Your dad says you're too emotional? And your mom tells him to leave you alone


You are absolutely right, especially when I was a child. He got mad when I played with Barbies with my friends and yelled at me to stop crying when I saw a dead butterfly. Mom is mostly supportive of me and understood how I felt.


you and your mother either get along really well or argue to no end


It depends on the day, but overall my mother and I get along very well. She taught me a lot about how to handle money, responsibility, and chores.


Not bad. You have a lovely mom and can get along with your father and sister. But don’t care about their advises too much, follow your own path and gut.


What’s your father like


Pretty rough at times, especially since he wasn’t the best at coping with stress. He also rarely did chores in the house and struggles with daily tasks. He is really into listening various podcasts and his research for his profession. He can be ambitious when it matters and would make random puns at times as well as being more playful when we had water gun fights as a kid. He also does favor my sister over me a lot since my sister shares his major and interest in research.




Ummm sure thing