The girl is living the dream and it's really sweet to aee


I agree!! You can totally see how happy she is in the show even if it is acting, it slips through time to time and I love to see it! She really enjoys playing that character and I enjoy it too


I think it helps that she's seemingly just letting her personality play out, and she's awesome in real life. The supporting cast are all fantastically great too, and it's a big part of what makes it work imo, with episode 4 & 5 being a bit less fantastic because of their absence. IMO any genre benefits from mixing and matching with other genres so that things aren't so monotone, and so the littles stories the others are having, the little moments of humour, etc, are all part of what makes the show so good. IMO it's the secret sauce behind stuff like the harry potter universe, the original star wars trilogy, etc, they feel like a whole living world and the story doesn't linger too long on just one thing. e.g. Star Wars has glimpses of space politics and the rise of fascism, typical fantasy about the farm boy who gets the magic sword, bits of hard sci fi (more than people probably remember), underworld crime drama, shootouts, dogfights, the 'peasants' of the bumbling butler and the scrappy soldier (the droids), muppets, mysticism, comedy, family drama, romance, etc. Most writers just assume you 'add romance' to balance out action to 'draw the female audience', but there are great stories without romance like lord of the rings, and it's just about having enough variety. Ms Marvel really nailed the variety. IMO the earlier MCU felt a bit more like that, with Iron Man being in business, Cap being old-timey and out of time, Thor being the fish out of water, Hulk being the brooding scientist, Natasha being the mysterious spy, etc. Now they just feel like interchangeable action heroes too often, all popping on and off their magic caps and only doing superhero things (and having nothing really unique about their lives outside of it). Ms Marvel feels more like early MCU because it feels like she's part of a living world. The one part I liked about Falcon & The Winter Soldier was that Sam also felt a bit more fleshed out with the story about him not being able to get a loan etc. It was more than just one type of story.


the D+ shows have leaned heavy into character development.


>there are great stories without romance like lord of the rings Arwen sacrificing her immortality for Aragorn is a pretty strong romantic beat...


From what I recall that wasn't featured in the book anywhere near as much as the movies, and Arwen was massively beefed up in the number of scenes to try to make up for the lack of any women characters except the Rohan princess.


Arwen's role was definitely boosted for the movies, particularly with her replacing Glorfindel, but the story about Arwen and Aragorn was clearly there in the original material. If you want to go deeper into Tolkien's work, Beren and Luthien is largely a romance story at its heart, and is what Aragorn and Arwen's story was written to echo.


I agree with the world creation you mention, though a lot of the Marvel world has been created and Ms. Marvel is a new character introduced to the world (and Harry Potter early movies were really cringey with not very good acting let's be honest) but what do you mean by "interchangeable action heroes" in the newest phase? Dr. Strange into the multiverse is really about him discovering himself and his relationships, or lack of, to other people, his relationship to power. The new Thor movie is also about that too, people complain so much about leaving the villain out because it spent a lot of time on humor and relationship with Jane. I say ALL of the recent shows are about character. Loki, Wanda, Falcon and Winter Soldier, none are exchangeable stories.


Infinity War and End Game were about how these characters with massively different personalities cope with grief and loss. All of what OP was talking about is still there but it has become more nuanced as these characters lived in the world. Thor can't be a "fish out of water" the whole time just like Stark can't ignore the reality of where his fortune came from.


When you consider the younger Avengers coming in, all these kids grew up *with* Marvel. There's gonna be a significant shift in attitude I think - there are some in the old crowd who are definitely having a ton of fun and the MCU is the kind of project they've dreamed of being in. For others it's a job but one they go into with gusto, and then there's those where it's just a job, or at least their performance feels like it. But the new generation of actors as a whole are more nerdy/geeky, and more likely to be MCU fans. Tom Holland is among the oldest of the young actors and he was 12 when Iron Man came out. Iman would have been *5.* Actors who are fans are going to be more enthusiastic about the project and that's wonderful.


I liked to aee her become a super hero as well, she has a special family.


aee lmao She was great


I’d add that the actors who played her family were equally phenomenal. Just great casting and acting performances all around.


