Good ol' post-Mass Effect depression. Usually lasts around a week, personally. Enjoy!


It usually lasts only a week because that’s how long before you play the series again


I take year long breaks between playing again. Allows me to forget some stuff and also makes me more likely to try out a new build/new choices


Unfortunately, I am on vacation rn, started like 8 days after I finished my first playthrough, so I could not start again. The pain does not go away :( But I am planning. I am planning. And mourning.


Yes. The depression is real. Especially if you're like me and use video games as distraction for bad thoughts and negative emotions. Losing yourself in a video game for a couple weeks is a handy tool. But a game like Mass Effect has characters basically designed around attachment theory. I'm not sure if it's cruel design by the developers to hook you in, and thus take your money long-term. Or if the writers are just *that* talented at fashioning realistic relationships. I am *always* devastated by the ending of ME3, and not for the usual reason. I am devastated because I have come to the end of my journey with Shepherd. There's no more adventures to be had. No more sexy and romantic scenes with Tali. No more shooting the shit with Garrus. No more Gabby, and no more Ken. No more Mordin, and no more fun. I feel like I've lost all of my friends again, but in a game this time. It is unbearable. The only other media that gets to me like this is a film called The Plague Dogs. In short. That film is about a pair of innocent victims who are relentlessly tortured, but find friendship and eventually find a kind of peace. I see some similarities with Mass Effect in that regard.


I’m going on a decade


Yup. Just finished about a week or so ago. It was only last night when i was willing to actively and happily playna different game with my friends.


Have you seen the [ME4 Teaser Trailer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg-Ctg6k_Ao) yet? If you haven't, watch it. There's hidden hints.


I’d forgotten about it till the legendary edition got released this year. What an experience honestly


Welcome to the club ♥️♥️👍👍


One of us one of us one of us.


Play again. It's like visiting an old friend


Just like old times


Totally natural. I had to lie down after each game the first time. It gets easier, but only a little. Welcome, Commander.


The first playthrough will always be special. Multiple playthroughs are always an option. You can try an opposite gender shep, both VA do a phenomenal job, try a different class and different LI, go more paragon/renegade, etc. It's definitely a special game and there are no others like it.


God I’d give anything to experience this game for the first time again


that’s what i’ve been doing, i’ve done multiple playthroughs since i first discovered Mass Effect but i recently played through as femshep for the first time and it’s like a totally different (but still familiar) experience


Kotor begs to differ lol


I would say there is one that is close to being like itOuter Worlds pulled me in the same way ME did. But it doesn't have the same replay value that ME does, that's for sure


You're right. Mass Effect isn't a game. It's an ***experience!*** It's like watching the complete series of one of your favorite shows (for me it was *Burn Notice*) and when it came to an end it was bittersweet and I had to find another journey to enjoy. (I watched *Castle* then learned about Nathan Fillion \[who was Buck...imagine that\] which led me to *Firefly* and *Serenity.*) Damn, all those journeys are simply amazing too! Welcome to the family!


Fillion is also pretty good in The Rookie.


For someone coming from *Castle* is *The Rookie* on par with it? Or should I not have any expectations (which is hard) going in to the show?


The Rookie is a beat-cop show, compared to Castle's detective. The Rookie has a decent amount of humour and lightheartedness mixed in with serious "life" stuff. Most of the characters are likeable, and the show does well to touch on current affairs in a (mostly) reasonable manner, far better than some of the other shows like 911 though. It took a season and a bit for Nolan, (Fillion's character) to flesh out, back story wise, but there may still be more to unpack there too, so that's good, but now the show focuses on the back stories of everyone else too.


Gaming hangovers is how you know the series was done right.


I fell in love with each and every memorable character my first playthrough (which started this year and ended a month ago). I cried throughout the whole thing essentially. And when it ended, I felt like a part of me was gone. Nothing beats the first playthrough magic where you’re deeply invested


No matter how many times I replay it the cliffhanger from ME2 showing the reapers gather in dark space gets me hyped something fierce granted originally the wait in between 2&3 was awful ha!


