This is it folks, the AMA is over! Thanks Iman for doing this!


Any luck on the whole "616 vs 199999" thing? For the record I agree with you on it.


No lol after I said that on the ms marvel carpet, I saw Kevin the next day and he just stared at me from a far and gestured 6-1-6 with his fingers and walked away…I think about that every night before bed


Kevin sounds so insane sometimes lmao.


ಠ_ಠ_/¯ 6-1-6


I disagree with both of you here. It shouldn't be 616 because that's already taken, but it *also* shouldn't be 19999 because that is the worst number ever invented in the history of mankind.


Great and terrifying at the same time.


When are you gonna replace him ❤️


Hello! Would Kamala have been in Tony’s side or Cap’s during Civil War? P.S. Congrats on the fab show 👏🏻


Tony! to be fair he is kinda like her superhero dad in the comics




Kamala and Spidey both got the iron dad


I’m sure it has nothing to do with your huge mega fan girl crush on RDJ 😉


Hi Iman, i loved your portrayal of Ms.Marvel and i wanted to know what has been your favorite part of becoming Ms.Marvel and joining the MCU?


knowing the secrets that r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers doesnt


If you would like to hold another event like this one on our server, feel free to message us! Congrats on the show!


I can almost see her smirking.


Wow, Feige trusts you more than tom holland lol


how weird is it to stand and pretend you’re using superpowers on camera? do you have to stop yourself from making noises i definitely would


it is very embarrassing actually, ill paint the pic for ya: uncomfy flashy supersuit, cant pee, cold Atlanta nights, bright lights, you must wear a giant sith lord esque cape to protect from the paps, you stick out like a sore thumb, you take off said cape, now ur cold and everyone is staring, you stand tall and suck in ur stomach, now purple led lights shine at you and you pretend this stuff is coming out of you but in reality it is dead silent and you are making weird grunting noises because what does "hard light" actually sound like? But hey! im a superhero so that trumps everything :)


>cant pee, cold Atlanta nights, bright lights Bars


We need to see BTS without any special effects 😂


u/ThatChrisFella couldn't be here and this is their question: >Team Kamran or team Bruno? PS: MANY people have asked this


i say kamran but then i go back and think wait but I love bruno but then I'm like when do we ever see two brown people in a relationship in Hollywood but like bruno is just adorable, but kamran shares her culture, but bruno is the guy in the chair, but kamran has a porche! i cant sleep at night....


A nonanswer. The best answer. :)


Brian's just an all-around good kid


>kamran has a porche! Well technically its Bruno's now lol


Idk.. is it ethical to date your Guy in The Chair? Gotta be some HR concerns there for sure lol


What about Red Dagger? ;)


I like the idea of Bruno being a male friend that's just platonic. Bruno is to Kamala as Katy is to Shang Chi.


Hi Iman! First of all, compliments. You truly embody Kamala! Your energy just radiates through the screen and it’s just contagious to us, viewers. You’re like Phase 4’s RDJ, I can’t imagine anyone else playing this character so well! I can’t wait to see more of you and your castmates in The Marvels and in future MCU projects. And now for my queries: * What are your recommendations/favorite comic runs? It could be for Ms. Marvel or for any other character. * Do you have any stories from the comics in mind that you would want/hope to adapt in the future? * And I just have to address the (em)big(genned) elephant in the room – as you were a staunch defender of the Earth-199999 designation of the MCU and generally just accuracy, how did you initially feel about Kamala being hinted as a mutant? Thank you so much!


comparing me to rdj is the highest of compliments, so thank you for that! \- I recommend all of the 2014 run of MM I think its beautifully written, also the civil war II arc for kamala was quite compelling, seeing her choose between her idol and her avengers dad. as for other characters, I'm a huge silver surfer fan, one of my fav runs is during the infinity gauntlet crossover, jim starlin's #50 is sooooooo good, also that cover just makes me happy. also also obsessed with the 2017-2018 black bolt series called Home Free! christian ward and saladin Ahmed deliver such an incredibly nuanced and so emotionally complex story with art that is nothing short of phenomenal. i recommend this to anyone...you don't even have to be an inhuman fan to appreciate \- I would love to see a kamala/ wolverine dynamic in the MCU. also there is a really cool story where kamala fights the shocker and bruno ends up seeing all of her possible futures and that makes me really emotional every time I read it \- Don’t get me wrong I love the inhumans. Black bolt is my father. but I do think the mcu is in a very different place than the comics were and so we were actually able to go this way with Kamala and to be fair the original intent for the comic character WAS to make her a mutant so I am over the moon that this is real and we could make it happen. Sana Amanat and I were freaking out, every single brain cell exploded when we found out we can do this. I was literally refreshing the ep 6 discussion thread on here until someone finallyyyy mentioned it.