Her sister in law! So funny! Loved all of the sibling dynamics, really.


I enjoyed her and her dynamic with her family. She was my favorite part of the series. The show wasn't my favorite overall but I did have fun and I can't wait to see Iman Vellani back in The Marvels. I wonder if "Night Light" will become the new "Night Monkey" lol.


The scenes with her parents hit home for me pretty hard; seeing your daughter spread her wings is amazing and terrifying and bittersweet and they captured that perfectly.


I'm a broken record at this point, but Zenobia Shroff nailed every scene she was in to the wall with ease. Muneeba's face watching Kamala use her powers made this grown man cry.


When she was telling Kamala about why she was holding on so tightly gave me flashbacks to the summer before our oldest headed off to college. I hope the show gets another season, I don't want this nuanced family and the rest of Kamala's friends and community to get turned into background characters in the movies.


I don't have kids, but I do have a fairly shitty set of parents. Watching Kamala's parents make mistakes with her and then try to actually rectify them? It's beautiful. You make such a good point. If a future film does Muneeba dirty, it's going to break my heart a little.


Yeah, I'm glad we'll be seeing more of Kamala in *The Marvels*, but they need to bring back her family as well. Though, judging by the >!final scene with Captain Marvel in their house!<, that shouldn't be something we have to worry about.


Last we heard her family will indeed appear in Marvels


New dad here. I’m terrified and also can’t wait for my daughter to grow up. I can relate to her parents for sure.


The entire cast was amazing. Not just her family, but Nakia, Bruno, hell, even Zoe with her limited screen time still felt unique whenever she was on screen. I hope to see not just more of Kamala, but everyone else in her circle, but specially, specially Muneeba. She's the perfect Marvel mom. I know her dad is great, but the bond between mother and daughter is something else, specially here.


I have to say, it was really refreshing seeing her >!completely embrace and back up Kamala using her powers, even going so far to point out to the father that they trust her. I really expected them to still do the typical thing of the parents being to resistant to the idea!<, but then her relationship with Kamala and her growing up was very integral to the story. That scene definitely had me smiling.


She is as faithful to the comics as one can get, she even *sounds* like how I imagined Kamala. Uncanny, if you will.








Absolute Magic


I see what you did there.


Say that again...


Its fan 4 stick.


I binged the whole series last night. I went in almost completely cold without seeing any footage or knowing much about the plot. I had heard that some of the reviews weren't great. I really enjoyed it quite a bit & it would be in my top 3 for the Disney MCU shows. There was such a good vibe to it. I thought she was great as the lead. It could have been very easy for her character to feel like a cliché but the first episode did a stellar job fleshing out her character & the world around her. She's one of the first MCU characters I'm not super familiar with so it was very exciting to see something that new. The weakest element of the show was probably the villains. The Clandestine & Damage Control weren't the most captivating. They weren't a hindrance to the flow of the show though either. Her journey was the story of the season & she couldn't go through it without there being threats. So they really existed as more as plot devices than characters. I know that sounds bad. In this case though I feel like it worked in favor of the overall arc of the show.


I think they are setting Damage Control up to be a bad in the future. A quasi-government organization that is ‘hunting’ enhanced individuals fits in nicely with a certain reveal in this show.


**Finale spoilers** >!I wonder if, now that mutants are in the MCU, Damage Control end up making Sentinels.!< Also, >!will this universe have a Charles Xavier?!<


Throwing it out there, what if they’re Skrulls trying to “protect” and or hide


Cleary is either a skrull or knows about the Secret Invasion (which apparently already happened, DURING the blip, unless it started then and continued after Ms Marvel into the “MCU Present” which is sometime 2025 by now…) or Damage Control is completely a skrull cover operation. Deever is a “See You Next Tuesday” as far as my wife would say. And she can goooooooooo away. 🗣


Wasn't it Damage Control that started shooting at Spider-Man in NWH despite knowing at the time he was just a kid? I already hate Damage Control with a passion


They have the EDITH drones and the chitauri weapons. Hate them.


Far as I can see they are villains now.


With stark tech and potential access to SWORD’s data on a certain synthezoid who could be useful for a Sentinel program.


