Ewoks beat their asses with sticks 30 years before R1


Ewoks beat their asses with sticks 30 years before R1


*Sticks and stones did break their bones!*


We do not have health insurance in the empire. We do not have med bays, or convalescence. We do not have disability allowance or sick days. This Secrigard ^(tm) high grade imperial armor has been tailor made to provide lethal injection on detection of injury.


That’s because storm troopers are to clones as premade cookie dough is to baking cookies.


Not all of them. AFAIK storm troopers are recuits. Clone troopers are only used in the clone wars


They are. The transfer from clones to regular humans is one of the current plot points going on right now in The Bad Batch.


Do I need to finish “Clone Wars” before I start watching that?


Yes and no. There are recurring minor characters from TCW who appear in TBB so you might have a case of "who the heck is this?" if you have not watched the whole series, but you can make sense of it without having watched all of it.


That's what the person you're replying to is saying. Clone troopers and storm troopers are different groups. Storm troopers = pre-made cookie dough = soft and unfinished Clone troopers = baked cookies = toughened and complete There were almost no clone troopers who didn't see combat. They're all experienced and hardened. Storm troopers have almost never seen serious combat. They're mostly used to beat on already oppressed and starving people and are deployed in force to do so. When someone seriously stands up to them, it tends to be a one-sided beatdown. And the storm troopers are usually on the receiving end. It's even illustrated in any of the media that shows the clone troopers fighting the storm troopers. The clone troopers almost always win.


correct me If im wrong, but arent stormtroopers the Elite od the Empire ? Best of the best. Not every recruit will become a stormtrooper.


Storm troopers seemed to be the most abundant of all the troopers post CW. Besides weather / terrain, or specific vehicle operating troopers (speeder bikes, Snow troopers, Ty fighter pilots etc.) I was under the impression The Crimson Guard was the Empires elites. But I also know crap about Star Wars in comparison to others.


The Stormtroopers are more elite than a random recruit but they aren’t the most elite forces in the Empire. Solo shows off the actual grunts of the army.


No, storm troopers are baseline infantry, people in higher positions typically either loose the armor, or receive a different patterned / colored armor


Stormtroopers Stormtroopers are elite shock troops fanatically loyal to the Empire and impossible to sway from the Imperial cause. They wear imposing white armor, which offers a wide range of survival equipment and temperature controls to allow the soldiers to survive in almost any environment. Stormtroopers wield blaster rifles and pistols with great skill, and attack in hordes to overwhelm their enemies. Along with standard stormtroopers, the Empire has organized several specialized units, including snowtroopers and scout troopers. StarWars.com doesnt Sound Like what you say.


So, there are a base line infantry originally, but these units were phased out in favor of storm troopers, making stormtroopers the main infinantry composition of the empire [source ](https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Imperial_Army/Legends)


But shoot and miss excite them


And also their armored vehicles.


Forget sticks. Brasso headbutts a stormtrooper and knocks them out, while he doesn't even suffer a headache.


It’s like the armor is their skin, but not at all protective


Yes, this one really was silly. A modern military helmet will destroy a human skull with a headbutt... Even light weight space plastic should at least protect the user..... Otherwise great series lol.


The argument is usually that stormtrooper armor is designed to deflect blaster fire, dissipate heat, etc. Not physical blows. I think it's bullshit, because the material is literally called "Plasteel" or something, and because as evidenced by every single SW film and show, stormtroopers die at the mere sight of blaster fire, let alone getting hit by it.


I think the in-universe explanation is that the Ewoks won by weight of numbers. So the ones we see kicking ass are the ones who attacked when the Stormtroopers ran out of ammo killing the rest. There's no excuse for Mr. Stick, though, as far as I know


He is one with the force. His stick hits crititcal areas each time. Seems plausible to me, space wizards :D


Space wizards and murder furries


Hitting critical areas? What is this, Ace Combat?


There is or was lore pre-disney that had early Jedi using normal swords and staffs and enhancing them with the force. I think, in setting, you could even see a powerful force user block a light saber with a bo staff. I would need to dig to find that excerpt from an old Jedi guidebook thing I got in high school.


Even a cookie can be kung fu.


