You guys differentiate your playthroughs???


A lot of the time, yeah. I have my main Shep that I consider to be “the one true Shepard”… I figure we all do… but I want to see as much of the content as possible. I also want to get it all in context with a Shepard of my design instead of experiencing it through a patchwork of YouTube videos.


I always go in with a mindset I'm going to do something different this playthrough but then I end up being the good guy who romances Tali. Every. Damn. Time.


Gotta experience that sweet sweet content. \[romances the same person for the N-th time\]


Can't tell ya the number of times I've completed these games. And I still haven't touched engineer or vanguard. I've started sentinel renegade twice now, but just cant bring myself to say the renegade things and thats in ME1, let alone the shit ME3 renegade shep pulls! I sometimes struggle to not bring the same damn crew members on every mission. So my baby steps plan atm is to play engineer and choose a range of crew members. I've read a little in the comments, I do enjoy the idea of RP'ing the class changes.


I've romanced every character (minus Kelly, Diana Allers, and Steve Cortez), I've tried every character class. ​ I always go mostly Paragon, but sometimes I'll choose Renegade options in random conversations just to see how it differs. Sometimes, you get a funny line you didn't expect.


I like to do a hard add Shep in ME1 and have them slowly open up throughout the game. Then they harden after the Virmire Survivor encounter only to open up again. I also do this thing where I play as one of the weaker biotic classes in ME1 then do pure biotic in the last two (arguing Cerberus did a massive boost when resurrecting Shep)


That's a good idea, RP a Shepard that either gains or loses powers due to the body's reconstruction: * ME1 Sentinel loses their biotic power and becomes an ME2 Engineer. Maybe regains them in ME3 (or maybe not). * ME1 Soldier becomes a Vanguard due to Cerberus meddling in ME2. * ME1 Infiltrator/Engineer to ME2 Sentinel. etc.


Yep! It’s how I keep things fresh and interesting while not destroying immersion with a class change.


I mix it up with class and background information. I use that to help flesh out a personality for each Shepard and then I have sort of a roadmap for decision making. I go with what it seems that Shepard would be most likely to do. I might try to set something up that inspires a more Renegade outlook, or I need a male Shepard where Kaidan is the VS so they can get together later, or something like that… but I try not to have too many preconceived notions about how it will go. I try to let it all unfold naturally.


The only two different runs I've done was the insanity run (where I still made all the same decisions), and the broshep run to romance Tali. Otherwise it's paragon shakarian all the way. Besides changing classes for each run of course


I always go a little more renegade in the third game because there are so many moments where paragon shep comes off as a total pussy. Granted, you have to go paragon at times to avoid committing war crimes.


I mainly take time between playthroughs, unless I'm doing drastically different styles. I don't switch much between the playthroughs with a lot of time between them (consistently Paragon-heavy Kaidanmancing Sentinel), but if I play a few times in a short period I'll do a different class or go pure renegade, or in my ongoing saga of "noooo I feel so bad," pure renegade and letting as many characters die as possible. It's going to be so immersion-breaking when that Shepard starts getting cutscenes in ME3.


I am taking a break right now to be honest. I'd like to try another run just to romance Tali and maybe make it a "descent into insanity" Shepard. But I've done all classes on Insanity, RPed mostly Paragon and Redemption arc Shepards and a Disaster one. I am thinking of coming up with some gameplay restrictions to keep it interesting.


The "never talk to any companions" playthrough. As close to zero interaction with the characters as possible, just a space person doing their job with whoever'll join their crew. Shepard isn't there to make friends, they're there to save the galaxy. Alternatively, the "overly attached boyfriend/girlfriend" playthrough, avoid talking to anyone except the love interest. Just full on obsession with the poor LI. Watching them from around bulkheads like O\_O.


I won't be doing this to myself and nobody truly should, but get this: * An "overly attached girlfriend" femShep who romances Jacob, and becomes a "descent into insanity" Renegade after he cheats on her in ME3. * She picks the refuse ending. If she can't have him, no one can. * Blonde and looking like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. I just scared myself a little.


"The Normandy is your true love, Shepard." Shepard, clenching her fist around her weapon. "I'll show you true love."


Now I'm definitely scared. But I suppose it's Jacob that should be scared more.


I typically spice things up every playthrough by playing paragon, romancing Tali and picking Destroy.


I like to play as Dick Shepard every now and then. Dick Shepard carefully games the system to make the most heartbreaking decisions where everyone dies in the worst possible way. Eg Wrex survives ME1 so that you can shoot Mordin in the back when you sabotage the genophage cure, then shoot Wrex on the citadel when he figures it out. Tali survives the suicide mission so she can throw herself off a cliff on Rannoch. Shoot the Virmire survivor on the citadel (make sure it’s Ash because she curses you out as she’s dying). Let Samara survive the suicide mission so that she can shoot herself in ME3 and then shoot her daughter anyway. It takes a lot of careful planning to make so many psycho decisions. Oh, and low EMS Control as an ending. Dick Shepard is now a god.


This is truly impressive!!


Romance interest and character class. That's it. >!Pure Paragon is lame.!<


Play the same way every time. Even when playing 2 or 3 play throughs back to back


I have done 1 round of ME3 in 2011 right down the middle. It peaked my interest and always stood out. I picked it up again when I caught Covid starting at ME2. Really took my time. Went thru fully my last time and tried to make my shep resemble me a little. As close to full paragon as I could, and was the same biotic as Kaiden, forget the exact name. Before I paused all video games I started again at ME1 and made a shep that REALLY resembled me. Paragon as well, engineer this time. When I unpause from playing I’ll pick up and finish. I’ve tried to start going renegade, and I can’t commit. My shep is an extension of myself and I just can’t play the full asshole. Maybe I’ll finish all 3 medium, but I know you can’t convince TIM at the end of 3 that way… we’ll see. But hey, that unreal 5 is gonna bring the next one to LIFE! STOKED