It’s my friend’s first ME play through 😭😭😭

It’s my friend’s first ME play through 😭😭😭


Hahaha wow, I've never actually known someone to sell Legion on a first playthrough.


Feel lucky you were not blessed with friends as stupid as mine


It's not even a good amount of credits either...Miranda is purposely vague about it and then it ends up being what, 50,000? That's 1.5 missions


50.000 for a working Geth might be the biggest rip-off in the series. That thing should go for millions.


The entire valuation system barely makes sense in the trilogy. You're right though. That'd be worth more than its weight in gold.


Yeah... At the point in the game where you'd more or less only have 1.5 missions left to run and absolutely no need for more credits. hahaha


I dom't remember at what point you can sell Legion


When you recruit him you get the option to sell him to Cerberus.


It's literally right after you complete the IFF mission in ME2


I did, once I found out they could be a playable squad mate I deeply regretted my decision. Haven't done it since


I almost didn't let Wrex out the first time. They really were like "ArE yOu SuRe?!?!" but then I was like what are save files for...


Do you mean Grunt?


For…credits? Jesus. The universe drops a sentient hive-mind battle droid into his lap and he decided to sell it? I never even thought that option would even work! Did he activate Grunt’s tank or did he think it was too risky?!? What else, did he leave Liara trapped in her bubble and just go home?


A sentient hive-mind battle droid that CHOSE N7 armor. He is my brother.


oh, no, he's just a greedy sob. If he were prettier I'm sure he'd have an OF.


To be fair krogans are gross and annoying so never birthing Grunt isn't the worst decision you could make.


Don't talk about my krogan son like that!


Guys, I think u/OldNormandy is a salarian.


Dalatrass Linron, is that you?





Or Ashley. Makes sense, she never gets to see the new Normandy...


Did you >!kill Wrex and sabotage the genophage cure as well?!<


Some friendships aren't meant to last forever 😒


After more than 10 years, it may be time to break it off


The irony is if you've done everything in the story up to this point, you don't need anymore credits.


His defense: https://imgur.com/a/5aD6kLJ


That's the awesome part about branching RPG's, to see how different some peoples playthroughs turn out.


How did he not realize Shepard got saved by him? It's a damn cutscene, is it skippable?


There’s also only that big moment where it’s standing there and says very clearly and loudly “Shepard Commander” with your party reacting in shock. Dude was totally not paying attention lol.


This is the sorta person who is going to naturally get everyone killed and get the worst ending possible, all because they weren't paying attention. "Jacob volunteered to do the vents, I'll send him", "I bet Zaeed would make for a great fireteam leader, I want Miranda and Garrus on my squad", "There's no enemies behind me, the crew should make it back fine" etc.


Zaeed is totally a good squad leader. He's super experienced at leading teams that totally don't all die.


I really need to stop reading crap on this sub untill I'm done with the trilogy. I'm new to the series and the last thing I did was have a very tense discussion with Wrex that thankfully worked out in my favor. Some of these choices are really emotionally and morally difficult and I'm loving it. It's hard but fun trying to separate my personal snap decisions from what I imagine my professional space commander Shep would probably do.


Yes, spoilers (like enemies) are EVERYWHERE on this sub and they WILL DESTROY YOU. Rest assured that even OP’s stupid friend will have some kind of a way forward and the story of the game is never truly broken because of a decision. It’s just that the way things happen, and which characters are there to see it, can be so different. But that’s part of the fun! Talking later about how things went, there’s nothing better than another fan saying “wait, Shepard said *what*? I’ve never heard that dialogue!” or that kind of thing. Go, go and play, don’t get spoiled. Then come back and tell us about it.


That’s exactly why the series is so damn good. People who think they got the “best ending” by being a space hippie Paladin and avoiding every difficult choice with blue/red Jedi mind magic have absolutely no idea how much they’ve missed out on.


