected that we had close to 40 employees at that point using Microsoft office suite, and we got a letter suing us for $25,000. Microsoft doesn't entice people to use their products, they sue your ass into using them. Unfortunately for them, it was all the incentive we needed to move to Google docs, and they settled for less than that when we got our lawyer to respond to them. Still, pretty unbelievable "business strategy" Microsoft has going on there


>Still, pretty unbelievable "business strategy" Microsoft has going on there It is unbelievable they expect a business to pay for their license? What are you smoking? There is a lot of bad shit about microsoft in general and their licensing specifically, but this is ridiculous. >they sue your ass into using them. You could have used any other product and not get "sued into using microsoft office".


>It is unbelievable they expect a business to pay for their license? It's unbelievable that their first response is to sue people for lots of money instead of notify them they need to upgrade their licenses? >You could have used any other product and not get "sued into using microsoft office". Cool and that's what we ended up doing, why are you so salty about this?


>It's unbelievable that their first response is to sue people for lots of money instead of notify them they need to upgrade their licenses? If there was no punishment for license fraud, there would be no incentive to buy licenses to begin with. If you could just buy one license or crack the product altogether and upgrade when they notify you, everyone would do that. >why are you so salty about this? My comment is written pretty harsh, true, but i'm just following your writing style.


Well, they detected more people were using Office than you had purchased. That seems like a big deal.


Just saying, pdf was first developed by Adobe in 1992 and . Why would you think Adobe would allow Microsoft able to edit the pdf format? Beside, the whole point of PDF is after you complete a document, you want to export a publish version to avoid being edited.




Indeed. Fixing a typo, sure, that will work most of the time without messing up the layout. Anything more, you're better off editing the source and republishing the pdf.


Literally breaks my computer every time I want to move one letter




But you can edit PDF with Adobe Software. PDF gives you a false feeling of security when it comes to altering documents.


>Why would you think Adobe would allow Microsoft able to edit the pdf format? I dont know about 'allow' but there are 3rd party programs who do that. 2 I can think of are Foxit PDF Editor and Qoppa PDF Studio


Yet no mention of indenting when you don’t want to indent and not indenting when you do sometimes. Just let me decide when I want to indent!!!! It randomly pops up as a problem and the automation consistently wastes more time than it saves.


You can turn that off once in the settings and it'll never do it again


So good.


Also whenever you try to write in a different language so you change it and it automatically switches back to the original language after writing five words. Though I've had the same issue with LibreOffice.


This! The bane of my daily existence


Funnily enough, if you have a Microsoft account you can use the Microsoft Office suite for free through their website (https://www.office.com/). So you can suck it without paying, if you really want to.


It have limited features isn't it? Anyway Its more than enough for a normal user


Not too limited. The biggest limit is that you can't use it offline.


Idk what this persons talking about… word works just fine for me. Do people not know how to use it? Or what’s the deal


people like to complain :)


Yeah “want to move an image? Go to hell” clearly shows they don’t know how to use it lol. Take one class on Word and you’ll gag when you have to use a Google doc in the future


Google doc is great for casual typing or shared notes but I would never use it for professional product because of the lack of formatting options compared to word. I think same goes for all Google versions - they are like office light keeping only the fundamentals while being slightly more intuitive. Great for people who don't need the advanced functions but not really comparable for the intended purposes of original ms office programs (assuming you make most of them/use more than the most basic options) That said I've gotten into real arguments with people who do not realise you can save word doc to a cloud having multiple people work on it without having reformat everything upon export to required format at the end


My quality of life increased exponentially when I discovered the "Wrap around" setting for pictures in word.


The what


[https://courses.lumenlearning.com/wm-compapp/chapter/text-wrap/](https://courses.lumenlearning.com/wm-compapp/chapter/text-wrap/) At the bottom of the article you can see examples. Want image behind text? Word can do that. Sentence cut off by image? Word fix I don't even use word but it can do all the things people want they just need to learn the tools. I actually learnt this in school but I have no use for it now.