No I don't think that last part is true....with the force embedded sword yes but a regular staff no. Those swords had already been pre woven with the force


No it’s possible. Old lore some very powerful Jedi could even stop a lightsaber with their bare hands. You see this is the Old Republic MMO commercials where Satele Shan stops Darth Malgus’ lightsaber with the palm of her hand. They can only do it temporarily, and I believe it does still cause them damage. So the idea they could apply the same effect to a wooden stick or plain sword does have merit.


There using the force to create a barrier not hardening there skin to temporarily withstand a lightsaber kinda like yoda catching palpatines lightning with the force he’s not actually tanking the damage through his hand it’s getting redirected and absorbed through the force




Tibanna gas from Cloud City type mining operations.


There are two forms of ammo: the special gas that blaster bolts are made of, and the energy to ignite the gas. The standard Imperial blaster uses 100 shot power cells and 500 shot gas cartridges.


Which is technically six years AFTER R1 as well.


That’s because they used superior tactics and were more familiar with the terrain. They set traps instead of engaging them head on.


I was thinking of one particular shot from the movie, where there are a few literally tapping him a trooper on the head and he’s like AAAARGH IM DEFEATED. Even as a kid I was like …hold up…


That dude faked his death. The care bears were bonking him and he realized he wasn't getting paid enough.


I love you


Dang, if only there was a controversal historical event strongly rooted in American culture based on guerrilla warfare in a jungle environment Lucas could’ve used for inspiration and to make a thematic point.


Rogue one happened before the battle of endor!


You know what he meant.


You mean 30 years later?


Plastic armor to make them all look the same and lose their individuality. The lack of armor makes them have to fight harder or they die.


False security too mb


They’re uniforms, not armor?


Plastic uniforms. Now that sounds like a realistic future.


Wait, is this canon?


If I remember correctly, no. They did make some questionable decisions, such as making it harder to see throught the helmet in favour of a more formidable look, but the storm trooper armour is supposed to be more durable than clone trooper armour. I think one explanation as to why stormtroopers dropped after a single shot was that the armour acted as an absorber, distributing the force of the shot across the entire armour. So while they fall after a single shot they weren't actually dead, just in pain/shock. Though it's not technically wrong either, since The Empire prioritized image above function. That's why tie fighters have the iconic sound and things like the AT-AT were build. Not the most functional, but extremely formidable, meaning less people were likely to go up againts them.


don't forget the new look of the stormtrooper in the last trilogy


Yeah, ignoring any criticism of the writing or whatever, those helmets were SO COOL


The First Order really had the drip down, you gotta hand it to them.


Just like real life Nazis. The classic ones, anyway.


I really like the "stunned and downed" idea. Makes it easier to rationalize at least


It also gives me the image of two stormtrooper armies fighting each other, and everyone just keeps getting shot and falling down and then getting back up to shoot some more


That is a really good idea


It's sorta backed by cannon as well. Note in the original they are checking on the guys who got shot on the Tanative IV when Vader shows up. Despite the apparently massive holes in their chest.


Like the Goa'Uld basically. Intimidation over effectiveness. And overwhelming numbers over quality, like russia.


"This (gestures towards staff weapon) is a weapon of terror. But this (gestures towards P90) is a weapon of war." -Col Jack O'Neill


It was a very elegant way to have the humans puny tech prevail


I never thought about how Russian the storm troopers are. They're low trained, poorly equipped fodder whose purpose is to win through overwhelming numbers.


At least in legends thats not true. Stormtroopers are the shock troops of the Empire, they are well trained and equipped to break enemy resistance so the Imperial Army can sweep out any holdouts and establish a garrison. They are not elite troops, but they are not cannon fodder either, at least in the expanded lore.


Resources tend to be wastefully used when they are in huge quantities. Thats true for soldiers. You dont care when you can just avalanche through it and see them as units not people


You say that, but Russia is going through a demographic collapse (to a lesser degree than China, but still a collapse), yet they haven't changed strategy for the war in Ukraine. It seems that a sudden drop in resources also makes people prone to wastefully using them as well.


A sudden lack of OPTIONS also tends to lead to bad decisions. Especially in war


its going through a collapse but still counts a huge population. Collapse isnt instant - from a person perspective its just number, said loss is not perceived fully. And the government doesnt really give a shit about said collapse. Theres lots of people now, they need those used now, and they have the impulsivity and emotional intelligence of a 4 year old bully russias demographic hasnt recovered from WWII, it wont recover from this one in a long time. Because that country doesnt give a shit. The blame will go to something something the West or whatever lunacy - because they can still afford to shoot themselves in the foot also i said "tend". There are always irrational actors.


