Was playing Andromeda, just about shit myself when I saw what looked like a reaper coming down from the sky!!!

Was playing Andromeda, just about shit myself when I saw what looked like a reaper coming down from the sky!!!

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ah good old days of shadows giving ptsd. like skyrims dragon shadow. "Oh good it was just a bird...haha a bird..."


It’s honestly kind of interesting that, even though the dragon tell includes both a shadow and a whooshing sound, just one of the inputs is enough to set off alarm bells.


One of our oldest instincts is to look up when a shadow passes overhead, for good reason.


There's that Skyrim video clip of that streamer that turns around in real life when he sees a shadow pass him in game. Now that's immersion lol.




Dirigibles, long have they plagued mankind


Ah the good ol' lizard brain kicking in. I used to work pretty close to an airport and when the sun was in the right place, the planes landing would cast shadow over the entire office and I freaked out a bit every time.


Giant mosquitoes.


One of the jump scares in Skyrim was a bug. During a minor side quest, In one of the caves, where you are hunting the witches, after you kill a witch, the witch's body doesn't drop. Instead it would be in standard T-Pose animation due to the glitch. It looks fucking scary.


Ahhh was this the quest where you hunt down and kill the witches for the companions?? Ahhh what a good mission, I never knew this happened though


When I first played Skyrim back in 2011, I got more traumatized by the frost troll than the dragons. I mean, I still find it ridiculous that a dragon would go down fairly easily, while the random troll would deck my character with a quick one-two.


This is actually a surprisingly common complaint. Aside from the obvious - Bethesda is Bethesda and it hasn't actually gotten any worse, 76 is basically the embodiment of who they have always been - this is kind of just a common issue with health regeneration mechanics halted/slowed by specific types of attacks in RPGs. You have to be *super* careful in your application of regen mechanics as well as specific elemental weaknesses that counter them or else you end up with this. Or the final boss of Wrath of the Righteous - who is literally godlike but unlike fucking *everyone* else by that point, she doesn't regenerate health, so she goes down comparatively easy. Mostly, though, it's just bethesda being bethesda. That troll is there deliberately, as if to tell you - fresh off of being hailed as a mythical messiah and slaying a goddamn dragon - that you are not king shit around here and there are things in the wilderness that will still mess you up. Which works towards their core gameplay loop but inherently compromises the legitimacy of the world they've created and the plotline you're acting out. Moreover, the real problem isn't that you *aren't* King Shit, but that you will *never* be. Everything leveling with you takes away all concept of progression. The hardest fight I've had in a video game was fucking around in fallout 4, making myself level 150, then making it to the first miniboss fight (kellog or whatever) where it is not possible to do enough damage to kill him unless you're using a weapon without ammo, and even then it's a solid hour and a half, because some elements of the world are weakly leveled around you and some snap to your exact level +x with stats to match.


I had not thought about it but it's certainly another problem with Bethesda and their problem with storytelling. Since Oblivion, I never liked how their main quest seems to have that world ending urgency while it constantly bombards you with side quests. This pacing issue ties in with what you mentioned. It would be much better if you started properly as a nobody, getting your ass handed by a glorified ape, then getting better as the main story gives you breaks to explore the world and do side quests. Then as you're coming a king shit, it starts pushing you to the big hero quests. >because some elements of the world are weakly leveled around you and some snap to your exact level +x with stats to match. It's bullshit. I quote [Logical Health Limits](https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/39388): >1. All NPCs gain +5 bonus health per level. Meaning: if an NPC and the player are both level 10 and they spend all level-ups on health, the NPC will still have 9*5= 45 more HP than the player. >2. All NPCs benefit from a variable called 'health offset'. This is just a free (and usually large) amount of extra health. A draugr Scourge for instance has a health offset of +450HP. Since his total health was 700, this means that more than half of his HP comes from the 'health offset' I recall back in Oblivion you practically had to min-max your character if you wanted to do anything meaningful in late game.