Thank you so much for this! I'll definitely make sure I read it all


I re-read my comment now and it sounds a bit snarky haha but I'm glad you have use for it! :)


Ah well, I don't usually pay attention to the tone of text-based messages unless it's overwhelmingly one way or the other cause humans are designed to interact in person and I know we lose a lot of someone's intent when everyone is behind screens. Nevertheless, please don't worry, I read it more as like an advert for a product: "Do you want to stick things together and have them not fall apart immediately? Do you ever wish that you didn't need screws to put together IKEA furniture? Have you ever tried to stick your mother in law in front of an incoming train but she got loose and now your spouse wants a divorce? Not to worry! With Mike's Never-Come-Apart-Again Glue, we've got you covered! (And yes, the lawyers won't be able to separate you and your never-to-be-ex wife!) Buy today for 12.99!" Back to the website, it's really super useful, thank you for taking the time to find it! :)


Ah thanks, yeah you got it! Just an anxious day I suppose. Time to relax! No worries and happy to help!


Imo only advantage docs has over word is the fact that you can work on a file together.


Word is pretty janky but if you have any competency there’s no problems.


>Do people not know how to use it? As someone who has done significant editing of people's writing for a living, the answer is almost universally a resounding "no".


Probably just unintuitive UI for most people


What’s the deal with people blocking out profanity in memes recently?


I'm almost sure most websites' algorhytms will favor posts without profanity


I actually like Word. I think Office products in general are probably some of the best programs ever created. But you do need some training to really take advantage of its most powerful features.


As IT MSP, I hate Office as much as I do printers.


I too hate office! That's why I work y from home.


And they each have their own thing. They don't want to go "jack of all trades, master of none" and the OP is trying to do things in Word that it's not designed for.


tbf all of the issues OP is talking about are easily fixable when you have a minimal knowledge of word. they're only daunting when you've got no idea how to use it.


They're easily fixable if you're starting from scratch. Have me come in and edit something some neanderthal created - or worse, exported from PDF and tried to tell me it's the original Word doc - and it's a fucking nightmare. *Oh, you want to insert a page break? How about we run your entire text in a thin line down the margin instead?* When I've been asked to cost out document revisions, I've learned to give a low end cost where the original Word version exists and is in decent shape, up to the high end cost where I have to either recreate the document entirely from scratch or make considerable edits to the formatting and styles. Protip(s): learn to utilize the style manager for more consistent formatting, and fucking use custom tabs instead of six tabs or eight hundred spaces.


I mean, the program is already developed. There is no reason why they shouldn't institute a drag-and-drop style format to images other than "it's hard work to program it"


I mean, these days you can adjust the positioning of the image vs text by clicking on the image, an action button shows up right next to it... like, you seriously have to be dumb not to be able to do it?


I'd hardly call it user friendly. Sure you can do it, but I can also walk 2 hours to my bank. Doesn't make it a good use of my time.


Every goddamn feature of ms word and excel takes like 2-3 clicks of onscure and annoying menus. Case and point: adding/removing columns/rows to a table. Or constantly having to fight excel auto format. Or pasting text only without the format in Word. Its just a joke from a power user’s perspective Sure. If you work daily with you’ll develop some stockholm syndrome and a false sense of superiority because you know the exact behaviour of this software that a couple of dolfins programmed in in the 80s and no one is allowed to break the backwards compatibility because it will require retraining millions of people too old to adapt to change automatically


> adding/removing columns/rows to a table Rightclick->Insert Above/Below is obscure?


Ah yes, silly me for trying to use Word for all of those pdfs i definitely edit


For me Microsoft word is a no go for a completely different reason, proprietary file formats. I can't expect my clients to have a 150$ office suite on their PC's.