Yeah, I noticed they've even got Stark's sonic cannon humvee from the 2008 Hulk movie.


All I need was a certain Canadian mammal’s growl with that theme song.


Yeah the Clandestines could have used any story about other stuff going on in their lives. Like maybe due to their longevity they're each established as crime figures/business owners/etc, and they're wrestling with their desire to drop all that and go chase Kamala. Instead they existed just to be 'a bad guy' with no story beyond that, and so didn't feel interesting.


100% They needed like 15 more minutes of background to flesh out why they were sooo desperate to get back to their home dimension. Are they revolutionaries trying to work for a cause? Is their home world dying and they have the cure? Something, anything to explain why they are such assholes. I mean, they all seemed really into trying to kill Kamala for that bangle. That bearded dude was grinning the whole time like he just loves killing…why? Actually, I have the same problem with Thanos and his crew. If he believes he is righteous, and his snap is going to make life better for the 50% who survive, why be such a sick about everything and run around with a bunch of arrogant assholes? I know he’s the villain, but villains can have shading too. Like how Magneto is now done in the comics and X-Men movies. His crew used to be called the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants back in the day before the writers realized “hey, maybe a bad guy who doesn’t see himself as a bad guy (because who would?) is interesting…maybe just ‘the Brotherhood of Mutants’ ooh, now that sounds inclusive to the folks he wants to protect without sounding like he’s out and out evil.” Anyway, rant over…show good, liked the acting, could have used a bit more than the cliche “uh oh, I’m nearly down for the count…*deep breath*, now I’m going to use my powers in a way we haven’t shown the audience in order to win the day.” and a bit more villain fleshing-out.


The Thanos thing is pretty easy: no good people are going to sign up to fight for a guy who wants to randomly murder half of existence. Indiscriminate mass slaughter only appeals to a very specific personality type.


Thanos was meant to be a sadist looking for an excuse to hurt people and feel righteous about it, and the facade dropped away at the end of Endgame when he admitted that he was looking forward to torturing Earth. His plan never made sense. Hence his grinning when he hurt/threatened people, unless it was a moment when he was high on his own supply of righteousness, which then tended to be revealed as fake when he'd do something like backhand Wanda for screaming no after he just acted all magnanimous.


I loved her, and I was along for the ride. The finale was a little rough around the edges but it had heart (basically the Scooby-Doo style confrontation *in* the school and the final fight outside the school probably needed some more time staging). I wish they'd do seasons a bit longer than 6 episodes. Show has me excited to see her film debut. It's going to be awesome!


>I wish they'd do seasons a bit longer than 6 episodes. I've felt that way about most of the MCU shows. I still have enjoyed them, but it definitely feels like they almost all could've benefitted from another episode or two to flesh out the story a little more.


Top 3 Disney MCU show... i mean there's only been 4 right? 😂


6, 7 if you count what if


Dang I just knew about hawkeye, wanda, and falc/bucky's! I gotta watch more shows! Top half aint bad though!


You missed loki and moon knight


People really downvoted you because you didn't know there were more marvel shows lol.


I felt she had such the same energy as Tom Holland’s Spiderman when he first started showing up. Loved it, amazing show!


Omgggg now I want to see Kamala and Peter together 😭😭 they’re literally in adjacent cities, I can totally see them collabing


I suspect that will be a big part of The Marvels. The bangle is essentially the nega-band, meaning neither can be in the same place at the same time.


So unexpected but a welcome one. I have to admit I was not at all hyped for the Marvels movie and I actually enjoyed the first Captain Marvel film... But now I'm really excited for however this plays out. I wonder if we'll get more of a Spiderman and Tony Stark dynamic or Spiderman and Doctor Strange.


They can be in the same place at the same time though. Wiccan and Hulkling had their wedding rings made out of nega-bands so they could always protect each other. It just simply allows them to swap places.


Well, we're both referencing comic stories which the movies have shown they are not beholden to. Personally, I think it would add a bit of poignancy to Kamala's story if she was tied to her idol but could never actually meet her, just talk to her telepathically.