>I was literally refreshing the ep 6 discussion thread on here until someone finallyyyy mentioned it. Yup, that settles it. You're officially the best.


Crying at the last paragraph oml


you really are a nerd 😅 it’s okay, we all are too. it’s cool knowing an actor in the mcu is just as big of a fan of marvel as we are.


> I was literally refreshing the ep 6 discussion thread on here until someone finallyyyy mentioned it. Dude, this is literally me every episode lol


>I was literally refreshing the ep 6 discussion thread on here until someone finallyyyy mentioned it. You are just so adorable Iman


If you could play any Marvel character other than Kamala, who would it be? P.s you killed it as Kamala.




Get this woman a mo-cap suit!


That’s such an amazingly out of left field answer


Iman the devourer of worlds


Fantastic Four casting leak right here


Hi Iman. Loved the show and congrats on your success. My only question is, what is the most random thing you've texted Kevin Feige and how did he respond?


I was having an argument with Nia Dacosta about seeing hobgoblin in that first NWH trailer and asked kevin if it was him or just Norman and he sent me the gif of norman saying "you know i'm something of a scientist myself" then i sent the frodo gif of "all right then keep your secrets" riveting conversations....


Kevin Feige being a Raimi memer is genuinely the greatest revelation this AMA could provide.


The fact that you can just casually text Kevin about these theories just blows my mind


I blanked out on the name, so had to Google it: **Nia Dacosta** Main article: The Marvels In August 2020, **DaCosta** was hired to direct the upcoming Marvel Studios film The Marvels, the sequel to Captain Marvel (2019),\] This is set to be the first Marvel film directed by an African American woman.


Yeah I can totally see Feige solely using gifs for responses


Hi Iman!!! What was your first ever comic? \- Your friends from work


hello!! it was Invincible Iron Man (2015) #1 by Bendis


Hello Iman


HI IMAN!!! I have a few questions for you!! 1. Do you like my username? :D 2. And if you do, can you please iterate that you’re not me? (Btw tons of ppl have dm’ed me that they love you, thought I should pass the message) 3. Are you a member/or have been a member of r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers? 4. Are you planning on acting outside of Marvel anytime soon? 5. Do you think Agents of SHIELD is canon? andgetkevintogiveusaresponseplz Your show means the absolute most to me as a brown guy, I don’t know how any of us in the Brown community can properly thank you and the rest of the crew for making one of the best shows ever made!!


HELLO! 1. wonderful username! what was the inspo behind it if I may ask 2. I am NOT you 3. r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers is my second home...however i did leave the subreddit for two years during infinity war/ endgame once i saw that BARF case set photo leak which turned out to be a total misdirection from marvel security. they literally planted that! and i now have so much respect for marvels security team 4. eh we'll see i need a vacation first 5. isn't everything canon now?


1) oh my god thank u so much for replying 😭😭😭 ur just the biggest brown rep in hollywood and growing up with pioneers such as Lilly Singh and Karan Brar, you absolutely mean the world to me. Plus i thought it’d be fun and cheeky to choose it lol 2) finally 😭 3) omg proof that we have planted leakers thats so crazy 4) you deserve it 5) THERE WE GOOOOOOOO


As a r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers mod, we'd love to have you come by if you ever wanna do a 2nd AMA


Why is Iman talking to herself?


This is obviously the studio assigned Reddit user name. What’s your real account name. And how many spoilers have you contributed to the r/Marvelstudiosspoilers ?


whos to say your not me....


The good ol reverse uno card


u/therustybugle so you were Iman all along!


"And worst of all, she could be any one of us. She could be in this very room! She could be you! She could be me! She could even be…"




I might be even more excited now, I think watching real people work on these shows and seeing all the effort and manpower it takes just humanized these films so much more. They have so much to offer beyond the amazing storytelling. And every single person who works at marvel studios is so in love with what they do and that dedication to their craft is what makes a good if not great movie.