Idk, I deal with dozens of clients from every background and each and every one of them has the capability of opening a word document because there are completely free ways to do it


But literally even libreoffice can open them, the issue that may happen is some font getting changed and Word also allows you to save in other formats...so this reason is not really true


I've seen opening word files with other office suites cause formating issues. Also I've seen word mess up the formating when saving to another file format... So it's still shit.


> I've seen opening word files with other office suites cause formating issues. When you save a document there is a "tick" you can click on to save "complete data" or something along those lines, or use the export function. That is caused by missing data.


I don’t know if this is true everywhere but at Uni and where I’ve worked sending anything but pdf was seen as bad practice. IMHO pdf is a the digital equivalent of a signed paper so you don’t want editability.


I would assume they are probably working on documents the clients are supposed to edit. E.g. if they are a consultant and design some documentation that the client also has to add to, PDF would not be suitable. Otherwise, you are 100 % correct and i would love if more people understood that e-mail is not their digital document storage either way.


Print to PDF.


This is what I do with everything. Especially my resume. Last thing I need is for them to open my resume and it has fucked up formatting, making me look like I suck at life.


I am pretty sure office uses technically open source formats, but they are shite, unless you are talking about .doc which no one should be using that garbage.


Microsoft Office has been defaulting to .docx since the mid 2000's.


I love how depending from the context it could mean "around 2005","around 2050" and "around 2500"


ok microsoft


My whole department runs off of Excel, SharePoint, and Teams. Takes two minutes to load the spreadsheet and runs like shit on my beefy engineering computer.


I managed SharePoint at my old job. The program is garbage from a toilet. Made me rage every time I opened the thing.


I agree with that. Share point sucks. But I believe it’s going away in like 2026 or something


At least they ditched clippy! Oh no!! https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/15/tech/microsoft-clippy-emoji/index.html


Unpopular opinion, but as a 4th grader clippy was my favorite part of writing class. I have tons of nostalgia love for that guy 📎


tell me you have no idea how to use word without telling me you have no idea how to use word


>want to move an image It's incredibly easy to move an image and it not messing your formatting. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/wrap-text-and-move-pictures-in-word-becff26a-d1b9-4b9d-80f8-7e214557ca9f >Edit a pdf Pdfs literally aren't meant to be edited, much less with word. All pdf editors suck because of that. >Ignore a spelling mistake Never had issues with that. This is probably because you aren't ignoring the mistake in multiple languages.


censored tweet? that's a paddlin'


Hasn’t office moved to the predatory software as a subscription model as well? We’ve been using the same copy of office 97 for years now. It still works for what we need.


Not completely. Regular office still exists. They now have office 365 and office 2021.


They do force you to sign into a microsoft account, however. Which is in some regard for your own good because it allows you to keep the license if you lost the key and your PC broke or whatever, but in my opinion as a sysadmin at least the pro and business versions of their software should not get patronized like that.


What I dislike the most about Word is page numbering. That shit never works the way I want to. I followed so many step by step guides but shit never works.


Page numbering (unless you're going for bog-standard start on page 1 and go up from there) is easy, it just needs a bit of forethought to make section breaks if you want gaps in the numbers or separate counts


I've never understood this. It's not hard to move an image... Honestly I think this meme stems from people not understanding how to use the software


“Edit your expectations” IM DEAD😂😂😂


Did you mean "suck my duck"


LaTeX is the way to go.


F-no. I use it because I have to, no because I like it


Forty years ago we liked WordPerfect much better (working in the US military) but it went kaput and we were sad about changing to Word. Since then it has gotten worse, not better.


Word Perfect was a billion times better. I used it until the bitter end when Corel was like “no really, we’re gonna reach into your computer and delete this.” 2007 or so?


Idk it’s pretty easy to use for what I’m doing


Appendicies smendicies...


I bought a 1 year of Office when I started college 3 years ago. Word has been saying that features have been disabled for 2 years now but I could still type so I've been fine. It just a few days ago took away my ability to type at all.


This reads like "I suck at MS Word because I'm using it like MS PowerPoint. Why can't it be MS PowerPoint?"