*Possible Spoiler* Cyberpunk 2077 right at the beginning: “You have about two weeks to live” then you literally ignore the main story for in-game weeks on end


Please, it's *way* worse than that. There are entire *large* sections of the game - a third fucking act - that take place between one of the most important people in the world telling you she's waiting for you somewhere and you'd better not be late, and actually deciding to arrive there. Like...the only time you can do things like go on a date and reunite your past-life's old band are between getting that call and responding to it. Can you imagine leaving Jeff Bezos waiting in your local dive bar for a month while you try to get a ghost laid? *That* was the point at which I realized Cyberpunk was not fucked up by bad work practices and the nature of any publicly owned corporation to do shit for the sake of the shareholders rather than the quality of art, as I had gone into it assuming. I actually played it up to that point, recording footage with the intention of making a video deconstructing just *how* this fucking happened. But the story structure itself, things they had to have had Keanu Reeves recording *Quite* some time ago, is so fundamentally flawed that my thesis flew right out from under me and I had no idea what to believe or why I should even care anymore.


You didn't *practically* have to, in Oblivion. Oblivion's leveling system is among the worst ever created, such that you *will* grow much weaker relative to everything around you unless you know exactly what you're doing from the start. One of the most common recommendations outside of following long complicated guides or installing a mod is to just never sleep, and thus never level up, which says *a lot*. Don't mistake me, I love Oblivion - IMO it's the closest Bethesda has ever come to balancing competent mechanics and story, but that itself speaks volumes. Morrowind is a better game to me, but then, Pathfinder Kingmaker's arguably a better game to me and it's simultaneously much simpler and I'd hesitate to call it 1/5th complete. I'd say that most open-world games have that problem of a big, consuming central quest that you kind of *need* to rush through by the internal rules of the world and narrative, but are under no obligation to do so. It's just the Bethesda Gameplay Loop that *really* contradicts with it, because, like...why the fuck are the dragons a threat to anyone if this one fucking Troll could easily kick the shit out of multiple? Sure, they'll keep coming back, but so will the troll. The city guards can beat them. This is a problem. Sure, Alduin is the world eater, the Great Destroyer of this cosmology, but he isn't here to eat the world, he's here to rule it, and there are about three million sub-sapient animals that could kick the shit out of him. The dragons are not a central Ragnarok The World Is Ending Now threat like people act in-story but one of attrition - the Nords could absolutely survive the dragons coming back, it would just be a matter of going on actual war-footing and turning it into something like the Century-long crusade against an infinite immortal army seen in the pathfinder game I mentioned before.


Or worse.... A distant ..."Ohhh YeeAAAHHH!" https://youtu.be/cSDfTAu86qo


That HAS to be an intentional choice. That shadow was waaaaaaaaaay too perfect for it to not have been intentional.


Given that Reaper iconography is all over Mass Effect, it’s almost certainly intentional.


Ah, yes. "Reapers"


Totally read that in his voice


Council Chambers be like


We've dismissed that claim.


Priority: Earth PTSD flashbacks


Finally, a worthy opponent!


"Our battle will be legend-" \*BWOOOOOOOOOM\*


That was a very cool coincidence! Meanwhile Ryder having PTSD from shapes he's never seen and yet feel so familiar and terrifying. Imagine if SAM had some kind of quantum connection to Milky Way and Ryder actually learned about the horrors happening there.


By unlocking memories and personal logs of Alec, Ryder actually does learn a good amount about what happened in the Milky Way just before The Initiative left.


It was a long ago and I only remembered when you can hear an actual reaper horn. It was bone chilling to think that Ryder can't even imagine what that sound signified. I remember there was a good chance that the "benefactor(s)" knew about the reapers and thus started the Initiative. Too bad we might never know, along with a lot of cool stuff Andromeda set up. Edit: typo


Still wondering how the fuck the Quarian ship managed to have setbacks.


No amount of back alley financing shenanigans will speed up the sheer hard work an ark of multiple species entails :p


But aren’t Quarians generally some of the best when it comes to ship maintenance? In all honesty, I’m almost more surprised the main ark didn’t have any Quarians serving on it for that reason alone.