Hello Iman! Would you like Kamala Khan and Spider-Man to cooperate in a movie? Maybe in an Avengers or a Spider-Man movie 👀


Hello, What was your reaction to >!Ms. Marvel being a mutant!


Honestly I’m very happy we went this route. I’m a huge xmen fan and what an incredible honour to be the first official mutant in the mcu!!! It was the original intent for the comic character anyway.


> It was the original intent for the comic character anyway. https://i.imgur.com/lNUh0uV.gif


What has been your most unexpected element of being involved in a Marvel production?


things are actually not planned 10 years in advance, there are many happy coincidences


Feige is gonna break down your door for that one LOL


Hi Iman! Just out of curiosity, what are your favorite Marvel TV shows or movies? Also were there any of these projects you would have dreamed of being a part of before you got the role as Kamala Khan?


hi! fav tv show is probably agent carter or daredevil and movie Iron Man..duh I wish kamala could've been a part of the portals scene in Endgame. What a moment! but honestly glad I experienced the entire infinity saga as a fan first




To be fair, Kamala experienced the Infinity saga as a fan too.


Hi Iman! Besides Ms. Marvel, what's your favorite marvel tv show so far?


probably hawkeye and first half of wandavision


lmaoo first half, points for honesty.


Good for Hawkeye you don't hear people say that's their favorite often.




If you had full creative control of the next phase of the MCU what would you do?


ooooooooh, oka okay i wanna see the Time runs out series play out that would be fun and give the fans what they really want... ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ mephisto


You are the chosen one, you will bring balance.


If you rearrange the letters in Ms.Marvel....and remove and add some letters you get Mephisto


Hello, Iman, it’s an honor to have you join us for an AMA. I thought you did great in the series and I'm looking forward to where they take the character of Kamala. I was wondering, if you could pitch any MCU movie or show to Marvel/Kevin Feige, what would it be?


silversurfer silversurfer silversurfer silversurfer silversurfer silversurfer


You listening Kevin? Give Iman her Silver Surfer movie!


Hey Iman. Have to say it was super surprising to hear this was your first acting gig, you absolutely killed it. Some of the best parts from your show didn't even involve fighting, it was the warm and often hilarious family moments that were the heart of the show. It was amazing how we got to see more of Pakistani culture in a MCU backdrop. * What are some of your favorite subreddits that you spend the most time in? * Are there any MCU actors you're particularly excited for the chance to work with? Any unique team-ups you're hoping to see (or be a part of) in the future? * Is there any Pakistani or Canadian food that you'd highly recommend people to try?


HI! here are some top tier subreddits: r/ATBGE r/blackmagicfuckery r/mildlyinfuriating r/perfectlycutscreams r/shittyrobots \- i literally wanna work with everyone :) but like young avengers would be nice \- Nihari and palak paneer and butter chicken are the best, shout out to mamma Vellani


Every reply makes me like you even more now.


Hi, Iman! How would Ms. Marvel have fared against Thanos?


tbh he'd probably unalive her


well thats dark lol


Do you like Morbius?


do you????


It's *always* morbin' time here


Of Course. It’s one of the movies of all time


Hi, Iman. First of all, great job on the show. But excluding that, what would you say is your favorite phase 4 movie/series?


shang chi


The only right answer


Hey! Good morning 🙏 Pineapple on pizza or not?


no absolutely not


Ugh! Iman! "Shes a 10 but doesn't like pineapple on pizza" Thanks for replying 🙂


Hey Iman, great job on the show! It must have been so surreal, especially being a huge MCU fan like you already were. Speaking of surreal, Kevin Feige! What was it like talking to him for the first time, meeting him for the first time? Is there anything you can share with us about that conversation? Me personally if I ever met the man, my whole body would probably freeze up and I'd be speechless lol


There was conversation at all.. I stared at him until he had to leave. And then I cried in my trailer for a hot minute


Honestly that's me right now hoping to get an aswer. I might even buy a trailer for this.


Will we ever get a Ms. Marvel/Shang-Chi team up or will the Canadian actor power be too strong to handle?


i would love this, hopefully maple syrup Gods are on our side


Heyo Iman, what’s your favorite Iron Man armor? 👀


suitcase suit!


Perfectly valid answer. One of the old school cool ones.


What’s the one scene that was the hardest to get through because you couldn’t stop laughing?


