One is lavender and the other wisteria. C'mon bruh.


lol, Lilac and Periwinkle!


Rocky and Bullwinkle!


Cocky and Ballturture!


Cocaine and strippers?


On my own lunar landing.


Jack Black and Hooters


Coke and Dr. Pepper!


Ham and burger


Love and thunder


Thing 1 and thing 2


Blood and guts


Clap and murder


I like Reddit it’s so interesting,. The comments are like a game of “telephone”. The topic slowly starts to change as the thread goes on lol


It officially degraded to "cock and meat sandwich" some fucking how.


Always had been


Moose and Squirrel!


Team orangered forever!


Get bent ya fruit colored bastard, this is perrywinkle territory, capiche?!


Now listen here, ya little bluebell! What comes first in the alphabet? O or P? O! Orangered will always come first!




Light purple and light purple with a touch of pink.


Light purple and a different light purple


Urple and light urple


Damn I was close I was gonna say lavender and lilac


I don't think it's saturated enough for it to be wisteria. I think lavender and lilac is a better category for these.


It’s a 10C dilution of alizarin crimson with a soupçon of Hungarian magnolia. I mean, everyone knows that.


Purple-blue and blue-purple


All the wisteria is giving me hysteria


I'd say periwinkle on the left, lavender on the right.


They are clearly different if compared side by side, but I doubt it would be so clear to say which one it is in isolation


Undertones are surprisingly influential on perception. Yes, in isolation you might not be able to pinpoint it as exactly but they would look different (one often looking better than another) E.g. I did not realise I was buying wrong-undertoned shirt in the store lighting. Cue to me getting out and realising that the colour really washes me out. Same principle applies to make up - wrong undertone can mysteriously make you look slightly sick. -> person who cares about their styling and it's coherence will want to match the undertone also for their nailpolish


Even things like black- the wrong undertone and your blacks won’t match


Ugh I hate this. Especially with black tights and a black dress.


I literally won’t wear them together - I only buy (when I have the option) blue or purple-based blacks.


I once got black jeans with a *green* undertone. Who tf makes black like that? It matched nothing! I’ve never seen a green-toned black again after those jeans.


i had jeans like that! they were kinda cool but yeah, way too tough to match


Naked and Famous did some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles jeans a few years back that had green undertones with black.


I once thought I was buying dark green boots. Turns out they were black with a green undertone, but the store light made the green stand out. I now have useless boots that are too green to go with anything you'd wear black with, but also clearly not green. I have no idea why black with green undertone is a thing....


Are they leather? If you polish them with black polish or black with red undertones, it will neutralize the green. Or you could polish them with green and make them greener. Anyway, you can mess with the colours for not very much money.


Try them with a light brown


I bought a guitar I thought was silver but when I left the store it was a sage green. I love it though.


Green seems to fade the worst.


I had some luck (finally became the Goth I always knew I could be!) with batch dying my clothes black with Rit dye and then they're all the same


This is the way


Thank you!


This!!! I hated when I was younger my mom would have me wear a black outfit with a blue tone and the black tights would have like a green or brown tone it drove me crazy. I would say it doesn’t match and she would roll her eyes and tell me to just wear it 😂 I only like blue-purple based blacks as well.


Yes blacks that don’t match! I hate it


Is there something in your tinder bio causing them not to match with you?


Yeah, like a certain historical flag with certain political undertones?


That’s mainly covered in red except for a symbol in the middle?


Throw all of your blacks in a tub of Rit dye every couple months to keep the undertones matching!! My ex used to do this with his work clothes when he worked in a fancy restaurant, & he always looked super sharp… So I copied him & now do it with all of my basics/ classy attire.


This is the concept behind bluing. Wash your whites in it and it gives them a blue tinge that makes them look extra white. I wonder if you can still find bluing?


Yes. In the laundry section of larger grocery stores.


We do this in the papermaking industry as well. Our brightest paper has rhe most blue dye in it.


Or do this with whites and aniline blue


Black dress, with the tights underneath


I got the breath of the last cigarette on my teeth


And she's an actress (actress) But she ain't got no need


She's got money from her parents in a trust fund back east


Tttt tongues always pressed to your cheeks


I find throwing in something dark grey helps. Doesn't need to be much, could just be the top of some socks poking out of boots, but having it there makes the blacks look more uniform.


This is super unrelated but our avatars have basically the same color pallette and I hope you find this as mildly interesting as I have


I did indeed. Thanks!




This thread just made my day ! 💙💜☺️


…but goth 😆


Dark grey highlights on a black trenchcoat then?