In fairness the suicide sequence is a mess. There’s no good reason some of the choices fail, there’s no good reason some of them succeed, and the consequences have absolutely nothing to do with the choice. They just take a random stray bullet. I applaud them trying something new but the suicide mission fails in way more ways than it succeeds. The fact you can even get everyone out alive in a game with heavy themes of difficult choices and dealing with loss is a failure in itself.


Yes, the cutscene is skippable.


I think that is a solid reason to sell him.


Ah yes, one of the people who don't bother to read the fucking dialogue unless someone holds a gun to their head.


Lol at least OP's friend didn't call the dialogue bad at least!


Oh it's beautiful


Yeah, so he decide to give it away for pennies to the most evil organization in the universe. Don't see any flaw in that.


Like that’s even relevant after having spent the entire game doing their bidding ?


"You know I'm in it for the money." to "It wasn't about the money." Why are you guys friends again? So he says that Commander Shepard couldn't handle one geth if it attempted to kill anyone and decided to sell it to a shady terrorist organization?


REEEE, YOURE NOT PLAYING THE GAME RIGHT Thats a pretty reasonable excuse. You kill geth the entire series. what if he activated it and the thing killed one of your other squadmates or blew up the normandy? Curiosity killed the cat. If bioware tried harder they couldve played the choice off in me3, maybe had you fighting cerberus owned geth machines that they built off of legions body. Its not his fault he didnt know it was a meaningless choice that only cuts you out of future content instead of providing a meaningful difference in the future. The mass effect series is full of bullshit choices like this, its why veterans know exactly what choices to always avoid. Stop ruining your friends first time experience.


Hell you're pretty much set on credits from the start (provided you imported a save). Once you clear the shops, there's virtually nothing else to buy.


Unfortunately, they patched that. You don't start with nearly as many credits now.


If you max out money in ME1, you still start ME2 with 1 million credits. Not effectively infinite, but as long as you keep earning money between landing at civilised areas, you can buy everything available as soon as you see it. Edit: read further down in comments that they patched it to 100k literally yesterday. Ignore me.


\*checks save files via trilogy editor\* When first starting a game today, just after arriving at Omega and recruiting Zaeed (and no one else) I had 1875546 credits. Gaining some, spending some, etc. To be fair, I had fun hacking ME1 for locked armors and weapons and ended that game with 9999999 credits, soooo. That patch didn't affect me.


I don't think that's true anymore. They changed the transfer rate to 1% credits transferred from ME1 to ME2 (down from 10%).


This is the beauty of Mass Effect tho. It presents you with all these choices and it is NOT afraid to make you lose out on some content based on those choices. The fact that your friend honestly thought the geth would kill the crew speaks to the world that Bioware made. He made this choice because he thought there were stakes on the line! Edit: my first play through, I lost Mordin, Jack and Thane in the suicide mission and I missed out on all their appearances in Mass Effect 3 :O


Mistakes like these make your first experience memorable, going in blind. I cannot agree with these comments at all


I don't know him, but I hate your friend.


And apparently this friend "only" lost Tali. He's a dumbass.


I'm going to assume everyone died during the suicide mission?


Actually, he just finished the game, and only tali died during the suicide mission


Well Rannoch is gonna be **really** interesting with Leigon sold and Tali dead....


This guy is having a hell of a first trilogy run lol


What even happens on rannoch at this point?


Shep will meet a random geth that will talk to him and give him the necessary dialogue, but you won’t get the “does this unit have a soul.” Admiral Rhan will take tali’s place for the entire geth mission. You also won’t be able to get them to cooperate regardless of your reputation score


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You get "non-legion", a geth with similar specs but with less experience. It does not have any of Legion's great lines (like asking about its soul). For Tali, you get Admiral Rhan in the war room and Rannoch (but will have one less squad member). If you choose the Geth she will shot herself in the head and shepard will just watch doing nothing Its not possible to achieve peace if either Tali or Legion is missing


I think she gets replaced with >!Raan!< in the clifftop scene and Legion gets replaced with >!Geth VI!<


We(at least I) know but Rannoch is going to end badly for someone....