The M word scene. it was by far the most challenging scene to film and i say that with all seriousness. the take you see in on D+ is one of two takes we got where i didnt giggle when Matt said the word. i just couldnt believe it. i still cant say that word IRL without letting out what sounds like a Ron Swanson giggle


Ms. Marvel just replied to Katy Perry's Big Fat Cock. I thought this was a family series.


A Ron Swanson mention, and I thought I couldn't like you any more than I do.


Hey Iman. Big fan, you’ve really embiggened my love for Marvel. You’re amazing and I’m now a Ms.Marvel fanboy. Did you ever experience any anxiety or any feelings of being overwhelmed adjusting to becoming a part of the MCU? Wish you all the best in your success :)


hi :) i feel it all the time, my life is like sensory overload right now and i cant process anything but thankfully i have the greatest people around me, my family is my rock and marvel has provided me with the ultimate support system so i'm just taking it day by day


Hi Iman, we all know that Ms. Marvel will return in the future. But the real question is will Hulk Dad make a comeback in future Marvel shows/movies. Personally, I’m hoping for a Hulk Dad and Kingo team up.


start a petition for a hulk dad spinoff, i see potential


Hi Iman, big fan, thank you for putting in the hard work, loved the series, My question for you is when are you going to meet RDJ. You reflect us MCU fans and I can't wait to see that happen. It's like us meeting RDJ through you. Lots of love, Iman, keep shining, also keep giving the 😐 face in the interviews, we adore that!


i think about this literally everyday...as of right now i do not wanna meet him. I've been a lot better at not putting celebrities on pedestals and humanizing them but im not ready to do that to RDJ just yet


You can't disappoint a picture!


Hey Iman! What was your experience figuring out how to make your powers look convincing? I feel like this type of acting is becoming more common in the MCU, like Wanda and Doctor Strange doing hand motions for their powers, and VFX filling in the gaps for the viewer. Did you watch a lot of pre-viz to get an idea of what your powers would look like to help your performance?


hi! great question :) it was definitely a process... lots of conversations with our producers and vfx coordinators, we really had to ask the right questions because with powers this new, whatever we establish now is gonna be canon for the rest of the MCU. we just didnt wanna make it to be "generic magical colourful light powers", we wanted personality. we adopted a lot of poses and iconic moves from the MM comics (eg. embiggened fists of rage!) and stylized the action for a 16 year old kid. even if i didnt understand what the exact thing would look like post vfx, i wanted to stay true to the comics. i really do think we found a happy in between. and yes pre viz are life savers!!! gives you the slightest idea so your emotions can match the intensity of the scene once the CG is done


Hello, Iman! Thank you for charming the heck out of all of us, and making Ms. Marvel such a fun ride! Does the Almighty Feige generally give you any sense of where you are fitting into the longer-term plot lines, or does he keep you on a need to know basis (as it seems he did with the show’s ending)? I expect as an actor this can have an effect on your motivation and delivery—which would also be interesting to hear about!


well i found out i was in the marvels when he announced it at D23 so no, no one tells me anything


That's just Kevin being Kevin


Hi Iman! What was it like filming the Quantum Encounter for the Disney Wish Cruise Ship? Seeing Ms Marvel with Captain America was dope. Thanks!


i honestly was very confused about what we were filming, i was in front of a green screen hopping from green box to green box, on my first day in London to film the marvels, met Brie IRL for the first time and suddenly we were doing this thing together. it was fun! but its weird acting with anthony mackie's voice and while staring at a piece of orange tape on a c- stand pretending thats him


You weren't even in the same room? 😭 no way had me fooled


How does it feel to be the first Mutant in the MCU main universe?


absolutely fantastic


>fantastic 🤔


Was the biryani in plastic bags tasty? It looked delicious for sure.


it was! the wooden spoons however, were not


well you're not supposed to eat the wooden spoons, silly


What is Kamala s actual mutant power and is Kamran a mutant too?


i dont think kamran is a mutant, i could be wrong but here is how I justify the whole thing: Kamala's bangle activated her latent X- Gene which allows her to harness the energy from the noor dimension and facilitates her ability to wield and shape the noor. kamran doesn't have the x gene, his powers were forced upon him and so he cant control it like kamala can. again I could be totally wrong, i am theorizing with you guys! Anywayyyyy this is gonna be my last post, its past my bedtime.... Thank you everyone for your questions this was so much fun!


Hey Iman are you u/mytimetoshinehello?