It wasn’t really about maintenance, but rather it was because of all of the modifications they had to do for the stasis environments, as they had a whole assortment of species with them unlike the other Arks. Apparently making stasis pods compatible with Hanar and Elcor physiology was a decently arduous task. Also the main reason there wasn’t any Quarian engineers on the other arks was sanitation, if they had a Quarian on board they had to make sure it was fully compatible with Quarian immune systems, aka fully sanitized and free of any microbes


And don't forget the costs for the emergency induction ports. Those things are very expensive ^^^^/s


Aren't their suits literally designed to keep them safe in unsanitary environments?


Accidents happen


Well yeah, but suit ruptures aren't exactly common on ships, are they? Granted, they require filters for their suit to continue functioning, but still. Wouldn't their own Ark be considered Unsanitary due to the multitude of other Species on board? I mean, I don't know much about Batarians, Hanar and Elcor, but I'm pretty sure they carry germs and bacteria just like any other species, no?


My headcanon was that the Quarians were trying to integrate the Geth into their Ark and SAM system and that was what really slowed them down. Remember that Zaal'Koris is a whole admiral who opposes the idea of reclaiming the quarian homeworld, believes the Geth to be sentient, and advocates colonization of a new world instead. It's not unreasonable to believe that there's a small faction that holds similar beliefs or others who just think that retaking Rannoch is a lost cause and would have joined the Andromeda Initiative. Also recall that from conversations with Legion in ME2, he mentions a lot about how the Geth study organics and wish to understand them and are open to cooperation. There's also this background tidbit from the Initiative itself: >Eventually, the Initiative obtained promising data from quarian explorers who claimed to have found a geth array on the fringes of the Perseus Veil. This array was supposedly built from three mass relays, using sensors in the combined relay corridor as a form of FTL "telescope" to observe dark space beyond the galactic rim. Why the geth expended so much effort to study dark space is not known. My bet is that the Quarian explorers who "found" the telescope were actively cooperating with the Geth. The Andromeda Initiative itself is very much public (we just don't hear of it in ME1/2 because it literally doesn't exist as a concept IRL) so it's very likely the Geth would have found out about it and probably been interested in cooperating in some way and a faction of Quarians who are not openly hostile to them (and receptive to AI given the Initiative's use of the SAM system) is their best way to do so covertly. Likewise, the Initiative itself would probably be fairly receptive to cooperation with the Geth (provided they can get over the whole attack on the Citadel thing) given that they're literally a form of sapient artificial intelligence. Given the timeline of the Andromeda Initiative (leaving just before ME3 starts), a lot of this actually falls into place. The Migrant Fleet attempting to retake Rannoch doesn't happen until just before the Reaper War so there's ample time for the Geth to cooperate with the Initiative. The Geth that end up working with the Quarian Ark itself are probably a Geth "splinter" faction like the Heretics were and mutually split with the rest of the collective. The Migrant Fleet itself is probably happy to see them gone because they're at best conscientious objectors and at worst a fifth column for the Geth. The reason the Quarian ark gets held up because they're attempting to fuse a Geth mainframe node with their SAM and are running into hardware and software issues. They're also happy to wait a while because while the Initiative's administrators might be okay with working with the Geth, they may not be okay with the Quarians going this far so if everyone else sets off and they're a few weeks/months behind, that's time they can work without prying eyes and start bringing in more hardware like actual Geth platforms without the flashlight heads spooking the rest of the Initiative. None of this feels particularly unreasonable so it made the DLC hook with the Quarian ark at the end very compelling. It also had the potential to dramatically shift the tone that the subsequent Andromeda games would have taken dependent on when exactly the Quarians left. If they departed after the breakout of the Reaper War, they'll be able to tell everyone in Andromeda about them and it casts a shadow across the entire series. Is the Initiative going to be the contingency plan, try ensure the continuation of these civilizations in a far away land? Or does it militarize and try to leverage an untapped galaxy worth of resources and manpower to stop the Reapers once and for all?


Honestly I was kinds expecting like a news mention of andromeda initiative in the legendary edition. A simple if you don't pay attention you'll miss it reference the first time you're on the citadel


I remember there being evidence that TIM helped fund the initiative.