I think this is her first role as well? If so, she’s only just going to get better. Marvel really know how to cast their lead characters with actors who are the characters. Tony Stark, Steve Rogers are excellent examples plus Wilson Fisk, Matt Murdock and I’ll even throw Wanda in there as well, are all pitch perfect castings.


To this day I’m convinced Vincent D’Onofrio is not just the best choice for live action kingpin but the ONLY choice


Michael Clark Duncan's Kingpin was really good too though.


MCD made gold out of a really leaden script, and was a pleasure to watch. In a similar vein, for as over the top as he was, Colin Farrell's Bullseye was also a ton of fun in that film. The problems of Ben Affleck's Daredevil are too many to go into here, but some of the casting was downright inspired. The wild contrast between how MCD played the role and how Vincent D'Onofrio plays it though... it's not a matter of one being better than the other, but a matter of them both being MENACING in their own particular ways. And in both cases, the filmmakers knew how to capitalize on that.


He really was. I'm one of the, I'm guessing, few fans of that movie, and I would have loved to see MCD as a Wilson Fisk variant, were he still alive. I thought he really embodied the arrogant, high-falutent nature of Fisk.


Sarah Halley Finn has been casting director for every project in the mcu. Lady is crazy talented and deserves all the awards for casting.


Thinking the same


Iman is a Marvel and Kamala Khan superfan!


I wanna give credit to the Imam too (muslim priest, had to google) dude was wise and funny af "Just because someone treats you as their enemy, doesnt mean you have to treat them as yours"


Sheikh Abdullah was my favorite. dude's hilarious and calm as a cucumber.


I’m a hot dog!


I hope I’m halal!


He was one of the best written characters. The Abe Lincoln line was magnificent.


She didn't bother to take off her shoes, she was lucky all she got was some perfect sass to put her in her place.


I always loved her relationship with the sheikh in the comics, it was nice to see that carried over to the show


Honestly a great difficult lesson. It's hard to be loving when someone hates you.


That’s a lesson I hope Kamran takes to meet the Red Daggers


Iman Vellani IS Kamala Khan. Move aside, RDJ, this girl is literally living in the MCU. It goes beyond being just the embodiment of her character.


Yeah, you can say the RDJ made Tony Stark But Iman and Kamala are the same person. They are going to make each other. Teenage Avenger superfan that is just discovering this huge ability? Yeah, same person 😅


As a man with children. I am enjoying this show more than they are.


Yeah she is a true rockstar!!! She is truly perfect for the role. For me, the show kept getting better and better.


You didn’t expect Captain Marvel to appear in Ms Marvel?


We all assumed that she would show up but it was never confirmed. (Definitely didn't think it would happen the way it did I thought it would be captain marvel just flying in to see kamala at the end)


After the overhyping of potential cameos I feel like it's fair to temper expectations of what characters will show up. ** I just realized I didn't reply to the parent comment.


To be entirely honest with you? No not at all! I *thought* she would show up at AvengerCon especially since there was a Captain Marvel cosplay competition, but after she didn’t show up there, I just kind of assumed she wouldn’t until at least season 2 or until the Marvels comes out, as they didn’t want to draw attention away from Kamala. But the end credit scene cameo of her in Kamala’s bedroom was pretty funny and unexpected but I’m glad at happened!


> I thought she would show up at AvengerCon especially since there was a Captain Marvel cosplay competition I thought so too, but honestly as amazing as AvengerCon was, it felt pretty low budget in universe lol Like they didn't have enough sponsors. I guess it's because it's the first AvengerCon, if we revisit it a few years later it might have evolved to be something like Comic Con, with actual heroes presenting panels. Or, this is the peak of their reputation and it starts to tank in the next few years with the introduction of the Thunderbolts lol


Sonofabitch. I was so enamored by the X-Men theme I forgot to watch the end credits. Just went back and watched it now.


I bet she reads this post too. You rock Iman!


I hope so. I'm loving getting to see a Marvel fan girl getting to live the dream. She seems so sweet too.


