I feel like BNB is more focused than Lecturio videos. Lecturio videos are usually longer than BNB. So if you feel like you're completely lost on a topic Lecturio is better, if you just need reinforcement or a refresher on a topic, BNB is better. Lecturio's qbank is good though.


I'm looking for something to help me through nursing school/premed and then something to expose me to med school content before med school. Lecturio?


Oh then Lecturio for sure. They have it organized for MCAT prep, and other health professions as well. I don't know of any other service like that. Once you end up in med school I would swap over to BNB though. Good luck :)


I was really disappointed in lecturio. Much happier with BNB and OME


Lecturio is good for learn concepts effectively with short, concise, and easy-to-follow video lectures taught by teaching experts, and each subject is explained by specialist teachers, videos are followed by mcqs in order to test the knowledge you gained from each video. I would also recommend Dr. Najeeb for neuroanatomy and physiology. and Osmosis for a fast and illustrated review on each topic. Armando youtube channel is free of charge and he does a great explanation.


I enjoy it