It was very loose evidence. He shares the same last name as Cora, one of the Tempest's crew.


You mean Cora, the Asari commando?




I just thought you should know Cora, the Asari commando, was an Asari commando. Because Cora? She was an Asari commando.


Have you ever faced an Asari Commando unit before? Few humans have.


Ah, I know exactly who you mean. Did she tell you about that one time when she was with her asari commando unit, because she's an asari commando, her big girl crush Sarisa Theris, who was so smart and powerful - oh and an asari commando, by the way - did something totally cool and not at all made up?


On all levels except physical, she's a Asari Commando. *embraces eternity*


Oh fuck, I missed that


Why wouldn't we? ME4 is supposed to deal with both the original trilogy and MEA


I may have missed some rumours, but dealing with the OT would be challenging enough, let alone dealing with both in a single entry. Either way let's hope this won't be another title for the "development hell" pile.


I don't think it'd be that rough actually. They can effectively treat it as a soft reboot if they wanted to, handwaving away the setups from Andromeda with a time skip. At the same time with Andromeda in play the milky way automatically also gets a time jump big enough to basically reset everything problematic. At that point all you gotta do is introduce some random shit that allows for the galaxies to be connected and voila, you're good to go with a new story.


The Benefactor didn't start the initiative, they just further funded it after Jien Garson ran out of money. But yeah, the Benefactor took interest to escape the Reapers.


Ah you're right. It seems I've really forgotten a lot... I need to stop claiming things.


But the story also clearly mentions that they not only funded, but also tried to take over the initiative.


Yeah, secretly. But they still didn't start it.


Was lead to think the Benefactor was the Illusive Man. Did I make a jump of imagination?


The Illusive man as the benefactor. Cerberus to lead humanity into the new Galaxy. Andromeda knowing that and preparing for an actual human invasion (all the story in MEA being a defense mechanism). Humans taking over anyway. Orgasm.


Doesn’t that include the real reason behind the A/I being a last ditch effort to make sure the council races survive the Reaper War?


Not really. From what I remember they were interested in unlocking the true potential of AI even before they found out about the Reapers. They just sped things up after the events of ME1.


Ai in this case means andromeda initiative not artificial intelligence, unless you knew that and I missed something


Oh. In that case that's still true, the Andromeda Initiative was already being planned before anyone knew about the Reapers.


\>having PTSD from shapes he's never seen Didn't Sovereign get, like, wide news coverage? Also the shape is everywhere from Council chambers to cave paintings though most people not named Shepard didn't get to see both.


Sovereign was seen in news reports of the Geth attack on the Citidel in ME1, but most of the galaxy just thought it was a very big Geth ship.


And saying it's a hostile geth ship makes it suddenly not scary HOW? So what, less existential horror and more direct terrorist threat, considering the whole geth panic on Citadel was satirizing post-9/11 atmosphere.


The difference between some badass airforce built by terrorists and the existence of Cthulhu dragons capable of mind controlling I guess…


Ooh, the shape is in council chambers? I must've missed that


[Doesn't it remind you of anything?](https://i.imgur.com/OD9whpb.jpg)


I would berate Harbinger for leaving imagery of the Reapers in the council chamber, but let’s be honest, most of us never realized.


Or it was just a big memory foam bed for a Leviathan. Who knows?


Now I’m just imagining Harbinger resting after a long, hard cycle laying in a suspiciously shaped slot on the citadel just relaxing as what is left of the previous cycle in harvested.


So Harbinger isn't just an evil robot, he's a smug asshole too


Was that ever really up for debate? They shit talk like it's going out of style.


This hurts you.


I knew I liked him for a reason...


The Council were telling the galaxy that Sovereign was a Geth flagship until the Reapers invaded.


How does it change the fact that the shape is associated with invading enemy and they had video footage and pictures of it?


Sure, but it's not in the context of this unstoppable existential threat, it's in the context of one rogue spectre's geth invasion that was defeated. Nothing iconic or PTSD inducing about that.


Even that creates enough ground for a conspiracy of geths going rogue and willing to destroy the galaxy. Honestly, I love geths. I wish they were as cool as the reapers and were actually able to destroy the galaxy all alone.