I'll say that this was my favorite MCU show to date. Im a mid 40s white dude and I had a so much fun watching this show. Vellani is so charming, and all the side characters, especially her parents, were portrayed with such care and heart. And, I got to learn some things about a culture I really dont know much about. But I'm in the minority in that I havent been impressed at all by the latest MCU outings of MoM or NWH....I would rather watch characters have relationships with each other because they make sense in universe, rather than them try to get a reaction out of me by throwing some actor that was in a movie I liked 20 years ago who has nothing to do with the main character. I hope that Disney/Feige are willing to craft more stories like Ms Marvel and not worry about ratings or twitter hate.


Same, except late 40s here. I agree completely. For the most part I've enjoyed the MCU TV shows, but I haven't considered any of them to be "essential viewing" but I think Ms Marvel qualifies. The first couple of episodes in particular were like a breath of fresh air, and the finale was great too. The show even taught me some stuff about the world that I was largely ignorant of. Kamala's parents were the standout characters for me, but all of the cast were really good. Iman crushed it, and all the supporting cast really added to the story. Even relatively minor characters felt like real multi-dimensional characters. I liked NWH a lot (Homecoming is still my favourite of the MCU Spidey trilogy) but MoM and Love and Thunder both felt just a little bit off. Still good... just not as good as I'm used to. That probably makes me sound entitled as fuck.


Easily my favourite of the mcu tv shows.


I think that spot for me has to go to either Loki or MoonKnight


I thought the show was very charming and Iman Vellani made herself a star for sure


When the >!X Men theme!< played, I then realised that it didn't play for Ralph Bohner in Wandavision. It's significant!!


Oh absolutely. I have issues with the overall plot and weak villains, but the characters are fantastic. Kamala, her friends and family, all wonderful and make it a joy to watch.


I love how supportive her family is. Especially in episode 1 when Yusuf dressed up as Hulk to chaperone Kamala and Bruno at Avengercon.


It crushed me when she rejected that and then you saw the hurt on his face. He's such a sweet dad. But I remember being a teenage girl so I get it. His Hulk costume was super cute though.


Great actress, great casting - Marvel strikes again. Asking an honest question to the crowd - what did you guys think about the chase / fight scenes? That was the one thing that turned me off at episode 4 I think? Felt more Disney than Marvel. I’ll finish the series eventually…


Fight scenes not as bad as in Loki, those were truly embarrassing. But yeah not great. I don’t understand why they made Kamala do all those crazy gymnastic Black Widow moves and not kept it more realistic. They were clearly done by body double.


I got rather bored in the middle of the season but episode 6 is fantastic.


I loved the show and can’t wait to see more of her in the marvels and beyond


I was floored every episode by how realistic and *natural* her acting was. She was brilliant!


Her character was so adorable! I absolutely loved her and can't wait to see more of her.


Iman is 100% the best thing about the show, she is the perfectly cast Kamala. The uhhh storyline was a bit awkward and full of "holes" but all the characters did the thing well.


The entire Khan family was loving, supporting, and awesome, but my favorite was Zenobia Shroff as Muneeba. She played an amazing Mother-figure and every scene she was in and really sold the parental bond aspect. She wanted Kamala to have the freedom to be herself, but also to be safe - and you really saw that proud-yet-scared conflict in her when she was on the screen. All the scenes with Muneeba and Kamala tugged at the heartstrings. Also, shout out for Auntie Ruby, just because I freaking love Anjali Bhimani.


I like to think the all-star cast helped a hungry Iman learn her chops from the best. If you do some research about the cast, these people have serious acting chops themselves. Easily the most talented cast Marvel has ever "assembled"... The CM cameo was cool because already you can see that the character is more fun. CM in her film and Endgame was...bleh. Marvel have learned. They're gonna make her way more fun, give her an arc, and shut the haters up. She's getting the Thor Treatment ^^TM


Loved the performances and characters, but disliked the writing. Clandestines felt really shoehorned-in and it sucks that Bruno was out for like two episodes, but the dynamics between Kamala and her friends and family are great. Overall decent show


Please stop defensively titling posts like this and just own your opinions already, its starting to get annoying.


