great news, this is super helpful!


How? He does this help you? Asking as a switch player with access to any mods at all. Seems like just a list of what's left in your deck?


This is what Hearthstone's deck tracker started as, then it turned into an unambiguous, weekly metagame report that actually represents the ladder. This is a great step towards that for Master Duel.


people don't realize it yet but untapped delving into master duel is the best thing that happened to the game since launch, period we're actually going to get real tier lists


being able to know at a glance what cards are remaining in the deck is one less thing to have to hold in your mind. it matters especially for decks that search a lot, or when you activate desires, or stuff like that. its nothing you cant already know, its just that not having to remember it constantly leaves you more room in your brain to remember all the details of complicated game states, and not like forget about the branded opening in the enemy's graveyard or whatever


I mean yeah, but a list is whats left in your deck is extremly helpful. In an online game like master duel frequently switching and altering decks on a daily basis is pretty normal. You cant expect a person to know the exact content of the 20+ decks they own. You wont need it every game but often enough Corner cases like Crossout Target, pot of desire, checking potential search targets will come up. It doesnt give you information you don't already have but it is helpful.


Tell that to Grass players. They are the happiest to have this tracker.


I remeber saying that master duel should have this feature and got downvoted for it with comments saying that you are not allowed to check your deck content in the normal game too and bs like that. People need to think for two seconds why It's not allowed in an irl game and why It's a good feature online. Instead of blindly saying, it's forbidden irl it should be forbidden online as the entire reasoning.


To the people who are saying this is cheating, this type of software is very standard for most online card games. I remember deck trackers being widespread back when I played Gwent.


wait, this is just cheating. Please don't use this


Technically it only tells you information that you can already know by seeing what is in your hand for example. It’s probably gonna break the moment you play pot to banish 10


it doesn't


you can look at it that way, but it only shows you information you technically already know. every other online card game already has something like it, and im pretty sure in some of them like hearthstone it's explicitly legal to use them in tournaments and stuff if you want


this is the most braindead take ive ever seen all this does is just track stuff you could do with pen and paper


I really can't say if you are serious or Not. In which way would this be cheating.


youre not allowed to look at your deck in yugioh midmatch. not that i care but its specifically a rule


Yes a rule that makes sense and is fine in an irl duel, but any reason for it's existance is nullified in an online duel. It's forbidden because it's forbidden is not an actual Argument. I want an actual reason why this shouldnt be a thing in master duel.


I'm 100% agreeing with "you can't look at your deck midmatch" but that rule is put in place due to card order, not counting. If you can do it with pen & paper, it's not cheating. What's different from having a spreadsheet next to you and checking every card that is out of your deck? Or just purely knowing your deck entirely by memory and knowing exactly what cards are left?


I'm gonna use it :)


Its not cheating, it's basically like if you took a picture of your decklist and taped it to your screen. Not like its telling you what ya gonna draw next lol


I feel like this is cheating, but the game already holds your hand on when to activate your cards, so IDK.


I hope MDM makes one so you lose market share lol


untapped is literally buying out mdm


Ayo? Where'd you hear that?




Lol they aren’t, liar.


check out this comment in a few months


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