Its never over. That's it's secret


I waited 2 days before I started a second playthrough, let me tell you, its a different experience coming back


Yeah, that's normal, painful, wonderful, and normal.


Post mass effect depression. It’s the sign of being a lover of Mass Effect


I played it for the first time in February. I have been able to go two weeks without replaying it. I've now played it 7 or 8 times, I've lost count.


24 play throughs and it doesn’t get any easier. Welcome.


I felt a gaping hole in my life when I finished. No other games or movies seemed to be able to help fill it. It lasted for a little while but now there are so many poignant memories left. I want to replay it over and try a very different approach. Congratulations BioWare... I don't think I know of any other game that affects it's players quite this way.


I just played the legendary edition this month, the only other game that got me this immersed was red dead redemption 2. It took me a whole month of every free moment I had.


I finished my first play through in April and I’m still mourning it. Trying to play other games while finding my solace in fanfiction and watching streamers play but the second play through is calling my name.


I felt the exact same way. It's been a year and I still think about it all the time


I find it helps to keep track of some key saves to go back and play through snippets that you loved all over again. It gradually weans the post-game depression away for me :p


I definitely wrote down all the really good save game ## to replay.


Remember them in your heart, and the story of the great Shepard who led them!


... and wait for the sequel for the next installment of Shepard. That too :)


Finishing up my 8th play through. Lots of different jobs, paths and difficulties to take. About once a year I do a play through.


God, I feel this so much. I’m currently going through an “everyone dies” playthrough. I just got to mass effect 2 and picked up Garrus…I don’t know if I can do this…if you ever make/find that support group, please send me an invitation lol.


Just play again. I'm currently doing my 17th run.


Don't worry we all went through that! Weirdly enough the one I was most attached to was none other than my own femshep. She was so pretty and kind (paragon) I kinda got hit by the angst with the ending, knowing that her story is over. Then I started anew :)


Don’t get me wrong: the 1st playthrough will always be special but I like subsequent runs even more. Why? because depending on your choices, you can tell the same story but with different steps, different twists and different outcomes. Each journey has an unique flavor and since you’re the one calling the shots, it’s like directing your own adventure. Each. Time. So on your next run, don’t be afraid to experiment, to try new things, to make the opposite choice. You may regret the new outcome but it’s a new cutscene to see, a new dialogue to hear. And there’s always the next run to do it differently. 😉 I’ve been playing these games for 6 years and I still discover new things. It’s amazing 🤩 Oh and welcome to the ME family, Commander. You’re in for a long time. 😁


First time round, you're being told a story. After that, you're the one writing the story.


Exactly. I love it. 😍 For instance, I already know what I want for my next run. I want to kill the maximum of squad mates but, here’s the twist: my Shepard has still to be a sensible Commander and to make smart decisions. For example, it’s easy to kill Kasumi, Jack and Thane if you don’t install the Normandy upgrades but IMO, a sensible Commander would never go on a suicide mission without those so I, the player, have to find ways to kill most of them, using other means. It is The Suicide Mission after all, most won’t make it. Dun dun dun. 😈 - Wrex in ME1 is easy. I won’t talk to him much, we won’t be friends so my Shepard will simply put a merc down who jeopardizes the mission. - In ME2, I’m thinking my Commander won’t have time to do all the recruit and/or the loyalty missions: I think I’ll go get Legion earlier than usual and see what happens. Or maybe, I’ll fail loyalty missions (Thane’s, Samara’s, Zaeed’s, Tali’s). Or maybe I’ll give Grunt to Cerberus, maybe I won’t activate Legion 🤔 - In ME3, the game wants you to play Paragon so bad… I’ll play Renegade most of the time, that should take care of things 😏 This is why I love ME, so many possibilities… oh, and if you’ve got tips or ideas for my special run, I’m all hears 😁


This, 100%. I've been playing the games for my wife to watch (she was curious as its my favorite game and she doesn't do shooters), she's been nagging me to finish the third game but I'm stalling for this very reason. I'm not ready to end it all again. At least she's as obsessed as I am now lol


After every game, regardless of what happened, I mourned not getting to spend a chunk of my day with such compelling characters & thoughtfulness put into even the most soap-operatic situations in-game.


