The name "zoophile safe place" with only 2 members talking and only like 50 messages


totally not set up 10 miutes ago after watching "how to create and delete discord channels as an admin | 2022 | easy" and copying the code 1:1


A "hacker" can't use a screen recorder and using Windows 11.


Didnt even put all the taskbar back to the left The lore isnt good


Imagine not having a taskbar in the left *looks at my PC with Plasma*


Wait, so I'm not the only one who puts my taskbar on the left?


Back in the day when I was young and used to work for IT desk the whole 150 ppl squad was placing the taskbar to the left. So at a minimum there is 151 person that used to do this


One for every original pokemon.


Go get em 30yr old recently divorced Cindy with alcohol addiction!


Moving the taskbar is actually not a feature in Windows 11.. There are registry keys you can edit to move it, but it causes all sorts of taskbar icon issues and is not worth it


It is a feature Personalization>taskbar> taskbar behaviour> taskbar alignment> center/left


oooooooh when you said put the taskbar to the left I assumed you meant moving the taskbar to the left side of the screen and not just un-centering the icons on the taskbar. My bad!


Its all good


Guarantees that I will never upgrade to W11. Glad I just found this out. I have been putting mine on the right side of the screen since the first time I ever laid hands on a computer.


A screen recorder wouldn’t make it as easy for them to justify not showing the member’s list, which was probably less than 5 people.


Their last video they accidentally did exactly this -- they were the original creator of the server and only one person had joined - which they were in the middle of a call with.


At this point we're already happy that he didn't hand the cellphone recording it to an epileptic chimp. Yes, our expectations get lower by the minute.


But master hackers have to record with a cell phone, shake the camera and randomly zoom in on parts of the screen. That is basically every master hacker video in existence.




a hacker can use whatever the fuck OS he wants lol your comment has a r/masterhacker vibe to it


Not true, hax0rs use kali GNU/Linux!!


Backtrack GNU/Linux*


Yes, but using the worst of them tells a lot of how great he is.


that's just not true


Sure, but if someone chooses windows it ain’t gonna be win11


What's so bad about 11? I haven't upgraded yet, waiting until I get a new M.2 in my laptop so I can just wipe it all and do a clean install


this video has been posted like a hundered times with different captions here.


It is all different angles also


Different colored text too


To nuke a discord server you must disconnect the central TCP bus and shut down the analog MAC spyware, then navigate the unicode but programming the network won't do anything so you need to override the optical SMTP system, allowing you to activate the nukebot. **Note: in the near future I may need to be summoned by typing u/masterhacker_bot** --- ^^I am a bot created by [u/circuit10](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ) and this action was performed automatically. AI is involved so please DM circuit10 if it produces anything offensive and I will delete it. Jargon from [http://shinytoylabs.com/jargon/](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ).


Instructions unclear: Disturbing amount of white smoke is now exiting the computer.


That’s normal. A new pope was elected.


Good bot.


Instructions unclear, my pc is now emitting a scary amount of white smoke


To nuke a discord server you probably want to find out where they are and then go to a military base, steal a nuclear warhead and a bomber, fly out to Chicago where they are located, drop the bomb. But i wouldn't recommend doing that.


0/10 not enough camera shaking


Oh this again, I swear this is like the third video where he nukes "zoophile" servers


If true then they are definitely projecting


Currently has over 300k likes


Nobody claimed TikTok users are in any way intelligent.


i feel like ppl aren’t giving him enough credit. like yeah the whole thing is bullshit and made up, but i *think* he actually might have coded a bit to do this (hence the bot command at beginning). or he used someone else’s bot who knows


I know this is fake, But you’d have to do some fucked up shit to get admin on a server like that


Like creating the server and pretending that its totally someone elses


That’s why I said I know this is fake


Like tricking someone into handing it to you?


I’m saying that he’d have to convince them that he’s such a zoophile that he deserves admin. He’d have to contribute to the community, Like posting stuff, And would probably have to be one of the most active members. People who do fucked up shit like that don’t just hand admin to anyone, They have to trust you, So he did some shit to get them to trust him


Or, just maybe, someone created a server, not having the foggiest clue what they're doing, and just handed it to him. "Discord server admin" is a bit like "Apple bar genius". The words are there, but they don't exactly carry the level of expertise that would under normal circumstances be associated with them.


Possible, But I think someone doing illegal shit, Or shit that’s this disgusting, Would at least want proof that you’re one of them before they give you admin. To find a real server like that you’d probably have to look for that content itself anyway, It’s not like they can advertise it in normal places


You'd think so, but like I said, becoming a "Discord server admin" doesn't even require 2 working brain cells.


Good one 😂 Either way though we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one man


Or maybe. hack.


Not really a hack when you are given admin access, but good work.


I’ve seen enough of this guy on here at this point that I’m pretty convinced he is projecting his zoophilia addiction.


Someone has been playing too much bit burner on steam. connect n00dles run nuke.exe


And how do you do that?


1. create server 2. fill it with fake stuff 3. look for a tutorial on how to rename/create/delete channels as admin 4. pretend that its someone elses server 5. profit?


lmao they're using repl.it


This person is so cool


This is fake. I've seen the very same video with different text. And on that post another person said they seen the same video with yet another text. So basically someone makes this for Internet points on tiktok.


The tiktoker legit just copied someone's video.


yea but was that ghostemane?


Every video this guy makes is fake. In the last one I saw, it was a server they'd created themselves, invited one friend to, was in a call with such friend, and authorized a bot to the server which did the "nuking". All that info was right on there in the video. Seems they're more careful in this one not to show all that right in the video.




Server totally wasn't made with alt accounts and friends with disguises, it totally is a real server you could only find on the dark web and not disboard or else where


Even if this WAS real, the only way to do this would be to build up a s*** ton of trust with the so-called admins.