I’m black+black. But if I have to, dark red or deep purple. My trench coats were black jacquard and black fur or black leather. I prefer black buttons or zippers if they’re offered.


I'm a pale and red toned. So hardware makes a big difference, brass snaps will be my undoing


Or in your room lighting they match, but you step into the mall’s bright lighting and realize they don’t ):<


Yeah. I was a photographer so I know that the warm lighting inside a typical home will be thrown off compared to cool mall lighting from fluorescents- it does make it harder but if they match in one light they should in another. I use daylighting/ white lights in my house.


Protip: get a bunch of fancy LED bulbs in different light frequencies for your bathroom and unscrew one here and there to simulate every type of lighting. Sunlight simulation is particularly useful because you never know what undertones are gonna pop up in the sun (dear God you will never notice every little stain on your teeth)


Vantablack for the win . Don't be the shadow, be the void.


Nooo, because Anish Kapoor is an asshat, black 3.0 by Culture Hustle all the way!


It smells like black cherry and does not require lab equipment to apply!


This tactileneck is black, and this one is slightly-darker black Woodhouse!


Is this how you justify your enormous black turtleneck sweater collection?


Don't get me started =(


Wait - what? Please note, the guy asking this is the same guy that only saw 3 different colours on that brain games episode. I think they said it was 7 or 8 colours.


Blacks are dyed with different color combinations. Some pull with a green, purple, blue, or even red undertone as they fade. The material matters, as well. It’s not something most people notice but if you even think two blacks clash, that’s why.


I have never ever thought that two blacks could clash. This was a foreign concept to me until this post.


Well 😆 now you know the curse of seeing shades and hues so clearly


Similarly, I made my wedding dress with my grandma in her sewing room and colour matched the thread I was using there in her sewing room. I had an outdoor wedding and even though the thread matched perfectly in her sewing room, it was glaringly different in the sunlight. The dress was a much colder white than the thread was but I hadn’t noticed under the tungsten lights of the house


My dad is a photographer and told me to do my makeup in the lighting I was expecting (eg going to a bar low warm lighting: do it in a room with a similar lighting). Never thought I’d have to do that with clothing too ._. Now I gotta check all my threads


Yeah it’s not really something I would have considered was a problem but in the end it didn’t matter too much because no one was looking at the thread


I just dive into a pile of clothes and whatever I crawl out in? That's what I'm wearing.


People with very fair skin have a hard time finding makeup that doesn’t oxidize and turn yellow over the course of a day.


Metamerism - a phenomenon when two colors look the same under one light source, but different under another light source (incandescent vs sunlight for example).


Yeah, I once bought a white and gold dress. You'll never guess what it looked like when I brought it home though


Black and Blue?


I paint game miniatures undertone is one of the first advanced concepts you learn in that hobby. Nothing makes a yellow pop like putting it over pink for example




Makes you look less healthy/flattering. For example in this context the colour made me look more yellow and pale in a sick way - not in a lively tan way (it was greenish - I have green shirts that are okay but this made me look like I belonged to a hospital so it was particularly noticeable). Another person may use it to describe how something made them look pale and red in slightly feverish or constantly out of breath way etc.


Realized this when buying white paint. I spent probably 3 hours trying to choose the perfect white for my walls but side by side they all looked so different. I was like “ew I don’t want green tinted walls”. Finally decided on a lilac tone white, painted my walls, and ya they just look white white. Really feel stupid for wasting my time.


Same thing when buying yarn! You have to bring it to the front of the store to get some sunlight on it.


If you want to idle away a few minutes, try taking the [Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Color Vision Test](https://www.colorblindnesstest.org/farnsworth-munsell-100-hue-test/). Even if someone isn't officially diagnosed with one of the variants of being "color blind," not everyone can distinguish between color hues.


Got a score of 0. Ayy


I got a 66… but I already knew I was very colour blind.


Got a 0 went back, I can still barely fucking tell


I got 0! A perfect score! *Whaaaaat!?*


About 8% of men are colourblind to some extent. Perhaps they just can’t see the difference?


My ex husband said I couldn’t have anything lilac down stairs and then he chose a lilac sofa. Two years later I found out he thought it was blue


Some of the most vicious fights I’ve gotten into have been over “is that violet, purple, pink or blue”


At this point, I don't *really* know the difference between violet and purple...and I'm too afraid to ask.


It's like people who don't understand the difference between cyan and teal. Both are a mix of blue and green, but cyan is blue leaning and teal is green leaning.