They're not poorly trained. Storm Troopers in universe are a relatively elite force that is pretty well trained, although they spend a lot more time being indoctrinated to be loyal than effective.


"Poorly trained stormtroopers" mfs when carida exists


Yeah normally a single shot would kill but with armour you can feasibly save someone who's been shot


Stormtrooper armor is shit compared to clone trooper's. Rex even says that in Rebels


It's interesting cause Phase 1 clone armor is the most effective if I remember correctly. It's super protective and even has it's own built in oxygen and pressurization system. However, it's super expensive and heavy. Phase 2 armor basically took Phase 1 and gutted it, meaning a lot less protection, not as many capabilities, but it's much lighter and cheaper. I think storm trooper armor much more resembles Phase 2 for a reason


That middle paragraph is the narrative equivalent of “We’ll fix it in post.”


That sort of makes sense when you consider that the empire has technically "won" through most of the series. The stormtroopers were generally just a peacekeeping force and the uniform makes sense. It would have been cool if they had a different set of combat gear for actual engagements though.


You mean the sounds the Tie-Fighters made flying through space?


Idk what it is in the Disney canon, but there were a few different explanations in the old canon (old canon was kinda a mess of contradictions as you got to the extended universe). One answer was that it wasn’t actually armor, it was a utility platform. The whole ‘stormtroopers can’t aim’ didn’t become a notable thing until people started making memes, in episode 4, troopers took the ship at the start with very few losses despite being on the attack, and kenobi mentioned how the attack on the Jawas showed too much accuracy to be tuskens. To me it always seemed like it would be too difficult/ expensive to outfit their entire army in armor that could stop blaster bolts.


Some of the ancient canon I heard was that it protected against, essentially, civilian blasters. The rebels just equipped extra strong blasters to punch through it on account of their enemies. In universe, Han Solo’s blaster is a notoriously strong pistol, an homage to a big ass revolver. As far as sticks/blunt trauma go? Idk. Maybe it’s better against small zaps than physical stuff. Or maybe it’s movie magic, lol


That would also make sense. And the fact that it’s designed as an energy absorber not actual ballistics armor would make sense because most people don’t use ballistics. Those who do (Ie, farmers, Ewoks and others) kill them way more easily.


Older legends books at least write stormtrooper armor as basically being impervious to ballistics. For Tusken Raiders and their slugthrowers to kill Stormtroopers, they had to usually get them in the neck or the eye lenses. However, thr physics between "bullet" and "boulder" are different; a bullet hits and is stopped so the Trooper is fine. A boulder hits, and the trooper's bones are crushed. Think of how against plate armor, you'd use a hammer; blunt force trauma against hard armor works.


No it's just my thoughts


There's a practical reason too. The impersonal look dehumanizes them to keep the MPAA ratings from going too high for young audiences.


That's it. If you think about it, the heroes kill an alarming number of *human beings* and they don't even flinch. A normal person would need a lot of therapy to recover from the guilt and shame of their actions. Maybe that's what makes a hero - the ability to commit mass murder without a shred of remorse... Or you cover their faces and mass produce them so that the soldiers aren't human anymore. Dehumanize an enemy makes it much easier to kill them without remorse.


That and the unified look of the army and skull like build of the helmet are intimidating. We all know the empire doesn’t care about the lives of its soldiers. Tie fighters don’t even have any sort of shield.


I thought they did. In the tie fighter game circa 1995 you had to manage your deflector shield. Might be wrong tho.


The games perhaps. I think certain models do, but the standard tie fighter I’m almost sure doesn’t.


You are correct! They also have no light speed capabilities unless they add an extra ring around them. Kind of like the Jedi fighters in the prequels


The TIE Defender had shields. The Fighter and Intercepter did not. I think maybe the Bomber had shields also


TIE fighters don't even have life support. They're basically strapped into a rocket with lasers


Said chinese government


Also to make their numbers seem greater to the empire. If you see faces you recognize them and remember them. Seeing snowdomes in every corner of the galaxy makes you feel like the Empire really is anywhere. >!Think of the mask in V for Vendetta of the outfits of the townspeople of Santa Poco in The Three Amigos when they fought El Guapo.!<


Militaries have no problem with iconic visuals and cheaply made materials.