Ryder mentions the Citadel attack so it’s possible they were onboard when that happened


That feels like cultural memory meets Assassin's Creed's Animus.


I sincerely doubt that was coincidence


It's so rare and beautiful seeing players convey their panic just in moving their character and looking around!


And even squatting to ensure complete bowel evacuation


Yeah, you're not the only one- for me it was on Kadara when there were people acting mind-controlled...


The biotic abilities in this game were so much fun




Lol, that is astonishing. I'd've been shouting "Bruh! Bruh! BRUH!" In a panic 😂


That was basically my reaction lol, you can see my panic as I move around questioning my life in that moment.


well, bosses in this game scare me more than reapers, and I mean those strange robotic dragons in every planet


The architects. They are so cool to fight!


XP +69


I think ME A was not given a fair chance - I thought it was a good game loved the combat and just driving round the planets - Shame Bioware did not stick with it and gave it more dev time - I enjoyed it


MEA is actually quite a good game imo. It's just not as good as the trilogy when it comes to the story. And even then certain things actually make more sense than in ME (like SAM being the driving power of Ryder, instead of visions and bullshit for Shepard). I just really really hope the next ME games continue that story in a great way so we could look back at MEA and say it was a great beginning of an amazing plot. All my money is with Bioware.


I appreciated Andromeda actually giving a reason for our character being so overpowered by explaining SAM is giving them super reflexes, enhanced physical abilities, helping Ryder with decision making, and of course letting Ryder use Remnant computers. The whole idea of Ryder/Sam relationship was very interesting, and future games could have had Ryder making decisions like "should I push SAM away to preserve my individuality/humanity, or should become one with SAM and become a human/AI hybrid" kind of like the control/synthesis endings of ME3, but more personal and fleshed out. Just a thought. I hope BioWare does continue the Andromeda storyline in the future, there was so much left unanswered.


That's a dope idea. I would have loved a loyalty-type mission for SAM, or for his behaviours to change depending on if you picked more logical/emotional/casual/professional dialogue options. He asks you about your choices/memories/relationships to learn after all :)


Yeah. Unfortunately, MEA is a beat weak when it comes to meaningful conversations. I wish they work on that more. Maybe even let SAM meet the Geths idk


100% agree. And the game audience should certainly acknowledge that this is a very very probabilistic near future. A symbiotic life of human and AI. Love it


I absolutely adore Andromeda. I love the characters, the worlds, and the gameplay. The vault loops got a tad repetitive but they were only a small part of each planet. The rest was sublime


I agree I was no the fan of the vaults / puzzles - But I just liked the freedom and you just came across quests / enemies as you drove round the planets - The graphics were great and I even stood on the Tempest lol - I loved that ship and making each planet safe - When I got the 1st outpost on my 1st play through it was like I have saved everyone :) - I just wish we had more with the brother ( forget the name ) - Was not a big fan of the UI / menus though too much clicking - Just finished ME 1 ( LE ) - my 9th play though all together - Do you have the ME - LE? - Just wish it add MP - I liked the war assets idea


Omg, person, stay with me! I absolutely adore Andromeda too!


I romanced PeeBee and it was so damn cute and all of the non romanced characters actually felt like they were my friends and not people who worked for me or people who were waiting on me to flirt with them. My girlfriend romanced Jaarl and that was also one of the most adorable romances I've ever seen in a video game


Great to know! Come by Andromeda sub sometimes ;) you and your gf could share your experience with us) Peebee and Jaal = <3 I also love Ryder so much!


I’m playing it now for the first time, pretty far in and honestly…the game is ass. I like the combat and I really like the crew and all their interactions and relationships, but that’s it. I hate everything about the main story and most characters outside the Tempest, the game is so fucking repetitive with the planets it’s crazy, and an entire new galaxy is completely wasted. I was expecting an ME1-like moment where it feels like you’re stepping into a brand new universe and it’s so exciting, instead there’s one fucking species to actually interact with and one more to shoot. It’s so lame.