Oh, you must be fun at parties :/


I am completely fine with your opinion, its the dumb preamble in the title that I take issue with. People do it way too often and it adds nothing except either pretending your opinion is controversial, or acting attention grabbing / pre-emptively defensive about something nobody was complaining about. Could literally just say "I think Iman Vellani crushed it in Ms Marvel", its not a controversial opinion to have. Like, "Say what you want--" Who? Who is saying things? What are they? There's implication of some sort of vague controversy and it's aggrivating because I'm not saying anything but here you go implying something's up. Be more specific about what you're disagreeing with or leave it out and just say what it is you liked. Its clickbaity at best.


I liked the show overall. Didn’t really understand the whole point of the home alone scenario in the school and think her “embiggening” looks pretty terrible but other than that it was solid.


That Home Alone shit was so cringey. Does not belong in the MCU.


I thought it fit the tone of the show fine I just don’t understand why it happened. They were supposed to be getting the dude to the harbor, why have a last stand scenario? But it’s not a big deal, still enjoyed the show regardless.


> They were supposed to be getting the dude to the harbor, why have a last stand scenario? Because DODC was keeping up with them somehow, so they needed to slow them down.


Which totally makes sense, but not if the guy you’re trying to buy time for also participates in the stalling tactic.


r/marvelstudios when it sees ligament criticism that isn’t at all unwarranted or unnecessary


Ligament criticism sounds like an Achilles Heel kindof thing.


I think she did really well too. >!I thought it was a reference to what happens in the comics when she first gets her powers, was it actually Captain Marvel there?!<


>!Yeah, I think the showrunners confirmed that it was a play on both Kamala's OG Comic powers, as well as a set up to The Marvels. Seems like Kamala literally just got thrown into wherever the hell Carol was, and that they're going with the bangles being Nega Bands in the MCU.!<


Nega ninjas confirmed? Scott Pilgrim? What was that movie Kamala was watching upside down in ep 1?


It is >!captain marvel, they switched place!<


I felt the casting and acting in this show was some of the best in the MCU to date (especially the Khan family and KK’s friends).


I think she's a bit lacking in dramatic scenes but she's great at being amazed or confused.


I have gripes and nitpicks with the show (mostly eps 4&5) but Iman is one of the best additions to the MCU, pretty much ever.


She did. I wasn’t a fan of the poor editing and ADR in the final episodes, but she consistently killed it. Definitely the most memorable new casting along with Hawkeye and Black Widow. Barely remember the new ladies from Dr Strange and Wandavision


Very much agree. She nailed the fan girl very much saw a lot of myself in high school doing a lot of the obsessing over media and that in her the first few eps. She nailed the acting so much.


Say what I want to say? I thought the show as a whole was functionally perfect. It was able to in 6 episodes, introduce the character, her family + extended family and friends, explain how she got her powers, the backstory of her powers and show her learning and mastering her powers enough to be practical in a battle and learning a lesson or 2 on what it means to be a hero, while also setting up a larger story for her. This show should be look at and treated as a blueprint for new character introductions where backstory is required. Everyone's performances were stellar, there was great character building moments and no one stood out as performing poorly. CGI was gorgeous, her powers despite the changes to her looked AMAZING and are functionally very similar to her comic powers anyway. This is while not my favourite story or character a standout win for the MCU as a whole 10/10.


You must consider almost everything on TV "functionally perfect" then?


Only things that do everything i would expect of them and do it well. What was your gripe with the show?


She was fantastic! However, I thought the show was kind of boring at times and it just didn’t really grab me the way other shows/movies have…either way, I don’t think it deserves the negative criticism that it has been receiving




Ms. Marvel was fantastic and everyone involved did fantastic jobs.


One of my favorite shows.


Agree. She’s great. I can’t wait to see more of her. Hopefully next go around they give her better action and superhero tangibles.


The show was very good - quality dipped a bit in the middle for me personally but they stuck the landing for sure.


I wasn’t really a fan of the show, I found most of the plot lines and characters boring but respectful; except for Iman. She was easily one of the most enjoyable parts of the show and I’m mildly excited to see her in other pieces of MCU content. Hopefully they give her a bigger chance to shine later on down the line but it was refreshing to see someone young play a character that she fits so well in line with.


I wasn't too keen on her "aw shucks" expressions.