Do another playthrough and just pick different options or classes! Feels a little new to me when I do that


I’ll say that as someone who’s been playing the trilogy for almost 10 years, every single playthrough feels like I’m playing it for the first time again. The gameplay itself is just so much fun, and experiencing the conversations with your crew mates again just makes you enthralled every time I usually *hate* replaying games and rewatching movies, but Mass Effect is special to me.


Agree with all that is said here. I also sometimes envy those that got to play it the first time as a whole trilogy. Playing them as they came out was amazing but being able to do it all at once with everything fresh for the first time must be even more amazing.


This is 100% the correct response. I don't understand how people could enjoy games without fully immersing themselves in it.


Post-book depression (Or in this case post-game depression) Hits hard here. When it hits you know you just finished an amazing journey but at the same time, you feel empty like something is missing and nothing you try fills that hole exactly the same way.


I'd do anything to be able to experience the trilogy, fresh, from start to finish for the very first time.


At least you/we get the next best thing: Mass Effect 4 in a few years. It'll probably even have Shepard as the protagonist. ... just gotta wait. Keep healthy. All that.


Hope its not Shepherd. That story has been told.


That's a matter of opinion, I think there's lots more story they could tell. Besides, I think they'll side-step the endings, and we'll see a new timeline, as [I discuss in my Theory.](https://old.reddit.com/r/masseffect/comments/ulx4r8/mass_effect_4_a_theory/)


I had the same feel. I played a FemShep playthrough and then immediately went to work on a BroShep playthrough


I had the same feeling when I first finished it. I bought Legendary Edition yesterday and I cant wait to experience that feeling again


I care more about the characters in Mass Effect than some people I know in real life


It’s my favorite for a reason ❤️ I’ve replayed it every year since the third one was released and actually just got an ME tattoo to celebrate my “10th anniversary” lol


Yep, I've played it through 8 or 9 times now and it still gets me every time. Unfortunately I have been going through a severe depressive episode recently and I had to shelve finishing 3 again for now as I knew I wouldn't be able to cope with it at the moment 😢


Reality is subjective, within the limited context of tje game's universe, it is real, and good news, you're likely to see brain digitalisation become a thing during your life, and when that happens, we'll all be able to live forever as gods in the subjective reality of our own mind, like an everlasting perfectly vivid lucid dream where control is achievzd consciously instead of via expectations.


I’ll never forget my first play thru, I know for a fact I had to choose between Legion and Tali.. and I was in my 20’s, I just put the controller down. I went and washed the dishes. I hoovered the house. Washed and folded some clothes. I just couldn’t do it. And in the end.. I had to say goodbye to Tali.


I feel you man. This series Is just beautiful. Nothing else has gotten close in terms of writing and world building.


That's the Mass Effect experience for you. Incredible games even if the ending isn't the best.


Dammit , I finished it last weekend, I thought I was alone… those fucking endings. Not saying they where bad, it’s just so fucking tragic


Of all the series I’ve played over the years, mass effect is by far my favorite story telling game of all time. I’ll admit the gameplay was basic as hell but the story they put behind the gameplay was something special.


My husband always tells me not to romance Thane, cuz I'll just end up crying. Lmaoo. Have you played Andromeda yet? It's free on Xbox Game Pass at the moment, and while flawed, is still a pretty neat game. You just won't see any of the old gang though.


me: “phew. i’ve gotta take a break before playing through this again.” my brain: “and you’ve gotta be kidding me!”