I have a question. Obviously this is just one of the animals, but was there ever a reason the reapers never left the Milky Way? Why wouldn't they have sent a small group to Andromeda?


Well, if we take into account everything the Leviathan and the Starchild tell Shepard, Leviathans were specifically concerned about preserving life in Milky Way as that was where all their servant races obviously lived. What happened in other galaxies didn't matter to them, as Leviathans lived solely in Milky Way. So when they created the intelligence they specifically tasked it with solving the problem in Milky Way. If we take what Starchild says at face value, then it's only doing what Leviathans designed it to do. Therefore, Andromeda and any other galaxies don't matter to it.


I imagine the reapers would have gotten wrecked long ago if they started invading other galaxies. Who knows what crazy aliens or AI exist outside the milky way.


From what we know of the Reapers, it was mentioned that they go into hibernation for 50000 years to conserve energy in dark space (presumably the space between galaxies). How far outside the Milky Way they are is unknown, but they are likely near its edge (far enough to not be discovered, but close enough to get there on their own). I don't think it was ever hinted the Reapers do the same to other galaxies, though I suppose it might be possible. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of developer intervention, they didn't plan for Andromeda when Mass effect trilogy was kickstarted.


I remember to read that end goal of Reapers at first was not that synthetic live can't coexist with organic live, but that massive use of mass reley technology was accelerating heat death of universe and they give organic live develop until they start use mass reley technology to much. Even mission in ME2 when you go to help Tali on that planet with heat that damage shields, star off that planet was giving out to much energy for it's age and should be some sort of foreshadowing. But I don't remember why they scrap this idea at the end of ME3 (time maybe). So because mass releys was only in Milky Way reapers didn't care for other galaxys. Sorry for bad English.


It's a ship isn't it? We see it pretty clearly from 17-19


I still believe there will be ME Andromeda 2. The story and narrative is just too incomplete and it will certainly related to the Reapers. Devs, please stop screwing up the game and conclude the story. (btw, I don't think MEA was THAT bad. It missed a lot of core ME things badly - like the story, the characters, and many other things. But it also fixed, changed and revolutionized the game in many many ways)


Me after this: **PTSD flashbacks**


I see you also go for the ‘hold the last guy still and let my friends whale on him’ technique. Nice


See, I go for the "hold the 2nd to last guy and let him watch as he hurtles towards his ally" technique myself.


Gotta let Drack have his moment to headbutt a floating enemy!


Holy fuck, imagine if they snuck a reaper to Andromeda with us for a super secret boss fight..


it scared me


Haha love this game


I guess the war flashbacks also came to Andromeda!




"Ah yes, Reapers..."


We have dismissed this claim


I wish this game got more love. Sure, my heart soars when I think of the trilogy, but God damn, Andromeda was a wild ride with some really heartfelt moments. Also love having a himbo as an MC.


first time I saw those things I shit myself as well, didn't even know what a reaper was


I've just now started to try to get through andromeda only ever played though eos the only thing that keeps me going is peebee tbh does the game pick up a bit ?


Skip the missions in the "task" section, those are mostly useless filler unless it's quick or you have an interest in it. It kept the game moving along for my completionist ass.


Alot of the tasks have some world building though, I'd say just skip the ones that have you scan stuff.


Yeah, once you meet the Angara things get a lot more bearable.


I think so, best to stick to the main and side quests for now. Skip tasks for sure as they'll wear you down rn.


Do the story line, loyalties and maybe some side missions to find the architects .. the main line gets very nice by the end… last mission is super epic


Been on for a while stating to like it tbh think just have to move on from the other games. because you have to in essence go back on all the cultural growth arcs. just had to change from female ryder to male ryder she's a good voice actor but seems a little too nervous and awkward to me


I think I've put in atleast a couple hundred hours into Andromeda, and I will tell you the game starts slow but picks up once you complete your squad. Also Peebee is a great choice!


I played more than 8 hours and I felt that I was wasting my time I ended up leaving it


It starts slow. I was down on the game until I moved past Eos.