I absolutely love her and the series! It was so fun watching something that included parts of my culture and teen years. Every single actor on that was show is amazing especially nakia!


Yeah she was great! This was her first time being an actor she knocked it out of the park. Marvel casting is really good


I’m so excited for the Marvels now


She was amazing


I Agreedo.


yeah, she gives me Tobey Maguire's Peter parker vibes


Even as someone who wasn’t pleased with the show as a whole, I loved the cast


I really thought Iman Vellani was AMAZING, like she is a STAR. Loved everything with her family, some of the best family dynamics. I am also super excited for the *reveal*, but I just wish it wasn’t so confusing/had so many thought hoops to jump through. Is it actually confusing to other ppl or am I just not thinking about it in the right way?


Iman as Kamala, Abbu/Yusuf and Bruno/Brian are all great. Muneeba as well but she's obviously the bad cop of the family so not meant to be as likable. Want to see more of Kareem and less of Kamran moving forward. The Clan Destines and Damage Control were pretty lacklustre antagonists.


She was great and her costume is awesome


I thought everybody agrees that Iman is perfect for the role.


She was a Marvel!


She’s got my vote


While I do believe she did an amazing job, I do have to give honorable mention to Bruno too. I really enjoyed his character and hope to see more of him in the future.


Absolutely! Loved her and loved the show. My new favorite with Moon Knight close behind. Very well done Marvel. Now stop with the 6 episode format.


Iman Vellani did really well for a first outing as ana actor, she fit the role perfectly. The more emotional scenes that she did in the last 2 episodes could've been better tbh, but overall pretty great.


The tenderness that she and her mother developed by the end, especially the costume scene, literally choked me up and gave me goosebumps. I've really enjoyed all the shows, but this one got me in a more emotional way than any of the others. Iman anchored all that like a pro.


Agreed — I still can’t believe it’s her first acting gig, she knocked it out of the park. I can’t wait to see her acting alongside the likes of Brie Larson and (fingers crossed) Samuel L. Jackson — I think she’ll really be able to hold her own. >!And getting to play the first mutant in the main universe — holy crap! !<


>!Actually I think the first mutant goes to Monica! Even tho it’s not specifically confirmed to be so, but going through Wanda’s mind wall altered her genes and got powers from it, so me personally I count Monica as the first!<


brilliant actress hats off to her


She's great as Kamala and I honestly wish we had more episodes with her just being a regular teen. The NJ supporting cast is also very good and it would've been a lot more fun if Kamala spent more time with her friends and family while juggling her new powers. Not that I hate the Pakistan or the Damage Control stuff, but I feel like they weren't explored well enough and could've been put off for the next season or movie.


She definitely was the core piece


She's really great, as far as the show itself goes, I liked it. It did exactly what Marvel fans in general want, break away from the formula a bit, it's obviously a super hero show, but the backbone of it is clearly about dealing with being an adolescent in this world of heroes, trying to meet your families expectations while also keeping your own identity. As a dad myself I really loved the dynamic between her and her dad. I think moon knight benefited by letting mental illness take the lead and the super hero stuff be kind of a co-star in the same way.


I can agree with that. I thought the show could’ve used some tweaking, but Iman was an amazing Kamala Khan.


I don’t say this too often about a lot of castings that are given to actors for comic book live action projects.. but I’d legit say that Iman Vellani is the most purest casting for a Marvel character since J.K. Simmons as J.J. Jameson. Who in my opinion, is the purest standard of casting. Iman was born to play Kamala. So happy that she’s achieved so much. She gives me hope that I can make my own dreams of working with Marvel a reality one day.