This is how we both makes enemies for our heroes to kill in movies. Storm troopers, zombies, Soviet soldiers, Nazi soldiers, American Indians… you just make the enemy one indistinguishable group with no humanity. We do the same thing in politics.


rogue one was literally made to justify the death star's weakness. if we get an entire ass movie explaining why stormtrooper armors are so useless, someone has to pay istg.


And the weakness doesn't even need to be justified by the movie. it's literally an exhaust vent. Meant To stop it from overheating located At the end of a heavily defended trench And required a shot made by someone in tune with the force


I mean, it’s an exhaust vent where if you shoot one missile in it the whole goddamned thing blows up. That requires some explanation and I love that Rogue One did that.


It's an exhaust that leads to the core of the death star, something that releases a lot of heat. If anyone else had shot that missile, it would not have gone in because exhaust pushes things out of it, so the missile would have been pushed away and not gone anywhere near the core. I'm surprised they got it that small. And yes rogue one was an awesome movie And I guess the reasons I just listed could be used as justification of how he was able to put the design in in the 1st place


If I remember correctly it wasn't even a direct path. The impossible shot from a specific type of projectile caused a chain reaction that blows up the core. Plus everything that you said. You could even chalk it up to personel failure for not defending the trench properly before questioning the design. I'm in agreement with you. This criticism got blown way out of proportion by contrarians and lead to nobody thinking critically about what is actually told to us in the movie.


Let’s not forget that proton torpedoes are fighter launched nukes, nuking a core probably isn’t good for its stability.


It was simple security by obscurity. Nobody would have expected a hit on a 2 meter target on a 100 km space station, especially since nobody expected anyone to have the skills. IOW you can have a super weakness and leave it unprotected if the chance someone will exploit it is like guessing a 20 character password.


Weirdly, Rogue One was awesome. Episode 2 had to explain why the empire was fighting, where the storm troopers came from, why annakin went dark, and it was terrible. I’m gonna say it: the shitter the premise, the better the film. Maybe a movie explaining the armour would be amazing. Edit: ok, so I’m not a Star Wars pedant, but many of you are it seems. It was not the Empire going to war in ep2, it was the republic, before it became the empire. Also, they were clone troopers, not storm troopers, although they look and act the same.


Starwipe - fade in - overshot of republic main engineering college, signage very obvious. Young man in leather vest and shorts is chatting up a young woman, when an empire recruiter with pamphlets walks over in a t-short matching set. - hey fellow friends, have you thought of a career in armour in the future? Lots of great opportunities coming up! Young man looks up and slightly to the right while his eyes un focus. Starwipe - flashback Young man is watching his father clutch his dead mother Father - why, gods why did I not purchase better armour? Starwipe - back to present Young man realizes the young woman walked away while he was remembering his past trauma. Agreed to be recruited however has a look of remorse and resentment that he missed out on talking with the young woman longer. Starwipe - opening roll credits


There are other wipes besides star wipes


Let him cook


Why eat hamburger when you can have steak?


It’s called Star Wars for a reason


Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars movie. I like it better than any of the 9 jedi movies. I also liked Solo better than most of the jedi movies except for ANH and ESB. I'm just kind of done with the jedi messiahs. I played the SWTOR mmo back in 2013 and I honestly enjoyed that version of the Star Wars timeline better than the modern one. If they're going to make more Jedi movies, I'd rather see it be based in that timeline.


rogue one was indeed awesome. it's completely unnecessary, but that didn't stop it from being awesome.


>it's completely unnecessary, you could say that about all movies really.


Nerd here. From what I've read on the expanded universe, the armor does protect against low energy blaster fire by dispersion. However the impact knocks them unconscious. Under the Empire's jurisdiction, weapons strong enough to kill a trooper through their armor are illegal to posses. Illegally modified blasters like Han's DL-44 were able to kill troopers and were big black market items in the Star Wars universe.


What’s istg?


I read ages ago in lore that the armor is amazing at absorbing and dispersing the damage from a blaster but the shot can still render the wearer unconscious. So it's great at keeping people alive, just not combat effective


Isnt that the same as irl ballistic armour? If you're wearing a bullet proof vest and get shot even if the armour blocks the bullet you are going down, potentially with a few broken ribs. Obviously broken ribs are better than a tunnel through your torso but you may not be combat effective for the rest of the battle...


yeha exactly.