I had a better time with dragon age 2 in less time, I will not give it another chance. besides that I already spoiled everything and eh


I feel like Reapers showing up in Andromeda would actually be a nice twist that would improve people's enjoyment of the game.


People would want to rehash things that were already done and concluded instead of something new and fresh?


Something that was *well done instead of something rushed and half assed


We could retcon the rushed nature of andromeda as “setup” if they managed to give us something well done in sequels. And really the story set up was fairly decent, if they had followed though with dlc and sequels and didn’t sabotage the studio. They could still salvage it, if they tried. The question now is “will they?” Or are they going to just rehash the shit they already did well and just give us more of the same and dilute what came before


I'm honestly more curious about the race that created the Meridian and their enemy. I find both of them more dangerous than the reapers, in terms of ability.


Yes. Is that surprising?


lol are you saying that Andromeda's issue was being *too original*




Nah, the Archon was just kinda flat. At least he had a personality and motivations, which is a definite step up from Harbinger.


I detect no lies


Nahh quite frankly it would ruin it for me. “Yeah we ran away from our galaxy to avoid the Reapers and as it turns out the giant robot calamari are smarter than us.” Andromeda’s problems were a shit release, not enough development, and being *too* similar to the Milky Way. “Oh look! More humanoid aliens(The Angara were kinda neat at least) and *another* bad guy who wants to assimilate all life.”


What's the point in moving the games to a different galaxy if you're just gonna fight the exact same enemies?


Or they could twist things around. Since reaper are suppose to be on only the milky way. It was never designed or instructed to go anywhere else. Maybe this one reaper left milky way 50k years ago. With plan to start the first genocide in Andromeda. They replicated themselves and ready for war. But half way into the game as Ryder discovered them. They've already been destroyed by something bigger and worse than them. Imagine something that could crush the reaper in one instance! It could make for a very compelling new villain story. And build the stakes off of it.


Why do Mass Effect fans always seem to not want a character/concept to rest. Shepard/The Reapers story is over.. let them rest ffs so we can see a different story


They should have found long destroyed and inert remains of Reapers. Why wouldn't they have tried? Always nice to have a backup galaxy.


I bought Andromeda when it first launched but never finished it. I was just so hung up on the Shepard story that I felt like Andro couldn't hold a candle to it, plus with all the "issues" it had, I found it unplayable for a while. I've been playing through the LE and even though I still love that story, I'm seriously considering buying Andromeda again just to play it.


Ive been replaying it post Legendary Edition, technically speaking its nowhere near as buggy as say, CP2077. I think in light of that game i was too harsh on Andromeda. Its been okay so far, the worst things i can say is some of the female krogans sound awful, and these characters arent the old ones we know so well.


That tracks.. I'm still update over the Quarian Ark not being included in the game though.


Indeed, Bioware has a long ways to go to regain their prestige. Even though most of the Bioware team that made them great has long since gone.


"Most", you mistyped "all".


Nah CP2077 was fantastic at launch compared to Andromeda, and plays great now. (Has always played great for me a couple weeks post launch on a basic xbox one) Andromeda still suffers from many of the problems it did at release.(all Asari faces looking the same, lack of meaningful content, and worst of all, all the canceled plans) they fixed some of the animation stuff, and the character creator is better than release. It’s not a bad game, but it’s one of the weaker Bioware titles.


I'm gonna have to disagree with you there, respectfully. I also bought that at launch, on PC. It crashed/was buggy A LOT. I had Andromeda on Xbone at launch and wasn't nearly as bad for me.


Did Andromeda crash PS4’s on launch? No. Was it at least playable? Yes. Cyberpunk has way more issues than Andromeda did, and still has more issues gameplay and optimization wise. Andromeda is well optimized, plays good and has few technical issues. Story issues are something else entirely.


Fantastic for you perhaps, still an absolute shitshow for thousands of others. Andromeda didnt have near the reported crashes and bugs. I still get crashes now. For fucks sake it crashed *during the credits*. Not to mention the myriad of advertised content that just didnt show up at all.


Despite the fact that cyberpunk is a way better game, it certainly had more technical issues at it's launch. Although andromeda npc models and their animations are still so fucking ugly, lmao.