I thought the acting and writing of everyone but the villains was spot on


I'm stoked to see her and Brie Larson in The Marvels. Fan girl mode gonna get turned up to 11


I absolutely hate this show, they pull out iconic scenes from the comics only to stomp everything that made Kamala amazing into the dirt with her sparkle powers and bracelet dependency. The amount of effort that went into avoiding saying inhumans hurt me as a fan of the comics, and seeing what I thought was a polymorph cameo be something completely unrelated to her original power set really ticked me off. That said, I am completely happy with their pick for Ms Marvel. Iman Vellani is as enthusiastic about being in the MCU as Kamala would be about joining the avengers and I love it.


sAy WhAt YoU WaNt... Bruh stop with this cliche post. Just say the actor is amazing. No need for a qualifier


OK, I'll say what I want: The directing from episodes 2 to 6 was ATROCIOUS. Same for the writing. This was an unexceptional show, clearly crafted by unexceptional creative leaders. Given how much the MCU and its continuity means to me and many, many others, I'm almost offended at the inattention to detail. Those fight scenes, the ClanDestine, and a lot more of the series will haunt me. That said... Iman and Kamala are awesome and I'm excited to see what a good writer-director duo can do with her! **edit: changed "episode 2 to 5" to "episode 2 to 6"


Show was a bit lackluster imo but she absolutely nailed it as Kamala


Honestly the whole cast except maybe the villains were great. The villains mostly didn't feel developed, they kinda were there just to drive conflict (why that one agent literally ignored her direct orders to continue pursuing Kamala and Co is?? Like even if they'd caught them they almost certainly would have had to immediately release them due to public outcry)


She was indeed the perfect casting choice. But seriously...Marvel should at least stretch a series to 8 episodes so that the ending isnt always a sprint to close plotholes. All the 6 episode / season shows have such a rushed endings.


I think the family dynamic, and especially her and her mum, is what made the show. Personally I felt that in terms of script writing and action, alot of the other shows have been stronger, but the acting and chemistry is top tier


Iman did well with what she was given. I liked Iman, but I did not like the show. It was just riddled with too many issues to ignore (and I really did try due to my like for Iman).


Another bit of excellent casting from Marvel. She did an excellent job. Probably my least favourite MCU series so far but she was always engaging as the lead.


I completely agree. I thought the whole cast nailed it. I expected the show to kinda suck. I was very pleasantly surprised by it. As for the mid-credits scene, I 100% expected her to show up. They had to set up The Marvels and what better way to do it? What I didn't expect was how she showed up. That was cool as hell and I can't wait to learn more.


Agree 100% on everything you didn't spoil!


>!Imagine getting powers, and not long after getting goog controll over it, you get transported somewhere else, most likely a battlefield with no idea how to get home. That would be scary AF!<


I feel like the acting was one of the best parts. Shame the rest wasn't to the same level


Girl carried the shit outta her show. She single-handedly saved it in my eyes.


She’s the only good thing about this series, most of the cast don’t know how to act especially her mom, just terrible


I'm not impressed by this version of Ms. Marvel. Let's wait and see how she will perform in two or three years.


My gripes around this show mostly center on a set of lackluster villains, not Iman Vellani. She was perfect for the part and killed it. The show was a bit too high schooly for me but whatever, it was fine and she was great.


That is for sure! Perfect choice and perfect long term potential to stick around for years in the MCU, essentially growing up with it.


I actually don't agree. I thought she was good, and it was obviously a great first performance in such a huge franchise. But I think her performance came across as cliche and a bit annoying and to me only highlighted that her performance was only as good as the performances of the side characters. I think she will do better in a bigger film with other Avengers to bounce off of and rapport with. She didn't hold up well when acting alone.


I have some issues with the show. I also loved certain aspects of it, particularly the way they represented a south Asian family, which I appreciated as a desi myself. But Iman was great. The issues I have are with some of the writing, particularly with the villains, the sudden change in characters like her parents and some of the CGI. But she was great and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.


Her acting is sooo good! This is cool, she knows some stuff on acting even though that this is her FIRST acting job!


The whole show was great. I loved how they balanced the levity and seriousness.


It boggles my mind that this was her first major project. She absolutely sold me on Kamala in episode 1 and by episode 6 I couldn’t envision anybody else in the role. I think the entire cast was great though, chalk up another home run to Sarah Halley Finn.


"you have a mutation" Me: HOly Shit, mutants and possibly the X-Men!!!!!!


I didnt quite get the end scene though, what happened?


she really is great and brings new fresh energy seeing more of her will be good


Great addition to the MCU for sure.


I loved it. Sure, the villains were meh but Iman was amazing! She made it such a joyful show to watch.