Not exactly the same as real body armor. A 9mm handgun cartridge has about the same amount of energy as a 100mph fastball, so maybe some broken ribs if you’re wearing a vest. If you’re wearing a 10x12 ceramic plate that is going to spread the energy over a much larger area so it shouldn’t cause any damage at all. 5.56, the rifle cartridge primarily used in AR-15s, has about double, or triple depending on barrel length and range, energy than a 9mm but won’t incapacitate a person when being shot in a plate. A .44 magnum which is at the top of the rating for IIIa soft armor, like most vests, would have a much higher chance of causing serious internal injuries. In general though, getting shot in body armor should not be debilitating.


A 100 mph fastball would be more like a .22LR in terms of energy (~100 ft/LB) A 9mm would be 350-500 ft/LB of energy


At the time of Star Wars' original writing, the average body armor was considered "soft" and made of kevlar and other similar things. So yes, bullets broke your bones and left you pretty messed up, even if the vest saved you. Which is probably the more direct inspiration for the armors effectiveness, rather than more modern ceramic plates.


they take into consideration the thing you’re most likely to be hit by and tries to make it so you don’t die from it on the spot yes




That describes the majority of star wars world building


My favorite is plastisteel. But this was for 'o no that movie prop isn't cheap plastic it's a future material' rather than a writing issue


Well plasteel is borrowed from Dune


past material


In a new hope during the obi wan fight with Vader, Darths lightsaber length changes frequently because of the many takes. This was later added into the lore saying he has a dual phase lightsaber and changed the length to keep obi wan at bay. Star Wars fans frequently add lord to add the mistakes into the story. So yeah your pretty right


In episode 8, the star bombers that needed to go over the top of the target to drop their bombs like a WWII B-17 broke all immersion for me and made me laugh my ass off in the theater. It was just so fucking absurd that we were at episode 8 of this epic space opera, and the writers were only getting dumber rather than better. They really topped themselves with the stupidity of episode 9 though.


Totally agree on the space bomber thing. It completely took me out of the picture, almost as much as the “let’s poke it with a stick” xenoscience in Prometheus.


Well.. I’m not sure they’re writing mistakes per say. I think the writers know exactly what they’re doing. I think it’s obvious - people just love to see the good guys plow through (overcome) overwhelming odds. It’s badass. Meant for a younger audience that has an easier time suspending their belief.


> Meant for a younger audience that has an easier time suspending their belief. I think that's the answer to any "deep" question about Star Wars or Harry Potter or Marvel or anything similar. It is not here to make sense, it is here to make kids go "whoa that's cool!".


People who seriously complain about this kind of thing forget what it’s like to be 8 and picture yourself as the main character blasting through storm troopers. Always give way to the Rule of Cool.


Exactly. The writers didn’t accidentally make a bunch of nameless, faceless mooks for the heroes to effortlessly mow down - that was the point. They’re meant to be scary, and the lore builds them up as disciplined killing machines, in order to make the power fantasy of the heroes more visibly readable and entertaining. It’s trying to please us, the hyper critical fans who devour all this extra content and overthink things like the engineering and logistics of a fake galactic empire, that they had to invent ‘reasons’ for.


Let's be real, without a written source material, a lot of lore would be built this way.


Yeah it's just phase 2 clone armor


So...its like helmets in ww1


That was for debris raining Down after atillery and bombs


Reported Head injuries Rose by 900% or something once helmets got introduced... they served a purpose


That’s actually a great example of survivorship bias. See - head injuries are getting worse. The helmets do nothing! Actually…


It's the same thing with the graphs of where the bullet holes in Allied bombers coming home in WW2 where. There were no reported bullet holes around the engines or cockpit, so engineers realised they needed to armour those areas.


Did deaths from head wounds decrease by 900% at the same time?


No, the ppl simply survived to be able to be reported as wounded and not dead


Yeah that's what I meant. If reported head wounds increased by 900% with helmets, that means all those people would like have been dead from head wounds otherwise


Me dum dum


The first Death Star's weak spot was intentional, this was explained in the same movie OP is talking about. The second Death Star had it because it was still unfinished


Not only that but it was not a "huge" weakness either since it required a 1 in a million shot from one of the strongest force user to even take advantage of it


And knowledge thereof. Though had I been in Palpatine’s place I’d have made sure the rebels get a fake location instead.