If Tali dead, might as well restart the whole game again


Tali, Leigon, and Mordin are the three most important people to get out alive of the suicide mission (doubley so if Tali is your chosen LI) so this is gonna get ugly.


I mean, Legion just gets replaced with a Legion Lite^^TM which is effectively the same so no big loss there


If Legion is dead it's impossible to make peace between the Geth and the Quarians. You lose out on a big chunk of war assets because you're forced to destroy one of them. Same goes for Tali.


Oh yeah, good point. It's been a while since I've not got characters through the Suicide Mission!


Mordin doesn't actually make much of a difference as far as I know, unless you killed Wrex and Eve. Like, of course it's way more satisfying if Mordin is there, but there's another Salarian, Padok Wiks (that Joker *literally* calls Not-Mordin) that fills in for him in all his scenes, with the only notable difference in outcome being if Wrex and Eve are dead, and you convince the Salarian scientist to sabotage the Genophage, you get War Assets for Mordin but not Wiks. Other than that, it's the same. Mathematically, Mordin is one of, if not *the least* important squadmate, as in like 90% of the playthroughs, it makes no difference if you have Mordin or Wiks. But of course, Mordin is the fucking man and the Tuchanka arc is way better with him. It's just that he's arguably the most "expendable" ME2 squadmate mathematically, other than Garrus, who is tied to no War Assets at all as far as I remember, his impact is as a squadmate instead, which makes him arguably the most valuable squadmate in ME2 other than Tali, who is both a squadmate AND worth several hundred War Assets. Legion also has a plot stand in, but his plot stand in is unable to make peace between the Quarians and Geth like Legion would, therefore making Legion worth several hundred War Assets, unlike Mordin's stand in, who does almost everything he can minus a 25 point asset in a niche scenario.


It's been a while since I let Mordin die, but I thought Meilins's data can't be saved without Mordin there?


You save the data before Mordin can die, it's Mordin's loyalty mission. I'm not sure what the outcome would be if you skipped Mordin's loyalty mission, although I'd assume the game would treat it like you destroyed the data, since you don't have the data to work with. Unloyal Mordin would also die in the suicide mission without *very* careful squadmate choices (it comes down to Jack, Kasumi, and Tali. One of them has to be the escort back to the ship, and the other two have to be your squadmates for the final battle. Putting any other characters in those roles, at all, kills unloyal Mordin no matter what due to Hold the Line math).


Unfortunately, unlike 10 years ago, I don't have the time or willingness to go back and kill off people for the sake of verifying weather it's the case or not. (don't have the free time we had as teenagers now in my late 20s lol)


come on, it's only his first run, might as well do everything blind. He can try different choices and perfect runs later on


"ONLY" Tali.


The more I learn about his save the worst it sounds


Well it’s official. Your friend is a monster


ONLY? that's just a failure at this point. if you'd said Jacob or something I could understand.


Right if Tali dies in one of my playthroughs I restart the game I can't handle losing my quarian wife


There is no moving on without my quarian wife


Man, what did your friend do this time, fail her mission by exposing her father, leave her holding the line, seeker swarms because of an unloyal (or innefective) biotic? I'm thinking of any possible dumbass way they could've gotten her killed. Maybe they decided to leave her leading the Fireteam?


Probably believed miranda when she said she could hold the biotic barrier. One of your squad-mates dies if you choose Miranda.


So everyone died on the suicide mission


"you know I'm in it for the money" *bro.* if you imported a high level ME1 character, you're basically set for the entire game. if the friend is a Resident Evil fan, just tell them they missed out on Robo-Wesker ;)


They actually just nerfed the cash that carries over to ME2. Now it's 100k max.


I responded to another comment on this already: when I ended ME1 I had 9999999 credits. Very early game in ME2, up to recruiting Zaeed, I had 1875546, including everything I picked up in Freedom's Progress, Lazarus Project, etc.


No I mean like, yesterday. They nerfed it in a patch.


Okay. I started that save just today; already post-patch.