Also watch blind playthroughs! It's the only way to get close to the same emotions you had during your first playthrough. There are tons out there


I felt the same way after my first playthrough, but I've played through it so many times since then and have uncovered so much more content that I legitimately can't remember much about my very first time. Which in a way is nice, because that means it's all equally special.


I finished my 3rd playthrough 2 weeks ago and I'm still weirdly depressed about it. We had a hell of a good ride, Shepard.


Only cure for post mass effect depression is another playthrough! Welcome! ❤️


Glad to see that this wasn’t just me


And thats how you can spot good storytelling!


1. This *is* that support group. Congrats, you found it :) 2. I agree. "Interactive Fiction"? Not sure. It does aptly demonstrate that allowing the protagonist of a novel to be actively played by the "reader" means that one feels like they've lived that novel.. and in a sense, they have! Have you seen the [ME4 Teaser Trailer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg-Ctg6k_Ao) yet?


I finished the trilogy last month and i felt the same. It was hard for me to sleep that night since i just kept replaying the amazing experience i had in my head and I was also saddened by the fact that I could never experience it like it was the first time. I miss my shepard but im giving myself some time before another playthrough. Man, i didnt know Mass Effect would hit this hard.


Man I love you guys 🥹


Yup, been there Still there 10 years later😪


Welcome to the club! Reminded me of my first trilogy playtrough back in a day, and a struggle to find anything even remotely similar to ME


I remember doing that the first time with the xbox360. I remember getting my first RROD at the start of ME2. When I got my replacement 360 from warranty, I was unable to restore my character to the device from the external hs. I ended up downloading a ton of pc utilities to rebuild my character file and transfer my save game to my new console. The ability to have my same character and all his choices with me throughout the game had me hooked. I still remember finding Liara and falling for her the first time through. I remember how it felt discovering the secret of Sovereign, ME2's intro, and the the Citadel DLC. When ME3's original travesty of an ending came out I felt personally slighted considering how much time and dedication I did to all 3 games. The ME trilogy may have been a lightning in the bottle moment. Here's hoping that Starfield recaptures some of that for us fans.


Ah magical rrod, mine sadly was out of warranty already when it hit me, managed to fix it, and it lived until gtav cooked it completly. Regarding trilogy, yes it have its issues and quirks, wasn't fan of the ending in ME3 too, but still, for me it's still one of favourite franchise. As for Starfield, let's hope that Beth do it right


Yeah I had bought one of those Best buy extended warranties where you can immediately get another off the shelf if something goes wrong (LIE!!!) After I did the research I found that it would offer reimbursement by a BestBuy gift card after the repair. But thankfully by purchasing it, it gave me an extra year and that is what allowed me to send it in to M$. I thought MS ended up eating the cost of fixing all of the RRODs at their own expense eventually.


Yeah, MS definetly took a bit hit on them, I literary know nobody who had early batch of 360 and didn't have rrod. I think I remember they fixed it on later iterations around 2008, but still it was a such design fail


You're gonna carry that weight.


Welcome, Commander. I just finished my first playthrough ever this April. Currently working through my second. I am so in love with this series I have started a Mass Effect tattoo - maybe I’ll share when it’s finished!


Welcome!!! Replaying immediately is the way!


Just don’t play andromeda and expect the same. Consider it a dlc to ME universe lol


"me no cry because cookie is gone, me happy because cookie happened" - cookie monster


There’s a reason we all replay the trilogy over and over again. Honestly might pick it up again shortly! Welcome.


One of us! One of us! One of us!


Welcome to the club


ME4 is coming in 2038. Hold tight!


It’s fantastic RPG story telling and there are only a few games on that level.


I feel you. I finished my first playthrough almost two weeks ago and the first few days were really hard. I still think about it all the time and I feel that there's a hole that I can't fill for now. I'm not ready to replay it yet, I'm not ready for other games either.


I’m a day or two away from finishing ME3 for the first time. Definitely not excited for the post ME depression. I’m thinking maybe i’ll look into fan fiction to wean myself off lol


I cried durring Mass Effect 3. During ALL emotional moments. You're not alone.