The dark side’s engineers are actually on the light side in secret :o


Which is the whole plot of Rogue 1, which he claims to have seen. Weird.


They can’t seem to hit anything with their weapons, either. Target practice is apparently not part of the training.


Well it's a mix of shitty vision from. The helmets the E11 was just an inaccurate gun. And the main characters have force protection. But shot for shot, they're actually deadly accurate compared to irl military


They’re really good shoots when shooting someone other than a major character


Also most of them are conscripts.


I believe it was explained in the movie by the phrase “I am one with the force, the force is with me”. ROTS, jedi were able to be killed by their troopers. Meanwhile Chirrut was able to walk across a beach to fulfill his mission before being killed. The force keeps you alive until your part has been fulfilled


Force is fucking based


Always wondered why they can't put laser sights on their laser guns...


To start with: /s Because their "lasers" move slowly, so by the time the laser hits the target and comes back, the target will have moved


Slowly? I mean it is slower than a bullet definitely yeah, but it is still pretty fast


Yet “more precise” than sand people which leads me to believe that sand people actually fire the opposite direction of what they intend.


this isn't true. Besides when it's played for a joke, the accuracy of stormtroopers is insane. In the opening scene of a new hope while on the tantive 4, they had an accuracy of something like 70%, which is crazy high.


I'm reminded of Stargate SG1, where the Goa'uld staff weapons never seemed to be particularly effective, and at one point it was admitted they were intended to inspire terror; that is, they were *mostly for show*.


Personally I like how they took the time to explain to us how the zat (ni'kitel?) Could disintegrate bodies and we see it once and never again. Or how going through a Stargate was supposed to make you cold and that and they stopped after a couple episodes. Or the raw bush we saw from Daniels wife in the first episode, and never again... Expect maybe for that one episode with the slutty goa'uld. But I don't remember that far back.


The part a about it making everything cold was because the connection was almost missed due to stellar drift. The DHD compensates for this and after a few trips the tauri put a similar program on their dialing computer.


I could have sworn it was something to do with the actual transfer process. I'll check the Stargate wiki when I finish making my coffee Okay yeah the stuff itself was toxic and took hours to apply, but they threw in the stellar drift reasoning as why it stopped since it coincided with being able to dial many more planets


I started another rewatch and the full frontal nudity always catches me off guard, it seems like the creators originally wanted the show to be very adult and within the next two episodes some execs said “how about no”.


Yeah, I think my parents either hadn't watched the first episode when it originally came out, or forgot about the scene because I used to watch SG1 with them when I was younger since the rest of the show is fairly family friendly, but then watched the pilot with them and then there's the scene in question.


Other way around. The creators didn't want it, but The Showtime execs said to include it.


I wouldn't really call it a "massive" weakspot. Considering that the station was the size of a moon, it's really more of a tiny weakspot. 😄 Not to mention that the exhaust port was also shielded, I believe. It's why the rebels had to use proton torpedoes.


The ds 2 would have been basically indestructible had it been finished, which it would have been if not for Palpatines arrogance


Well, he came pretty close to winning, had it not been for Vader and the Ewoks.


Stormtrooper armor protects the trooper from blaster fire, and disperses it so it becomes more like a blast of concussive force. Most troopers that we see get shot don’t even die, they’re just knocked out.


I asked this question of my star wars friends...they said that the Empire doesn't give a shit about its soldiers (ditto just look at the quantity of soldier deaths) and basically the only reason there hasn't been much variation of the armor is due to the dictator cause he likes the armor cause it's visually appealing cause it makes all of the soldiers look pretty impressive when they're lined up for role call or meetings/speeches.


It's true that the Emperor doesn't give a shit about his soldiers but it's way deeper than that in lore at least.


They're cannonfodder. The armour renders them nameless and faceless, removing their humanity so you don't feel bad when loads of them die. Also why the Empire refers to them only by number.


Not only that, deindividualization is a thing. People are more prone to commit cruel acts if others can't know who they are.


Nah it's mostly just so we don't feel bad when the heroes butcher dozens of conscripts and/or child soldiers in the First Order's case.


In the lore, the armor is completely resistant to slug throwers, and the troopers don't actually die when shot. The armor absorbs the force, so if hit in the wrong spot, it causes them to be rendered unconscious. So it works just nor the most practical. But it does explain how the empire never runs out of troopers. They're the same ones as before, well except the ones on the death stars... and stuff like that.