Bro, Google Docs superiority!


I can't get over how poorly Word gets along with Excel. I have to do reports all the time that contain cost estimate templates I'm supposed to follow and the amount of dicking around with column widths I have to do trying to get a table to look good on a page is ridiculous. And yes, I can insert it as an image of the table, but then it's not searchable or editable later.


I use Google docs.


I still use my 2007 Office. Nothing has improved since then.


This is the best thing I’ve ever seen


Word is truly garbage.


Overall most of Microsoft products are total garbage and the only reason they are the norm is that they were the first somewhat competent programs back in 2000s


Google docs > word


Microsoft is a fucking joke. How the fuck has nothing replaced this company yet?


Largely because of how incredibly good everything they produce is


This is the problem with everything about tech. Nobody cares about how good a software is, they only care about how bad it is. Word strikes a perfect balance between simplicity for casual users and functionality for power users and everything in between.


Yeah it honestly goes past just tech. Most movie discourse, video game discourse, etc is rooted in the same problems: yeah, it does almost every single thing right, BUT it does one or two things wrong.


This must be a bot account. Lol Jk but no I don’t think their software is incredibly good. I think they have an unholy monopoly that the government supports cause their surveillance programs use it to literally look into your life through an open window. Adobe graphics software is way superior in user friendly interfaces and ease of use. Every time I have ever gone to use a Microsoft program it’s been confusing and convoluted. And the software is so packed with flaws it has to update itself every fucking day. It may be far and away better than old DOS methodology to have a GUI but theirs should have some decent competition by now and the monopolistic nature of this country makes this impossible and unnatural. I bought a windows laptop because it was more affordable and immediately regretted it. It’s the most bloated pos I have ever owned.


It's hard to replace a monopoly and bill Gates has done some shady shit to keep micro soft as the only option for computing.


i use typora


I can only be productive in Word, my brain gets tricked idk.


Word is the worst word processing app ever forced on us.


Mavis Beacon teaches typing.




that’s why i use google docs then download as microsoft word 😎


Switch to libre office...at least it's free


you can move an image if you change the formatting from the default set one


I use excel damn near every day for one nerdy purpose or another…can’t remember last time I used word lol


Excel and maybe Powerpoint. Everything else can go to Hell


Tru! Funny cz whenever we're using it we should always use another app for sth that Word couldnt provide us. And we still keep on using it...


I feel this. Brings back some high school memories.


I had to take a class on it as a requirement for my Associates In IT, and I hated it. It wasn't hard, but the assignments were automated via a online client that docked you points for every "mistake" If it weren't for the way the class was structured and the professor realizing the problems with the client, I wouldn't have passed... Not because I didn't know the material.. But because it was buggy as shit and would dock you for doing things correctly but no the arbitrary way it was programmed to accept the answer or if it didn't like the way you moved the mouse. So glad it's over. For real assignments I use Google Drive


It says dick, we can all see that, but. I read it as suck my ass.


If you want to make complex formatted text in MS Word, use tables, just turn off the external and internal borders for these tables. Put texts and images in relevant cells and move these cells as you wish.


it's called having Bill G as an owner. he'll buy up or drive out most competitiors. also marketing directly to businesses that like the "included" software. it's not the program, it's the monopoly playing that keeps shitty products in use.


Meanwhile other software is judged based on how well the files it produces work in Word.


Libre office


word treats images like text lmao


Get better at formatting and using word in general I'd say.


Overleaf is where it’s at


Imagine paying the full price for Microsoft office whilst you can buy it for €12,- on G2a.com


Imagine paying for an office suite when LibreOffice is free.


150$? You mean free?


You guys pay for microsoft word?


Lol fuck this tweet


I like word...


Word is the popular option because of Microsoft marketing. Its just there in Windows when you need it. Its like Pages is for Apple. Try imagining windows without the office suite.


Step 1. Set image to "Move behind text" or "Move in front of text" according to your liking Step 2. Move the image freely