I really enjoyed Andromeda. Just don‘t compare it to the trilogy, it‘s a very different thing anyway imo. That‘s what helped me to give Andromeda the chance it needed for me to get into the story and world. Now I love it as well and play it right after the trilogy whenever I go for another playthrough.


Who invited Harbinger


Very cool. It reminds me of how I've always wanted Mass Effect 3's plot to happen in a game that feels more like Mass Effect 1. Dropping down on Uncharted Worlds that contain pre-prothean ruins and then having emergent Reaper landings as you search the site, would have been fucking dread-inducing.


Ah shit here we go again


You came to the wrong galaxy fool!!!


Agreed. Looked like a reaper to me. Appropriate response imo.


Ruskie has a [cool video](https://youtu.be/jiAL3UefOro?t=2423) with an idea of Reapers being in Andromeda with a different agenda.


For a second I thought I heard those devastating pianos start playing Leaving Earth...


I'll just say I love 2105 upvotes and 115 comments))))


Yeah I remembered how that planet had quite the insane amount of wildlife including those flying fish creatures in the sky. If I remember right I don't think there was a Architect there in the game? I remember hitting all of them in my run. Those things were far bigger than the flying fish creatures.


That’s just Sluggard, he’s get a little lost sometimes.


There's no way that's an accident. The silhouette is too close. I love this game.


Gotta love being scared of certain shadows. Also that shadow was way too complex to be a coincidence.


You can even see when you start to panic lol. I was the exact same way.


No, not again, please!




Haha woah ptsd for real


I can feel the panic lol








Was the same way when I first played through, good shit


Oh I thought you were talking about the *other* thing. [MEA SPOILER](#s "The actual giant robot squids")


Was this game ever remastered or improved? Finished the ME trilogy but never tried andromeda, since i heard the visuals are awkward


it was mostly fixed


I should probably try finishing the fifth mission


Thankfully this trash game combination of shit storylines, shoddy character development, empty character dialogue, repetitive enemies and EA driven marketing campaign will soon be non-cannon, or scrapped. Saw Liara in the new trailers, Bioware can't take that one back, lol.


You also saw the Andromeda Galaxy :) so it's Canon.


I'll just make sure to ignore it. There! No longer canon. Crazy, I know! Trash should be in the dumpster, not my PC, aww.


imagine being this upset over a decent at worst videogame holy shit


Well ya know, some people get very zealous over video games...


Man those repetitive enemies right?!? At least it’s not geth, krogan, and husks for 15 straight hours. That game would be even more repetitive, right?


You're so correct that your sarcasm called and said it didn't like the relationship it's in with you anymore, so it's staying over. Now, don't make such silly comparisons ever again. Maybe you can go hunt the same species if enemies and wildlife in MEA while we just wait over here.


I meant in the trailer lmao, they're gonna use Andromeda for story telling purposes because despite the game being a little lackluster, the story ideas and lore presented are great.


While I admit there were certain elements to Andromeda I didn't like at first the game has grown on me, it's not terrible it's just not AS good as the previous mass effect games. This doesn't mean it's absolute trash though, there are still plenty of redeeming parts of the game to enjoy and its got pretty fun gameplay, you just sound like you're salty and if that's the case then just don't play it it's that simple. Going out of your way to hate on the game must be tiresome and surely you have better things to do with your time than spewing constant negativity and vitriol, I hope you turn your frown upside down. 🙃🙂


It’s like you were almost playing a decent game


Sadly, Andromeda never had the fiction writing balls to do something like that. I'd have liked it a lot more if they had. *BWOMMM* *did you rudimentary creatures truly believe we only inhabited the dark space around your home galaxy? We are in every Galaxy, in every time. We exist on a level so far beyond you that the limit of your comprehension is insufficient to grasp the scope of our presence.*


> fiction writing balls cause it really takes balls to... rehash the same fucking storyline and villains again.


It was established canonically that the leviathan's created the reapers to solve the problems of the milky way so I really don't see why they would bite off more than they could chew and invade other galaxies when they have enough to take care of in the milky way...