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I've only jerked off to female masturbation porn for the last 6 years. Women are literally the most attractive thing in the world to me, all of their assets, personalities, bodies, etc... A female orgasm is something many men never got to witness irl, and definitely is something that turns me on so much. I love the feeling of masturbating while "accompanied" by another woman, and sometimes do it with some female "friends" of mine, even over sex... I absolutely love life like this.


Simply put. There is nothing hotter than watching a woman masturbate! I have to admit that as a male I prefer mutual masturbation with a female partner over sex!




only when its my wife and it's a show for me. Shes showing herself off and seeing her enjoy pure ecstasy with a toy, her hand, or even my cock as a play thing makes me happy and in turn makes me horny. Seeing her primal and vulnerable is beautiful.


*Edited* I cannot speak for others but masturbation had been a huge part of my sexuality since I accidentally discovered it one fateful day. And, while for years I felt guilt about it due to my conservative upbringing, it never ceased to bring me pleasure and relief. Additionally, I always found it in equal measure hot and interesting to find others, especially women, who derive as much pleasure from touching themselves. I love knowing all the nitty gritty details of one's masturbatory routines. Especially when provided with explicit and graphic description. Also, I think there's a simple fact few women would admit and share these sort of stuff with a guy. In general women do hide away their sexual side and only a privileged few get to know these kind of stuff, which makes it all the hotter. I especially find it interesting and hot when a women who shares my background has a hidden but no less deep sexual side.


I like mutual masturbation, I like it because I get to see what she only normally does in private , her face , so sexy


Boys believe, growing up, that girls have little or no interest in sex. Girls are encouraged to affirm this idea, as well. Sex is for making babies. It's not for fun. Even when girls admit that this is bullshit, that they like sex, it's sort of on the down-low. So when a girl masturbates, openly displaying that orgasms are important to her, it's exciting.


But that seems to rarely happen


Its like mutual masturbation but in a screen, and seeing the woman play with herself is so satisfying and beautiful to watch & Masturbate to it


Well as a bi man, everyone's orgasm is exciting, but, before i was in touch with my bi side, watching women I know are really cumming was the foundation of what i loved about porn. I love seeing women being treated respectfully, but also watching those pelvic floor muscles contracting and that moment when her asshole flairs out. A woman's orgasm is a beautiful thing.


Oh yeah the asshole flaring out and spasming is so hot!


Watching a female masterbating is such a huge turn on for me. I love to jack my dick while watching a female masterbate. I try to time my orgasm at the same time she's having hers. If I accomplish that, I have this intense euphoria as if I'm there. Nothing like watching a female rubbing her clit and bringing herself to orgasm. I prefer to watch homemade videos, don't care for the professional porn scene...


That's the sexiest thing a women can it shows she trust you to do it in front of you and it's most intimate thing I feel.


I love female masturbation not only is it incredibly hot but I always see and learn a new way to get my woman off or at least a new way to try 😋


Seeing a woman being really turned on and wanting sex turns me on more than anything else. I almost get no pleasure out of sex other then just release except when my wife is in the mood and actually wanting sex. If she's turned on, I'm instantly turned on. Nothing makes me more excited honestly. Whenever i reach down and touch her pussy, and its wet, it drives me wild. Then on top of that her enthusiasm that she shows makes me feel like I'm being sucked into her and totally consumed. Haven't experienced this in a long time and i miss it. Here lately It's only been quickies where she's not in the mood beforehand. Still we go about 20 minutes sometimes when we have time, but i want her to initiate and i want to drag it out for 45 minutes to an hour without rushing things. She hasn't initiated in a long time so i guess I'm just lucky she gives in when i initiate. But yes, i love female masterbation because i love to see that sexual hunger being displayed.


To me yes, it’s the ultimate turn on. It fascinates me endlessly. The sight of any woman masturbating is incredibly erotic to me and I love hearing stories of women’s solo sex lives. Why? I’ve never been able to explain that, maybe the fact it is meant to be a private act and was once a least a bit taboo, but it just appeals to me and turns me on above pretty much anything else.


For me it's easy to fantasize that they are doing it for me because they are turned on by me. A basic need to be desired. I also like to masturbate to an audience. It makes me feel good that someone is get off watching me get off. Again, the basic need to be desired.