The first time you're done with all of Mass Effect you get that out of body experience. I remember that shellshocking feeling. I had to go on a school trip to spain the following day not expecting it to hit so hard and I just felt like I was walking around in a haze.


Thing is, it happens to me and I'm sure others each time we replay it too.


I finished the game the first time right before I had to leave the airport for a 2 week trip to Europe. I was so mentally messed up driving to the airport and going through the mundane task of flying. Now I play through again and semi feel it. But it's not the same.


Jus finished my rerun of ME3 after years of break. It’s still hard and full of emotions at the end of the journey and it kills me every time I have to say goodbye to this fantastic universe and characters :( I’ll have at least a few weeks of ME obsession and rabbit hole videos to watch, and then the post game depression. Welcome to the club !!!


don't worry my guy ME4 is coming soon


Nothing left to do now except play the whole trilogy again to stave off the depression!


I too recent finished my first playthrough of ME and I was so devastated I didn't play another game for 2 weeks. It's sad that these games came out in 2007, 2010, and 2012 and there has yet to be a game trilogy that captures that same magic.


Part of the journey is the end.


just completed it- what will i do with myself now?


Well, I like to think that this sub and my facebook groups *are* support groups where I can talk about this unique experience that is ME. 🤩 Sure, I don’t agree with everybody or all the opinions I read. And sometimes, the debates can get heated or even worse but I try to avoid the toxicity. There are many players, gamers… Commanders who are super chill and with whom it’s super cool to exchange theories, ideas and opinions. So like I said in another comment, welcome to the ME family. We’re one of us now. 😁


I felt that. When me3 came out I ended up buying the other 2. Played through it all. Felt the most weird felling of mourning lol. Same with red dead redemption 2.


I feel this so deeply! I just finished my second play through last night. This was my first time playing the DLCs. My first play through i was femshep and i romanced Kaiden. This time i was femshep but romanced Liara. I know Liara’s romance is controversial but I absolutely loved every second of it. Even though my first play through was special, i rushed through it to find out what happened. This play through i took my time and experienced every aspect of the game. The end game scenes with Liara literally ripped my soul from my body. I’m still mourning it. It feels like I have a huge hole in my heart. But I did pick the destroy ending and got the best case scenario ending. I like to think my femshep did survive the war and her and Liara got the life they talked about and have cute little blue babies :) Edit: I’m just glad to find out I am not the only one to feel this way about the trilogy. These games make me feel emotions no other game, book, movie, story, etc ever has been able to make me feel. And while it makes me sad that my current journey has ended, I know i can restart a new game and they are all still waiting for me.


As someone who also played the trilogy for the first time recently I felt the same! It quickly became one of my favorites and I couldn’t wait to start again but nothing beats that first playthrough


to quote a [song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htvojAtHN8U) >I can't contain the pain I feel > >But if it doesn't hurt it isn't real ​ mass effect is one of the few worlds that ive seen that feels like it would keep moving if i looked away. the clocks would keep ticking, the fish swimming, and all those beautiful souls would keep doing their best. ​ i think that in the long run it damaged us because i didnt and still dont think ill ever be the same after all that, the bar has been raised and i doubt most can compete. mass effect 1-3 is one of the only games that made my soul hurt, though metro series did a good job aswell. ​ i think thats the real reason andromeda hurt a lot of us as much as it did. an old friend came to visit, but only [their face](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CanOnlyMoveTheEyes) checked into the hotel. it looked just like what we knew and loved so much, but lacking all the heart. ​ (but i will admit the [jank](https://youtu.be/7KWkao73HuU) is pretty funny to see when you arent the one playing) ​ ...i should reinstall ME1.


Just gotta keep looking forward to Mass Effect 4. And watch [the ME4 Teaser Trailer](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg-Ctg6k_Ao) one more time... or a dozen more times. :)