Purple has more reddish undertones while violet is more blue. There's more to it and [this article](https://jakubmarian.com/difference-between-violet-and-purple/) explains it pretty well, but if you want to keep it simple there's a nice picture comparing the two colors at the top, too


Its the same to anyone who doesn't care that much


I googled lilac and it says light violet but the colour looked purple to me. Then I googled Violet vs Purple and Violet looks like lighter purple. So lighter lighter purple is Lilac? WTF lol I suck at colors


Love when you google colors, google images will have an array of wildly different shades all claiming to be the real one


I'm pretty sure they just threw "indigo" into the color spectrum so we could have the "ROY G BIV" acronym.


That’s hilarious.


Men are more likely to be color blind than women. My Dad was colorblind, I forget which colors he had trouble with.


Makes me wonder what he thought lilac looked like.


I had a car that was clearly orange to me and had it for a few years. My boyfriend of the time randomly referred to it as red (he hadn't ever mentioned the color before then) after a few years of me driving it. I was like "You mean orange, right?" and we had a little debate about it. I explained that I had heard guys see shades differently than women sometimes and it blew his mind.


My ex called all colours on the lilac, purple, pink, rose, powder scale "lilla" the Danish word for purple. Without fail he could not tell them apart. Luck would have it, we'd end up with a daughter and he hated finding clothes for her because all those tones looked the same to him. Then I noticed how it's not just him, but him mom and brothers too. They cannot see the difference or they don't care.


Most of the time boys and men seem incapable of identifying the color differences between light lilacs, cherry blossoms, and crabapples… like seriously, the actual flowers outside on trees. I think my dad and brothers are the only ones I know who know those are purple, pink, and a white-pink gradient!


Women have more photoreceptor genes because they are found on the X chromosome, so they get two sets. It’s why men are much more likely to be colorblind.


Im colourblind i can see the differance side by side, but its not much though. You have differant colourblindes its no jsut all colours like most people seem to think when i talk to them. Min is on the red green scale, i can see red and green but when they are side by side it gets harder with some depeding on light and other factors.


women in general have better color vision than men. The X chromosome carries the traits that influence your color vision. These traits tend to not be dominant or recessive, so in women that get two x chromosomes some of your eye's cells will have one trait active and some of your other eye cells will have the other x chromosome's traits active. Effectively what this means is the downsides are mitigated because if you have a trait that stops you from seeing a certain color, half of a woman's eye will still be able to see it using the other trait. You also get a variety in terms of different types of cones that makes women even more color sensitive. Meanwhile men only get one x chromosome so if there's some defect in that allele's color vision there's nothing to make up for it and men are much less likely to see as much color as women do. Men are better at judging light levels and brightness though, but i don't know why for that part.


It's more of a shade difference here. Not hue. The 89 is darker. So the color blindness is not a factor.


Nah, one is more "pretty and pink" and one is more calm and blue. They have different vibes


That's not the point. The women who tell you that these are two different colors are right.


Def two diff colours


I’m literally color blind and can see these are different




I’m color blind as well (red/green). I have a very hard time telling the difference between blue and purple (purple tends to look blue unless next to blue), and pale or pastel colors tend to just look white to me. I can still tell the difference between these colors lol.


It's blue/yellow for me. I don't understand why everybody is talking about those two gray things in the picture.


I’m right there with you.


Okay so he's hacking got it


Maybe being colorblind is an evolutionary advantage in some cases


fun fact: color blind people were assigned as bombers during wars because they are less easily tricked by camouflage


Aren't there different types of color blindness? I'm slightly color blind and have always struggled to differentiate purples from blues. These look practically identical to me. I can just barely tell them apart while they're side by side. If I had to find the #88 nail polish based on color alone I don't think I could.


Color vision deficiency is actually a spectrum ranging from virtually unnoticeable to straight up monochromatic. Some folks can even have multiple types at once. Was talking to my optometrist a while back and apparently it's pretty common for folks in their 40s or 50s to be diagnosed and never knew they had it. I didn't know til I was in my mid 20s


Why should we trust you, you're colourblind.


one can be said to be pinkish purple. With no tent of blue. The other can be said to be blue with no tent of pink whatsoever. so just look for blue and pink, both can be said to be purple though haha


The word you're looking for is 'tint' rather than 'tent'. I know with some accents they sound very similar.


The pin-pen merger… makes me shudder


Its a clear difference like c’mon now


It’s pretty clearly different but we’re all looking at this on different screens at different resolutions. If you’re a juicy person who likes to keep their android phone in vibrant mode then the difference will be more obvious. If you’re looking at it on a garbage TN office screen then it probably looks the same.


Definitely different for sure. But to pretend it’s a glaringly obvious difference is ridiculous. You’d never know which is which without comparing the two side-by-side.