Given that you can dispatch a stormtrooper wearing their armor in hand to hand combat, it doesn’t seem to absorb the impact too well.


I think he worded it badly. It just cant be penetrated. Blunt weapons, like in the image, are usually the preferred weapon of choice for armour that can't be pierced or penetrated.


slug throwers would be more effective against trooper armor? its resistant against blaster bolts bc it absorbs the energy around the body. A slug has more kinetic energy and would probably just tear through the armor.


Body armor only disperses kinetic energy to a wider area, which means it’ll take a bit more to be put down. That’s a nice solid staff he’s got there, and I see that it has a metal cap, which means it’s probably been weighted. High probability that he has spent years training and using staffs in combat.


Also the fact he likely can use the force to amplify his attack


Chirrut can’t control the Force


Doesn’t matter, he’s just a plot devise anyway.


Hes just built different


Armour was outsourced


Took me out of andor when watching and a guy wearing no armour head butts a storm trooper and the one wearing the helmet goes down. EDIT: [Like cmon now](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4qc73gxEaM&t=126s)


It would save clone troopers all the time. They’re just the bad guys so they get bad guy armor


According to the wiki, it's not armor, it's a environment suit, designed to let storm troopers live and work on any planet they need to. It offers only the slightest bit of defense


Well to be fair: It's Donnie Yen who swings that stick.


They were supposed to be made with beskar, but after it went out for contract proposals, they went with the low cost bid which replaced the beskar with thin fiberglass. Typical government contracting SNAFU.


In my opinion there's perfect explanations for both. (Not for the supernatural ability to not hit targets with a blaster). In true fascist empire fashion, they started with a strong militia and foundation: the Republic clone troopers. Highly skilled, effective soldiers with good looking and somewhat functional armor (during clone wars it does seem to do something... sometimes... maybe). Over the course of the transformation of the Republic into the Empire, they switched quality for quantity, an established fact from the Canon. Add to that some corruption and disregard for human life, over 20 years, and you get plastic armor that looks bad. The same for the Death Star: the original blueprint was probably an engineering marvel, with better defenses, higher mobility, whatever, but budget cuts, embezzling of contractor funding, and a rushed timeline to deliver before the end of the fiscal year together with pleasing the Emperor, turned into obvious disregard of detail and corner cutting, and anyone that cared ether exiled/executed or too afraid. I can almost listen the C-level head of engineering (whose only credentials are likely an MBA from third tier school in the mid rim) saying "lol you'd need space magic to hit that tiny hole, NERD" when someone brought it up to him.


I mean when you have millions and millions of troops it gets pretty hard to make high quality armour for them all


Especially when they are disposable


Rogue One is still the best SW movie, hands down






Dude the engineers are probably doing it to help the good guys. also have you checked whether the bad guys pay their engineers enough ?


I always thought that the stormtrooper armour wasnt really armour but basically a uniform. The empire has such an endless supply of clone stormtroopers aswell as conscripts that they are expendable to the point of not even giving them proper armour


you can add to it so helmets are more to block their vision than help ;D you could imagine some infrared, sensors or other hi tech stuff (like tactical link) - no they use weapon flashlight (in mando i think), and so many other situations where basic sensort wuould cover area, but no rebels sneak 1m away from them


In Andor someone, not wearing a helmet, head-butts a storm trooper, wearing a helmet of course... The storm trooper goes down and the head-butt-er is totally fine. 🤷‍♂️


The Empire needs to steal the plans for the Rebels plot armor.


A stormtroopers armor is not to stop blaster fire. It's to stop debris and minor objects from injuring the trooper. This is mostly to keep the Stormtrooper from being distracted by the little things. Most armor is like this.


It makes them not shot each other.


Honestly my biggest issue with Star Wars as a whole, you're telling me the dudes in armor that can't even tank sticks have an iron-grip over an entire galaxy? Seriously you'd think Palpatine would've seen what good armor does for an army during the Clone Wars and tried to go for an in-between of effective and cheap but no. Dude is a total cheapskate when it comes to his actual military but will blow the entire empire's budget on an unnecessary moon sized gun that kills planets.


Just look at Russia. Second army of the world on paper but in reality all this money goes into corruption and people are send out with cardboard bulletproof vests and cardboard reactive armor on their tanks. The empires stormtrooper armor is probably cardboard es well, so Vader can have his finca on the Mediterranean