Something about the rubbing motion is attractive to me, no idea why.


yeah it's hot af and nice to jerk off to (especially when they hump pillows)


Personally, I love to watch a woman masturbate because she knows her own body so well and is super turned on. I love the expression on her face and the moans


Watching videos of girls getting off with their wand vibrator is a guilty pleasure of mine


It can be for many reasons, but it absolutely doesn't have to. It's a very big part of what camgirls do in their shows and a lot of that is very static and super boring to me anyway. Although, some girls look and sound super hot as they contort their figure and moan a lot. IRL would be a different matter all together though.


Yes it is


I like seeing women gettig pleasured


I love it when my wife masturbates. It’s awesome when we are together or when she tells me afterwards when we are apart. It’s alway hot and sexy to me.


Its a bit of everything. Its the build up, its the wet noises her pussy makes, its the moans and groans, its the way her fingers/toy get faster and faster. Then theres the orgasm and all the noises and wetness that cum with it! Have you tried watching another girl masturbate?


Well, I'm a lesbian, not a guy, but I absolutely enjoy female masturbation too much not to comment. 1. Females are beautiful! 2. There's just something so sexy about a woman pleasing themselves. I love the pleasure aspect, I guess.






Yeah absolutely I love seeing female masturbate and enjoy them self


Your lucky to see that


For me it's not just the act of her masturbating but the facial expressions and sounds she makes when she's doing it. I had an ex that when she was horny and I was busy watching TV or playing a video game she would sit on the opposite side of the couch with her knees up facing me and start slowly touching herself until I noticed. She knew it turned me on so much that I wouldn't be able to resist. The sex was always great with her


I think I prefer because part of me just imagines that it’s someone sending it to me so it’s like a thing between me and them (like if I was with someone not just anyone online you know) plus it’s quite an intimate thing and on top of that I quite like some of the facial expressions they make and how their body moves while they do it


Yes! It is one of my favorite things to watch


Love seeing someone pleasure them self, including females. And female sexual joy is so different from what men want.


I like when my gf masturbates for me before we have sex. Something about seeing her so hot and horny makes me rock hard. She also does it when I am driving over, but she doesn't cum until I get there. This is the hottest thing ever.


I love it, almost to the point of it being a kink


Because I am a cishet male and the female form in states of erotic ecstasy is my primary focus of sexual arousal. It's kind of like asking why sugar is sweet.


If it's real masturbation and I don't feel it's fake. I just like that females get off, too.


Female and male masturbation is horny


No it's not.


I've been wondering exactly the same thing the other way around? Does women truly get off when men does it? If so, why? What makes it such a turn on? Feel free to respond in dms if you're unable to explain it here for any reason, and if you're not sure of the answer, then that's totally fine as well. 🙂


Especially when they have their hand down the front of their pantyhose.


It is inbuilt for us to enjoy the sounds and bodies. Our taboo on nudity makes it more overt in some countries. Many European countries at far less concerned with nudity and I’m not sure if that skews the stats


Watching a woman experience pleasure and tracking down desires/fantasies while doing it all to herself! Any time!


totally 🔥🔥


Yupp it's a turn on


I am an avid masturbator and enjoy being watched. Mutual masturbation with your partner can be incredibly erotic. Seeing a woman getting herself off, learning what sends her into orbit is incredible; both erotic and educational so I can please her in the way she likes.


Very much so. I find women sexually attractive, and watching them getting off often makes my dick rock hard. Simple as that


Because masturbation is much more honest and focused on that what the girl is feeling.


100% 👍


I love watching females who masturbate. I get turned on so fast and so hard. Watching there expressions and the sounds. Omfg. Getting turned on now just thinking about it.


Yes and I'll tell you why it is to me, because after all its dependent on the individual why some things are attractive or not. Really for me it's that I adore women and I want to see women in the depths of sexual pleasure, same with pleasing a partner. Watching women masturbate is the window into seeing exactly what kind of pleasure does the most for her. No one knows you like yourself after all. Honestly the aforementioned desire to see women in pleasure is why I detest so much of the mainstream phonography, most of it is about male power fantasy and too much of it is just abusive, alot of it is of course also fake as hell.