IMAN! Scott Pilgrim is my favorite movie and I was delighted to see some influences in Ms. Marvel especially in the early episodes. Did you hear anyone mention SP during production? Appreciate your answer if you answer!


HI! Scott Pilgrim was a huge influence on ms marvel actually. Bilal and Adil who directed ep 1 and 6 and are also EPs on the show loveeeee Edgar Wright, and it definitely shows!


u/ContinuumGuy couldn't be here, so this is their question: >Was the "Maybe I'm Canadian" line specifically in there because you are Canadian?


yes..they thought it was funny


Hi! How did your audition for Ms. Marvel go?


i'd say pretty well


Neat! I hope you get the part!


u/YoloIsNotDead couldn't be here, so here is their question: >Favourite Spider-Man?


im emotionally attached to Tobey, but i love all of them


r/raimimemes approves


Hey Iman, you totally killed it as Kamala Khan! Do you like how the MCU changed Kamala’s backstory and made her the first 616 mutant, or do you prefer the original comic book backstory where she’s an Inhuman instead?


i respect both! i love the comics to death and i love what we have done. both mediums are very different an i think that Certain things like the powers have to be reimagined to fit a larger scale live action series but I think our show still stays true to those core themes and the tone from its source material which is the only thing that should matter.


What was your first reaction to seeing the Ms. Marvel suit?




Hi Iman! I've been a huge fan of Ms. Marvel since #1 and I have to say, you absolutely nailed the character and the show, fantastic job all around. I've got two small questions: * Are you a fan / have you watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? * Now that Kamala is a mutant (which is dope), is a part of you sad that your character won't have that Inhuman connection? Especially with best boy Lockjaw! Thank you so much for doing this! MVP


Hi! i have seen AoS and i personally love the earlier seasons, its not my favourite show but it certainly has merit!! And no i'm not sad we aren't gonna see the inhuman connection. i love the comics and the inhumans but they are such wild and over the top characters in the best way possible and i think those stories work best in that medium, i dont need to see all my favourite characters in live action tbh. The MCU doesn't establish which characters from the comics are worthy of a larger platform or which characters are most popular. there are so many comic characters that i honestly dont want in the MCU because i just love those comics toooooo much...but hey! thats just one girls opinion, pls dont come at me :)


No mention of Lockjaw. Everyone: Lockjaw confirmed in The Marvels!


u/cyborgspleadthefifth couldn't be here and this is their question: >What do you imagine the noor feels like to Kamala? When her hands embiggens does it feel like a flexible glass glove or does her sense of touch extend all the way out?


we definately took inspo from armor from the xmen, but i like to think of it as a surge of energy which surrounds her as a layer of protection, i dont think she actually feels it like glass


Hey Iman! Massive props to you for becoming a South Asian Avenger ✊🏽 I’m an Australian born Sri Lankan and dream to do what you do for South Asian representation in western media. I’d love to see more South Asian characters in the MCU to give more heroes for brown kids to look up to and form strong senses of identity and self esteem, something I struggled to do as a brown kid within a white dominant country and film/tv. My question is, how do you see South Asian culture and the diaspora being represented in the MCU in the future, whether that be through your character or future characters? Looking forward to seeing you in The Marvels, keep on killing it 🦸🏾‍♀️


This isn’t THE singular representation or story of a muslim family of the muslim experience. This is A story. Theres 2 billion muslims and south asians in the world so everyone has their own unique experience so I do hope that shows like this inspire more muslim and south asian creatives to share their SPECIFIC perspectives and do this important work, ms marvel is just the beginning!!!!


Any film appearances coming up???


the marvels!!!!!


Have you tried ice cream pizza yet? If not, when?


never have never will! i could not believe that was actually scripted but hey it was funny in the moment


Next season begins with Kamala eating ice cream pizza with pineapple on it.


How have your personal relationships with high school friends been since your instant blow up and success?


still besties with my 3 high school besties!


Hi Iman! What scene in Ms. Marvel was the most fun to film?


Ep 2 kamran date! it was just a really fun day in general between all the actors, and Saagar kept riffing on the haram dot kamran line and we could not keep it together


Hey Iman! A very 'simple' question. What are your favourite movies? Congrats on the show :) I've really enjoyed it. You're going places girl!!