Ironically I just tried an experiment where I would cover one up with a piece of paper, and they almost get *more* distinct in isolation. I'm sure if you cared enough you'd be able to tell even without looking at them side-by-side, but of course nobody else is going to give a shit. If they do, they probably have strong opinions about business cards and you might want to avoid them....


Um. I'm sorry to say that it actually is two different colours LMFAO


Yeah but I think the point OOP was trying to make is that you wouldn't notice that ever in real life


> OOP Object Oriented Programming?


Other Original Poster - referring to the poster in the attached image rather than the OP the reddit poster above




Nah, that makes sense! It's what I thought too. Kind of like great-relatives - you just keep adding great- for every generation it goes back.


If they were so great why are they dead?


original^(2) poster


Yeah that makes a heck of a lot more sense i really don't know why other made sense to me at the time


OOP, let me just scoot right past ya.


Original Oriented Programming


Out Of Print


Out Of Pocket


Order Of the Phoenix


As others have mentioned, those colors would look very different on different skin tones. Similar to clothes and makeup.


Left is darker is it not? Or just the lighting?


89 is a cool (more bluish) purple and 88 is a warmer (more pinkish) purple.


Wait, they're purple? They both look white to me! Edit: Turns out I was looking at the sticks instead of whatever the things are on top lol


That was so funny


theyre nails 😂


LMFAO They're fake fingernails


i like you lol you think different


Yeah I’d call leftie Periwinkle and the one on the right Lilac. When I was into doing my own manicures with gel Polish I bought several colors trying to get those exact two colors because I love them but they are totally different and I wouldn’t wear them together either.


It’s a tad darker and more blue.


Brother are you colorblind


actually color blind people can more easily tell the difference with things like this. color blind people were hired as bombers during wars because they are less easily tricked by camouflage


I’m colorblind and it’s actually kinda difficult to see a difference here.




This isn't quite accurate. The thing is, colour blindness isn't a single issue, and is more like a family of issues with someone's ability to perceive or discriminate colours, kind of like how a mobility issue can be anything from an injured foot to a missing leg. In this context, only certain kinds of colour blindness may produce any sort of difference or benefit in the ability to differentiate the colours. Others may make the difference even more difficult to identify.


Actually, based on just that picture, ofcourse real life examples would be a lot better. Those are different. But i do have an unfair advantage as a guy. Differentiating colors is part of my job.


I’ve actually heard that female brains are far better at differentiating and even identifying colors than male brains, the reason being that ancient women would be the ones collecting fruits and berries, which you’d need to be able to identify based on color. Being able to tell the very subtle difference between poisonous berries and edible ones was a necessary trait for women to develop. Meanwhile, men were hunters, which means our vision had to be better suited for patterns and markings. This is all based on what I remember from an episode of a show I watched like 10 years ago, so I’m sure some of this info may be outdated


Yes I've heard that too and it fits the context in the hunter gatherer times, but it can be learned skill too as the women at that time were taught since childhood by their mothers to differentiate colors while men were not. But I'll probably later end up in deep google search on papers on that subject.


I can distinguish colors that are literally more comparable than those two. I am a man and don't have a job or do anything related to colors. I am proud perfect color vision holder. I took a test and finished it with perfect score every time.




They might be talking about something like [this test](https://www.xrite.com/hue-test)


I got a 0




I also am male with perfect color vision. Apparently men generally have worse color vision than women, I guess i'm outside the statistic. I don't have a job that relies on my color diferentiating ability, but I consider myself creative and artistic. I used to paint sculpt and creatively tinker a lot


Weird flex but ok


Dude here, definitely different colors.


that’s very obviously not the same color


Well Im 21M and colourblind and yeah they're different


Also colorblind and can juuuuust tell that there's a difference. If they aren't side by side, no way though.


If they weren’t side by side, I would still be able to tell. The left is way too bluish for me to ever pick for my nails.


I see the difference, and I also don't care


They are. The one on the left is a bit more blue.


88 is a little bit warmer. Am a guy btw.


88 is red based, 89 is blue based. Clear difference lol


I'm color blind, and even _I_ can tell they're different colors.


Pretty obvious that they are different shades.


Left is more saturated and a slightly bluer hue, also there are studies that suggest that women may actually be able to perceive more very minor color differences than men https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/brain-babble/201504/when-it-comes-color-men-women-arent-seeing-eye-eye (I don't actually know if the link is all that reliable of a source but the study references in the article does seem to be legit)


Wonder how much of it would be result of socialisation (we are taught to care especially through make-up but also clothing)


I can see the difference and im a male


The one on the right, hex code: a2a1d8 The one on the left, hex code: 9498d7 Not the same colour.


These are indeed very different colors if compared as car paint instead of nails.