Hmm, wonder if they patched the patch due to complaints.


I'm thinking he went to his savefiles only to find he saved after the sale.


I told him this was my one exception to the "I won't tell you how to play" rule and he needed to go back and change it. He saw that he would have to reply more than half the IFF mission and said "screw it, I'm sticking with my money"


the IFF mission isnt even that long, what a waste of potential


His loss...


This is going to be the guy who leaves Grissom Academy too long and gets Jack phantomed…that is if she even survives the mission. Wonder if he’ll be tight fisted about the ship updates too lol.


See, as frustrating as it is to see people do things like sell Legion it will be fascinating to see how they react to an ME3 save using that character. If he forgets to upgrade the ship, even better since he's just stunted his potential and his bosom buddy can mock him eternally for it.


Legion is gonna die when you pick the one and only valid ending anyway. 😏


Oh no, not more than half of the twenty minute mission lol.


Well, greed makes people stupid


People if you want more Legion content, do these two things: 1. Keep one, exactly one loyalty mission not finished before getting Legion. Game lets you do two before abducting crew IF you have them. Did a run with Legion on Tali mission, him on Garrus one and will now being him to Jacob's. 2. Keep some DLC missions and assignments to do AFTER the suicide mission. Legion is great in Overlord and the sstage with almost endless mechs or HK factory that follow it are really good to play with Legion and Tali team or something (can use Garrus or Zaeed for squad ammo power too).


Well, the best thing to do for more Legion content is simply do the IFF mission early and sacrifice the crew, which I plan on doing in NG+ after my “proper” playthrough.


Going by the OP and the rest of the comments...... OP's friend doesn't deserve to play the Citadel DLC


But thats the great thing about Mass Effect. We all have different experiences and make different choices that we have to take the consequences of.


I cant understand how someone could sell Legion in their first playtrough. I mean hes a talking Geth helping you out. Who the hell thinks: "Yeah lets sell him, without even talking to him lmao"


The geth are literally nothing but a homocidal menace up to that point.


Please keep us all updated on his progress in ME3; he's doing things I could never bring myself to do and am morbidly curious as to what he does next and how it turns out.


Hey dont spoil your friend before he finishes the trilogy man!


It's been a struggle to not tell him what to do, this was the first exception I've made.


You did the right thing. Some mistakes are unforgivable.


On behalf of your friend, thank you for reining yourself in and letting him play it for the first time blind. It's always best to see how your initial decisions end up, and you can always do a more 'perfect' run next time.


Well if he finishes the trilogy, he can't be spoiled, so when else is he going to do it?


ME2 already gives you so many credits...


I love how the game allows player to sabotage their own experience through in game choices.


I dont think he'd get that much money for it, there was a hole :P


Telling people they’re dumb for making the choices they wanna make is missing the only point there is to get about Mass Effect


Who even fucking cares about credits at that point? You are literally one mission away from the finale!!


Money isn’t even a problem in ME2 lol cmon man


It is with Legendary Edition. Missions give you barely anything and you can’t carry more than 100k from the first game. I’ve been passing up upgrades left and right.


... he does know it is just play money, right?


You goes into for the money? Literally all we can do with money is buy more gear and upgrades.


He was the chosen one and he sold legion!


we all did stupid things the first time. I got Jacob, Grunt and Legion killed, and I never even recruited Samara until after the collector base.


Nah guys let him play. We all do dumb shit our first playthrough. We all know the perfect choices because we've played so many times and perfected our Shepards! Leave him alone!


"We are not friends anymore you Cerberus trash!"


I bought the game and played it for a bit, but I’m sorry I couldn’t see what was so great about this game. I get that it’s older and all but it’s been a super boring game to me so far.


It's all right; not everyone likes story-heavy RPGs. It was nice of you to give it a shot, though.


I’m not giving up yet just taking a break




If you’re picking it up for the first time, the first game is a bit of a slog, and it’s hard to get through it if you don’t have nostalgia for it. But the second and third are amazing.


How can you not want to talk to him?