FYI i love too many to so it pains me to name only a few: Iron man spartacus Mamma Mia Singing in the rain Harold and Maude Portrait of a lady on fire Breakfast club Cleo 5 to 7 Pulp fiction / reservoir dogs/ inglorious bastards (can never pick) Boy Chef Return of the king Clue Daisies


Hi Iman! What music were you listening to most during filming? Any albums or artists that stick out to you as memories from set? You were so amazing on the show and I'm so excited for more Kamala


oh nice question! I remember a lot of Mac Demarco, Steely Dan, Kid Cudi, Swetshop boys, billy joel always, MIA and oh! mac miller...whatta vibe


You are a mutant now. How do you feel?




Hi Iman, any MCU project you're excited to see?


house of harkness! but also everything


Who is your favorite mutant in the X-men?


quicksilver or wolverine


And now we see why the second half of WandaVision wasn't your favorite, lol.


Hi Iman!!! How much of yourself did you feel like was in your performance as Kamala? From the second the show was announced it was my most anticipated and the whole crew absolutely crushed it!! Literally want to see Kamala in everything!


like a solid 95% of it :)


Who would you cast to play Kamala Khan within the MCU, a la Luke Hemsworth, Matt Damon, Sam Niell in Thor?




Hey Iman! Quick question: Cats or dogs?


dogs! although i did meet a kitten named snuggles recently and ive grown very fond of her


Are you enjoying living your best life? I hope you are.




Are you aware of how adorable you are?


i am now?


How accurate are the reports that you spent your days on set looking for Lockjaw? Congratulations, you were/are amazing and know you are and will keep bringing tremendous joy and happyness to a lot of people.


haha, actually i wanted magnum (sana's dog) to be a bulldog


Very simple question. Do you prefer mutants or Inhumans?


not a simple question... i love both...not equally, but i do love both :)


Big congratulations! Are there any other big universes/franchises/series you’d jump at an opportunity to play a role in?! (Even any that have yet to be adapted to screen)


one of my fav comics is Bitch Planet, If Kelly Sue ever decides for that to be a thing i want in, even as an extra...its so good


Hey Iman! Question first - obviously you had a lot to draw on since you are very familiar with the Kamala from the comics, so did the crew just let you do what you felt was right with the character? Or was there stuff you all had to figure out together? Also, not question, just wanna say I love you so much. You were an absolute icon in the show and gave an incredible performance. You are Kamala Khan, straight from the pages of the comic. Literally some of the most perfect MCU casting next to RDJ and Chadwick. Please keep on being amazing 🙏✨


RE: Defending the Earth-199999 designation (and opposing Feige's appropriation of Earth-616). Thank you for fighting the good fight.


Hello Iman, it’s so nice to meet you! For this being your first major role I am impressed, I liked the show and enjoyed your acting a lot! Especially as a 20 year old myself, go see someone around my age get such a massive role intrigues me! My question to you is, which actor/actress would you want to work with in the future and which obscure character would you like to see Kamala interact with in the future? (Bucky and Rocket Raccoon in Infinity War as an example of obscure) P.S I’m in a MCU fan chat called “Goblin Family” and they all say hi!


Hi Iman!! I absolutely enjoyed Ms. Marvel!! Your passion for Kamala Khan and your chemistry with the cast makes Ms. Marvel one of the most charming and delightful entries in the MCU. It is so cool to see one of us not only become a part of this vast, imaginative sandbox we hold so dear but to also become the first onscreen mutant in Earth199999!!!! Please don’t tell Feige I called it that ;) Anyway my question is a really fun geeky one: What is your interpretation of how the closed loop time travel shown in Ms. Marvel fits in with the time travel rules established in Avengers: Endgame and further expanded upon in Loki? I am curious to hear your thoughts. Thank you so much for taking time to do this AMA today, I’m really looking forward to see You, Brie, and Teyonah all on screen together for the first time in The Marvels!!! EDIT: Aww man I was skipped, Not gonna lie Marvel studios, I’m hurt. You could have atleast had Iman give me a classic Feige non-answer. I wanted something to frame on my wall that all the major outlets would quote EDIT #2: Erik voss asked a similar question in his interview with Iman vellani at 17:37 https://youtu.be/SfIg4Z6pCHo . Here is her response: “Yup, first thing I asked, doesn’t this break all the rules? and they’re like *makes realization face* uhhhh we’ll figure that outtttt.” She continues,”I think The marvel’s is gonna explain that more, to be fair. *briefly contemplates on spoiling it to voss before deciding not to*”